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"Let's fix up your everyday car into a race machine a go race it on the streets............"

This is one of the best Street Racing games out yet. The way to fix up your car is unbelievable, with all the combinations possible, it is almost to find someone with the same car as yours.

Gameplay 10/10.
The control of the cars is amazing. You notice how the different cars handle and when you improve your handling the difference is incredible. It is easy to notice the difference. The reason i gave this 9 out of 10 is because it has a stability control which makes it easier to control the car. In my opinion this is a great idea but from my personal point of view it does nothing but slow me down. I took it off and my lap times improved by a couple of seconds. This may be different for other people but this is from my experinces.

Story 10/10.
A story in a racing game? What you may ask? Well this does have a story mode. It is called underground mode and you race other opponents. This mode is where you can get new upgrades for your car and also unlock new cars.This is all i will say on this as it may spoil some peoples entertainment of the game. It is a joy playing through all the races as you get to show off how good a driver.

Graphics 10/10.
The graphics are incredible.There is such a sense of speed when hurtling along the road bypassing traffic at 130mph before letting the NOS go and hitting 180mph in 6th gear. When you activate NOS the screen goes sorta funny and blurry and the sense of speed is amazing. Graphics are only let down because of the other cars on the road. EA have spent alot of time on the details of your and your opponents cars and how the light hits the shiny metallic paint but the detail on the other cars. The whole time I was asking myself while playing, ''Is this the X-Box version?'' The graphics are that good.

Sound 9/10.
The sreech of the tires as you power off the line in drag races is a perfect example of how good it is.You even hear the turbo's kick in. Ea have spent alot of time getting this right and they have done a good job.Everything sounds like it should and is placed right. Ea Trax are good but im not a big fan of rap music. they have some very good music as in Static X,Rob Zombie and Lost Prophets but the rap music lets it down in my opinon.

Play Time/Replayability 10/10.
If any one says they have done every single possible thing in this game then they are either liars or have no life and have played this every single minute of the day for mayb 30000 yrs. There is unlimited customs that you could do to all the cars in the game. I mean underground mode is Very long but thats all im saying. There is so much stuff to unlock and the possibilty of giving Impreza's all the customs i feal like is just incredible.

Recomendation. Buy this. No doubt about it. If you like gran turismo but wanted to be able to customize your car this is the game for you. dont hesitate.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/06/03

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