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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bioweapon7

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    FAQ version: FINAL VERSION
    Table of contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Game Basics
       A. Controls
       B. Gameplay
    3. Walkthrough
       A. Tahu (1)
       B. Kopaka
       C. Gali
       D. Pohatu
       E. Onua
       F. Lewa
       G. Tahu (2)
       H. The 7th Toa
    4. Cheats, Tips, and Tricks
    5. Information
       A. FAQ Information
       B. Version History
       C. Authorized Website List
       D. Misc Info
       E. Contact Me
       F. Final Version Information
    6. Legal Information
    First: This FAQ was created to help those who are stuck on this game, though I
    do hate this game and I am not a big fan of bionicle (though I am a slight fan)
    Second: This is my first FAQ. I hope it helps the people who are stuck.
    Third: I won't be including light stones in this guide. (Final version)
    2. Game Basics
    This is a game about the Bionicle story from lego. You get to play as each of
    the toa/robot things and live the story.
    A. Controls:
    This is the basic jump. Tap twice to double jump.
    O-Energy Blast
    You will fire an energy blast from your weapon. This drains the energy bar a
    slight amount. You can sometimes launch three simultaneously by tapping it.
    This will momentarily bring up a shield that will absorb attacks into your
    energy bar. If held, it will cause you to enter a state of charging that will
    replenish you energy bar. If certain toa press triangle at the end of the
    charging state, you can execute a blast that will deplete your entire bar.
    This will depend on what toa you're playing as.
    D-Pad/Left Analog Stick-Movement
    Camera: L1-Align/Right Analog Stick-Move
    B. Gameplay
    The gameplay is very basic. You get four health that can be replenished by
    collecting masks or picking up blobs of energy left from destroyed enemies. You
    can die infinitely. You also have an energy gauge that shows how much ammo you
    have for your only attack, energy blast. You can recharge energy by holding 
    square, or using your shield to absorb energy, You sometimes get a special toa 
    power, but not always. There are matoran and light stones to collect in levels
    to gain access to extras but they aren't worth it.
    3. Walkthrough
    A. Tahu
    Special Controls: None
    Special Powers  : None
    Notes           : LAVA KILLS
    The game begins with a scene showing tahu come from a beam of light, a villager
    getting stranded on a bridge, and some guy telling tahu what to do. You start
    off on a bridge leading to a piece of land. There is a canister that can be 
    blown up, releasing light stones. The next bridge will be destroyed by wasps
    when you near it. Jump onto the next part and grab the unavoidable matoran. Go
    through the large round door, descend the steps, and exit through the next
    round door. There will be a beetle enemy here; shoot it to destroy it. Jump
    over the lava with the platform in the middle, and kill the beetle. A scorpion
    will appear in front of you. Shoot it a few times to kill it. Jump over the
    lava and onto the platform at the end. If you turn left and jump onto the
    fallen rock, you can find some lightstones and a mask. Turn right and jump up
    the steps. Go through the large door behind the matoran and down the steps. On
    the other side there will be two wasp enemies waiting for you. Jump onto the
    moving platforms and onto the other side. In the castle like area there are two
    wasps and a mask. By the next round door a few wasps will pop out and attack.
    Kill them and move through the area, picking up the matoran. When you get out
    there is a canister that can be shot to release a mask on the other side of the
    area. Be careful when jumping across the lava, as you will be attacked by a
    group of wasps. Continue across the area, until you come up to a matoran. A
    scene will begin where he says to get some matoran helpers. You will then be
    attacked by a large group of wasps. Continue through the next round door
    instead of going up to the next area. As you go through the passage, you will
    be attacked by some beetles. As you continue into the next area, some beetles
    will attack you. When you get near the lava, it will show a scorpion at the end
    of some moving platforms. Advance up to the boss, shielding against or avoiding
    his laser. About three hits should kill him, and cause the cave to crumble. Go
    across the fallen rocks to the door behind a matoran. Through the door, you
    will be attacked by some beetles and wasps. After going through that area, you
    will end up in front of a boss area. Pick up the matoran and head on in. Kill
    the two beetles first, then let the first scorpion attack. You can kill the
    others while they are waiting by shooting the columns. There are two masks in
    the corners. Once you are done, you will come out from a portal. Turn left, and
    jump onto the platform. A creature will be holding the door open by running on
    a beltish thing. Go through the hallway, and when you come out run up to the
    steps. Step things will appear out from the lava. Run across them to the arena.
    BOSS: Bohrok
    When they appear, they will all shoot simultaneously at you. Dodge that, then
    shoot at the one you target. You will always target a certain one. They mostly 
    shoot energy discs, but sometimes rolling ones will fire lasers at you. Each of
    them take about four hits before dying. Once you kill them all, a short movie
    will play, and then you will have completed the level.
    B. Kopaka
    Special Controls: Up: speed up; Down: slow down
    Special Powers  : Toggle to first person vision mode
    Notes           : On the first area, a time limit is represented by a bar in
                      the bottom left hand corner that ends once completely red
                      This entire level is a skiing-type level
    After a short sequence, you will start sliding down a hill. Keep in mind there
    is a time limit. When your view changes, keep sledding. The green stone things
    are boosts. Continue sledding while avoiding or killing enemies. On about the
    third boost, you will go over a damaging camp fire. Somewhere after the ninth
    boost, you will go through some falling rocks that will get in your way, but
    not damage you. After going through a cave, watch out for a pit. It won't kill
    you but will waste your valuable time. Double jump over it then quickly slide
    to the end.
    BOSS: Bohrok
    You will begin this area in a stuck on vision mode (your toa power). When you
    get past the waterfalls it will stop and you will be chasing the bohrok. You
    have to kill it before you get to the end. To attack it, you have to catch up
    with it then press shield (square) and it will be knocked up into the air. You
    then have to hit it with as many blasts as you can. Repeat the process as many
    times as needed. At a certain point it will start laying mines, so watch out
    for those.
    The next area will begin with you getting chased by a boulder. Pull down on the
    control stick to speed up away from the boulder. Move quickly to the end of the
    hill. Watch out for the rocks it sends flying. They don't do damage, they just
    slow you down. At the end you will slide into a village.
    You begin sliding down a small hill. At the end there are two ways to go: you
    can jump onto the ice, or onto the ledges. After some time, the ledges will
    disappear. You will encounter some beetles and icicles that will damage you.
    You can shoot them all down. After going through a tunnel you will appear in a
    short stretch of land
    BOSS: Bohrok
    Yes, another one. Use the same strategy as last time. You complete the level
    after this battle.
    C. Gali
    Special Controls: Underwater: X: Up; Triangle: Swim fast
    Special Powers  : Swimming + nuva blast
    Notes           : None
    You start out on a bridge leading to a water village. A beetle pops out in
    front of you. The canister can be shot at to reveal a mask. More beetles and a
    wasp along your path. Go over the matoran into the water. Under water, X makes
    you rise, and triangle makes you swim fast. The controls are normal otherwise.
    Jump onto the platform then to the leaf thing. If you time it right, the leaves
    can be used to jump high. There is a matoran and a canister releasing three
    stones. As you swim over to the next area, beware of the wasps and fish. On the
    platform there are some stones (if released) and a mask. Jump to the next
    platform. After grabbing the matoran, hit the lock to release the under water
    gate. You can't swim back through the water passages. You will enter a passage
    with three fish and a mask. The next area is wide and open. Jump onto the first
    platform and jump up to the purple orb. Charge up your energy all the way, then
    release square and press triangle. You will shatter the orb and grab a matoran.
    Jump onto the next ledge and then onto the two high platforms. Shoot the switch
    on the nearby ledge to open the underwater gate. Jump onto the floating hut and
    and use the leaf to jump up onto the platform. Grab the matoran and jump down
    and go through the gate. If you jump onto the nearest ledge, you will find a
    frog, a mask and a matoran. The brown platform will have a matoran guarded by
    two frogs and a wasp, and another guy who will raise this rock once you have
    enough matoran. The green ledges lead to the previous area if you don't have 
    enough matoran. Once the boulder is lifted, you can walk the plank to some
    platforms, or swim through the waterfall. In the next area, you can jump on a
    raft and onto a ledge to pick up a matoran. There are a ledge and a platform
    you can jump onto. The ledge leads through some beetles and wasps to a guy who
    needs thirteen matoran to move on. At the edge of the area there is a canister
    hiding a matoran and a frog in front of a waterfall hiding a matoran. Once you
    get thirteen matoran, go to the guy and get to the next area.
    BOSS: Bohrok-kal
    Once again, you have to fight bohrok. This fight is similar to the tahu fight.
    The only difference is that there are more bohrok and there are masks in the
    arena. Watch out for their attack in the begining. They use disc and laser
    attacks. Kill each as you target them. You finish the level after the fight.
    D. Pohatu
    Special Controls: Up/Down: Speed/Slow; Left/Right: Reach Left/Right; X: Jump
    Special Powers  : None
    Notes           : The first part of this level is a regular game, while the
                      next part is a cart ride in which you have to hit 6 switches
    This begins with you rescuing a matoran. As you approach the matoran, the
    stairs crumble and you get stuck underground.
    The next area is on a cart. Don't allow your power gauge to run out. Grab green
    spheres to increase your energy. As you come out of the tunnel, a statue will
    slam it's hammer down. Shoot or jump over it. After another statue ahead of you
    crumbles, you will find a switch to your right side. Reach out and grab it.
    After you pass three steam vents, you will find another switch to your right.
    Watch out for the two jumps near the end of the pit. Shortly after another
    tunnel, you find another switch to your right, and shortly after that a large
    jump. Watch out for the block after the next green orb. After a little while of
    riding, you will find another switch to your right after some blocks crumble in
    your path. After a another while of riding, you will find another switch to
    your right after a mask. A while after a giant group of choppers and a mask,
    there will be your last switch. If you didn't get all of the switches, you will
    go around as many times as needed. If you die, you don't need to hit any
    switches you've already hit.
    E. Onua
    Special Controls: None
    Special Powers  : Push rocks + nuva blast
    Notes           : Water kills. Yep. That's right. On this level, water kills.
    You start off in front of a bridge. As you approach it, it crumbles. Jump over
    the remnants to the other side. After killing the beetles, push the stone onto
    the switch that opens the door. Walk through the door and exit into the next
    area. Two pillars fall from the ceiling. As you move on, there is a three-way
    bridge. Turn right, and push the stone onto the switch. Watch out for wasps. Go
    through the door, and beware of an ambush of beetles. There are stones and a
    mask on some pillars. Continue on, avoiding the water. Wasps ambush you at the
    the first turn. Continue, and watch out for beetles. At the door, you get
    ambushed by wasps and beetles. Push the stone onto the switch and continue
    through the door. Beware of spider enemies in the hall. At the other side,
    continue to the pillars. Watch out for the falling spikes, beetles, and spiders
    that jump onto the pillars. At the other end, fight the scorpion that appears. 
    Push the stone onto the switch and go through the hallway. Beware of the wasps
    near the end. The bulls kill in one shot, so go as soon as they pull back. 
    After that, watch out for more wasps in the next corridor. Quickly jump over
    the pillars to the other side of the water (they sink). Fight the beetles and
    continue to the area with the wasps. Climb up to the overhead area, kill the
    spiders, and continue through the conveyor belts. Watch out for oncoming carts,
    though you can jump over or around them. At the end, push the stone onto the
    switch, and exit through the unlocked door on the other side. As you go through
    the next area, beware of numerous spiders and wasps. Watch out for fire
    spitting statues. Continue to the last chamber
    BOSS: Rahkshi green
    This is fairly easy if you know what to do. There are six domeish vent things
    around the rahkshi. By each of these is a stone. Each one will open up after
    the one behind it. When one is open, you can push a stone into it. Do this to
    all of them, and the rahkshi is dead. The rahkshi's attack can be easily
    avoided or sheilded against. There are masks located around the arena. Once the
    rahkshi is defeated, the level ends.
    F. Lewa
    Special Controls: Triangle after double jump (after the first part): Glide
    Special Powers  : Gliding
    Note            : The jumping part of this level is mostly follow the stones.
    After begining the level, run straight across the bridge and jump onto the
    ledge. This guide will cover left, then right. When you go through, shoot the
    balloons to grab matoran. Shortly after you begin, watch out for the nearly
    invisible jump. Get all the matoran then continue to the second path. Grab the
    matoran, and then jump to the next path. Watch out for wasps immediately at the
    beggining. Shoot the walls, then slide down the tree to the platform and grab
    the matoran there. Be careful swinging from the ropes. Once you get all the
    matoran, go to where you began then go into the beam.
    In the next area, you can press triangle in the air to fly. Fly over the net to
    the next ledge. From there, swing then glide over to the pillar, then fly onto
    the next rope. Continue to the cave at the ground. Beware of the pits that fall
    out under you. In the next area, glide from leaf to leaf, and don't fall from
    the first two. Jump to the first column then quickly to the second. Jump to the
    leaf but quickly jump to the first ledge then quickly to the second, and so on.
    Once you get to the ledge on the pillar, jump onto the rope then the next ledge
    and quickly continue to the top of the pillar. From there jump through the two
    stones to the ledge by the cave, and continue. Once out, jump down from the
    columns to the rope, and from there to the small column. Go onto the fallen
    tree, and onto the leaf. Jump from the small ledges to the large one. Continue
    from the ropes to the ledge across the area, then over the columns. Once by the
    windmill, grab its edges and ride them to the upper are with the balloon. Get
    on the balloon. Follow the stones from the ledges and columns, and jump onto a
    bubble. Continue to the platform with a bird on it fly past the bird, then
    let it pass you and follow it. Once by the cave, jump from pillar to pillar.
    Continue across the split bridge.
    BOSS: Rahkshi brown
    This one is somewhat tricky. You have to shoot down rafts by him and trap him
    on a single one. Shoot down that single one and he will die. Not much more to
    it. This ends the level.
    G. Tahu (2)
    Special Controls: Up/Down: Speed/Slow
    Special Powers  : None
    Notes           : This is a race level. Status is noted in the upperleft corner
    This entire level is a race. Not much more to it. You can shoot the rahkshi to
    slow him down. He is fast. Try to take him at the end of the race. Watch out
    for the crushers. You might have to play it through a few times to get used to
    it. Try the shield to defend to conserve ammo. Don't touch him even with your
    shield. The end is near when you pass the spiked columns. Take advantage of
    your jump. Don't hesitate to shoot him near the end. This is probably the
    hardest level. It can get frustrating.
    H. The 7th Toa
    Special Controls: Same as Lewa
    Special Powers  : Gliding + infinite energy + double blast
    Notes           : This is a boss battle and the last level. You vs. Makuta.
    FINAL BOSS: Makuta
    This fight is tough if you don't know what you are doing. For the first few
    rounds, when makuta jumps from place to place and spawns enemies, just try to
    to survive. When he jumps, a stone will pop up (4 in total). When he goes to
    his original spot, the arena will crumble and the second part will begin.
    To kill makuta, you first have to touch each one of the four stones with
    makuta's and the toa's face on them, turning them over. Once all are turned
    to your side, makuta's shield will be weak, and you can reflect makuta's blasts
    back to him. He will recieve damage and turn the stones over. Repeat the
    process to make him lose those stones and start attacking you outright. You can
    now reflect the blasts with you shield to him, sending him into a weakened
    state, vulnerable to your blasts. Do this a few times, and he should die.
    IT'S OVER!
    4. Cheats, Tips, and Tricks
    Well, I only have one, and it's only here because it was rejected from the
    codes section.
    Note: This has only been tested on PS2
    Do you hate that annoying music as much as I do? If you don't want to turn down
    the volume, than you can try this.
    Open the disc tray, wait for the music to stop, and close the disc tray. Until
    you reset the game, there will be no music while you play.
    If you don't close the disc tray, some strange glitches can happen. If you try
    experimenting with this, you can probably produce strange glitches (i.e. game
    periodically pauses, game scenes continue infinately, the loading screen never
    appears at the end of levels, etc.).
    5. Information
    A. FAQ Information
    This is my first FAQ
    This FAQ was originally created for www.gamefaqs.com
    My account on gamefaqs is bioweapon7
    The original FAQ is hosted on gamefaqs at:
    That page can be accessed from:
    If this FAQ is not being veiwed from gamefaqs, it may not be the latest version
    FAQ CLOSED (Final version)
    B. Version History
    V. 1.00: 4-9-04
    This FAQ was born
    V. 1.35: 4-24-04
    Some minor spelling and grammar errors fixed
    Some formatting changes (i.e. 2 lines between subsections; 3 between sections)
    Some names fixed (i.e. the brown one was changed to pohatu)
    Some FAQ structure changes made
    Minor revisions made
    Added pre-level information
    V. 1.50: 4-25-04
    Major spelling and grammar revision
    Small formatting changes
    Added authorized website list
    V. 1.52: 5-5-04
    Added www.cheatcc.com to authorized website list
    Added www.neoseeker.com to authorized website list
    Fixed version number
    V. 1.60: 5-7-04
    Added Cheats, Tips, and Tricks section
    Deleted repeated control
    FINAL VERSION: 3-30-05
    FAQ closed
    Updated "Contace Me" section (please read)
    Updated "FAQ Information" section
    Updated "Introduction"
    Added "Final Version Information" section.
    Added www.1up.com to the authorized website list.
    C. Authorized Website List
    The below are websites authorized to host my FAQ
    If you see my FAQ hosted at any website other than the above, I would be very
    grateful if you would report this to me.
    D. Misc Info
    My account name, bioweapon7, has nothing to do with bionicle
    I beat this game in 2 hours
    E. Contact Me
    You may only use my FAQ for public use with my permission.
    Without my permission, this FAQ can ONLY be used privately.
    If you want to request my permission to use it, I will most likely let you.
    Also, if you have any questions/comments/additions, feel free to email me.
    DO NOT SPAM ME. I will delete any spam and block the sender if I get any.
    Also, I should add, that if you have anything to comment about, please make it
    CONSTRUCTIVE. I don't want a complaint or even a compliment if it's not
    constructive. If you have anything to compliment or complain to me about, or
    even just a comment, just make it constructive.
    Email: bioweapon7@yahoo.com
    UPDATE: Well...I should offcially apologize. I have only responded to 2 emails
    about bionicle. EVER (at least that I remember). I have read a few more, but
    still not very many. So I guess I should say this:
    Feel free to email me with the conditions above, but know that it will PROBABLY
    get lost among the horrible abyss of my inbox. And even if you do need help, I
    probably wouldn't be able to provide any more than this guide does.
    If you REALLY need help, however, just keep trying. You will probably get my
    attention sooner or later (sorry).
    F. Final Version Information
    Well, the time has finally come. I had left the version number of this guide
    just to leave the room for expansion, but now I realize it isn't going to
    happen. Plans for lightstones have been excluded, and so has my idea of an
    enemy guide simply because I don't feel like putting the time and effort into
    it. Sorry to all those I disappointed.
    6. Legal Information
    Here is some legal information that will protect my FAQ from copying:
    Copyright 2004 bioweapon7

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