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"Your very own Souped-up ride..."

EA games definitely shifted their gears from American and European roadsters in circuit and point-to-point races to Urban street racing where you tweak your rides from known parts manufacturers such as Enkei, Streetglow, Greddy, Neuspeed, Stillen, HKS USA etc. and drive cars from famous names such as Ford, Nissan or Toyota. Here's the lowdown:

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this game were definitely well done and solid. The motion blur was designed to make the player feel as if they were going really fast. The reflections, the attention to detail, the graphical detail payed in making the tracks beautiful and the wet streets were definitely astounding.

Controls: 10/10

The controls implemented in this game were as fluent as its predecessors. They were smooth and easy to understand.The only thing different was the addition of the nitro boost, which is L1. If you're new at NFS:U, you could easily learn the control system in about a minute or less.

Sounds: 10/10

The engine revving, the tires squealing and the cars crashing are absolutely fantastic. EA went to the garage to record real sounds from real cars. EA games certainly compiled a fantastic play list from known artists like Mystikal,Petey Pablo, LostProphets etc. Some of the tracks were made exclusively for the game. The fast-paced music during gameplay surely makes you excited as you race the streets in mega speeds.

Gameplay: 10/10

The variety of gameplay is astounding. The game has four modes, namely drifting, sprint, circuit and drag racing.In drifting, you must be the top drifter by drifting(sliding) your car through the wet pavement. The longer and faster you drift, the higher the score. Sprint is a point-to-point race. Circuit is the most common type of race. It is literally going around the track by the given number of laps. Last but not the least, the drag racing. This involves the careful shifting of gears or else you will have a blown engine or a lost race. In this mode, you only have to tap the d-pad left or right to change lanes, making it easier for you to drive in a straight line and dodge traffic.

Overall: 10/10

If you like to have fast rides with customizable options, then this is the racing game for you. The number of customizations to choose from and the twenty magnificent cars gives you limitless possibilities in making your ride the ultimate street machine. EA games and Black Box has certainly outdid themselves again. The only flaw is the lack of the replay mode. If you are planning to buy Midnight club 2 or any game like this, I suggest you buy this.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/24/03

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