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"going....going.....uhhhh....oh yeah...GONE!!!"

Oh crap! I think I'm going to puke!

Well, if your a gamer who is weak at heart and can't take the challenge, stick to Barney's World!!!

This game kicks ass, just like me. I would keep babbling but I would like to get to the point.


The graphics are almost the max. the Play Station 2 can bring out. The designers probably took MONTHS on the cars and MORE months on the levels. This is what a true PS2 game should look like. The cars look almost really real. I mean 90% like their real-life counterpart. Also the Nitrous Oxide has a nice effect. The girls in the game are hot, too! *stares, drooling*, umm, ahem lets get on with it.

Game Play/Controls-10/10.

Damn! It controls just as good, if not better, as Midnight Club II. The controls are responsive, the cars handle well, and and the animation is smoother than butter.
The gravity is realistic like when you make a jump and when you land, your speed drops just a little bit. Also, when your car accelerates, you can lose control, which some racing games don't have. The Nitrous Oxide adds a nice feel to the view and controls, and when you crash into a vehicle or object, your car does the appropriate, REALISTIC, crash/flip/spin/whatever. The controls are easy to adapt to and you won't have to spend hours trying to memorize them.


What do you expect from a street-racing game? Emergency rescues, saving the world? How about NO! It's a racing game and ''underground'' means rising to the top. You have to beat this dude and take his place as the #1 racer. Simple, yes?
The storyline is basic but it tells pretty much about the game.


Could have been better, but this music matches the game very nicely, but it could have used the ''Beverly Hills Cop'' techno remix theme. THe rap music keeps the tempo up so I won't take
points away. Also the cars sound very, very nice and realistic.


You can have different cars, different parts, and a whole different style each time you play the game. You have plenty of cars to choose from and different ways to upgrade them. There are a lot of tracks so if you want to call yourself the Master of this game, master all of them. Plus there are extra unlockables.

Buy/Rent- If you're not sure, rent it to get blown away, if you want to buy it, what are you waiting for??? Get off your lazy keister and go to Target, or the Mall, or Walmart, or Kmart, either way, go on, get it before it's gone!

Also, I am NOT a fan boy who gives the game a good rating because I like the series. I give a game a rating because of what it is, not because of what it's predecessors are/were.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/08/03

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