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"The peak of racing games... has arrived!"

Having never played a Need For Speed game before(I know I just shocked you, but get over it), I knew I would be taking a chance with this. I'm not a big fan of racing games, considering my favorite in the genre is still the original 'Mario Kart'. But I'd been hearing some wicked good things about this game, so I figured, ''Hey, why not?''

Here's Why You'll Love It

The Graphics: Oh... my... GOD! This game is without a doubt the most beautiful game I've ever seen... EVER! You probably think I'm over doing it, but believe me when I say it's true. The city is spectacular, filled with millions of blazing light, vibrant neon signs, buildings that reach for miles, billboards, and all that other little stuff that adds to the vibrant feel of it all. The cars themselves are *picks up thesaurus* brilliant. Slamming into walls causing bright orange sparks to shoot everywhere. They're almost flawless... I say almost because I haven't taken the time to look for flaws. In the fast pace of it all, you probably won't have enough time to just take a step back and inhale it all... but it rocks.

The Gameplay: The controls are smooth, and not at all bulky or annoying. The handling is far from insane and annoying, you won't be spinning out all too often... and like in every other EA racing game, if you fall behind there's always a chance for you to catch up. Civilian cars can be a pain in the butt sometimes, though hitting them can sometimes cause some pretty insane flips(shown in slow-mo, no less). Trees that don't break away are also a pretty big hazard, as are cement post. Hitting them can cause you to spin around, but most of the time recovery is possible.

The Game Modes: N4SU has some of the most comprehensive modes of any racing game I've played. There is literally something for everyone.

Drifts: A fun little skill challenge that involves skidding around a small track for great links of time. It's probably the easiest thing to do, and you can earn different cars and car parts depending on the mode you're in.

Drag: Intense. A straight drag down a strip. Traffic can mess you up, and slamming into a car will end the race for you.

Lap Knockout: Something I haven't seen before. Finish last on a lap, and that's all for you. 1 car leaves each lap, making it a 2 man rubber burner. Really ingenious mode.

Timed: Get from point A to point B. It sounds easy, but it's timed. I usually had no problem getting there with at least 20 seconds left.

Tournament: This is the one that most of us are used to. It's the classic series of races where you get points depending on how you finish. At the end of a set number of races, the person with the most points wins.

Underground Mode: Definitely the biggest thing in the whole game. 111 races where you compete in every game mode to unlock cars, parts, tracks for use in other area's of the game, and the nice little addition of magazine covers. These are awesome because you can see the evolution of the car you're using as the game goes on.

Customization: Let's be honest, this is the main reason that most of you bought the game. The lengths to which you can make your car are extensive. You can do rims, brakes(color on the brakes as well), windshield(change the tint color while you're at it), fins, front and rear spoilers, side bars, decals, neon, and much much more. Any car you can picture, you can make. The picture decals are a bit limited though.

What Won't I Like?

It depends. If you like racing games, then this is something you will love. I've heard people complain that the Underground Mode is either too long or too short. I dunno, I enjoyed it either way.

Buy or Rent: Buy if you like racing games. If you're not a fan, you might still enjoy it simply because adjusting is so easy.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/03/04

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