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    Monster List by Nyts_Lineage

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    Monster Rancher 4 Complete Book
    By Thomas Fenn aka Nyts_Lineage
    Version 1.00
    Last Updated 11/28/07
    This Guide is Copyright (C) Thomas Fenn 2007
    May not be reproduced in any form without permission
    The purpous of this guide is not only a reproduction of the book of monsters
    but is also intended as a mixing guide for those who wish to complete their 
    book.   This information was all acquired and copied down by me in my game.
    The rare monsters ( breed/??? ) can be acquired even if you dont have discs 
    for them.  Once you complete the game you gain access to the + Dungeons.
    These dungeons will sometimes supply you with Rainbow discs which when
    appraised at the shrine result in rare monsters.    Several of these rares
    Ive never even seen listed on ANY CD lists.   This is the only way I know of
    to acquire them.   
    There is one confirmed exception.    Dark Antlan is a Antlan/??? monster who
    can only be acquired by taking one of the Antlan Rangers (the three colored
    Antlan Rares) and combining them with one of the Beast Gods (ChaosDurahan, 
    Chaos Ripper, and ChaosDragon)    Dark Antlan should be the only possible 
    Another possible but unconfirmed exception to the Rainbow Disc rule is the 
    Ape monsters. I have yet to encounter one of those on a Rainbow Disc.   If
    anyone can confidently confirm whether they can be on Rainbow Discs or not
    please let me know.
    I did not use any cheats or cheat devices in this process and i dont recommend
    them as they take away much of the fun this game represents.
    Only one site is currently permitted to publish this guide and that is 
    GameFaqs but emails to me about this guide will be responded to.
    I do hope to add another section of this guide listing which adventure sites 
    give which Saucer Stones but I have yet to research that.   Any information on
    this subject would be appreciated and proper credit would be given after I 
    confirm it on my own.
    |Section 1:  Book Transcription       |
    Golem (Golem/Golem): With its rock skin, many are afraid of this monster. But 
    it's really pretty gentle and doesn't even like violence. But, don't get it 
    mad or rock fists will fly!
    Scalie (Golem/Zuum): They say there are jewels buried deep within its body. 
    Some evil breeders even try to go after this treasure. But the monster them 
    out with it's Forehead Slap.
    Pink Golem (Golem/Pixie): The most gentle of all Golems is the Pink Golem. 
    Gazing serenely at pretty flowers, it sits and thinks pure and lovely thoughts
    BattleRocks (Golem/Durahan): With its finely-boned body of steel, Battle Rocks
    just loves doing battle! It won't fight an opponent unless it's equally 
    matched. It hates picking on the weak!
    BigKorobocci (Golem/Koropendora): It has many faces, but it only has one true
    head. When it wakes up in the morning, all of its eyes open at the same 
    time... kind of creepy, huh?
    Gobi (Golem/Henger): The Gobi was originally built as a prototype for the 
    ultimate weapon. These days, though, it can't even expend full power, so there
    isn't much to worry about
    JailKeeper (Golem/Zan): Scholars explain that it loves the dark because it was
    originally developed to be a prison guard. It actually feels uneasy in bright,
    sunny places.
    Eagle King (Golem/Raiden): The Eagle King has huge rock talons to grab its 
    opponents with. It loves high places and dreams of flying through the sky one
    day. It might have to diet first, though.
    GigaBio (Golem/Gitan): The outstanding feature of the Giga Bio are its purple
    body and large fangs. Kids often start crying when they see it, but it's 
    really only wants to play
    Titan (Golem/Suezo): Everybody knows how much Titans love curry. Some even get
    side jobs at curry restaurants. And what do they spend their earnings on? Why,
    curry of course!
    MochiMonk (Golem/Mocchi): The MochiMonk may look a little frilly or frivolous
    but deep down he's all man. He sits in calm meditation, quietly contemplating
    the voices of nature. 
    Poseidon (Golem/Jell): The only Golem that can swim well, it's perfectly 
    comfortable with any kind of physical labor in the water. Just hope it 
    remembers to breathe, though!
    Gadgeter G (Golem/?): The Gadgeter G is a steel war gadget laid out in the 
    legends of a distant planet. Gadgeter G defends the land again today with its
    mighty G power! 
    Zuum (Zuum/Zuum): Strong, docile, and without bad habits, this monster is a
    breeder's dream. Hasn't everybody wanted to ride a Zuum over the prairies at 
    least once in their lives?
    Salamader (Zuum/Dragon): The fiery hot blood of the Dragon courses through
    its body, making it bright red. While it may not have wings, its teeth are
    even sharper than a real Dragon's.
    Hachiro (Zuum/Baku): The Hachiro thinks it's everyone's favorite monster. It
    has a big head, a big body, and big eyes. But deep down, it's really pretty 
    lonely. Won't you love it?
    AlohaSaurian (Zuum/Plant): One day while running around, it found a pretty 
    flower by the roadside. It was so excited by this that, before it knew it, 
    was on top of its own head!
    Psirow (Zuum/Rhinoroller): This strong, patterned monster carries the pride 
    of all past generations on his shoulders. That's why the Psirow feels he just
    has to win!
    Cocadrille (Zuum/Gitan): The fearsome Cocadrille's seem to be the seat of its
    fiendish power. But, in spite of it's looks, this monster is really pretty 
    kind and fair.
    Mustardy (Zuum/Suezo): Its fans just love this monster's speed, strength and
    one-eyed charm. Can't say exactly what's so great about it, but it's wildly 
    popular with some breeders.
    Kirin (Zuum/?): This monster was once a decorative ornament at a shrine, but 
    one day it came to life and ran away. Now it's worshipped as a god in some 
    eastern provinces.
    Dino (Zuum/?): It all begins with this one, the great ancestor, the very first
    monster to come from the saucer stones. All other Zuums bow down before it. 
    Datonare (Tiger/Zuum): Most often considered a hunting monster, it's rarely 
    seen in the battle arena. But with the right training, it can be a great 
    fighter, it's all up to you!
    Tiger (Tiger/Tiger): A pure white, snowy field looks great as a backdrop to 
    the Tiger's blue mane. As affable as it is, it's hard to believe everybody 
    used to be so afraid of it.
    Jaguarbeat (Tiger/Beaclon): The Jaguar Beat looks similar to the Jagd Hound, 
    a Tiger and Worm mix, but this monster is really popular with kids. Jaguar 
    Beats with glossy coats are rare.
    Bargest (Tiger/Joker): From the time this monster is born in hell it has only
    one mission - to strip its opponents of all dignity. It faintly glowing eyes 
    are just looking for its chance.
    PodDog (Tiger/Henger): A battle machine created ancient ages ago. To be 
    compatible with humans, it was loaded with a prototype emotions AI, but 
    apparently it doesn't work very well.
    Nightfang (Tiger/Zan): One touch of its sleek, dark body, and you'll get a 
    glimpse into its cold and unforgiving heart. But in battle, its graceful 
    moves will impress you.
    Garum (Tiger/Lesione): A few garum have gone stray in recent years and caused
    trouble at sea. Because of this, sea creatures have many conflicting when they
    hear its name.
    Ryulon (Tiger/Mogi): Should probably more correctly be called the "Ryulon 
    Species". Both one-horned and two-horned Ryulons have been sighted. Never take
    either type lightly!
    HelmHound (Tiger/Madillo): A Scientist once wondered if this monster wouldn't
    be just another dog if it didn't have it's shell. Sage tried valiantly to 
    remove it but failed miserably.
    WhiteHound (Tiger/?): The WhiteHound has long ears instead of horns. Recent 
    research reveals that this monster was the Tiger's ancient ancestor, and the
    news is causing a stir.
    Flazer (Tiger/?): The Flazer's skin grows thick to protect it from the severe
    heat of volcanoes. It's devastatingly sharp horns go well with its ferocious
    Rocky Fur (Hare/Golem): At first glance, it may look scary but it's actually
    gentle and loving. When its yellow eyes glow strangely though, its wild animal
    instincts have awakened.
    Pulscorn (Hare/Tiger): A nice little monster, cool-looking, kind of shy. Clad
    in fashionable sky blue and pearl white, it's a big hit with the in crowd! 
    ...Or so they say anyway.
    Hare (Hare/Hare): A monster popular with the ladies. Despite its cute face, it
    can deliver a powerful punch. The Monster Association cautions against 
    overfeeding, though.
    Fairy Hare (Hare/Pixie): It prefers watching and cheering others on to 
    fighting itself. But when it gets mad, it puts on a grim expression and lets
    loose some mighty punches!
    Gunbitt: (Hare/Durahan): With a highly-calculating mind, it plans ahead 
    instead of leaving battles up to brute strength. Considerate, it tries not to
    use too much of it's breeder's money.
    Rubberabby (Hare/Koropendora): Also sometimes called "Blood Hare" because of
    its red nose. Despite its looks, it can be unbelievably violent, and can make
    even veteran breeders quake.
    Jackoranta (Hare/Pancho): With its pumpkin head, it doesn't need an umbrella.
    It loves the rain! It gets lonely so it likes groups, and it gets really 
    attached to its breeder.
    Tobita (Hare/Raiden): A passionate, chivalrous guy that always feels bad if he
    hurts his opponents. Highly-responsible, this leader type can also sometimes 
    get himself into trouble.
    Anquihare (Hare/Madillo): It looks like it's always just spacing out but 
    actually, nothing could be further from the truth. It can be reckless at 
    times, but it has a heart full of hope.
    Spyhare (Hare/?): Nobody has ever been able to find out much about it. It's 
    usually looking around like it's nervous. Maybe it's backed by some sort of 
    shady organization? 
    Bowmew (Mew/Tiger): As loving as a puppy. When it puts its mind up to 
    something, there's no stopping it. Jumps quick as the wind and lashes out 
    with sharp claws. Don't touch its seams!
    Eared Mew (Mew/Hare): Its cute little ears (its best feature) are extremely 
    ticklish. It can hear everything, even if you try whispering. Be careful not
    to yell and hurt its ears!
    Mew (Mew/Mew): A much-loved stuffed cat wanted to show its gratitude so much 
    that it just came alive one day. Once it started singing, it forgot what it 
    was going to do.
    Bowbow (Mew/Baku): It took a nap on the ground one day and wound up this 
    color! It stores up its energy during sleep and then uses it in battle. Then
    it goes back asleep again.
    Mum Mew (Mew/Pixie): It's very proud of the cute heart on its chest and its 
    long eyelashes. Selfish and demanding, this monster is quite a handful. It's 
    wings are only for decoration.
    SkullMew (Mew/Joker): A white skeleton that loves to scare people in dark 
    rooms. Its body pattern was burned there by lightning, but it still likes to 
    take walks on stormy days.
    PsyMew (Mew/Rhinoroller): It's stuffed with beads, so it has no problem in the
    water. And it's so light it can't help but bound around. It's ambition is to 
    become a big shot monster someday.
    AntMew (Mew/Antlan): Its blue face is actually just a mask. (A hero of justice
    never shows its true face!) Its fervor engrosses all it meets, but it never 
    can quite pull off the look.
    MikMew (Mew/Garu): Always full of energy, it's constantly running. Its dream 
    is to someday be the star of the battle world! It plan to eat, sleep and fight
    a lot to get strong.
    Mochimew (Mew/Mocchi): It looks fabulous in its big pink check pattern. It's 
    trimmer than the Mocchi, so it has plenty of confidence in its looks. The 
    shell on its head is extremely hard.
    HipMew (Mew/?): Hey, rock n' roll, baby! Me and my rockin' friends will show 
    you our cool moves on the dance floor. And when it comes to battle, I'm at the
    top of the charts! 
    Beerock (Beaklon/Golem): Also known as "Heavy Stone" some weigh over a ton. 
    Its best attacks make use of its keen body and massive heft. It can be docile
    though and is easy to train
    Beegator (Beaklon/Zuum): Its large, sharp slaw are powerful enough to rip 
    steel with just one swipe. It used to use its giant mouth, but it's 
    degenerated so much it won't even open now.
    Beaklon (Beaklon/Beaklon): Popular with young breeders. A giant insect monster
    that boasts great power and stamina (not very bright, though). Secret Beaklon
    tournaments are rumored
    Ducklon (Beaklon/Ducken): When raising this monster, be sure to: Give it lots
    of love! Don't feed it too much! Don't look at the face on the tip of its 
    horn! Always follow these rules.
    Centurion (Beaklon/Durahan): It's body is covered with a special alloy known
    to be hard to damage. Because most of its weight is in its upper body, make 
    sure you don't let its feet get hurt.
    Melcarba (Beaklon/henger): A battle machine without emotions. It's body is
    hard and resistant to rust. It really doesn't like heights. (Actually, there
    are lots of things it doesn't like.)
    Jelaydon (Beaklon/Zan): With its sharp edges, its entire body is a weapon.
    That's why the Monster Association is always asking breeders to be careful.
    It's light despite it's size.
    Drimole (Beaklon/Mogi): The Drimole smells great. You can always tell it's 
    there (even from far away) by the fragrance. It was discovered only recently,
    so nobody knows much about it.
    Rollbeat (Beaklon/Ogyo): A monster that loves being in the sea, it moves 
    quickly through the water. It's pink body color washes off the minute it 
    touches water. It looks happiest when eating.
    Tanklon 2 (Beaklon/?): A fearsome monster with a bomb on board. Dreamed up by
    a mad scientist who pressed the button for detonation just before he died, but
    it still hasn't blown up yet.  
    RockDragon (Dragon/Golem): In a long-ago war between gods and demons, this 
    monster wielded a flame that burned for seven days and nights. Beware its 
    god-like wrath. You might be next!
    Crevasse (Dragon/Tiger): The Crevasse lives quietly in a hut it built in the
    north. There, it spends its days in peace. It won't stand for anyone causing
    trouble on its land!
    Corkasus (Dragon/Beaklon): It has the toughest, hardest shell of all Dragons. 
    And there's nothing its powerful horns can't destroy. Nobody knows which is 
    stronger, its shell or its horns.
    Dragon (Dragon/Dragon): All breeders want the chance to raise the mighty 
    Dragon at least once in their careers. Its razor-sharp claws can rend steel
    and it even has wings to fly!
    Niezheg (Dragon/Naga): When the end of the world approaches, The Niezheg 
    arrive in droves from the ends of the earth. The very souls of those who look
    upon its evil power turn into dust.
    Diabaros (Dragon/Joker): The "King of Dragons," this monster was let loose 
    from its sleep by evil sorcery. Now that sorcerer is no more, and so it 
    wanders alone, seeking blood.
    Tecno Dragon (Dragon/Henger): An ancient weapon made from the Dragon, for all
    the vast power it wields. The creaking sounds of this monster's body mix with
    the groans of its victims.
    OwlBeard (Dragon/Raiden): The Owlbeard, with eyes full of sorrow and a heart 
    that shuns fighting. It's cry is even sometimes called "The Symbol of Peace".
    MaturiDragon (Dragon/?): The dashing Edokkodon can't seem to hold on to it's 
    money. It often uses rough language although it doesn't know what it means. 
    (Don't ask because it can't explain.)
    ChaosDragon (Dragon/?): One of the three beast gods that ruled over the 
    monsters long ago. It has god-like power, but its tendency to think very 
    highly of itself makes the other two scoff.
    GameProbot (Dragon/?): Four-eyed Dragon's older brother who would rather spend
    his days showing off his shiny metallic skin to strangers. Just don't use his
    chest as a mirror. 
    Blocken (Ducken/Golem): Its entire body is made of stone, so no attack can 
    harm it. Only its protruding eyes are vulnerable. But sometimes it steps on 
    them and thrashes around in pain.
    Ducken (Ducken/Ducken): This moody monster used to be someone's toy long ago. 
    It doesn't have a serious thought in its head and does whatever it wants, but 
    ended up learning a lot somehow.
    GrapaDuck (Ducken/Naga): It looks pretty scary but it thinks it looks pretty 
    cute. When people run away from it, it just thinks they're shy. It sometimes 
    chews on the flesh of its own stomach.
    MacchuPicchu (Ducken/Henger): Looks pretty high-tech but it's only a wind-up 
    toy. It has a hard time getting its gears to line up right. It once tried out 
    for a movie but was rejected.
    PumpkiDuck (Ducken/Pancho): All Duckens love pumpkins. They say this monster 
    looks like this because it ate so many of them. Lately it's even worried about
    getting eaten by other duckens.
    GuanYuDuck (Ducken/?): This rowdy monster just eats or breaks everything. It 
    goes through its opponents easily. As it has swords for hands it sometimes cut
    off its own beard.
    Duck Fever (Ducken/?): The Exploder is a feisty monster, always jumping 
    around. He throws his opponents off by creating havoc, stirring up divine 
    winds and then disappearing suddenly.
    KingTutDuck (Ducken/?): This monster was born when the soul of an ancient 
    mummy entered a Ducken by mistake. It can fetch a high price so archaeologists
    love it. It hates water and people. 
    Higante (Baku/Golem): Like a rock, it never moved, until one day it really did
    into stone! But when it awoke from its long sleep, they say it had achieved 
    spiritual enlightenment.
    Icebergy (Baku/Tiger): At one time, it used to run like the wind through 
    fields and mountains and could control thunder. These days, not a trace of any
    of those former skills remain.
    Gontar (Baku/Hare): This monster got to be this way after years of waiting for
    the return of its breeder, who went away on a journey. But when the breeder 
    finally returned, he had amnesia!
    Magmax (Baku/Dragon): Even its own breeder is afraid of it. Especially grumpy
    in the morning, it takes a lot to make it happy. If it ever got out of hand 
    nobody could stop it.
    Baku (Baku/Baku): Wrapped in thick fur and layers of fat, this monster is 
    lovable and greedy. It always looks sleepy, but it can really move. Its motto
    is eat a lot, sleep a lot.
    Electrieel (Baku/Lesione): This monster was a giant catfish that grew arms and
    legs when it got hit by lightning. Many believe it has the power to predict 
    Red Hot Baku (Baku/Garu): This monster is indeed a "sleeping lion." It has the
    bloodline of a lion, and it's always sleeping! But will the mighty lion within
    ever really wake up one day?
    HippopoChaos (Baku/Ripper): It's descended from a species that knows the ways
    of the wind but it seems to have forgotten everything. Now it only knows the
    ways of the afternoon nap.
    PandiBaku (Baku/?): A legendary monster that lives deep in the mountains. 
    Despite its big body, it's pretty gentle. It likes to eat a plant called 
    Aero (Pixie/Tiger): The Aero was raised by the Tiger long ago, and that's when
    it's obedient, gentle nature was instilled. But it bites when it gets really
    mad so watch out!
    Diana (Pixie/Dragon): Behind the penetrating gaze of its mask lie eyes filled
    with a deep sadness. If you look into those eyes they'll tell you of your own
    weaknesses and shortcomings.
    Mischief (Pixie/Ducken): The Mischief took part in an important battle long
    ago. It's forgotten almost all about that battle now, but it does remember
    that it was led by a Ducken.
    Pixie (Pixie/Pixie): The Pixie is popular despite its selfish and mischievous
    ways. It's really only looking for someone to discipline it properly, so go
    ahead and scold it.
    Janne (Pixie/Durahan): Its red wings are a sign of courage. Looking for its
    lost Spirit Sword and True Love, the Janne flies off like an arrow and nobody
    can stop it.
    Allure (Pixie/Naga): The Allure thinks it's the most beautiful of all living
    creatures. But deep down, it has constant nagging doubts about it, and really
    doesn't feel very confident at all
    Lilim (Pixie/Joker): The bone on Lilim's back comes from the very first prey
    it ever caught. Ever since that day, it hasn't stopped fighting.
    Undine (Pixie/Lesione): The Undine wished so hard to be able to swim faster
    and more beautifully than anyone else that its body ended up transforming. But
    it lost the memory of days long ago.
    PinkPrincess (Pixie/Ogyo): After a long sleep on the ocean bottom, the 
    PinkPrincess is now enraptured by everything she sees. "How cute!" she
    exclaims. Watch her or she'll take off.
    Faerilina (Pixie/Ripper): Its wings rip everything to pieces, so it ends up
    breaking things. To show it's sorry, it paints the tip of it's nose black.
    (Maybe it just likes to?)
    Sueko (Pixie/Suezo): The prism that floats before the Sueko's eyes is its
    jam-packed schedule. Everyone praises it for keeping so busy, but really it's
    just disorganized.
    Miku (Pixie/?): When the Miku goes out, it always brings its camera. It takes
    pictures of flowers and the scenery. But why is there always a bluish white
    shadow in every picture?
    Kasumi (Pixie/?): The Kasumi, initiated into forgotten secrets. But it's been
    so busy with fashion and pastries that it forgot everything. Now they really
    are "forgotten secrets"! 
    Glacier (Durahan/Tiger): There once was a wise, brave man who lived in an icy
    northern land. When he died, his soul settled into his favorite armor, and
    this became the monster Glacier.
    Vesuvius (Durahan/Dragon): Nicknamed the "Red Dragon Knight," it once defeated
    a great dragon, was bathed in its blood, and became an immortal spirit. It
    seems to have lost its body, though
    Durahan (Durahan/Durahan): This monster houses the soul of a proud, ancient
    knight. It's loyal to it's master, and fights on the side of justice, rescuing
    the weak and crushing the strong.
    Berserker (Durahan/Naga): This knight swore allegiance to the king of darkness
    and received great power in return. It has no sense of chivalry and commits
    all manner of brutal atrocities.
    Genocider (Durahan/Joker): A jet-black skeleton that appears in violent storms
    and then disappears into the darkness. It robs living things of life and its
    sword slashes even air to shreds.
    Versailline (Durahan/Suzurin): A beautiful female knight, beloved by all, that
    stands up for those who suffer. She proves that women, too, can fight 
    courageously on the side of justice.
    Rinocerous (Durahan/Rhinoroller): As wild as any beast, this well-armored 
    knight has a thick hide that even a lion's fangs can't penetrate. Its powerful
    blows cut through anything.
    Curevis (Durahan/Pancho): This phantom knight, clad in pumpkin armor, uses its
    hatchet to punish monsters who dare to wreak havoc in its pumpkin patch. It
    wears a pumpkin gourd on its waist.
    Hermes (Durahan/Antlan): Dressed in blue armor, its splendor on the 
    battlefield is told of far and wide. Nicknamed 'Blue Lightning," its sword
    maneuvers are too quick for the human eye.
    Goldie (Durahan/Suezo): A mysterious knight that once guarded a flourishing
    golden capital. But this capital suddenly vanished, and now the knight's eyes
    reflect the king's curse.
    Kagemusha (Durahan/?): A samurai warrior that came from a small island far to
    the east. Now it devotes its entire life to improving its skill with the sword.
    ChaosDurahan (Durahan/?): One of the three beast gods that ruled over the
    monsters long ago. A dark, majestic was deity with armor polished through
    countless battles with strong men. 
    Viper (Naga/Zuum): This monster can change the color of its body to blend in 
    with its surroundings. Out of all the monsters, this one's the best hunter.
    Naga (Naga/Naga): The feisty blood that runs through its veins is always 
    looking for a battle, and it'll do absolutely anything to win. It looks like
    a battle cyborg.
    Jungler (Naga/Plant): The Jungler evolved from an insect-eating flower. Now
    this monster tries to eat absolutely everything it sees, so be careful when
    you raise it!
    Ceto (Naga/Henger): The Ceto is a strong, fast machine. It's programmed to
    know all of the Naga's maneuvers, but that program is broken so you'll have to
    start from scratch.
    HakTak (Naga/Ripper): The HakTak has a Naga's temperament and a Ripper's
    aloofness. It can see right into its opponent's soul. It's hard to raise but
    it can be a reliable partner.
    Cyclops (Naga/Suezo): Legend says that if the Cyclops looks at you with its
    one eye, you'll turn to stone. (Many give it a wide berth.) Raise one to find
    out if the legend is true!
    RoseoCobra (Naga/Mocchi): The Roseo Cobra usually has soft, velvety skin, but
    the dry area it lives in makes it rough. That's why this monster spends the
    whole day just caring for its skin.
    WildWestNaga (Naga/?): It wandered in aimlessly from the west. It's really 
    popular with kids, but adults are puzzled by its looks and the odd way it's
    always saying "Oh dear."
    Blobster (Naga/?): A vicious monster with scorpion poison strong enough to
    lay even the great Baku low. Its powerful scorpion claws make a can opener 
    Joker (Joker/Joker): Some breeders think this monster is too brutal to be 
    categorized as an ordinary monster. Looking like the god of death itself, its
    scythe seeks out blood.
    Ghars (Joker/?): Some of its parts are transparent, made of a gas-like 
    substance. (That's why it's so good at evading.) Born of a young boy's dream,
    nobody really knows what it is. 
    PuppyKoro (Koropendora/Baku): When you feed the PuppyKoro, you'd better bring
    them extra food, because all three of them are gluttons. Don't let them get 
    PeachTreeBug (Koropendora/Pixie): Once upon a time the Peach Tree Bug fell in
    love with a human. It put on makeup and got all dressed up. The climax of the
    story happened under a peach tree.
    GunBits (Koropendora/Durahan): Try to imagine an entire army of Gunbits. (Too
    overwhelming to think about?) If you train it right, the Gunbits will be a 
    mighty ally.
    Pirahnikoro (Koropendora/Naga): The Pirahnkoro looks like the legendary 
    Bichinoko monster. It was once really popular, but not so much any more. If 
    you really look at it, it's kind of cute.
    Koropendora (Koropendora/Koropendora): Nobody knows who named the Koropendora 
    or even much about its habits. Some people think it's just a phantom and only
    exists in people's minds.
    Tetra (Koropendora/Henger): Long ago people admired the Koropendora's teamwork
    and created the Tetra. We didn't know the Koropendora had been around so long
    until this Tetra was rediscovered.
    KoroBall (Koropendora/Lesione): The Korottama and Puch Otome are rivals. So 
    far the record stands at 2-2. The Korottama won the Eating Contest and "Let's
    Do Acrobatics" championship.
    MiniOgreKoro (Koropendora/Mogi): When two Konikkos bang their horns together,
    they're having a conversation like, "how you doing?" "Not bad, You?" But their
    horns are so small it isn't easy to do
    PrincessKoro (Koropendora/Ogyo): The Puchi Otome and Korottama are rivals. So 
    far the record stands at 2-2. The Puchi Otome won the "Kore Style Show" and 
    the "Pirouette Dance Contest"
    AntKoro (Koropendora/Antlan): The serious AntKoro always works hard and 
    supports the others in its group. Humans could learn a lot from it. Watch it 
    closely the next time you get a chance!
    LionKoro (Koropendora/Garu): The Shishikoro has all the strength of a lion, 
    but comes in a compact size. Act now and get all three at a bargain price! 
    What a deal! Wanna buy a set?
    KoroHelmets (Koropendora/Madillo): KoroHelmets hurl each other with their 
    spikes, but that's how they really get to trust each other. They rush forward
    in perfect formation, then it's...touchdown!
    MahjongKoro (Koropendora/?): This monster is covered in writing, but not even 
    the most renowned scholars can decipher it. It's name comes from the three 
    words "dai." "san" and "gen" on its body.
    TraffiKoro (Koropendora/?): Normally, Koropendora are just green. But if you 
    put ketchup and mustard on a saucer stone and bake it, you get this monster. 
    Nobody knew about this nifty trick.
    ComedyKoro (Koropendora/?): These monsters love the comic-strip characters in
    their breeder's magazines. They all wear masks, but it's the one with the 
    sunglasses that always has bad luck.
    Tri-gai (Koropendora/?): Combining DNA, the PSM staff hoped to create a 
    super-being to produce an entire issue unaided, as they played mini-golf and
    drove go-carts. The experiment went really bad. 
    Mandrake (Plant/Dragon): When the Mandrake gets mad its flower petals give off
    an extreme heat. If you're careless and touch it when it's in an awful mood,
    you'll get an awful burn.
    Queen Plant (Plant/Pixie): The fashionable Queen Plant loves to look in the 
    mirror. They say it spends a lot of time every morning just primping its 
    flower petals.
    SkelePlant (Plant/Joker): The Corpse Weed grows by sucking negative emotions
    out of people. It's pollen is a powerful poison. Not even a Dragon can breathe
    in this pollen and live.
    BugBugFlower (Plant/Koropendora): The Gobble Flower has three mouths so it
    eats more than you'd think. (It takes in whatever else it needs through its
    roots.) This one is expensive to feed.
    Plant (Plant/Plant): The plant loves basking in the sun. When the weather is
    good, you can ever hear it singing in its cute little voice. On rainy days,
    it loses a little of its pep.
    Coconutty (Plant/Henger): Coconutty's petals work like radar. It's good at
    gathering information, and fights methodically, looking over the data it
    collects on its opponents first.
    PumpkiPlant (Plant/Pancho): It has a scary face, but it only looks scary.
    Actually, it's just a big coward. If you surprise it, it cries and runs away,
    so you've got to sneak up on it.
    MochiPlant (Plant/Mocchi): The Rice-cake cherry sports pretty blossoms every
    spring. These blossoms go by quickly and the best time to view them is
    different each year.
    Mushtan (Plant/?): The MushTan likes damp, humid places but its personality 
    is unexpectedly bright and cheerful. If you breathe in its spores, you won’t
    be able to stop laughing. 
    Henger (Henger/Henger): A mysterious monster jam-packed with lost technology
    from an ancient civilization. Current science has no idea how it moves or what
    it’s made out of.
    Ambush (Henger/?): The Ambush was made for jungle fighting. With its 
    camouflage body, once you lose sight of it, it's very hard to find again. 
    Shin (Zan/Zuum): The Shin can run faster over land and fly faster through the
    skies than anyone. Nicknamed "The Messenger of the Blind" the Shin looks right
    at home on the prairies.
    Homura (Zan/Dragon): The Homura, or "Gathering Flames," sends out fire from 
    its scarlet body to burn the opponent until there's nothing left. The Homura
    certainly deserves its name.
    Kagura (Zan/Ducken): Nobody knows whether it fell from heaven or came up out 
    of the earth. Everybody's hero, the Kagura travels all over the world, hating
    the sin but loving the sinner.
    Aya (Zan/Pixie): She was created as a female version of the original Zan, but
    the process didn't go very well. (Her looks were the problem.) They finally
    settled on this version.
    Saga (Zan/Naga): It appears out of the darkness and vanishes again without a 
    sound. Many die before they even realize its presence. The Saga, a silent 
    Abata (Zan/Koropendora): Originally a Zan prototype, it still has many of the 
    original features of its robot beginnings. But it's unreliable, and once it 
    runs wild there's no stopping it.
    Zan (Zan/Zan): The Zan, a merciless battle-machine created by ancient science.
    They say it's even more intelligent than humans are. Don't let your guard
    down! It's dangerous.
    Ray (Zan/Lesione): The Ray lives in a land of ice. It has a gentle spirit, but
    once the battle begins, it gets an expression on its face that sends chills
    down its opponent's spine.
    Rinka (Zan/Suzurin): The Rinka's slender body is made with a special kind of
    glass. The wind makes a noise as it passes over this body, so this monster is
    also often called Rinkabell!
    Guy (Zan/Raiden): Deep within an unknown forest, the diligent Guy spends its
    days practicing punches against the trees. Its roaring fists are the result of
    sweat and tears.
    Fang (Zan/Ripper): The most ferocious and dangerous of all Zans. (Maybe it's
    because of the curse a white weasel once put on it?) Beware of the Blade on a
    moonlit night!
    Ryoku (Zan/Mocchi): This nice monster traded in some of its battle power for
    its soft, velvety skin. The biggest drawback is that now it sometimes can't
    tear itself away from the mirror.
    FakeGraphiti (Zan/?): The old Doodle with a new shape! Completely improved,
    it's now pretty impressive with its serious battle skills and slim body. (But
    it's still kind of a joke.) 
    Hibis (Lesione/Zuum): The Hibis (unlike other Lesiones who love the sea) works
    strictly on land. It loves to take long naps under a blazing hot sun and 
    Scarapio (Lesione/Beaklon): The Scarapio's favorite food is the sweet nectar 
    of flowers. Because it readily follows anybody that'll give it nectar, it 
    often goes missing. Breeders beware!
    LavaLessie (Lesione/Dragon): Inside a body that can stand up to lava, it keeps
    a cool, level head. A monster you can rely on, it can always make a calm 
    decision no matter how tough things get!
    Grapie (Lesione/Naga): Unlike most Lesiones it's a little sulky. But it has an
    affectionate side, too, and brings out the maternal instinct in people. That's
    why female breeders love it.
    Yuma (Lesione/Henger): This Lesione-type Henger was built by long-ago people 
    for use on land as well as in the water. Because it was made for searching for
    things, it rarely gets lost.
    Lesione (Lesione/Lesione): This monster is popular with everybody, from little
    kids to mothers. Loving at times, it has a keen battle sense. It puts its 
    opponents to shame in acrobatic battles.
    Sharly (Lesione/Rhinoroller): The Sharly, the gentlest of all Lesiones. It 
    loves to take afternoon naps more than anything else. (The thing it loves 
    second best is eating.)
    MocchiSaurus (Lesione/Mocchi): It's been long-treasured as a messenger of
    fortune that brings happiness wherever it goes. (This rumor isn't even true,
    and the poor monster feels pretty pressured...)
    ClownLessie (Lesione/?): From bustling Kaniwa, it loves lively places and 
    can't relax when it's quiet. Some think it's cute and others think it's gross,
    but it doesn't care either way. 
    RabbiRin (Suzurin/Hare): A very popular monster, with its soft hat and squishy
    body. It takes to people easily so breeders love it. Now all it has to do is 
    put up some effort in the arena.
    GattchaRin (Suzurin/Ducken): With all the funny quirks of the Ducken, The 
    GottchaRin accidentally breaks everything around it. But when it apologizes so
    sadly, all you can do is forgive it.
    Wizring (Suzurin/Joker): The Wizring is a really hard worker, so it's always
    worn out and its clothes are all ripped. But it thinks it doesn't matter what
    it wears as long as it does its best.
    MalincaRin (Suzurin/Lesione): The MalincaRin just loves summer! It carries a
    swim cap and tube with it the whole year through. But it can't swim. It never
    even lets go of the tube!
    Suzurin (Suzurin/Suzurin): The gentle, spring-breeze sound of its bell is an
    expression of its pure heart. It's so charming it makes up for being so needy
    and easily frightened!
    CondoRin (Suzurin/Raiden): Its fierce determination doesn't seem to go with 
    its tiny body. It really wants to win, but when it comes time for the actual
    battle, it has a hard time.
    Drarin (Suzurin/Gitan): Vampire monsters are supposed to suck blood, but the
    Drarin can't even stand the sight of it! It's a mystery how it manages to 
    PeachRin (Suzurin/Mocchi): The PeachRin smells so good you just want to grab
    it. It's a really good singer, too. Lavishing smiles on everyone is its 
    greatest pleasure.
    SamuraRin (Suzurin/?): Some people think it left its hometown just so it could
    come back in triumph. It really should stop saying, "Don't wanna!" to 
    RocknRoller (Rhinoroller/Golem): Despite its hefty-looking appearance, its got
    a lightning fast spin. With its rhythm and impressive running speed, they call
    it the "Speed Race King."
    HighRoller (Rhinoroller/Dragon): The red-bodied HighRoller can't stop once it
    starts running. Some say it's three times as fast as the regular Rhinoroller,
    but that hasn't been proven.
    Bakuroller (Rhinoroller/Baku): Its howl sounds like a horn and can be heard
    from a great distance. When the BakuRoller's gang starts getting tough, nobody
    can stop them.
    KoroKoroller (Rhinoroller/Koropendora): Just like its name, the KoroKoroller
    just rolls along, and it always drives safely. Its red nose warns it when it
    starts going to fast.
    CarRoller (Rhinoroller/Henger): A powerful and high-precision Rhinoroller. It
    has a well-balanced body and smooth suspension. Quality from top to bottom!
    It's got lots of great options, too.
    Rhinoroller (Rhinoroller/Rhinoroller): How the Rhinoroller's body works is a
    mystery. Scientists discuss is but never come up with anything. All they know
    is it loves napping and driving.
    QueenRoller (Rhinoroller/Ogyo): The "Queen of the Highway." Many a breeder has
    been captivated by its elegance and smooth ride. It even has quite a few fan
    SkunkRoller (Rhinoroller/Ripper): This monster is the one that keeps the group
    together. If an argument crops up, it solves things right away. A dependable,
    leader type with lots of followers.
    RygaRoller (Rhinoroller/?): Searching for a certain princess in a faraway
    land, it somehow found itself in this world. Sometimes it stands looking out
    to sea, remembering that princess. 
    BabyDino (Pancho/Zuum): A monster that lives in an ancient dinosaur-egg
    fossil. Even though it has some dinosaur blood in its veins, it's a peaceful
    monster. It doesn't like conflict.
    MellonCho (Pancho/Beaklon): It appears in the hot months of summer. All it
    wants to do is eat watermelon all season. They say it lives out the winter
    underground, but few have ever seen it.
    KoronCho (Pancho/Koropendora): A monster shrouded in mystery, nobody knows
    what it really is. They say it often appears on beautiful, starry nights.
    Maybe it came from outer space?
    SuzuriCho (Pancho/Suzurin): Always fascinated by bells, this monster finally
    turned into a bell itself. Often happy, sometimes sad, the beautiful sound
    washes away the heart's impurities.
    Pancho (Pancho/Pancho): A monster that possessed a gigantic pumpkin, settling
    inside and borrowing on its strength to live. Now the monster feels pretty
    indebted towards that pumpkin.
    Shellincho (Pancho/Ogyo): The ShellinCho lives in the sea, under the gentle
    waves. Legend has it that this monster sprang forth from a mermaid's tear.
    ArmorCho (Pancho/Madillo): This monster is a big coward and rarely emerges
    from its protective, harder-than-stone shell. It takes some time for its
    breeder to get to be friends with it.
    Blixy Klingy (Pancho/?): Using infrasonic math, DJ Kaz Gamble & Singer Sisely
    Treasure decomposed sound into its most elementary frequencies, creating this
    stylish and trendy monster. 
    Cybernetico (Mogi/Durahan): An experienced fighter, it has an iron helmet with
    an unrivaled spin. When it puts on its shades, the win is guaranteed. So don't
    ever try to take them away, OK?
    Shanx (Mogi/Suzurin): Be sure not to make fun of its silly hat with the
    flower. Remember that beautiful roses have thorns (Well, actually, this flower
    isn't really a rose.
    Mogi (Mogi/Mogi): A cool and stylish monsters, it warms up with a hot dance
    and then gets cheers and applause when it dives underground. The battle arena
    is the Mogi's stereo!
    Freebird (Mogi/Raiden): The wings on the Freebird's head stand for its youth
    and freedom. It spreads its wings and heads into a bright tomorrow. Nobody can
    falter the Freebird.
    PanQuiche (Mogi/Garu): Its thick eyebrows prove it has a strong sense of
    Justice. It hates wrong-doing. Come on and give it your best shot! It'll greet
    you with its spiky drill.
    MochiLips (Mogi/Mocchi): Everybody loves its cute mouth!. At least that's what
    it thinks anyway. "Share my lovable lips with you, shall I?" it offers and
    gets all kissy. Somebody stop it!
    ShogunMogi (Mogi/?): Depend on it to guard the peace of the capital. It plans
    on taking classes on the ancient art of Oniyodo soon. It just might be able to
    use it someday.
    ArborMogi (Mogi/?): Nobody'd better get unruly in its jungle or it'll use its
    miraculous power on them! Nicknamed the "Keeper of the Jungle." Its only fear
    is fire. 
    Putaranoden (Raiden/Zuum): It used to have big wings but its constant training
    made them shrink. Repeated punching made its hands big too. But it still has
    sharp talons at its elbows.
    Raiducken (Raiden/Ducken): Extremely popular with kids, the Raiducken is a
    slightly surreal superstar. Not only does it have a brightly colored body, but
    it's also a true martial artist!
    Griffonite (Raiden/Durahan): Basically, it's a Raiden, but too martial arts
    training has been passed down through its blood. It's never taken off its
    armor once in its life.
    Gargoyle (Raiden/Naga): Betrayed by humans, the Gargoyle sold its soul to a
    demon. For the power it received, it lost the ability to smile. It wishes it
    could trust people again.
    Naskaova (Raiden/Henger): The strange and ancient Henger robot evolved into
    this monster, with a body particularly suited for battle. Present-day science
    can't explain its systems.
    Skyhorn (Raiden/Rhinoroller): Not only is it fast, but its sky-blue color lets
    it blend in with its surroundings in the water or air. With its low body
    temperature it loves to sunbathe.
    Raiden (Raiden/Raiden): A passionate martial artist, it is well-versed in
    every type of fighting skill. Its fluid, speedy blows are filled with a great
    destructive power!
    EvilBeak (Raiden/Gitan): This monster is a respected demon warrior. It has an
    iron will and follows its orders to the letter, so it can seem brutal at
    times. Be careful how you approach it!
    Flamingo (Raiden/Ogyo): The only female Raiden and a dedicated martial artist,
    she flies through the sky as if swimming and displays her magnificent battle
    skills. (A bit stubborn, though)
    Aguila (Raiden/Garu): Often mistaken for the Garu's father, it's a different
    species entirely. Raised in a similar environment, their colors are similar,
    Anquiloden (Raiden/Madillo): The huge armor it was born with is extremely
    tough, so its muscles are flexible and it's very fluid in its battle moves.
    Knock it down and it stands back up again.
    OwlDen (Raiden/?): This monster is rumored to be a transformed music school
    teacher from a magic country. If anybody finds out, it'll have to go back,
    so don't ask about it.
    Peacocken (Raiden/?): Priding itself on its beautiful feathers and its
    aesthetic sense, it's a monster fashion leader. Too many people hunted it for
    its feathers and few remain. 
    Funbaba (Gitan/Baku): The Funbaba, always sleepy looking, really hates
    conflict. But when it comes to food it can throw big temper tantrums and
    thrash around. Quite a handful!
    Grindink (Gitan/Koropendora): The faces on its stomach and tail have minds of
    their own and sometimes get into arguments. In the end, it's always the face
    on the tail that settles things.
    Lafreshitan (Gitan/Plant): The Lafreshitan loves sunshine. It's always 
    happiest when it's sunbathing, lapping up the nectar from the flower on its 
    Jet (Gitan/Zan): The laconic Jet is aloof, a rare trait among the rambunctious
    Gitans. But it's afraid of the dark and can't go to the bathroom alone at
    night. Pretty cute, huh?
    Tanmarin (Gitan/Lesione): It loves to swim and spends practically the whole
    year through in the water. Like a dolphin, it has the ability to use
    ultrasonic waves to communicate.
    Halloween (Gitan/Pancho): It has a pumpkin over its head from the time it's
    born so even it has never seen its own face. Sometimes you can see its eyes
    through the holes. They're pretty cute.
    Moztan (Gitan/Raiden): It somehow got the idea it could be a Raiden when it
    grew up, so it trains hard every day. What it doesn't know is that it's been
    an adult for a long time now.
    Gitan (Gitan/Gitan): Wanting to be a real demon, it tries to do all kinds of
    mischief. But this usually backfires and people wind up being grateful to it.
    It's very troubled by this.
    Giliant (Gitan/Antlan): A hot-blooded monster that dreams of being a hero one
    day. It's the only Gitan with a fair and just heart. His favorite expression
    is "Do a good thing every day."
    Gilolitan (Gitan/Suezo): With its huge eyes, it can spot its opponent a mile
    away. One drawback, though, is that it often gets stuff in its eyes.
    Munitan (Gitan/Mocchi): A kind little monster that always smells good. In
    spite of the way he looks, he's a boy. People always mistake him for a girl,
    though, and he doesn't like it.
    Galloptan (Gitan/?): Galloptan's dream for the future is to be a G1 jockey.
    It does image training every single day without fail. It just looks like it's
    slaving horses though. 
    HuskyGill (Ogyo/Tiger): The HuskyGill loves the cold ocean water. Because it's
    always right there when the floating ice comes in, everyone fondly calls it
    the "Messenger of Winter."
    Gyoruna (Ogyo/Dragon): Covered in hard scales, the Gyoruna can even swim
    through magma unscathed. Because it has such a ferocious temperament, it's
    pretty hard to break it in.
    OsakaKnight (Ogyo/Durahan): Since the day it awoke to the ways of chivalry,
    it's devoted itself to being the best knight ever. Its only worry is that it
    sinks into the water because of its armor.
    Plauna (Ogyo/Plant): The Plauna, with its cute flower decoration, is from a
    southern country. Its sunny mood gladdens everyone around it.
    EvilFish (Ogyo/Zan): Like a ninja, it sneaks stealthily up and lays its
    opponent out in one blow. When it wants some attention from its breeder, it
    creeps up and startles them.
    Ogyo (Ogyo/Ogyo): With her beautiful appearance and elegant battle style,
    she's nicknamed the "Noblewoman of the Stadium." She's so popular, her fans
    flock to cheer her on.
    BeetleFish (Ogyo/Madillo): The BeetleFish has looked exactly the same for
    thousands of years, and so it's nicknamed the "Living Fossil." Scholars have
    been studying it for decades.
    Ramuna (Ogyo/Ripper): With a single jump, the Ramuna sets off a whirlwind that
    tears everything around it to pieces. Be careful when you go near it!
    Surfana (Ogyo/?): The Surfana just loves the ocean. You can often see it
    surfing in California or Hawaii. It says its goal this year is to visit
    RageRock (Antlan/Golem): This monster is a heavy weight, a rare trait among
    Antlans. No simple light attack is going to budge it! The only drawback is
    that it moves a little slowly.
    Quintie (Antlan/Pixie): With her cute looks, the Quintie is a popular monster.
    But if her battle opponent doesn't take her seriously, it's sure to get a
    painful surprise!
    Blakkus (Antlan/Joker): It kind of looks like a thug but it's actually pretty
    nice. It can say mean things at times, but it always gets really down on
    itself about it later.
    Ecologia (Antlan/Plant): The Ecologia loves nature, and is the protector of
    the forest. Enjoying the flowers and plants, it patrols among the trees.
    Nobody had better disturb the forest's peace!
    ProtoAnt (Antlan/Henger): A rare, Antlan-type robot weapon created by long-ago
    scientists. Thanks to the huge radar on its forehead, it has amazing control
    over its attacks.
    Eval (Antlan/Zan): The Eval was born in the darkness and lives in the
    darkness. Skilled in spy maneuvers, they say it has a stealth device on its
    body that can make it invisible.
    Rhinorhine (Antlan/Rhinoroller): Despite the way it looks, this monster is the
    fastest Antlan. But it's not very good at using its breaks and crashes into
    things to stop. That's why it's banged up.
    Falcolan (Antlan/Raiden): The Falcolan guards over the skies. It's rather
    aloof, but when it's really needed, it comes firing up at much speed.
    Antlan (Antlan/Antlan): Always a fair fighter, the Antlan inspires many kids
    with love and courage. The perfect hero of justice, it has very cool looking
    horns (which it is very proud of!)
    RedBurn (Antlan/Garu): A passionate hero filled with determination, it loves
    the cause of justice. But sometimes it gets carried away and winds up
    accomplishing nothing.
    PharoEye (Antlan/Suezo): They say the Pharaoh Eye can see into the minds of
    its opponents. Because it can always read the other guy's next move, it must
    be really hard to fight.
    Dolaine (Antlan/?): With flames of justice burning from its forehead, it
    chases down evil. When its just anger reaches a peak, the flames on its
    forehead flare up.
    Ant. Red (Antlan/?): One of the Antlan Rangers, a team of superheroes. It
    hates evil! With its bright red body and just heart, it's the leader of the
    Ant. Blue (Antlan/?): One of the Antlan Rangers, a team of superheroes. It
    lost its memory long ago, but it's doing OK now. Deftly displaying it's
    abilities, it pulls the group together.
    Ant Yellow (Antlan/?): One of the Antlan Rangers, a team of superheroes. Big
    and strong, it loves to eat. It can be scatterbrained at times, but the team
    loves him anyway.
    Dark Antlan (Antlan/?): With the strength of the three beast gods and the
    heart of the Antlan Rangers, it's a powerful dark hero. The dark blade in its
    hands slashes through evil. 
    Wolfie (Garu/Tiger): If you're looking for a monster that's both cute and
    cool-looking, Wolfie is the one for you. But how strong it gets depends on
    your breeder skills!
    Moose (Garu/Hare): With its soft, fluffy fur, you'll love getting hugs from
    Moose! Give it lots of love, and it's sure to turn even difficult adventures
    into magic!
    Battleleon (Garu/Durahan): Long ago, when nobles used to enjoy indoor battles,
    the Battleleon held an unbeaten record. It's a reliable monster that carries
    out orders to the letter.
    MermaGaru (Garu/Naga): If you've noticed MermaGaru's gross yet cute
    appearance, then you have a discerning eye. But this monster is even odder
    than it looks. Watch over it, OK?
    Zabel (Garu/Zan): The first person that saw the Zabel was so shocked he locked
    it away. While the Garu is called the "Child of the Sun," this monster is
    called the "Child of the Moon."
    Garu (Garu/Garu): Always energetic and full of curiosity, the Garu is also a
    bit of a coward. But in a pinch, it comes running and gets into the action!
    That's what makes it so popular.
    Shidao (Garu/Ripper): The Shidao can read the wind and predict the weather and
    earthquakes, but it never share its knowledge. Try touching its nose, if it's
    wet it'll rain tomorrow!
    TriEye (Garu/Suezo): Kids think if you see TriEye 3 times in one day you'll
    have good luck. Make sure it behaves! You don't want it embarrassing you with
    everyone looking at it.
    MochiGaru (Garu/Mocchi): MochiGaru originally used to guard some very
    important people's homes. They say that when its opponent is some huge
    monster, it transforms into a giant MochiGaru.
    Goku (Garu/?): The bushy-eye browed Goku once went on a big adventure carrying
    a strange and mysterious weapon. The band around its head reminds it of those
    adventure days. 
    Pirate Ape (Pirate Ape/?): An odd monkey that wandered here from a distant
    land. It has confidence in its ability to run away. It dresses like a pirate,
    but some say it's just for show. 
    Red Shorts Ape (Redshortsape/?): And odd monkey that wandered here from a
    distant land. It has a frightening glare, but we hope it's really a good
    monster deep down. 
    Pipo Ape (Pipo Ape/?): An odd monkey that wandered here from a distant land.
    Will a monster like this really take its training seriously? 
    Beralsekt (Madillo/Beaklon): Even ordinary Madillos have hard shells, but this
    monster's whole body is so hard nobody can hurt it! It's nocturnal, so it
    sleeps during the day.
    RhinoTank (Madillo/Rhinoroller): Living on the prairie, it rolls along and can
    cover 600 miles a day. Every summer, it has a speed race with the Rhinoroller.
    Which will win this year?
    DevilMadillo (Madillo/Gitan): The DeviMadillo is from the demon world. A
    strict dojo coach, it swings its bamboo sword around threateningly. "Get
    moving! Put your back in it!" it yells.
    Madillo (Madillo/Madillo): A monster of very few words, it trains hard in
    silence. It'd like to do something better with its life, but it doesn't know
    how. It trains hard in silence again today.
    TumuDillo (Madillo/Ripper): The TumDillo has the Ripper's speed. If it takes
    off its shell, it's almost as fast! But moving fast gets it hungry, so it
    doesn't like to do it much.
    PeachDillo (Madillo/Mocchi): Its yellow beak is a sign of how much it can
    talk. Unlike most taciturn Madillos, it's a real chatterbox. The shell on its
    back is actually soft and sticky they say.
    Mr.Fujiyama (Madillo/?): Clad in its manly red loincloth, it runs around town
    every day. "Oh dear!Heeeeelp!" it shouts. But even it doesn't know exactly
    what's wrong.
    DriviDillo (Madillo/?): It revs its roaring engine, and hopes to one day be
    the star of the racing circuit. Put the pedal to the metal! The word "brakes"
    means nothing to the DriveDillo. 
    HowlZapper (Ripper/Tiger): The HowlZapper, with the characteristics of both
    the Tiger and Ripper, is said to be the fastest in the world. By the time the
    opponent hears it, it's too late.
    Folkes (Ripper/Hare): The most noticeable features of the Folkes are its large
    ears. These ears not only distinguish sounds well, but are also used to adjust
    its body temperature.
    MailRipper (Ripper/Durahan): The MailRipper gives up some of its speed for a
    strong defense. Its steel scythe is razor sharp. This monster just smells of
    AssasiRipper (Ripper/Joker): The AssasiRipper is nocturnal. It tears around at
    high speed no matter how dark it is. But during the day, the sunlight bothers
    it and it slows down considerably.
    Parasarian (Ripper/Lesione): Because it swims at high speed through the water
    and catches all the fish, fishermen fear it. It's nicknamed "Sea Storm."
    DarkWhip (Ripper/Gitan): The DarkWhip has a scary face, but it's just a gentle
    monster that eats nothing but fruit. Apparently, it uses its sickle arms to
    peel this fruit.
    Ripper (Ripper/Ripper): A speedy monster that can control wind and ice at
    will. The sharp sickles it has on it's elbow can slice whole rocks in two.
    NightSickle (Ripper/?): A slightly odd monster that likes suspenseful horror
    movies. Quite intelligent, it sees through the traps laid by its opponents
    with a cool cigar head.
    Chaos Ripper (Ripper/?): One of the three beast gods that ruled over the
    monsters long ago. Its disagreeable temperament is a problem, but it has
    god-like speed that doesn't let anything near. 
    Phoenix (Phoenix/Phoenix): The legendary Phoenix bird of courage and
    intelligence. The temperature of the flames that engulf its body change
    according to what kind of person is near it.
    Deathwing (Phoenix/?): This monster is formed from evil feelings. Because of
    all these emotions inside, it often behaves strangely, but it never harms
    people. It helps all other monsters. 
    Hornie (Suezo/Tiger): Some of the Hornies in Togle don't have any horns at
    all. Scholars have yet to be able to explain this phenomenon.
    Gamba (Suezo/Hare): Most Suezos are renowned for their difficultness, but the
    Gamba is relatively docile. They say that some Gamba used to be white with red
    Eyebee (Suezo/Beaklon): The Eyebee can see through absolutely anything with
    its huge, green eye. (But, to tell the truth, it's kind of sick of being able
    to see everything.)
    Pink Eye (Suezo/Pixie): The Pink Eye is extremely spoiled! No matter how much
    her breeder scolds her she won't do as she's told. I suppose all young ladies
    can be difficult at times.
    Green Suezo (Suezo/Plant): Unlike most Suezos, the Green Suezo loves to
    day-dream. A quiet monster, all it wants is to gaze dreamily at the mountains,
    the sea or the sky, and just relax.
    Zanzo (Suezo/Zan): The Zanzo travels so fast you can't even see it. All you
    can see is a big blur! Could that blur that just passed be a Zanzo, perhaps?
    Fukazo (Suezo/Lesione): It loves ocean swimming, but it's sad when everybody
    runs away when it shows up on the beach. If that's the way it feels, it
    shouldn't go around biting people!
    Hipzo (Suezo/Mogi): The Hipzo is very proud of its big hat. But there's a
    rumor going around that it's actually so heavy it's thinking about taking it
    off and throwing it away.
    Nycta (Suezo/Raiden): The Nycta's large, wide beak snaps up every last bit of
    food in sight. If you don't watch out, it just might snap you up too!
    Suezo (Suezo/Suezo): Suezos are famous for their selfishness but just as many
    breeders as ever raise them. There's some kind of mysterious charm about them
    that makes them hard to hate.
    Clear Suezo (Suezo/Jell): The Clear Suezo worries about being caught stealing
    food. It hides the food in its mouth but it is, after all, see through. It
    wishes it could spray paint itself!
    BaseballBoy (Suezo/?): Its ultimate dream is a grand slam, walk-off home run.
    It's a pretty silly dream but nobody around it can get up the nerve to say so. 
    Pengimochi (Mocchi/Tiger): The PengiMochi loves winter cold. Is walking on
    snow without falling considered a social skill? (It's not trying to fool
    anyone by looking the way it does.)
    Muchi (Mocchi/Hare): Research proves touching this monster's skin has a
    restorative affect. Currently, it's enjoying a huge popularity among women.
    Hope it's not just another fad.
    BettleMochi (Mocchi/Beaklon): The BettleMochi is crazy about sweets. Of course
    it watches the calories too. It's great friends with the Draco Mochi, another
    member of the Mocchi family.
    Draco Moch (Mocchi/Dragon): The Draco Moch firmly believes it'll be able to
    fly someday like a Dragon. That's why it's always practicing. Do you think
    it'll really be able to do fly?
    Beakie (Mocchi/Ducken): Its odd hat is a symbol of the important position it
    used to hold. But it's long since forgotten this fact, and now wears it
    because it thinks it looks good.
    Manna (Mocchi/Pixie): Nobody can withstand being smooched by those red lips.
    The beautiful Manna, the ultimate weapon! It says its heart symbol isn't just
    for decoration.
    Armocchi (Mocchi/Durahan): This courageous monster wears shiny silver armor.
    But they say it only concentrates on defense because it wants to hide how slow
    its attack is.
    Sodacchi (Mocchi/Rhinoroller): Some say it has Rhinoroller blood so it can
    move really fast, but few people have actually witnessed this. Apparently it
    doesn't expend energy unless it has to.
    Pumpkimochi (Mocchi/Pancho): Some people say PumpkiMochoi is just a regular
    Mocchi wearing a costume. There's definitely something suspicious about how
    hard it denies it...(Just kidding.)
    DrillMocchi (Mocchi/Mogi): The DrillMochi is a great dancer, is up on the
    trends and is really particular about fashion. Despite all this, it's really
    shy and often hides in holes.
    OwlMochi (Mocchi/Raiden): The best martial artist of all Mocchis, it's never
    been beaten. At least, that's the rumor that's been going around. (It's a
    little upset about this rumor.)
    Gizumocchi (Mocchi/Antlan): The Gizumocchi has a very strong sense of justice
    and hates wrongdoing. But it also loves to play in the sand. Maybe it's just a
    big kid after all.
    Gingie (Mocchi/Ripper): The Gingie looks different from other monsters. It
    seems scary, but it's as gentle as it is strong. It loves to be called
    "Ginster"!  Right, Ginster?
    Mocchi (Mocchi/Mocchi): The secret of the Mocchi's popularity isn't just its
    cute mannerisms and adorable eyes. It also has an irresistible spongy body and
    soft smooth skin!
    Gelatine (Mocchi/Jell): With its cool skin, it used to be popular with only a
    few enthusiasts. But now it's so popular every household needs at least one in
    the summertime!
    OPMocchi (Mocchi/?): Why is OPMocchi the most stylish Mocchi on his block?
    Easy! He gets his lifestyle tips from the greatest magazine around! Official
    U.S. PlayStation Magazine!
    Devi (Mocchi/?): The Devi is the leader of some group. It runs around town
    trying to get everyone together. If you see it in the streets, let it know
    you're rooting for it!
    White Mocchi (Mocchi/?): Apparently, the Mocchi's one true rival is this White
    Mocchi. Whenever their eyes meet, sparks are sure to fly. Funny thing is, they
    used to get along just fine. 
    DarkCell (Jell/Joker): A certain monster was so mad it got beat by a joker
    that its rage took form and became this monster. Now it'll do everything to
    beat that Joker!
    RipperSlime (Jell/Plant): This Jell monster's body contains chlorophyll, so it
    has to bask in the sun to survive. (It does use a Jell parasol, though.) It
    isn't just goofing off! It swears!
    Puddinggel (Jell/Suzurin): This Jell monster loves the sound of the Suzurin's
    bell. It wishes it could be a bell and make such a pretty sound too!(That's
    why it eats so much metal!)
    Jell (Jell/Jell): A strange monster that can transform into anything it wants.
    It's laid-back and loves islands. A scientist stole the idea for the
    helicopter from its Jellcopter.
    Metal Jell (Jell/?): The Metal Jell's body is made of liquid metal. Its very
    existence is a complete mystery. Some say it's a weapon from the future but
    nobody can prove it. 
    |Section 2: Simplified Racial Mix List|
    Golem (Golem/Golem)
    Scalie (Golem/Zuum)
    Pink Golem (Golem/Pixie)
    BattleRocks (Golem/Durahan)
    BigKorobocci (Golem/Koropendora)
    Gobi (Golem/Henger
    JailKeeper (Golem/Zan)
    Eagle King (Golem/Raiden
    GigaBio (Golem/Gitan)
    Titan (Golem/Suezo
    MochiMonk (Golem/Mocchi)
    Poseidon (Golem/Jell)
    Gadgeter G (Golem/?)
    Zuum (Zuum/Zuum)
    Salamader (Zuum/Dragon)
    Hachiro (Zuum/Baku)
    AlohaSaurian (Zuum/Plant)
    Psirow (Zuum/Rhinoroller)
    Cocadrille (Zuum/Gitan)
    Mustardy (Zuum/Suezo)
    Kirin (Zuum/?)
    Dino (Zuum/?)
    Datonare (Tiger/Zuum)
    Tiger (Tiger/Tiger)
    Jaguarbeat (Tiger/Beaclon)
    Bargest (Tiger/Joker)
    PodDog (Tiger/Henger)
    Nightfang (Tiger/Zan)
    Garum (Tiger/Lesione)
    Ryulon (Tiger/Mogi)
    HelmHound (Tiger/Madillo)
    WhiteHound (Tiger/?)
    Flazer (Tiger/?)
    Rocky Fur (Hare/Golem)
    Pulscorn (Hare/Tiger)
    Hare (Hare/Hare)
    Fairy Hare (Hare/Pixie)
    Gunbitt: (Hare/Durahan)
    Rubberabby (Hare/Koropendora)
    Jackoranta (Hare/Pancho)
    Tobita (Hare/Raiden)
    Anquihare (Hare/Madillo)
    Spyhare (Hare/?)
    Bowmew (Mew/Tiger)
    Eared Mew (Mew/Hare)
    Mew (Mew/Mew)
    Bowbow (Mew/Baku)
    Mum Mew (Mew/Pixie)
    SkullMew (Mew/Joker)
    PsyMew (Mew/Rhinoroller)
    AntMew (Mew/Antlan)
    MikMew (Mew/Garu)
    Mochimew (Mew/Mocchi)
    HipMew (Mew/?)
    Beerock (Beaklon/Golem)
    Beegator (Beaklon/Zuum)
    Beaklon (Beaklon/Beaklon)
    Ducklon (Beaklon/Ducken)
    Centurion (Beaklon/Durahan)
    Melcarba (Beaklon/henger)
    Jelaydon (Beaklon/Zan)
    Drimole (Beaklon/Mogi)
    Rollbeat (Beaklon/Ogyo)
    Tanklon 2 (Beaklon/?)
    RockDragon (Dragon/Golem)
    Crevasse (Dragon/Tiger)
    Corkasus (Dragon/Beaklon)
    Dragon (Dragon/Dragon)
    Niezheg (Dragon/Naga)
    Diabaros (Dragon/Joker)
    Tecno Dragon (Dragon/Henger)
    OwlBeard (Dragon/Raiden)
    MaturiDragon (Dragon/?)
    ChaosDragon (Dragon/?)
    GameProbot (Dragon/?)
    Blocken (Ducken/Golem)
    Ducken (Ducken/Ducken)
    GrapaDuck (Ducken/Naga)
    MacchuPicchu (Ducken/Henger)
    PumpkiDuck (Ducken/Pancho)
    GuanYuDuck (Ducken/?)
    Duck Fever (Ducken/?)
    KingTutDuck (Ducken/?)
    Higante (Baku/Golem)
    Icebergy (Baku/Tiger)
    Gontar (Baku/Hare)
    Magmax (Baku/Dragon)
    Baku (Baku/Baku)
    Electrieel (Baku/Lesione)
    Red Hot Baku (Baku/Garu)
    HippopoChaos (Baku/Ripper)
    PandiBaku (Baku/?)
    Aero (Pixie/Tiger)
    Diana (Pixie/Dragon)
    Mischief (Pixie/Ducken)
    Pixie (Pixie/Pixie)
    Janne (Pixie/Durahan)
    Allure (Pixie/Naga)
    Lilim (Pixie/Joker)
    Undine (Pixie/Lesione)
    PinkPrincess (Pixie/Ogyo)
    Faerilina (Pixie/Ripper)
    Sueko (Pixie/Suezo)
    Miku (Pixie/?)
    Kasumi (Pixie/?)
    Glacier (Durahan/Tiger)
    Vesuvius (Durahan/Dragon)
    Durahan (Durahan/Durahan)
    Berserker (Durahan/Naga)
    Genocider (Durahan/Joker)
    Versailline (Durahan/Suzurin)
    Rinocerous (Durahan/Rhinoroller)
    Curevis (Durahan/Pancho)
    Hermes (Durahan/Antlan)
    Goldie (Durahan/Suezo)
    Kagemusha (Durahan/?)
    ChaosDurahan (Durahan/?)
    Viper (Naga/Zuum)
    Naga (Naga/Naga)
    Jungler (Naga/Plant)
    Ceto (Naga/Henger)
    HakTak (Naga/Ripper)
    Cyclops (Naga/Suezo)
    RoseoCobra (Naga/Mocchi)
    WildWestNaga (Naga/?)
    Blobster (Naga/?)
    Joker (Joker/Joker)
    Ghars (Joker/?)
    PuppyKoro (Koropendora/Baku)
    PeachTreeBug (Koropendora/Pixie)
    GunBits (Koropendora/Durahan)
    Pirahnikoro (Koropendora/Naga)
    Koropendora (Koropendora/Koropendora)
    Tetra (Koropendora/Henger)
    KoroBall (Koropendora/Lesione)
    MiniOgreKoro (Koropendora/Mogi)
    PrincessKoro (Koropendora/Ogyo)
    AntKoro (Koropendora/Antlan)
    LionKoro (Koropendora/Garu)
    KoroHelmets (Koropendora/Madillo)
    MahjongKoro (Koropendora/?)
    TraffiKoro (Koropendora/?)
    ComedyKoro (Koropendora/?)
    Tri-gai (Koropendora/?)
    Mandrake (Plant/Dragon)
    Queen Plant (Plant/Pixie)
    SkelePlant (Plant/Joker)
    BugBugFlower (Plant/Koropendora)
    Plant (Plant/Plant)
    Coconutty (Plant/Henger)
    PumpkiPlant (Plant/Pancho)
    MochiPlant (Plant/Mocchi)
    Mushtan (Plant/?)
    Henger (Henger/Henger)
    Ambush (Henger/?)
    Shin (Zan/Zuum)
    Homura (Zan/Dragon)
    Kagura (Zan/Ducken)
    Aya (Zan/Pixie)
    Saga (Zan/Naga)
    Abata (Zan/Koropendora)
    Zan (Zan/Zan)
    Ray (Zan/Lesione)
    Rinka (Zan/Suzurin)
    Guy (Zan/Raiden)
    Fang (Zan/Ripper)
    Ryoku (Zan/Mocchi)
    FakeGraphiti (Zan/?)
    Hibis (Lesione/Zuum)
    Scarapio (Lesione/Beaklon)
    LavaLessie (Lesione/Dragon)
    Grapie (Lesione/Naga)
    Yuma (Lesione/Henger)
    Lesione (Lesione/Lesione)
    Sharly (Lesione/Rhinoroller)
    MocchiSaurus (Lesione/Mocchi)
    ClownLessie (Lesione/?)
    RabbiRin (Suzurin/Hare)
    GattchaRin (Suzurin/Ducken)
    Wizring (Suzurin/Joker)
    MalincaRin (Suzurin/Lesione)
    Suzurin (Suzurin/Suzurin)
    CondoRin (Suzurin/Raiden)
    Drarin (Suzurin/Gitan)
    PeachRin (Suzurin/Mocchi)
    SamuraRin (Suzurin/?)
    RocknRoller (Rhinoroller/Golem)
    HighRoller (Rhinoroller/Dragon)
    Bakuroller (Rhinoroller/Baku)
    KoroKoroller (Rhinoroller/Koropendora)
    CarRoller (Rhinoroller/Henger)
    Rhinoroller (Rhinoroller/Rhinoroller)
    QueenRoller (Rhinoroller/Ogyo)
    SkunkRoller (Rhinoroller/Ripper)
    RygaRoller (Rhinoroller/?)
    BabyDino (Pancho/Zuum)
    MellonCho (Pancho/Beaklon)
    KoronCho (Pancho/Koropendora)
    SuzuriCho (Pancho/Suzurin)
    Pancho (Pancho/Pancho)
    Shellincho (Pancho/Ogyo)
    ArmorCho (Pancho/Madillo)
    Blixy Klingy (Pancho/?)
    Cybernetico (Mogi/Durahan)
    Shanx (Mogi/Suzurin)
    Mogi (Mogi/Mogi)
    Freebird (Mogi/Raiden)
    PanQuiche (Mogi/Garu)
    MochiLips (Mogi/Mocchi)
    ShogunMogi (Mogi/?)
    ArborMogi (Mogi/?)
    Putaranoden (Raiden/Zuum)
    Raiducken (Raiden/Ducken)
    Griffonite (Raiden/Durahan)
    Gargoyle (Raiden/Naga)
    Naskaova (Raiden/Henger)
    Skyhorn (Raiden/Rhinoroller)
    Raiden (Raiden/Raiden)
    EvilBeak (Raiden/Gitan)
    Flamingo (Raiden/Ogyo)
    Aguila (Raiden/Garu)
    Anquiloden (Raiden/Madillo)
    OwlDen (Raiden/?)
    Peacocken (Raiden/?)
    Funbaba (Gitan/Baku)
    Grindink (Gitan/Koropendora)
    Lafreshitan (Gitan/Plant)
    Jet (Gitan/Zan)
    Tanmarin (Gitan/Lesione)
    Halloween (Gitan/Pancho)
    Moztan (Gitan/Raiden)
    Gitan (Gitan/Gitan)
    Giliant (Gitan/Antlan)
    Gilolitan (Gitan/Suezo)
    Munitan (Gitan/Mocchi)
    Galloptan (Gitan/?)
    HuskyGill (Ogyo/Tiger)
    Gyoruna (Ogyo/Dragon)
    OsakaKnight (Ogyo/Durahan)
    Plauna (Ogyo/Plant)
    EvilFish (Ogyo/Zan)
    Ogyo (Ogyo/Ogyo)
    BeetleFish (Ogyo/Madillo)
    Ramuna (Ogyo/Ripper)
    Surfana (Ogyo/?)
    RageRock (Antlan/Golem)
    Quintie (Antlan/Pixie)
    Blakkus (Antlan/Joker)
    Ecologia (Antlan/Plant)
    ProtoAnt (Antlan/Henger)
    Eval (Antlan/Zan)
    Rhinorhine (Antlan/Rhinoroller)
    Falcolan (Antlan/Raiden)
    Antlan (Antlan/Antlan)
    RedBurn (Antlan/Garu)
    PharoEye (Antlan/Suezo)
    Dolaine (Antlan/?)
    Ant. Red (Antlan/?)
    Ant. Blue (Antlan/?)
    Ant Yellow (Antlan/?)
    Dark Antlan (Antlan/?)
    Wolfie (Garu/Tiger)
    Moose (Garu/Hare)
    Battleleon (Garu/Durahan)
    MermaGaru (Garu/Naga)
    Zabel (Garu/Zan)
    Garu (Garu/Garu)
    Shidao (Garu/Ripper)
    TriEye (Garu/Suezo)
    MochiGaru (Garu/Mocchi)
    Goku (Garu/?)
    Pirate Ape (Pirate Ape/?)
    Red Shorts Ape (Redshortsape/?)
    Pipo Ape (Pipo Ape/?)
    Beralsekt (Madillo/Beaklon)
    RhinoTank (Madillo/Rhinoroller)
    DevilMadillo (Madillo/Gitan)
    Madillo (Madillo/Madillo)
    TumuDillo (Madillo/Ripper)
    PeachDillo (Madillo/Mocchi)
    Mr.Fujiyama (Madillo/?)
    DriviDillo (Madillo/?)
    HowlZapper (Ripper/Tiger)
    Folkes (Ripper/Hare)
    MailRipper (Ripper/Durahan)
    AssasiRipper (Ripper/Joker)
    Parasarian (Ripper/Lesione)
    DarkWhip (Ripper/Gitan)
    Ripper (Ripper/Ripper)
    NightSickle (Ripper/?)
    Chaos Ripper (Ripper/?)
    Phoenix (Phoenix/Phoenix
    Deathwing (Phoenix/?)
    Hornie (Suezo/Tiger)
    Gamba (Suezo/Hare)
    Eyebee (Suezo/Beaklon)
    Pink Eye (Suezo/Pixie)
    Green Suezo (Suezo/Plant)
    Zanzo (Suezo/Zan)
    Fukazo (Suezo/Lesione)
    Hipzo (Suezo/Mogi)
    Nycta (Suezo/Raiden)
    Suezo (Suezo/Suezo)
    Clear Suezo (Suezo/Jell)
    BaseballBoy (Suezo/?)
    Pengimochi (Mocchi/Tiger)
    Muchi (Mocchi/Hare)
    BettleMochi (Mocchi/Beaklon)
    Draco Moch (Mocchi/Dragon)
    Beakie (Mocchi/Ducken)
    Manna (Mocchi/Pixie)
    Armocchi (Mocchi/Durahan)
    Sodacchi (Mocchi/Rhinoroller)
    Pumpkimochi (Mocchi/Pancho)
    DrillMocchi (Mocchi/Mogi)
    OwlMochi (Mocchi/Raiden)
    Gizumocchi (Mocchi/Antlan)
    Gingie (Mocchi/Ripper)
    Mocchi (Mocchi/Mocchi)
    Gelatine (Mocchi/Jell)
    OPMocchi (Mocchi/?)
    Devi (Mocchi/?)
    White Mocchi (Mocchi/?)
    DarkCell (Jell/Joker)
    RipperSlime (Jell/Plant)
    Puddinggel (Jell/Suzurin)
    Jell (Jell/Jell)
    Metal Jell (Jell/?)

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