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Reviewed: 12/06/03

Feeling the need for speed Yet..... You will

We have never been disappointed by the makers of need for speed games. The series is in my opinion the greatest Racer on ps2. Once again Underground lives up to the title. This game will blow you away especially if your a car or racer buff. I bought this game and in the first five minutes i was hooked. Well of course this game has its pros and cons. SO lets get into so detail

Gameplay 9/10
-The gameplay is just like all need for speed games with additions. All the modes are great drift, drag, circuit, Sprint, and lap knockout. Drag- is an adrenaline rush, shift gears use nitro and try not to wreck. Drift, slide with style. Circuit a simple lap race. Lap knockout in which the last place person is eliminated until only one remains. The online mode is great test your car against others around the globe. Then you can customize your car. like i will explain earlier this mode makes this game awesome, Like everyone wants to do in real life, you can make your car your own.

Graphics 10/10
Simply put they are amazing, The roads, the tracks, and the environment. Nothing is lacking in its looks. Especially how it looks when your going fast, it gives an awesome feel for speed unlike any game before. People love going fast its a known fact, so play this game and you will think your going fast because the makers did a great job showcasing the look, and did a perfect 10 here. Even though good graphics are expected in the need for speed series.

Sound. 9/10
The music in this game is well picked from rap to rock, you can hear it all. Then you have the in game sounds of cars zipping by and your engine, Like the graphics the sound is amazing. You can't find a better racing game with a better sound. One of the few games that you don't have to mute and turn on the radio, the in game sounds are perfect and probably the best in racing game sounds ever.

Controls 10/10
Pretty simple and easy to learn, no big deal here just plain good for the game and not hard to use.

Underground mode 8/10
This is a awesome mode. All the race types are there and you can rank yourself from being a nobody to number 1 in the city and everyone knows your name. Race through the 112 races and unlock everything from new cars to upgrades. There is only one problem with this mode and that is it is little short.

Replay value 9/10
Even though the story mode is short once you beat it you still have a lot to do. You have alot to unlock in regular modes by getting style points. Then of course customizing your car until its perfect. Want your car to be black, how about blue? Need nos Boosters, new engine, or vinals. Upgrade the car in a visual or performance enhancement. Lots of stuff to do when you beat it.

Overall 9/10
Customizing your ride, racing friends, racing enemy's, Underground mode and the cars make this the best racing game this year. Like the movie this games if 2 fast and 2 furious and is definitely worth checking out then adding it to your collection, get the need for speed and go underground with the fastest cars your ever see. Any one would love this game weather your a veteran racing game player or your a rookie wanting to check it for the first time this game is definitely worth it.

Buy or rent?
Always a good question. if you love racing games or even like them buy it. If your not sure rent it but one thing , Check this one out.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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