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    Adventuring FAQ by VMoran

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    Monster Rancher 4 Adventuring FAQ
    English Version
    By Vicky Moran
    Version 1.03
    Last Updated 11/23/03
    This MR4 Adventure FAQ is Copyright (C) Vicky Moran 2003
    May not be reproduced in any form without permission
    I do not plan to accept outside information about monster levels through email,
    because then it is too hard for me to keep track of who gets credit for what,
    and who sent me what first.  I don't want to have people be irritated because
    they submitted me info which I already had, and then they get angry because
    they didn't recieve credit for it.  I will, however, post this on the message
    boards, and you can make additions yourself there if you are registered to
    post.  I will then consider the content and completeness of the messages, and
    will add the data if all is correct. If you are going to email me, realize that
    my RoyalPiratFatima inbox gets spammed constantly (200+ a day, and I just
    enabled some more controls over what emails can get through) and that it may be
    a while before I respond.
    Second, this information/file is not to be taken/used for sites on the web,
    other than:
    Other than these sites, please do not take or use this FAQ for your own website
    Also, do not cut and paste my information and claim it as yours.  However, feel
    free to print it out and use it to  help you in the game.  Personal uses such
    as helping you obtain the skills you need for your monsters is OK.  Using this
    information in a site or "guide" is NOT OK.
    That being said, feel free to talk to me on the message boards about the
    monsters.  If you
    think I made an error on any of these, please leave me a message on the boards
    for other
    people to double check. If I play through all the monsters, it's difficult for
    me to go back
    and check, after I'm already high level.
    11/23/03- Started Walkthroughs for adventure mode.
    11/16/03  Added some more moves, and clarified some more information.
    11/15/03-  Welcome to my Monster Rancher 4 Adventuring FAQ.  As of right now, I
    working on three monsters: Antlan, Madillo, and Garu.  All items are listed by
    their main
    type breeds. I will be working hard to level these up ASAP so that I can get
    new monsters
    for their information.  In the coming days, I will be adding a lot more
    skill/attack info, so please be patient!
    	After beating the Official E Rank with your first monster, Cesare will tell Yu
    to upgrade your ranch for you, allowing you to have three monsters.  After the
    Ranch has been upgraded, several weeks go by, then Rio will inform you that one
    of the monsters found a cave near the ranch.  As she tells you this, an old man
    who calls himself K appears, telling you he's an explorer.  He'll teach you how
    to explore adventure areas, so meet him at the cave on the weekend.  To go
    adventuring at any time, on the weekend selection screen, select "Adventure"
    and then choose Togle.
    	The first time you go through the Caves, K will teach you how to search for
    items and travel through the adventure.  Your monsters, since it's the first
    time they've been adventuring, will not have the skills necessary to search
    places like caves and ponds.  But as you go adventuring more and level up your
    monsters, you will earn adventuring abilities, as well as attacks and skills
    for your monsters.  K will then leave you to exploring.  Go through to the
    second level, and at the end of the second floor, you will find a green box
    with a tablet inside.  Rio will tell you that's enough for today, so return to
    the ranch and take a rest.
    	The second time you choose to go through the caves, you will be able to travel
    until you reach the third floor.  In one of the rooms on the third floor, you
    will find what looks like a glowing throne.  Only approach it if you are done
    exploring for the level.  When you approach, a cutscene with Rio ensues.  Rio
    takes the Gaia stone with her, and your exploring for the weekend is over.
    	When you return to your ranch, you will be informed that all official
    tournaments have been called off, on account of a short of Geonyte in the area.
     After consulting Mockruji, it seems that something is sapping the Geonyte out
    through his roots.  Rio tells you that you can explore the caves to find out
    what is happening below Mockruji, so take your monsters on the weekend to Togle
    	Travel your way through the caves to the 5th floor, and you will come to a
    large round room.  It is in this room you will find SHIDEN, the Raiden elder. 
    He has been awoken by the humans, and now that he is awake, he needs large
    amounts of Geonyte to sustain him. Phayne and Rio will ask Shiden to return to
    sleep, but he refuses.  It seems that you'll have to beat him to convince him
    to go back to his nap.
    	As the first boss you'll face, Shiden is relatively easy to beat, but if your
    monsters aren't accurate or powerful, you may have a tough time.  If you are
    accurate you should have fewer problems attacking Shiden, but even then, he
    blocks a fair amount.  Don't try to get fancy with your attacks; if you wait
    and wait to use a 50 Gut attack that depletes your Gut meter, and it misses, it
    will definitely put you in a tight spot.  If your monsters are still young,
    Shiden may be able to take each of them out with one hit.  Don't be afraid to
    continually attack him and switch monsters when your guts meter is running low.
    Shiden has approximately 350 life points.  Deplete Shiden of his life points,
    and watch the following cutscene.  Shiden will give you the King's Feather,
    which allows you to regenerate Raidens from Saucer Stones.  The King's Feather
    cannot actually be used as a combination item to create a Raiden, so you will
    have to find a Saucer Stone with one on it. Shiden will then fall asleep, and
    Phayne and Rio will return to the ranch.
    	After returning to your Ranch, all official tournaments will be restored due
    to the return of the Geonyte. Battle and raise your monsters' ranks until
    Gunwale appears with the ship, giving you access to Ryuwn.
    	II. RYUWN
    	When you arrive in Ryuwn, the association there doesn't take very kindly to
    Phayne and Rio.  As you're leaving the association, you will notice Teetee in a
    bad mood.  In her hurry, she shoves and old woman on the street.  Phayne and
    Rio will escort the old woman home, who they discover is Philia's grandmother. 
    Grandma is in bad shape, which can be fixed with medicinal mushrooms.  Rio says
    she saw some mushrooms in the caves, so it's off to the Togle Caves once more!
    	Head down to the 4th floor, and into another circular room.  You will see a
    cutscene where a monster speaks to Rio.  You will then be attacked by that
    monster, a Blobster who is level E.  (Blobster appears to be a Naga/Arrowhead,
    even though Arrowheads aren't in the game.)  Defeat the Blobster, then you will
    recieve the mushrooms needed for Philia's grandmother.  The adventure will end;
    the next weekend, head to Ryuwn and hand over the mushrooms.  You will be
    pleasantly surprised to find that Philia's grandmother has spoken to the
    association to allow you into tournaments.  Head to the Association, where you
    will meet Karnab, the head of the association who is also the same "K" you met
    during your cave exploration.
    	Karnab will tell you that before he issues you a trainer license, you will
    have to complete a test for him.  You will have to go to the Kalaragi Jungle to
    dispose of some "junk" that has been troubling him.  Kalaragi will now be open
    for adventuring from this point on.
    	The first time you visit the jungle, you won't be able to find the "junk" that
    Karnab told you to find.  Instead, you will only be allowed to go to the 3rd
    floor, where you will find the second Gaia stone.  After Rio reacts to finding
    it, you will return to the ranch.
    	The second time you visit, you will be able to complete the "junk" quest for
    Karnab. Travel to the 5th floor, and in the large round boss room you will
    fight ArborMogi. (ArborMogi appears to be a Mogi/Mock, although Mock are not
    available in the game.)  ArborMogi doesn't get the title for boss for this
    stage.  He's small and is only a little stronger than the stray enemies you've
    been fighting.  Defeat him, and you will return to the ranch.  Don't forget to
    return back to Ryuwn to talk to Karnab!  Once you do, he will give you one more
    test: you must battle and beat Philia to earn a trainer's license.  Defeat
    Philia's Pixie, and you will have your license, and you can now fight in all
    Ryuwn battles.
    More to come as I find more time to write this... :)
    ITEM LIST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ITEM LIST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ITEM LIST
    Beast Stone -Appraise with Cesare
    Fancy Stone -Appraise with Cesare
    Yarn Ball -Present for your monsters
    Silver Coin -Present for your monsters/Sell
    Gold Coin -Present for your monsters/Sell
    Gold Nugget -Present for your monsters/Sell
    Amethyst -Present for your monsters/Sell
    Ruby -Present for your monsters/Sell
    Emerald -Present for your monsters/Sell
    Junk Toy -Present for your monsters
    Toy Glasses -Present for your monsters
    Bone -Present for your monsters
    Battle Cards -Present for your monsters
    Rose Perfume -Present for your monsters
    Teddy Bear -Present for your monsters
    Reference -Present for your monsters
    Goldoll Sword -Present for your monsters
    White Pot -Present for your monsters
    Nunchaku -Present for your monsters
    LIF Stone -Combining item, raises LIF on resultant monster
    TGH Stone -Combining item, raises ??? on resultant monster
    INT Stone -Combining item, raises INT on resultant monster
    SPD Stone -Combining item, raises SPD on resultant monster
    Tapaurin -Raises stats during battle
    Trokatin -Raises stats during battle
    Nageel -Raises Spirit during adventures
    Larox -Raises Stats during battle
    Oily Oil -Reduces tiredness for your monster
    Note:  These are the skills/attacks that I have earned with my monsters. 
    Monsters of the same main breed will learn the same attacks and skills, but it
    may be in different orders based on the way that you train/raise them.  So,
    what you recieve may differ slightly, but expect to recieve the same attacks
    based on same main breed.
    Level 2: Hard Skin
    Level 3: Hard Head
    Level 4: Dirt Search
    Level 2: Great Wing, Dragon Tail
    Level 3: Keen Fang, Fire
    Level 4: Whip Tail
    Level 5: Big Lung
    Level 6: Trample
    Level 7: Nothing
    Level 8: Flight Ride. GraveThrow
    Level 9: Lucky Star
    Level 10: Eagle Eyes, Inferno
    Level 11: Genius
    Level 12: Water Lore, Wing Blade
    Level 13: Earth Lore
    Level 14: Earth Lore (?), Salamander
    Level 2: Keen Fang
    Level 3: King's Fist
    Level 4: Cave Search
    Level 5: Golden Foot
    Level 6: Hyper Beam, SuperClaw
    Level 7: Fire Kick
    Level 8: Fire Upper
    Level 9: Dirt Search
    Level 10: Eagle Eyes, Beam
    Level 11: Thunder Lore
    Level 12: Ice Lore, Wild Stomp
    Level 13: Thunder Lore
    Level 14: Hi Counter, Golden Arm
    Level 15: Genius
    Level 16: High Toughness, Cyclone
    Level 2: Hard Head, Fin Slap
    Level 3: Water Search, Tail Whip
    Level 4: Sweet Voice
    Level 5: Big Lung
    Level 6: Hard Skin, Spike
    Level 7: Whip Tail
    Level 8: ShowTime
    Level 9: Wind Lore
    Level 10: Magic Lore, Water Gun
    Level 11: Earth Lore
    Level 12: Hi Recovery, Boomerang
    Level 13:
    Level 2: Hard Shell and Headbutt
    Level 3: Golden Hip
    Level 4: Dirt Search
    Level 5: Sniper, Ballbomber
    Level 6: Big Lung, RabbitPunch
    Level 7: Bombing
    Level 8: Hard Head, Blast
    Level 9: Lucky Star
    Level 10: Genius, ArmorBall
    Level 11: Earth Lore
    Level 12: Ice Lore, Poison
    Level 13: Thunder Lore
    Level 14: Magic Lore, ArmCombo
    Level 15: Wind Lore+, Lightning
    Level 2: Hyper Beam
    Level 3: Hard Head, Tail Whip
    Level 2: Big Lung, Tail Claw
    Level 3: Whip Tail
    Level 4: Nothing
    Level 5: Spin Blade
    Level 6: Dark Gale
    Level 7: Phantom
    Level 8: Thunder Lore
    Level 9: Forsee, Freeze
    FAQ  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAQ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAQ
    Q: What is Adventuring?
    A: Adventuring is the only way your monsters will learn new skills and attacks.
    of entirely innate abilities like in Monster Rancher 3, adventuring gives you a
    whole new
    way to earn your skills and attacks on the weekends.  And that's not all!  You
    can travel
    in a party of up to three, meaning you can level up three monsters at the same
    time!  Each
    monster has their own set of abilities that they earn as they level up.  Some
    of these skills
    will help you in battle, and some will help you to find items in the adventure.
    Q: How do I level up my monsters?
    A: While running around in adventure areas, such as the Togle Caves, you will
    random enemy monsters.  The monster who is currently running with you on the
    screen is
    the one that will enter the battle for you.  If the monster currently running
    with you is
    knocked out, the monster that is next on the list will be sent out in his
    place.  The battle
    ends when you either KO the enemy, or all of your monsters are KOed.  After
    the enemy, your monsters will receive experience points.  The monster who
    fought the
    battle will receive the full number of the points, while the other non-KOed
    monsters will recieve half that amount.
    Q: What does it mean when it says, "go up to a suspicious spot?"
    A: While you are in adventure areas, you will see certain areas that can be
    explored if
    your monsters have the right skills.  Some of these are:
    Caves: Some monsters can learn Search Cave, allowing them to crawl into small
    holes and look for items.  Level up small monsters.
    Dirt mounds: Some monsters can learn Search Dirt, allowing them to dig holes
    into dirt mounds in the ground and look for items.  Level up beast
    Water: Some monsters can learn water search.  Level up water/swimming monsters.
    Canyons: Presumably need the ability to fly.  Level up monsters with wings.
    Waterfall: Some monsters can learn High Search. Level up flying monsters.
    Rock Pillars: Some monsters can learn High Search. Level up flying monsters.
    Giant Rocks: ???
    Q: How do I switch between my monsters so that I can use their abilities?
    A: Press R2 to change the monster that is available on the screen. It's quick
    and easy to
    use.  Although, if you press square, you can also choose sort and change your
    that way too.
    Q: Can I switch between monsters during a battle?  I see their health bars on
    the top right...is this like the tag battle in the game?
    A: Yes!  You can!  Press the L1 Button during battle, and the next monster will
    switch places with your current monster.  Use this to your advantage, to make
    sure that your monsters aren't KOed!  Bring in a fresh fighter at the correct
    Q: What are ALL of the battle button controls?
    A: 	L1: Switch Your Monsters
    	L2: Not Used
    	R1: Roll Attack Reel
    	R2: Roll Attack Reel
    	Square: Attack (More Damage, less accuracy)
    	Circle: Attack (More Accuracy, Less Damage)
    	X: Attack (Normal Attack)
    	Triangle: Step In/Step Out/Push Away
    Q: What happens when it says "Team UP" while I'm fighting an enemy?
    A: When "Team Attack" appears, one of your attacks will begin to flash red.  If
    you can attack with that flashing red attack and your hit connects, not only
    will your battle monster hit, but so will his teammate, effectively increasing
    the damage done to your opponent.
    Q: I just got Junk Toy/Teddy Bear/Yarn Ball, etc...what do I do with these?
    A: You can check your items in the menu by checking the square button.  Most of
    the items that you find are items that you can give to your monsters to play
    with.  You may also find items like Disc Stones that can be appraised by Cesare
    to create new monsters.  You can also find combining items such as the LIF
    stone, which will raise the statistics of a new monster when used during
    Q: What happens if all of my monsters are defeated in battle?
    A: You will be sent back to the ranch, and your monsters' may be injured. 
    Also, being defeated in battle during an adventure will shorten the lifespan of
    your monsters if you are sent back to the ranch.
    Q: My monster just got a new skill/attack, but I don't know where to equip it.
    A: Skills such as Hard Shell and Hard Skin start working as soon as you get
    them, but
    attacks need to be assigned.  Press Circle to access the data menu, then press
    right on the
    D-pad to access screen #2.  Then, choose the attacks on the left that you want
    to equip,
    then place them in an appropriate distance's empty box.  There you go!  Your
    new attack
    will be available in the next battle.
    Q: I heard that there are bosses...how do I get to the boss of the level?
    A: In the Togle Caves, the boss appears on the 5th level.  In Kalaragi, the
    "junk" is on level 5, and the boss appears on the 7th level.
    Q: How do I quit/leave the adventure?
    A: Either find a staircase leading to the next level then choose to go back to
    the ranch, or
    press Square to go to command and choose Quit Adv.  However, if you choose Quit
    Adv., your monsters' lifespans will be shortened.  The safest way to end the
    adventure is
    to find a staircase leading to the next level, or to find the main item of the
    adventure area and take it, so your characters will call it a day and head back
    to the ranch.

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