Review by TheLostChild

"Gran Tursimo Meets Midnight Club."

This game isn't getting the recognition it should be. This is an excellent game for gamers of all ages, everyone will like this game. Guaranteed. Sure like any game it has its flaws. But for a racing game where a lot of things could go wrong. NFS:Underground doesn’t have many

Story: 8/10 Well Done.
You're the new kid on the block, your character has to move his way up the ranks in the illegal street racing world and come out on top... All the while gaining respect from fellow drivers. There are 111 missions to beat. Enough to keep the best driver's busy for a while.
Also, not all the missions are just: drive in a circle, yay. you have 1/4 mile races, circuit races, Drifting (a race with only points involved where you have to take square turns ad really sharp turns), Time Trail, Race ( One Lap, first to the finish.)

The drawback is that your player doesn't have a face. When you are talked to they make it look like they're talking right to you. So no customizing any characters.

Sound: 8/10 Not Bad
I like the songs on this game but not everyone will, it's filled with a lot of rap, rock, and heavy metal. (I.e. Rob Zombie and others). If you're a fan of that then all the better for you, but for those who aren't. it isn't THAT bad.

Graphics: 10/10 Better Than Gran Turismo!
The graphics in this game are absolutely amazing. I haven’t seen any racing game better than this, Gran Turismo comes close though, very close. The only small problems with the graphics are that when the babe who starts the race by dropping her arms is standing there, there is a glossy outline around her from the streets. Also, the streets always seem wet, it's always reflecting the lights from above or other cars. The Effect when you use NOS is excellent, better than Midnight Club II.

Extras: 9/10 S'All Good
It would've been a full 10/10 if they included a Free Roam mode in 2-Player.

Being able to customize your car (Which, by the way are actual licensed vehicles.) with Decals, Vinyl (big stickers) change the paint, change the hood, wheels, rims, side skirts, Neon Lights, headlights, taillights, spoilers, engine, drivetrain and everything else possible with MILLIONS of different combinations. You'll most likely never build the same car twice even if you tried!

Overall: 10/10 Rent? *cough* Yeah, Right!
This game you should at least rent. It's worth it. For hardcore racers, it's a must-have for your collection.

Also, try out this game online, unfortunately I don't have a network adapter so i can't review the online features of this game.

Hopefully, EA will make a Underground 2. I'd buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/23/03

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