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"Puts you back into the drivers seat!"

Well Need for Speed Underground, or NFSU, is a story about an underdog racer, trying to make it to the top by any means possible. If this includes adding NOS to your car, taking shortcuts, or jumping over your opponents, then do so! This game is a great racing/action game.

Game play: 8/10
The game play in this game is just...WOW! When i first played it, i was pleased to see that I had to start with 1 car and work my way up. There were about 4-5 cars to choose from. Although the driving isn't to simulated, it is a great experience due to the effect of the sides blurring by due to your speed. This creates a cool, yet sometimes inconvenient crash. You can also customize your vehicle by adding spoilers, rims, engines and all sorts of other upgrades. This game is also pretty original, i don't think there's anything else on the market right now like this game. They have also added 2 new types or racing, drift and drag. In drift it is basically rally and you have to "drift"around corners. And drag is well, classic drag racing! Pretty nice features if you ask me. The other great feature is the length of the game,with over 100 races you'll be playing for hours on end. The only problem with some races are that some you'll have to play over and over again. With cheating A.I's and stupid traffic, you'll want to throw your controller once or twice. But a challenge is a good thing because you can unlock other racers cars and accept special races for upgrades.

Graphics: 7/10
Graphics on this game are beautiful, just beautiful. Cars models are almost exact, tracks couldn't look better, and buildings aren't choppy. The only problem i have are the people, WHY MUST THEY LOOK LIKE PAPER CUT-OUTS??? Many racing games have been plagued with this problem, including GT. The videos are pretty good but look too cartoon like, unlike when your racing or in your garage. I love the reflection they made on the road. It reflects your car, and all the neon signs on the buildings. The foggy effect on some levels add a difficult feature if you don't know the track.

Story: 5/10
This story is paper thin and doesn't give much detail. The only story is in the beginning of the game. Once you are about half way through, the story is just nothing.The story is, you are a beginning drag racer and want to go all the way to the top. But to get there you have to beat other racers around the city doing different kind of races. Not much more to that :-p. This is why i gave it a low score, they could have given more life to it, added some plot twist maybe. Aside from this, this game doesn't give much back round information or your character. In fact, we have no idea what our character even looks like!

Sound: 10/10
Sound is a big factor of a game and this game has great sound. From the soundtrack to the effects, it is all perfect. The soundtrack features artist from Lil John, to Petey Pablo, and even some Rob Zombie! The sound effects are also fantastic. The engines sound better then ever and they even added sound for you engine blowing, tires squealing, and much much more.The surround sound also adds some depth to the game and puts you into the game.

Conclusion: Rent or buy?
This game is just incredible and mind blowing. If you don't mind a thin story, this game is perfect for you. The replay value is fairly high and you'll spend hours playing in free race. If you love cars and video games, then buy this game! Final decision? If your new to racing games and have no idea what your doing, rent it. But if your a veteran to the series you should defiantly buy this game. Everything in this game is original and thats exactly what the gaming industry needs.So in conclusion, you should buy this game because you wont be disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/06/04

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