Where can I find (SVD)?

  1. Is there anywhere else that I can get the SVD besides right before you see The End for the first time? Is there a way to get it early in the game?

    User Info: HammrLord

    HammrLord - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. there are three locations that I know of, the first is during the VM, when you first see the guards, head to your right until you come up on a path leading up hill, take it and the svd is right there. the second is just after you exit the caves, travel up the swamp (where you first encounter the flying platforms) until you see stone walls instead of trees, there should be a path leading to your left, take it, the svd is in a room filled with ammo. the third is located where you start your fight with the end. in the north western part you should find a building (if you are fighting the end, either be quick getting past the door, or be as stealthy as possible, you are safe until you leave the building). I am sure that there are other places (possibly in eva's side car) because the svd is needed near the end of the game.

    User Info: Superinsomniac

    Superinsomniac - 8 years ago 0 0

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