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"Maximo means maximum entertainment"

The only reason this game does not get a 10, like I gave the first one, is that they made it far too easy and therefore, a lot shorter; of course you can always play the hard, setting instead of normal, but that may be too hard. before I get into specific categories, I will tell you what has changed. Armor now has 3-4 hits, instead of one; whatever you acquire in the game you keep after you die; saves are free; continue coins are rampant; there is a seller on each level that can sell you health and armor, as well as lots of other goodies; mastering a level now requires saving all the villagers, as well as killing all enemies and finding all the treasure and secrets; the grim reaper can be summoned to aid you; you have a large inventory of items like shields and boxers, that can only be equipped one at a time; and the magician who would turn you into a baby or old man is MIA(missing in action).

GRAPHICS: 8/10 I loved the graphics in the first game and have to say that there is too much fog and haze now. While still extremely good, and without any discernible problems, I liked the first one better.

MUSIC/SOUND: 8/10 Just like the first one; great music and sound effects and voice acting.

CAMERA/CONTROL: 9/10 The camera does a remarkable job of keeping up, and you seldom even have to use the right stick. The controls are perfect and intuitive. Why not a ten? The camera is in just a little too close, so sometimes it is hard to find the villagers in time to save them.

GAME PLAY: 9/10 Everything from the original is back, almost, but with some new features added, like rescuing the villagers. The original game was ''NOT'' that hard to begin with, it is all in knowing how to play the game; and now it is annoyingly too easy. I spent 80 hours getting 98%, could never find the other 2%, on the first game. This game can actually be finished in 5 hours on the game clock if you simply run and jump past enemies and don't save any villagers, and don't get any treasure or secrets. In the first game if you got 100% you got another level, but it was only the first level in reverse. I haven't heard about anything like that here, you just get the usual array of unlockables. At any rate, I am getting ahead of myself, and this needs to be addressed in my next category.

VALUE: 8/10 Now, if you have read my reviews in the past, you might think I've become senile, but let me explain. This game is such a joy to play why would anyone not want to get 100%? That will take even the most seasoned gamer a minimum of 20 hours, and probably more like 40-60. It took me 3 hours to finally get that last secret on level one and completely master that level, and then the difficulty of the game ramps way up for level two, but far easier still than the first game. If you want to merely finish the game as fast as humanly possible, use a cheat device and just rent it; however, if you really want to spend time with a superior platform gem, this is a must have.

FINAL COMMENTS: I was put off by the reviews saying how short this game was, but have now learned never to trust them again. You just have to make a judgment on what you think. I always try to make a solid guess in this area for others to follow, but in the end you have to know how you play for that assessment to have any meaning.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/17/04

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