Review by ChaosX9

"The racer I've been waiting for."

Gameplay - 10

The cars have good handling, some better than others, and they don't spin out of control from hitting something small like a wall or something of that sort but if you hit a car head're usually biting the other cars dust if you try to regain your place. I would say the handling is realistic and you don't have to be a pro just to beat a race. There's difficulty settings for each race, such as; easy, medium, and hard. Choosing a harder setting results in better AI and more points for winning the race. Skidding around corners, barely missing traffic, getting hang time when you go over jumps give you style points so you can win new visual upgrades for your car. You can add cool looking bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, hoods, roof scoops, rims, and so many other things that you'll spend hours just having fun changing your cars look.

Sound - 10

The music is great as well as the sounds your car makes as your revving the engine or shifting gears. There's almost 30 tracks in the game. You can take off the songs you don't like or turn off the music if it's really THAT bad. Personally, I like most of it and it keeps me goin' when I'm racing. All the sound effects are great realistic.

Graphics - 10

The graphics are excellent and look very smooth. I think the cars could use a little bit more realism like in GT3 (Gran Turismo 3) but other than that the cars look great especially when you're racing through city streets with the lights shining on your ride. Using NOS for a burst of speed makes a cool blur effect.

Story - 10

Well, I'm not sure if there, in fact, is a story but here's my version of what's goin' on. You play as a rookie racer that gets help from a female friend and you have to race to prove that you're good and you add new side skirts and so on to get a better reputation rating. As you go on you meet new racers that think they're too good for someone like you and you have to beat them to get your name up on the ranking boards. That's my shot at what the story is but I may be wrong, if you figured it out completely feel free to correct me.

Overall - 10

This is the exact game I've been waiting for! I love how you can change the look of your car in so many ways. There's only one city but It's big and you race in different sections of the city so you won't get bored of it. I don't see any flaws in the game but the traffic does really piss me off when I'm near the end of a race and BOOM! I ram into a van or something, then you have to restart unless you get lucky and straighten out. After a while you'll get better like any other game and start to beat them like they're driving a Yugo (possible exaggeration). $49.99 is a great price for a extremely cool game. I hope you enjoy it and please, for your controllers sake, don't hit it when you're winning and bash into a pillar or a car...then you'll have to spend $24.99 on a brand new controller (which I've done a few times). Just for a little help, buy the Mazda Miata MX-5 when you start Underground mode, It's a good starting car until you get the 240SX.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/03

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