Review by Cybersk8er5000

Reviewed: 11/23/03

Street Racing, NFS style

When Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 came out, it was a revolutionary breakthrough in the racing genre, right next to Gran Turismo 3. So of course, when I heard that EA was doing a street racing game with the NFS engine (and title), I went nuts. At first Tokyo Extreme Racer 3 dominated my street racing thoughts, but it just so happened that Blockbuster was being crappy, and had NFS:U, and a bunch of other crappy games. So, I rented it. And just for the record, it's now going to be purchased as soon as I have the money. Here's how it all breaks down:

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics, while solid, can look a bit fuzzy at times. Some of the blurryness is intentional (you know, the whole speed thing), but sometimes it's a bit much. Besides that, very solid in the graphics department.

Gameplay: 9/10

Great gameplay (especially the drifting races), as with all NFS games, makes this awesome. The only problem? It feels slow sometimes, and it can be really slippery, but then again it could just be the fact that every road is wet.

Sound: 8/10

Well, you got your car sounds, which are typical. They sound different depending on which car, etc. The soundtrack is pretty good, with some standouts such as BT's Kimosabe, and T.I.'s 24s. But beyond that, it's the same as every other racing games.

Controls: 8/10

It's NFS. What do you expect? Nothing changed, except for L1 being nitrous now. Solid controls for a solid game. Nothing else to say here... I'm just used to TXR Zeros controls (I keep hitting circle for reverse, and instead get Look Back)

Overall: 8/10

Great game, great soundtrack, bla bla bla... You know the rest. The only major drawback is that it takes forever for parts to be unlocked. I'm still stuck with just a stock, Ace, and Snyper body parts, and just the Tear vinyls. What the hell? Shouldn't stuff come at you faster? There's 16 bumpers all together...

To Buy, Or To Rent:

If you have 50 bucks stashed away for GT4, spend it on this. You got 4 months to make up those 50 bucks anyways, which is plenty of time if you put yourself to it (or if you're rich, you lucky bastard...). If you're living on someones porch (or under it), and somehow have a PS2, and power and all that good stuff, then bum 6 bucks outta someones pocket. Then, hit Blockbuster. Just hope that they have it...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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