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Reviewed: 01/11/04

Best racer ever.


This game is the newest installment in the famous series Need For Speed, brought to us by the great Electronic Arts. This game focuses on being an underground street racer. You will travel through a total of over 100 races, unlocking new things as you win races. You can unlock new rims for your car, or you can unlock a new car entirely!! As you progress in the game, you race against some crazy opponents, and meet allies and enemies. One of the best things about this game is the ability that you can customize your car!!! Unlike Midnight Club 2, you can do almost anything to your car!! You can put on a new spoiler, apply hundreds of vinyl's, or tons of other options!! You can apply up to four layers of vinyl on your car, but if you apply a unique vinyl, then you can only apply one. These are just a few of the things available in Need For Speed: Underground.


These graphics can be summed up in one word, breath-taking. At first, it would look like a real car that I was driving. The smooth way that the cars are made, they have no jagged edges. It was actually hard sometimes to remember whether I was playing a video game or watching a real video of a car race. The cities are extremely realistic. You can see the names of the signs on the buildings and there are many different types of buildings. It is not like some games where there are like only 5 different types of buildings, here there are over 30 different types!!! And, this is a RACING game, NOT an architecture game! Also, when your car is going over 200 MPH or you use nitrous oxide, the screen looks like you are traveling at supersonic speeds!! Also, when your car crashes and is sent into the air, those special ''cinematic'' cameras capture all of the incredible acrobatics of the car!! This is by far the best looking racer currently available on the market!

Graphics: 10/10


This is another high-point of the game. This is probably the most important part of a game. So what if a game has the world's best graphics and soundtrack, if it is horrible to play?? This game is the exact opposite. It has some of the best graphics and an awesome soundtrack. The main modes in this game are Circuit, Drag, Drift, Sprint, and Lap Knockout. Circuit is a multi-lap race and whoever finishes the amount of laps first wins the race. Sprint is simple, who ever can get from point A to point B first wins. Drag is a 1 mile straight track where you put your cars abilities to the limit. If you push your engine too much, you will blow your engine making you instantly lose!! While mainly focusing on perfect shifting, you must also avoid cars!!! This makes things a lot more difficult because you have to hold down the X button, do perfect shifts, AND watch out for cars!! But when you beat a really hard drag race, you get a lot of satisfaction knowing that you beat it. Drift is a personal favorite of mine. It is where you build up speed, and then you ''drift'' the corners by turning your car at an angle. The faster you go and the larger the angle the more points you get. If you are really good, you can link together drifts for MAJOR points. Lap Knockout is my least favorite mode out of all the modes. In this mode, it is like a circuit race, except a few rules are changed. First, there are always 3 laps. The worst part about this type of race is that the last racer to cross the finish lap for that lap gets instantly eliminated!! Example: If John is in 1st, Zack in 2nd, Bob in 3rd, and Kurt in 4th, Kurt would get eliminated at the end of that lap. So then only John, Zack and Bob would remain. This goes on for three laps because then everyone but the racer in first place is eliminated. Also, there is another mode that is optional. This mode is online mode, but it requires a Sony Network adapter. During Underground mode, you unlock Magazine covers by reaching certain goals. The only way to get certain magazines is to race online!! So if you want to unlock all of the magazine covers, you have to be the best of the best online too!!! That means that you will race some of the best racers in America. Good luck on winning!! These are the modes of the game. They have keep my occupied for a long time and they will take a long time to master, but they are very fun.

Gameplay: 10/10


The soundtrack in this game ROCKS!! They have the EXTREMELY popular song, ''Get Low'' from the AWESOME Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz. They also have many different rap, rock, and hip-hop artists. My favorite artists are Lil Jon, lostprophets, Rancid, and Mystikal. Another great thing is the Ea TRAX in the options menu. You can listen to your favorite song over and over again!!! Also, you decide whether the song plays during a menu, race, nothing, or everything. The sounds of the cars are also great. You can hear the motors' purring, sounding realistic. You can hear the tires screeching, the brakes trying to stop your car, and the car crunching metal when it crashes. All in all, the sound in this game ROCKS!!!

Sound: 10/10

Replay ability:

In terms of replay ability, there is a lot. First, you can go and play with a friend on 2 players. Also, you can play online if you have a Network Adapter and a broadband connection. Also, it is fun once you beat the game to start all over. For a challenge, try to beat the game while using HARD on every race. That is a great challenge that even I have not accomplished yet. Also, it is just fun to go into quick race and play against the computer.

Replay ability: 9/10

All in all, i strongly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of racing. I also encourage non-racing fans to try it and they might see what kind of great games they are missing out on. I think that this game is worth the $50 if you want to know, heck, I think it is worth $100!!! If you have ever been a fan of the Need For Speed series or any racing game, i STRONGLY recommend this game!!!

OVERALL: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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