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"What is it over?!?!?"


Drive fast, get money, and drive faster.


The Graphics for Nfs aren't the best I have seen, but they are great. Once you get the rims and the paint it just looks great, this is a good racer. The tracks look great. The cars come on; they are the best I have seen, you can really tell that the cars look like the real thing. When you crash it is soooo real, I mean you flip, spin, and all that good stuff. I loved when you hit nitro your screen blurs and you feel like you are going very fast. The nitro can be upgrade two times so you will even go faster then normal. You can really see the blue fire coming out of the pipes it looks just great. I give the graphics a thumbs up.


The controls are good but not great. There are flaws that you need to notice. This isn't going to be any GT. When you take a jump and land you don't lose that much speed which you should. The cars have no real damage. This is fine I just would like more damage to give it the more real look. The cars handle good not great. You can't spin out if you lose control, hack you can't lose control. I give the controls two and a half thumbs up.


The story is very short and very easy which doesn't help a game. You can beat the game in a week or less. All you do is beat the number 1 racer in underground then you win. Once you beat the story go online and beat the best people in the world. The drag and drift parts all the most fun and you can race your friends in them to see who is better. Some of the parts of the story are corny and cheesy. You can beat the first 30 races in an hour. I give the story only one thumb up.


The sound could get better, but way would it need to be. The music is great and can have you jumping up and down. The cars sound great like I said earlier. You can feel the nitro when you hit it. The sound when you hit is just great I mean you will love it. If you can hook the game to a stereo you will want to drag all the time. WOOT. When you start drifting and dragging you can hear the sound a lot better and it is just great.


I will say that the replay value of this game is very good because you can have a different car and parts. Try to get good at every track and help your friends if they can't beat it. You will enjoy this many hours of your life so rev your engine and light up the town for days. See if you can beat it on hard. Most people can but just try it.

Rent or Buy
I say that you rent the game first just to see if you like it. If you do, go buy it right now. I didn't give this a good rating because of the other nfs. I give it that rating because it is a very good game which everybody will enjoy it. Go Buy It Now!!!!!!


The graphics are great and the sound is great. I would give it a ten if the story was long and you could free roam. It doesn't get the much fun when you can't race in the day, but I will always take the night. Midnight club 2 is ahead of this game, but came out before it I don't understand that part. Maybe the Nfs underground 2 will be better then this. I just love how you can have every different can of part for you car. No car is the same. Every part is chrome, which helps a lot. You can have so many paint jobs, I can't even count how many. The Vinyl look good always. No CARS WILL BE THE SAME. BUY IT NOW!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/07/04

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