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"An amazing game, possibly a CM4 beater..."

If you loved LMA 2002 and 2003, then you'll feel you've found your soul mate with this game. Its been given a whole new make over, but with only better things coming from it, especially the match simulation.

GamePlay- 10/10
It uses the same control system as to the previous games (Shoulder buttons to navigate) which for those not used to it can be tricky at first. Its amazingly easy to become hooked on this game and you'll find yourself playing it for hours on end. Its also managed to lose the pre-set affect to the game, and you can tell that while the match is being played its not all ready happened, so its like watching it live.

Sound- 8/10
The one thing, and possibly the only thing about this game that isnt as good as the previous game is the soundtrack, just doesnt seem as catchy as before. One thing that has improved dramatically is the in match realism and the crowd sound, etc ultimately contributes to this. You also have Gary and Alan lending their voices to the highlights and match analysis.

Graphics- 9/10
The game starting sequence has very nice graphics but what makes this game (and the LMA series) stand out from any other manager game is the in-match graphics, which has again improved further, to the point where it makes you wonder how the next installment in the series could be better?

Replayability- 9/10
Its a huge game, i think like the previous ones its 20 seasons, and whilst your players age and retire, you also have the excitement of recruiting and training players from your youth team, turning them into world class talent. As usual the two player season has also been included, adding to the replay value.

Options- 8/10
Everything that happens in the real world of football happens here, from hiring/firing scouts and management to demolishing and building upon your stadium you control it all. You also have all of the basic options like player transfers etc and controlling the interactive tv.

To buy or to rent-
If this is your first LMA/Manager game and you are unsure whether you will like it or not, then its probably best to rent it, otherwise if you've played LMA before and you liked it then I highly recommend this game for you. Either way its a sure hit and is the best LMA so far, defiantly a Champ Manager contender.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/29/04

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