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"Better than both sequals, with only few flaws."

Its been almost 2 years since we left Raziel and Kain somewhere in the distant past, but now they finally return with an awsome experiance.

The game starts pretty basic. Go into a room, kill an enemy, refill your life, repeat, but then after the 1st 2 chapters it starts to pick up. You gain combos and reaver upgrades the farther you get, and the more battles you fight. Once you gain these new comboes and abilities, a little luck, and some fast fingers, you can link combo after combo after combo together to clear an entire room with out effort.

Once again Voice acting is top notch and the story is the best ive heard in along time, excpecaily one that has spanned 2 games, and 2 semi-sequals (Blood Omen, as the story still revolves more around the soul reaver series)
Everything else sounds top notch from the enemy's last dying breath, to the sound your claws make on a marble floor.

Graphics and lighting are superb, up in the ranks of games such as Devil May Cry, and Final Fantasy X. The new DMC style camera also makes everything look better.

The only problems i had with this game are that, as good as the camera is, in battles, sometimes you get stuck with the worst possible fighting views, whether your right ontop of the camera, or a pillar is blocking you way. Also, since this game auto-locks onto enemies, you sometimes lock on to enemies in another room that are on another side of a wall. In most cases you can just hit L1 and go on, but when your in a battle, and you have low life, the last thing you want to do is automaticly turn around to a wall. Also, with Raziel, swimming controls still suck. when in water it goes to the old-camera style of the past SR games, and you still move incrdibly slow, and turning is extreamly hard, exspecaily since you can only use the analog. Killing enemies soud great but just when u hit them, they still sound like an old loony tune like- Thwack. which really sounds odd in a game like this

This game is Huge though, there are secrets and easter eggs all over the place. In SR2, you got bonu materials by beating the game. in this, you actually have to find each piece of material for both Kain and Raziel to unlock it all. And with slight-remixes, if not direct cuts, of Classic Soul Reaver songs (Ozar Midrashem!) added in is a great Plus. Easter Eggs are pretty cool if you know what some of the crew look like, also some big fan site creaters (one i know of, who i constanty email, who i will not tell you to keep his privacy) are in some of the background paintings and such.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/13/03

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