AI Lead EngineerMark Horsley
AnimationAnton Dawson
AnimationJoel Flory
AnimationKaj Swift
AnimationRoy Tse
AnimationFred Wong
Arena and 24/7 ArtQuinn Kaneko
Arena and 24/7 ArtKurt Lai
Arena and 24/7 ArtDavid Lee
Arena and 24/7 ArtSteve Paris
Arena and 24/7 ArtNelson Wang
Arena and 24/7 ArtRay Wong
Art DirectorAlvin Cardona
Assistant Project ManagerKyle Lai-Fatt
Audio DirectorBrian Luzietti
Color AnnouncerTom Tolbert
Dialog/Video EditorJ. Mateo Baker
Director of TechnologyTim Walter
EngineersTom Bak
EngineersMatt Brandy
EngineersRob Gatson
EngineersRaymond Graham
EngineersMatt Hamre
EngineersHenrik Holmdahl
EngineersNick Jones
EngineersAlex Lee
EngineersMark Roberts
EngineersJohnnie Yang
Executive ProducerGreg Thomas
Game DesignDedan Anderson
Game DesignJeremy Tiner
Game DesignMark Washington
Lead EngineerAndrew Marrinson
Library EngineersIsaac Gartner
Library EngineersEivind Hagen
Library EngineersBoris Kazanskii
Library EngineersIvar Olsen
Manual DesignVicki Morawietz
Manual EditingMatthew Holler
Manual EditingDion Peete
Manual EditingTerry Tharp
Manual WriterTor Unsworth
Motion CaptureKai Ma
Motion CaptureGavin Mccall
Motion CaptureRich Nelson
Motion CaptureJunior Sison
PAIra Smith
Platform Lead EngineerNick Verne
Play-by-Play AnnouncerBob Fitzgerald
Player ArtDavid Dame
Player ArtLynell Jinks
Player ArtMichael Stribling
Player ArtAnthony Yau
Project ManagerDerrick Aynaga
Sound DesignerLarry Peacock
Studio AnnouncerKevin Frazier


Data and credits for this game contributed by Menji, LordAndrew, bcks, and EllakAkna.

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