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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ChetFlavin

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    Monster Rancher 4 Strategy Guide for Dreamcast
    By Chetflavin
    February 08, 2004
    Ver. 1.0
    	Guess what? That’s right, registration for the spring quarter is coming in two
    days and $30 dollars could really help out with the Animation 3 class. Yeah
    you're right, if I get it I'll probably spend it on myself or try to impress
    some lady but that never works.......ok enough with the awkward jokes man,
    people wanna discuss the game! I've been a fan of the Monster Rancher series
    from the beginning. I even recreated some characters from in 3ds Studio Max
    (four worms and Enki from MR3). So I'm here doing an FAQ for MR4 instead of
    doing homework which I really should be doing. Oh well. I hope I beat the
    competition to getting this bounty......oh and that it’s helpful to you people
    Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    	As for legal context, I'd like to thank the makers of Monster Rancher 4 for
    making a good instruction booklet which I got most of the info for the
    Controls. As for who can post this guide on their site, ONLY gamefaqs.com AND
    NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!! DON'T EVEN ASK!!!!!!
    Table of Contents
    Table of Contents
    01. Game Introduction
    02. Controls
    03. Basic Raising Tips
    04. Walkthrough
    05. Frequently Asked Questions
    06. Legal Mumbo Jumbo Reiterated
    01. Game Introduction
    	Odds are if you're playing Monster Rancher 4 then you are no stranger to the
    series. Basically the game has you as the roll of a Rancher who happens to
    breed monsters. Sounds pretty cool huh? They even through in the added feature
    of using cd's, dvd's, and game discs to create them. You start off at a small
    ranch and have to battle your way up the ranks to improve your ranch while also
    saving the world in your free time?
    02. Controls
    	Hmm, this area is kind of tricky because it changes depending on what’s going
    on. You save by going to the menu option labeled system and you create monsters
    by going to the shrine. For the basics when on the ranch:
    L1/R1: Switch monster display (if you're raising multiple monsters)
    Directional/Left Analog: Choose commands
    Square: Show command Menu
    Circle: Show data screen
    X: Enter commands
    Triangle: Cancel commands
    Battle moves are customizable so controls can change. Basically by going into
    the monster data screen while on the ranch, cycle to you hit customizing. Here
    you'll be able to customize your moves. Anyways here are the controls for when
    you're in battle:
    L1: Switch monsters (in multiple monster battles only)
    L2: Counter mode (this will be explained in the game)
    R1: Rotate the skill panel (to see other moves)
    R2: Rotate the skill panel backwards.
    Directional/Left analog: Moves monster forward and backward.
    Square: Use the skill assigned to this button.
    Circle: Use the skill assigned to this button.
    X: Use the skill assigned to this button.
    Triangle: Knocks opponent back.
    Select: Displays give up menu.
    Start: Pause
    All controls and maneuvers are explained during the game so I won't go into
    full blown detail. Counters allow you to, like the name suggests, counter your
    opponents attack. You can't do this until the game teaches it to you. You
    perform it by holding L2 down and then pressing square, X, or triangle. This
    basically is chance but if you match up with what the opponent pressed you'll
    counter their attack!
    03. Basic Raising Tips
    	You don't have all the options for training available at first so you'll have
    to stick with "good ol meat and potatoes" regular training. Training really
    depends on what you wanna raise. A powerhouse, an iron brick, a speed machine.
    I recommend focusing on at the very least three of six abilities. Eventually
    you'll be given the ability to use training gadgets. Basically these increase
    the rate at which your monster gains stats. This of course raises your monsters
    exhaustion(more on that later) but can be easily countered with another
    training device that relaxes the monster (such as sweet incense). You can buy
    these every once in a while and open up new ones to buy from finding tablets on
    adventures. These will have new level training gadgets that are more effective
    and more stressful. Also as you progress you'll gain the ability to use medals.
    These medals allow for different versions of the gadgets to be purchased that
    can help your monster focus or even earn money! But enough of that, time to
    explain the stats:
    Pow: Affects the power of strength-based skills used in battle.
    Acc: Increases the accuracy of skills used in battle.
    Lif: This is a measure of your monster's health. When this value falls to zero,
    you lose!
    Def: Affects the damage you receive from your opponent in battle.
    Int: Affects the power of intelligence-based skills used in battle.
    Spd: Decreases the accuracy of your opponent's skills in battle.
    	While raising your monsters the your top priorities are the Tired and Fullness
    meters located in the lower right corner of the screen. As the bars fills up,
    your monster gets exhausted and hungry. You wanna keep these levels down, that
    is to say if you don't want to starve and work your monster to death. What you
    feed your monster is very important. Not only does it affect its health but
    depending on if the monster likes or dislikes your food will determine how
    quickly your monster warms up to you. I think the safest place to schedule
    rests and feeding is when the meters fill up half way. Oh yeah the schedule, I
    almost forgot about that. Basically the schedule allows you to schedule out
    what your monster does each week. Yeah, the explanation was kind of redundant
    but so what. Anyways, all you have to do here is figure out if your monster
    trains or rests each week. Also this is where you choose which type of training
    your monster does. I suggest training three weeks and resting on the fourth but
    that usually changes depending on if you battle or go on adventures.
    	Battles and adventures add to the exhaustion meter so they can throw off your
    whole training schedule. Usually it just means either delaying or advancing the
    order in which you had things scheduled. Battles and adventures take place at
    the end of each week. Battles can be scheduled from the main menu at your ranch
    (calendar) but adventures take place whenever you want. The wear and tear
    gained from each event really depends on if your monsters loses its battles or
    doesn't make it to the end of the adventure. If you're able to win and make it
    to the end, you'll receive less stress then if you didn't.
    	During battles, you may notice that your monster doesn't listen to you. The
    reason for this is simple. It's a good for nothing know it all brat who doesn't
    give you an ounce of respect! This can be changed by how you interact with it.
    Every week you'll be able to go up to your pets and well interact with them.
    Doing this you'll be given the ability to feed the monster, scold the monster,
    or even praise it. Feeding is pretty easy; if its very hungry, you feed it. The
    other two really depend on how your monster is behaving. For example if your
    monster is sleeping when he should be training you better scold him or else
    he'll start slacking off. The same goes for when it's doing good. When it is
    following your orders you should praise it. After years of this, it'll grow so
    attached to you that you'll be disgusted by how obedient it is. At first you
    won't be able to interact many times but as your breeder rank increases so does
    the number of times you can interact.
    	In order to gain new abilities you have to go on adventures and battle
    monsters. The more monsters you battle there, the more experience points you'll
    gain. You won't get a move for every time you raise your monsters level,
    sometimes you'll get a trait. Some of these traits will allow you to search,
    explore, or dig for items in the adventure area. Some even allow you to ride on
    top of your monster. In either case it's good to go on adventures to learn new
    moves to defeat your foes, so do it!
    	That pretty much sums it up. All that’s left is breeding. As you raise
    multiple monsters they'll develop friendship bonds. The higher they are, the
    more strengths will transfer to the offspring. Whether you freeze the monster
    on purpose or the game automatically does it for you when its lifespan runs
    out, you have to go to the association to combine them. Yeah that’s right, they
    have kids by being fused together. Sounds like a lot of fun huh?
    04. Walkthrough
    	Honestly, this is a pretty straight foreword game. Raise your rank thru
    battles and tournaments along with doing a side story here and there. In order
    to raise your rank you have to participate in official tournaments. You can do
    this by first having your monster compete in and win three regular scheduled
    battles. After you meat that requirement, you'll be able to fight in tourneys
    and proceed to newer heights. Sure this doesn't require the good ol' saying of
    "follow the path" but I'll probably throw it in there somewhere. Like on
    adventures!!!! Whenever you need to go on an adventure, the map for the current
    floor your on is always randomly generated. Basically to proceed thru you have
    to guess the correct path. If you run into an obstacle no big whoop, just go
    back a different way then last time. All that really happens by progressing
    down the story line is opening up  new towns to visit, new adventure locations,
    new battle grounds, and new monster breeds.
    A. New Arrival in Togle (not really called that but you know what I mean)
    	You start off with an exceptionally well Garu. You can't shrine your own
    monster yet but I recommend raising this one anyways and to start shrining when
    you are able to hold more monsters at the ranch. This first couple of months
    the game teaches you everything you need to know. They even give you some free
    items. You'll learn how to battle, schedule, and feed your monster.
    	You're first path to progress is in the ring. Not a boxing ring but you get
    the idea. When the game finally allows you to participate, win three regular
    scheduled battles to gain entrance to the official tourney. The opposition
    should be relatively easy even if you haven’t trained Garu that well. After the
    tourney you get you're finally able to raise more the one monster. At first its
    only three but eventually it'll move up to five. Anyways for now, lets get back
    to beating this game! Eventually after your new add-on, a cave near by will be
    exposed. Hmm, don't you just wonder what might be in there? How cool it would
    be to go exploring? Well guess what, you get to!
    	Exploring pretty much goes the same for every dungeon so I'll explain it here.
    Every time you open up a new location to explore, the main goal is to reach the
    bottom of the area to face off with a boss. This sometimes might require
    multiple descents due to story plots or just your own inept ability to fail!
    For your first cavern you'll have to go there about three times, each time
    descending to the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floor respectively. You're first trip will
    you will receive your first tablet and your second trip you'll unlock a new bit
    of story info. Afterwards someone will stop by your ranch and tell you that
    something fishy is going on. All the training gadgets in town are going haywire
    and odds are it isn't Old Man Rutherford trying to hid a secret uranium field
    by scaring off some meddling kids and their talking dog. Odds are the fiend is
    hiding out in the basement of the cave by your house. I guess eventually we
    always make enemies of our neighbors. Enough with the petty jokes, its time to
    kick some butt! Head down the cave like usual and eventually you'll hit one
    gigantic monster. I won't ruin what it looks like but believe me, it's huge.
    You should have at least three monsters with you to duke it out with this boss.
    If one falls hopefully the other two will be enough to pound this beast into
    submission. If you're unable to, that just means your monsters aren’t strong
    enough yet. Raise them a little bit more, increase their experience to learn
    some new techniques (if you aren’t ready to fight the boss you should choose to
    return to the ranch on the fourth floor),  and then challenge him again. After
    defeating this brute you'll gain your first new breed of monster. Ain't it
    magnificent? Kind of even looks like the boss. Sorry to break it to you but not
    all new breeds look like the boss monsters you fight.
    B. New Horizons in Ryuwn
    	With the that bozo defeated, you'll be able to compete in tournaments again
    and raise your rank to C. Upon achieve this rank you'll be given the option to
    sail off to the town of Ryuwn. The main objective here is to get into the Ryuwn
    league. In order to get it you'll have to visit their Association twice(in
    different weeks) because you didn't schedule an appointment in advance.
    WHAT?!?!??! He still won't let you in? The jerk! Oh well, guess you'll have to
    find some other way to pass the time. And as a coincidence you run into someone
    in need of help on your way out. Apparently this lady is as sick as a dog and
    the only medicine happens to be some mushrooms that grow only in your backyard.
    Well technically its in the 4th floor of the cave in Togle that you've been
    exploring so go ahead and hunt those fungi down! Oh, and you might have to
    fight some weird looking creature while you're down there.
    	Upon returning with the healing mushrooms, you'll be presented with new
    features (such as countering and tag battles), a new task, and a new area to
    explore. You are charged with the task of finding some junk in the dense jungle
    of Kalaragi. You'll probably need to go here about three times too. The first
    time you'll find a weird shrine on the 3rd floor. Don't worry, you'll get that
    junk on the 2nd trip located on the 5th floor. After this you'll finally be
    able to compete in Ryuwn battles! Now if only the association would have
    recognized how awesome you are, you wouldn't of had to go thru all of that.
    	With all that registration mess done with, it's time to get back on the whole
    moving up in rank routine. Beat three regular battles and go for the official
    tourney to advance your monsters rank up to B. You should have gotten another
    add-on put onto your place allowing you to raise 5 monsters at the same time.
    That’s all nice and dandy but who can celebrate that when people are missing!
    That's right, and by your recent exploits, you've developed quite the name for
    yourself and they want you to rescue them. They're being held on the 7th floor
    of the Kalaragi Jungle and odds are, there's a boss there too. Like the
    previous boss, wrestle your way down to his level and if he beats you, just do
    some training. This boss is a blast from the past, you'll probably only
    recognize him if you've played the previous titles.  Upon defeating him you are
    rewarded with the breeder rank of B and yet another place to visit! Yippee
    C. Big Trouble in Little Torble.
    	Seems to me that there might be some hooligans in them there hills of Torble.
    Altering monsters with masonry just isn't right! How come PETA hasn't put an
    end to this yet? Anyways, visit it and you'll run into some old friends. You'll
    also make a new rival as well. However who cares about that, what you should
    really do is check out the town's Inn to here some gossip on the problems
    plaguing the town. Apparently there's some mischief involving Mocchis. After
    finding this out you are plagued with several visitors discussing mocchis and
    requesting your presence at the university in Torble for a medal. With this
    you'll be visited by two people, the 2nd capable of turning selling you a medal
    enhanced training gadget. After that, every week you should visit the Inn
    located in Torble till the owner gives you a Mocchi doll. Oh yeah, you'll have
    to fight your rival sometime before or after that but don't worry, he's a
    pushover. In any case, once you have the doll you should head to Kalaragi
    	Treat this like any dungeon expedition and head down tot he 6th floor. Here
    you'll find the hooligan who's been causing all the ruckus. If you beat him,
    you'll be visited by a special visitor the following week and from that point
    on you'll be able to raise Mocchis! Even though that's great you're still not
    done here. Now you'll have to start competing in tourneys again to raise your
    monsters rank up another level. You'll run into your rival again during the
    final round of the tournament. By now your monsters may be getting forced into
    early retirement so when that happens, combine them and start raising all over
    again. Anyways, beat your rival in that tournament and not only is your monster
    advanced to A rank, but you've also unlocked a new town to visit! Huzzah!
    D. Revelations in Vizley
    	After visiting the town you'll be awarded with breed rank of A. Easy huh? Like
    you've probably guessed, from here you'll have to advance your monster to S
    rank by doing the same routine as before. These guys are no piece of cake so
    make sure your monsters are up to the task. After your monster makes mince meat
    out of the competition you'll be able to visit a new adventure area. The
    Promias ruins holds many secrets, including one butt ugly boss. The first trip
    you have to make your way down three floors to find a mural with shocking new
    details! The second trip you might run into a blocked path. In that very room
    there should be a switch, looks like a pedestal about the same height as
    Phayne(it automatically prompts you for if you want to push it when you walk up
    next to it). Anyways make your way down to the 5th floor, you'll hit some mummy
    looking mini boss and find a another nice piece of artwork. Finally just one
    more trip to take out the ancient regions ugly boss. Well I guess it is
    beautiful on the inside but I don't have my x-ray specs on. Defeat him on the
    8th floor and you'll be one step closer to beating the game!
    	After a week you'll get your breeder rank upped to the Sth level. Also you'll
    learn of some heinous wrong doings. Another week will pass and you'll be rushed
    off to Ryuwn to see you friends new freak! I'm not going to ruin the story for
    you but lets just say the solution lies in Kalaragi jungle. Don't worry, you
    only have to descend once this time and it's to the 4th floor. This guy is just
    a mini boss so it should be a pushover. Afterwards you even get to breed a new
    monster and you'll open up the final chapter of the game!
    E. Trials by fire in Kawrea Volcano
    	After defeating the Mad Scientist you'll be visited by a friend at the ranch.
    He warns you that there's trouble a brewing and it all stems from Kawrea
    Volcano! Well you guessed it, you have to explore that baby. However this time,
    you only have to go twice! The first time will be down to the 3rd level to
    initiate the final phases of the game.
    	You learn the history of the current conflict and everyone goes insane all
    over the world! All you are charged with doing is saving the world in one final
    battle. No pressure right? Well let me just say this, this being the final
    battle, that also makes it the toughest. If you haven’t raised some strong 2nd
    generation monsters by now you may want to hold off challenging the final boss.
    However if you're feeling lucky, head down to the 10th level of Kawrea Volcano
    to cower in fear. When you drain all his life, don't get too cocky because it
    fills right up. It's all right if you don't beat him the first time, that’s
    what the reset button is for. Well upon defeating him you've proven that
    justice will always win in the end. Everything is in its right place and the
    credits roll........Oh yeah, you can save the game after you beat it to
    continue your ranching! Why the exclamation mark you ask? Well a couple weeks
    after you beat the boss, you'll be able to shrine the final monster of the
    game!!!!! I hoped this faq helped!
    05. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What are combo moves and how do they work?
    A: Well basically if you raise more then one monster they'll develop a bond
    between each other. When the bond becomes strong enough, in tag matches every
    once in a while you'll be given the ability to do a combo move. Basically after
    you attack, if you land the hit, the other monster will come in and smash the
    opponent one more time. The other variable of this is when you're fighting one
    of the several boss monsters with three monsters who share a large bond. It
    occurs in the exact same way only all three monsters attack in one massive
    move. Which move happens depends on which monster started the attack. For
    example when I had a Chaos Dragon, my other two monsters jumped into him making
    the dragon double in size! After this he sprayed the boss with a massive flame.
    It's a very useful tactic.
    Q: What cd's make ?? monsters?
    A: for that answer I have to say try all of your discs, duh! But if you want
    you could go to "Monster Rancher Metropolis" at http://www.sfdealer.com/discus/
    . I hope they don't mind me plugging them in this but they run a great site,
    just be sure to read the rules and guidelines before posting. Just look under
    Monster Rancher 4 for a whole cd list.
    06. Legal Mumbo Jumbo Reiterated
    Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    	As for legal context, I'd like to thank the makers of Monster Rancher 4for
    making a good instruction booklet which I got most of the info for the
    Controls. As for who can post this guide on their site, ONLY gamefaqs.com AND
    NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!! DON'T EVEN ASK!!!!!!
    07. Special Thanks
    	I'd just like to thank Tecmo for creating a great game, Monster Rancher
    Metropolis for providing a great discussion forum for the game, and Gamefaqs
    for a site to post faqs and meet great people. Especially one in particular,
    Muwhah ahahhahahahhahahahh ahahahhahahahah ha

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