How do i get the ends camo/gun?

  1. When i hold up the end do i point to his head 3 times or do i have to find him 3 different times? and wat "loud gun" do u use cuz the only 1 i really no is loud is the shot gun which can kill the end so easily when near him

    User Info: ZeroPoint88

    ZeroPoint88 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. okay as you start the battle run to the right side(promise he will not see you even if you run to the right side)when you see the first corner corner don't go in that direction just go straight and you will find the second corner,go in to that direction.When you are in the next area go left and straight then you will see another corner go straight in that corner.When you get to Sokrovenno south(that the place where the first position of the end is)ready your MK22 then walk slowly(I recommend to use the d-pad to sneak up behind the end)and aim your gun to his head but don't push the square button to hard just the a light manner.Then when he lies down to the ground point your gun at him three times then he gives you his camo(the moss camo)after he gives his camo shoot him using your MK22 three times in the head(If you want to get his rifle)after that equip fastly your your stun grenades,then when he throws his stun grenades trhow yours to and when he is blinded quickly equip your cig-gas spray and spray it into his face(his stamina will drpo in a high rate).When he runs to the next area Sokrovenno west he'll be just nearby just sneak up to him and use your cig-gas spray after that he'll throw stuns again make sure he throws first then trow your stuns when his blinded cig-gas spray him again and he will be done and the camo and rifle is yours.

    User Info: alpha546

    alpha546 - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. You can get The End's camo by holding him up. Because I had passed the game already,what I did is use The Sorrow's camo to sneak up on him. But if you don't have that,then just find him and crawl to him and aim at him. Just aim at his head and he will say something but keep your aim on .[but make sure your camo index is up or even if you sneak up on him,he'll know you're there and shoot you]

    As for the gun,you have to deplete his stamina via by tranquilizer. In other words,don't use guns that kill to defeat him. Use the MK22[if its spelled that way] and shoot him down with that. Then, after the scene where he explodes,the Mosin Nagant [his weapon] will be nearby.

    As for the "loud gun"...idk what exactly you are talking about because if you use a loud gun,you are setting yourself to be shot. You can use loud guns to kill The End,only if you have an exact position of where he is so you can shoot him. Other than that,any loud sound you make he will hear it and from wherever in that region he is,he will shoot you.

    User Info: BadtzmaruCutie

    BadtzmaruCutie - 8 years ago 2 1
  2. sorry,in the sentence "Just aim at his head and he will say something but keep your aim on ." i mean to say "keep aiming and he will shake himself and release the camo,but seconds after that,he will throw a flash grenade and blind you. But don't worry he'll just run away to hide somewhere else."

    User Info: BadtzmaruCutie

    BadtzmaruCutie - 8 years ago 0 2
  3. 2 get The Ends Camo you need to sneak up behind him (you need a good Camo Index first or the Forrest will tell him ur there) and hold him up as soon as u say Freeze! Stand up aim at his head he will shake from side 2 side might take u a few trys 2 sneak up on him tho and he drops his camo but after he drops it he throws a Stun Grenade so cover ur eyes and for his Mosin Nagant on Easy Normal Hard Extreme European Extreme u need 2 use the MK22 not a Leathal Kill just a Non Lethal and where he blows up its around there

    User Info: crazedxerio

    crazedxerio - 8 years ago 0 0
  4. I beaten the game so do this. All i did was sneak up behind him ez gun equipped with best camo and did a hold up on him.

    User Info: Nuchiha101

    Nuchiha101 - 8 years ago 0 0
  5. To get the Moss camo easily you will need the Spirit Camouflage, a shotgun, and the AP sensor. The Spirit camouflage eliminates the sound of your footsteps and the AP sensor makes a lot of beeps when someone is near you. Run around until you get shot at. When you get shot by The End, his location will appear on the map. Look at the map, and find his position. Try to get around him, as you must approach him from behind. He cannot hear your approach due to the Spirit camouflage. Run to his position, and when you get near, walk slowly towards him. When you are a few feet away, point the M37 Shotgun at him. Do not shoot. Just point at him in first person view. Keep moving the shotgun (while remaining in first person view) up and down. When you have aimed at his head about three times he will give you the Moss camouflage. The Moss camouflage will give you 100% camouflage in grassy areas and restore your stamina when you are in the light.

    User Info: t-max_22

    t-max_22 - 8 years ago 0 0

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