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Introduction - Outstanding. This truly, one of my favorite racing titles of all time. Need for Speed has a loooooong history. Well, not really. The only title that may follow up to this epic is Hot Pursuit or Underground 2. Racing titles, have not ALWAYS been the best kind of games in the past, because classics like Mario and Sonic hog all the glory (not to say they're not superb games)... But it seems that Need for Speed Undergound is a BIG exception. Remember, history can predict the future, but not always the final thought.

Gameplay - 10/10

This is really, really fun. Participating in Undergound drag racing. How fun can it be to race enemies or annoying people who get on your nerves? Very fun and interesting indeed. This game is nor hard or easy. (Well, hard and easy mode is kind of one-sided)... But overall the racing is pretty neutral. but what about the scenery? The overall structure of what's around you in the racing? It most often looks like New York or some other urban area drag racing. First few levels I think are mostly raining, that can really effect your racing. But still, if you cannot get passed that part, SELL IT BACK!!!!!!

Multiplayer - 10/10

This Multiplayer access is brilliant. I've invited many friends over to play this game and cover the floor with popcorn and coke. Multiplayer action can't be nearly as fun if you have 2 people. But when you get 3 or 4, that's a party, or something that you'd be looking forward to. Just don't so addicted that your right in front of the TV screen and hurting your eyes, that'll hurt. Multiplayer is a big factor in Sport and Racing games, same with Story in Roll Playing Games and Adventure Games, these two categories can either make, or break the game.

Graphics/Sound - 8.5/10

Meh, the graphics could need a little more work. They kind of look like real cars, and kind of not. The design is very shot between real and fake cars in this game, but I still play it over and over again. The Sound is very well done. It seems as if you're in a real drag race. I once actually had the volume of the TV up so loud, my mother thought it was a real drag race going outside of my street. Of course it wasn't, bet heck, it did feel like it. EA must really have a habit into making their games sound like real life, how smart (non-sarcasm). Still, once you play most of the game, you think that the graphics could improve just a little bit.

Play Time/Replayability - 10/10

Amazing. Play Time? Most sports / racing titles don't really take so long to unlock. But, in this case, you have to beat all the courses, drag races, unlock many cars, get all the extra parts, and accessories. It's very amazing, but it can be very long. Replayablity is over, and over again. It's like a skipping CD. Again, like most sport / racing titles *points at EA Sports* Replayabilty is something they own at. You can never really get bored after you beat a game like this once you've beat it already. GREAT Replayability is when you've beat everything, and it's so blazing, that you just want to experience that awesome game over and over again.

Let's Break it Down!!!!!

Gameplay - 10/10

Multiplayer - 10/10

Graphics / Sound - 8.5/10

Playtime / Replayability - 10/10

*****OVERALL***** - 10/10 (duh)

Final Recommendation

I know how anxious you are to buy this game nby reading this you (my review about Need for Speed Underground 2 is coming up soon), since, it's a racing / sports title. I suggest that you rent it first. See if you really, really, like it and in hopes you don't get the regret about wasting your time and money. But then again, how would someone buy the game if they didn't like Racing titles? Looks like someone loves to take chances...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/04

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