Review by codemaster456

Reviewed: 12/31/03

This is every ricer's wetdream...

The latest edition in the NFS series is faster and more badass than ever, with 20 popular tuner cars that are customizable to virtually no limits. The game easily topples MCII as the king of street racers. Big-name tuners like the Civic, the RX-7, the Miata, the Supra, and the famed Skyline are the kings of the streets here, and they ain't takin' no ****. The whole game reeks (in a good way) of attitude, from the soundtrack to the cars to upgrades to the rival racers.

Graphics 9.5/10:
Okay, this is positively mind-blowingly, eye-poppingly, retina-searingly fast and beautiful. It's also the only instance in next-gen history in which blurriness makes the game MORE realistic. The framerate is near perfect and is probably even more smooth on GCN or Xbox. Cars look fantastically real and smooth, and the environmental effects (rain, mostly) are so pretty they're almost scary. You will love this game's graphics, plain and simple.

Sound 10/10:
Holy eargasmic audio, Batman! The soundtrack for this game is perfectly balanced and has something for everyone; Nu-Metal, Rock/Alternative, Rap/R&B, Techno, all of it sounds great. Especially Overseer. Thats good stuff. As for sound effects, the tire screeches, engine revs, nitrous boosts, crashes, horns, etc... are all crystal clear. Very nice stuff. Only one song in the whole game annoyed me, but you may have your own opinions.

Gameplay 9/10:
This is where the fun starts... Not only are the graphics and sound near-perfect, but the game is fun as all hell, too. You won't be able to put this down for a long time. It's just utter bliss... The powerslides, the jumps, the insane speed. As you hit the nitrous oxide, approaching maximum velocity, the camera and controller rumble, the backgrounds and everything around you blurs, you can hear the air tearing past your vehicle like it's gonna burst into flame, the engine sounds like it'll explode. (and sometimes it does during drag mode)
The game has four race types: Sprint, (Point A to Point B) Drag, (Straight strech of manual gear shifting) Circuit, (Standard lap race, complete with awesome shortcuts) and Drift. (Pull off the craziest, fastest, longest powerslides you can and have the most points by the end of four laps) All of these modes are insanely cool.
On top of this, Career mode lets you unlock hundreds of after-market customization parts for your cars, from bodykits to spoilers to paint to vinyl decals to performance upgrades and countless more stuff that's guaranteed to turn that relatively slow Toyota Supra into an urban beast that can rival any Ferrari or Lambo. Customizing is infinite, cool, and crazy-ass fun! You won't know where to start.
As for the CPU characters, they seem to range from ''meat-for-brains'' to ''YOU ****ERS!!! *breaks controller in a blind rage''. The game can be frustrating at times, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you finally beat that one race that kept you up last night. The difficulty is nowhere near that of MCII. NFSU manages to keep it challenging, but not to the point where every single goddamned race makes you wanna smash you game console.
*recurring memories of Savo 4 in MCII makes him crush his PS2*

Overall (Not an average): 9/10
This game is ****ING GREAT! If you have ever enjoyed racing games, buy this NOW! I know we're all sick of hearing the words ''fast and furious'' to describe tuner street racing games, but those truly are perfect for this urban monster. If any game is worthy of those three words, it's NFS: Underground.

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