Review by flamethrower01

Reviewed: 12/29/03

Another great Need For Speed game! Amazing!

Finally the EA crew have made a racing game that includes tuning! It has been done before, for example in Gran Turismo 3, but that was very different. This game lets you put on decals, change the hood, change the colors and MUCH more. In Gran Turismo you could only change the internals, whilst in Need For Speed Underground you can actually change the visuals. This gives you a whole new feel, since your car not only drives well, it looks swell too!

Graphics 10
The graphics in this game are awesome. They really push the PS2 to its limit, and the lighting effects are some of the best I've seen yet on the PS2. The programmers must have spent forever on this game! The cars look just like the real deal. There are also plenty of real life buildings such as Mc Donald's, and if you don't like the look of the nitrous flame (which has been done in a most awesome way), there's something wrong with you... The only thing that bothers me is that there are no crash effects, but this isn't as important as to push the mark down to a 9...

Game Play 9
Most things are great about the game play for this game, but the two things that put it down is the fact that the cars handle very unrealistically, and the fact that there's a choice of Easy, Medium and Hard for every level. The harder you play, the more money you get, but this enables you to just do the race on Easy if is gets much too hard... However, the controls are excellent, and easy to learn. This enables your friends to get the hang of the game a bit quicker if they don't have a copy. Some games are impossible to play with your friends since it takes to damn long to learn and master the controls, so your friends can't enjoy it at all…
Now lets look at the good stuff! There isn't only one type of racing. No no no, you can do drag racing, time trials, lap races and Start-To-End races. What I mean by Start-To-End is that there isn't a circuit, just a section of road to race on. What I don't like about the drag racing however is that if you do a race with traffic, to change lanes, you just have to tap left or right.. This makes things a bit easy. It has a really nice gear system though, and as your speedometer is zoomed up on the left side of your screen, you have to time the gear switching perfectly for maximum performance.

Sound 9
Well, the sound of the cars is amazing, and it really gives you a kick, but the music is rather...bad. Some of the song are good, but this is where Midnight Club was a bigger hit... I just prefer techno while I'm racing to some weird ass rap mixed with god knows what…

Replay ability 10
This is one of the best things about this game...The fact that you use tuner cars make the possibilities endless. This backed up with the fact that racing games never seize to be fun in multi player mode, combined with online play, makes this game one that you'll play forever.

Online mode ???
Well, I don't own an adaptor, so if you want to know more about the Internet mode, ask on the boards...

Rent or buy?
Definitely buy. There is no way that you can get sick of this game by renting it. Maybe if you rent it hundreds of times or if you hate racing games, but by then you'll have spent more money that the prize of a brand new copy of the game anyway...This is the beauty of racing games. You don't really get tired of them since there's no story, and therefore the games is never ending.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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