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    Boss FAQ by IndustrialRockMonstr

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 03/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by IndRockMonster
    muyemura1--at--comcast--net (Read the intro)
    -- I. TABLE OF CONTENTS -------------------------------------------------------
    I.     Table of Contents
    II.    Legal Disclaimer
    III.   Version History
    IV.    Introduction (Read before contributing)
    V.     General Suggestions
    VI.    Boss Battles
    		! Ocelot Unit
    		- Ocelot
    		- The Pain
    		- The Fear
    		- The End
    		- The Fury
    		- The Sorrow
    		! Volgin
    		- Shagohod
    		- Shagohod+Volgin
    		! The Boss
    VII.	 Closing
    ! = Updated since last version
    -- II. LEGAL DISCLAIMER -------------------------------------------------------
    This guide belongs to me, IndRockMonster (alias), copyright 2004. I claim sole
    ownership of this guide. Contributions from others found in this document 
    belong to the contributor(s). Metal Gear Solid and all related names and 
    other related material belong to Konami, copyright 200X.
       Only the following websites may use this guide:
    Any other website that hosts this document will be doing so illegally and 
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    This guide may ONLY be reprinted in its current and unchanged form, and 
    ONLY with my consent beforehand. This guide may be used as a paper hat. 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    -- III. VERSION HISTORY -------------------------------------------------------
    Version 1.7 - March 14, 2004 - Updated methods with the Volgin fight 
    and The Boss fight. Revised Extreme Ocelot Unit fight. Stupid variables.
    Version 1.6 - Minor updates! Woo!
    Version 1.5 - Added a better Hard Ocelot Unit Strategy. Minor updates all 
    Version 1.4 - December 8, 2004 - Added much more info on The Boss. I guess I
    was a little vague(?) with the strategies so there you go. I dumbed it down
    for the squares (kidding) so it's pretty easy to understand if it wasn't
    before. I also have a request for Ocelot Unit strategies. Read the section.
    Version 1.3 - December 4, 2004 - Beat Extreme. Strategies have been 
    added/edited as needed. Also added near-perfect Ocelot unit fight strategies
    by popular demand. Sorted by difficulty.
    Version 1.2 - December 1, 2004 - More great contributions! Confirmation on
    The Sorrow's camo, more ways around stupid bee armor. Various
    other tricks...just read the FAQ, jerk! I also fixed some typos.
    Version 1.1 - November 28, 2004 - Added a few more attack listings and 
    the missing location names. Also added a few new tricks/tactics 
    submitted by readers.
    Version 1.0 - November 25, 2004 - First release. Basic strategies and 
    attack listings along with some extra junk I wanted to mention.
    -- IV. INTRODUCTION -----------------------------------------------------------
    This is my Boss guide for the great game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It's
    also my first FAQ. I actually got a game early enough that my wisdom(?) might 
    actually be useful to someone. This guide does not explain how to play, where 
    to find things or anything like that. It assumes that you've played the game 
    some and have an idea as to the controls. It's just about beating the crap out
    of the bosses with minimal damage and minimal equipment while still retaining 
    This means while yeah, you CAN use motion detectors and all, you really don't 
    need them. This also means no stealth, no special camos or weapons. Etc.
    This guide's strategies were made on Hard and Extreme playthroughs and 
    as such, some attacks may not appear in the lower difficulties. If there is
    a difference, it will usually be mentioned.
    Obviously, there are many ways to beat the bosses. My methods are my own and I
    believe they are the MOST efficient. All the strategies below are applicable 
    to both lethal and non-lethal (stamina depletion) methods. Simply substitute 
    the weapon of choice. Some weapon-specific strategies are also detailed.
    The attack names are not official and are just what I thought sounded good. 
    I would also like to mention that it is very possible to never take a 
    single hit. I have done it and I'm not Mr.Great by any means.
    (Who is? I mean, have you ever met that guy? He's really really...good.)
    And again, this guide was made based off Hard+Extreme difficulty runs of the
    game. I don't want strategies like "You don't need to do all that stuff 
    in your boss guide, my strat is MUCH better! Just run up and punch the guy! 
    You'll win! It worked when I was playing Easy mode!" My strategies are at 
    least applicable to ALL the difficulties. I bring this up because about 
    once a day some idiot basically says that exact thing. Remember that in 
    higher difficulties you will have next to nothing as far as maximum 
    equipment. So TNT/claymore/spam grenades strategies go out the window.
    I'm pretty sure three grenades aren't going to be enough to kill someone.
    I'll include SOME of those types of strategies for the sake of completeness 
    and for people who are having difficulties on lower difficulties. You can
    also take these methods and combine them with the pre-existing strategies
    but it's not practical to rely on them.
    Finally, yes, maybe I AM an elitist jerk. PLEASE don't send a strategy
    that craps out on higher difficulties. If it works great for you, try it 
    on a higher difficulty. If it's still good, send it then. Easter eggs though,
    are always welcome!
    -- V. GENERAL SUGGESTIONS -----------------------------------------------------
    * Keep lots of food on hand. Stamina is very important. You can also use the
    special camos (Moss and Spirit) to keep stamina up.
    * Use that cure menu. You heal faster when you have no serious injuries and 
    it never hurts to have a little more life.
    * Lean! Peeking around and over objects with L2 and R2 will allow you to stay 
    offensive without compromising your health.
    * Learn how to shoot in first person. It sounds pretty basic but you want to 
    be able to shoot instantly. Try to pinpoint on your screen where your gun will
    fire without using the gunsights. Then you can look in first person (which is 
    faster than first person with gun drawn) and shoot quickly.
    * Shoot until they fall. Most of the bosses can be knocked over by a three
    shot burst from your gun. Other weapons may knock down in one shot or not
    knock down at all. When they're down, it shows they've taken the maximum
    damage allowed for that attack. Ex: Mosin Nagant. Does not knock down in
    one shot and takes forever to reload. Which brings us to:
    * Use tactical reloads after every shot. You won't stand there doing the 
    post-shot animation and can keep moving. You can also fire way more shots 
    because of this. This technique is especially useful with slow weapons 
    like the RPG. (Gratuitous: Can you fire two per second? There's never a 
    reason for it but man is it fun! BOOM!) Guns with slow reload like the
    Mosin Nagant are now perfect for quick three shot bursts, causing knockdown.
    * Conserve ammo. Take your shots only when you're sure they'll hit. This is 
    important on Hard and even moreso on Extreme where ammo isn't as plentiful. 
    Although the boxes may respawn providing you with infinite ammo, you still 
    need to go GET it, which you may not be able to do safely. On the same note, 
    don't pick up a box of ammo until you need it. That is, don't pick one up 
    after you fired one shot. Wait until you'll get the most out of it.
    * Unless otherwise stated, facepaint/camo used isn't really important 
    so don't worry about it since the bosses can see you anyway. As an overall
    tip though: Sneaking Suit. Half damage? It's cornbread, baby.
    * After the Ocelot fight, Animals camo is good too since you don't need
    stamina to aim well anymore.
    -- VI. BOSS BATTLES -----------------------------------------------------------
    After a few e-mails about this little fight I've decided to talk about the
    Ocelot Unit. This will probably be MOST helpful for people who are trying
    not to get ALERT mode set off, otherwise wouldn't you just blow everyone
    away in a hail of gunfire? This is probably the longest section since the
    placement of soldiers is actually difficulty related.
    This battle has a lot of variable factors so keep in mind that you probably
    should be doing these methods as fast as possible in order to keep with the
    flow of the remaining walkthrough. Taking too long to eliminate one guard
    may cause you to have to wait around or miss a chance to take out the next.
    1. Uh, they're soldiers...
    The underground is divided into four chambers. Keep this in mind.
    If it helps, I would assume that the lower difficulties flow in pretty
    much the same way as the higher difficulties do but with minor variances
    in guard placement and observation levels.
    Normal: 8 Enemies
    First, without stepping, look towards the window in first person view and
    tip-toe (L2+R2). Bang. Now crawl under the bed. When they shoot the door 
    down, throw two stuns, one towards the back of the room they're in and one
    towards the front (they're grouped in pairs). Next, go out the doorway and
    into the next room, hide in the alcove to the left by the white boxes.
    A soldier on the roof will appear to the on the bottom-right of the roof.
    Bang. Now head south toward the dark boxes and use first person view to
    look out the window. Tip-toe and look to the left of the window area. The 
    soldier's head will waft into view. Bang. Finally, there is a 
    stationary soldier to the far west just outside the building perimeter. 
    Easiest thing to do is whip a stun at his feet through the hole in the
    wall you can crawl through. If you wasted your stuns, you can go up the
    stairs and on the southern end of the second floor there's a little part
    that sticks out. You can look through the hole their down to the top
    of the guard's head.
    Hard:9 Enemies
    [Update: All headshots. Much cleaner than the previously posted version]
    First, without stepping, look towards the window in first person view and
    tip-toe (L2+R2). Bang. Now crawl under the bed. When they shoot the door 
    down, throw two stuns, one towards the back of the room they're in and one
    towards the front (they're grouped in pairs). Next, go out the doorway and
    into the next room, hide in the alcove to the left by the white boxes.
    A soldier on the roof will appear to the on the bottom-right of the roof.
    Bang. Now head south toward the dark boxes and use first person view to
    look out the window. Tip-toe and look to the left of the window area. The 
    soldier's head will waft into view. Bang. Now head out the door to the left
    and run south almost out of the perimeter of the building. There is a guard
    patrolling the very bottom of the area. Bang. Finally, there is a 
    stationary soldier to the far west just outside the building perimeter. 
    Get outside of the red building ruins and make your way to the final 
    soldier. Bang.
    Extreme:10 Enemies 
    (You saved stuns, right?)
    First, without stepping, look towards the window in first person view and
    tip-toe (L2+R2). Bang. Now crawl under the bed. By taking this guy out
    you USUALLY throw off the four guys who storm your room. They'll just 
    open the door now. Throw a grenade at the first guy that walks in. 
    He'll stop, thus halting the guys behind him, and you just took out four 
    chumps. If they shoot the door down, throw two stuns, one towards the back 
    of the room they're in and one towards the front (they're grouped in pairs). 
    Next, go towards the square trap door and slip under the building. 
    Immediately look through the nearest grate. If he's not there already, a 
    soldier should walk by. Bang. Crawl south (that's to the right) into the 
    next chamber. Look towards the opening with no grate. Look further. There's
    a tree in the distance with a guard hidden in the fog. Bang. Now use that 
    opening to pop out of the underground. Press up against the wall and use 
    R3 to move the camera up and to the right a bit. There's a guard on the 
    roof who will eventually move to the bottom right corner of the building. 
    Wait for him to move to the top right and when he sets up camp, move 
    slighty to the right behind the barrels and shoot him. The next guy is 
    near the bottom left of the whole red structure. Move southwest from your 
    position along the perimeter of the red building.Stop when the corner would 
    turn. The guard is straight west of here. You can see him if you press up 
    close to the edge of the building. Bang. Now stand in front of the brownish
    half bar to the far west of the southern side of the red structure. 
    There is a chunk of the wall missing that looks something like a "W." Look 
    west and into the "W" to see the final guard. Tip-toe if you have to.
    * Keep your silencer on or you'll go into alert.
    * The guy on the roof has a somewhat "random" element to him inthat you
    have to be very specific about your actions or he won't appear where you
    want him to. Some things that throw off placement are:
    	- Seeing a fallen comrade
    	- Being partially exposed to a stun
    	- Hearing gunshot ricochet
    This is especially annoying when trying to speedrun.
    1. Revolver: Ocelot only attacks with his revolvers. He has a total of twelve 
    shots available to him after which point he will need to reload. You can 
    telegraph his shots fairly easily. After he runs to a new spot he will pop 
    out and fire. Green trails.
    2. Run n' Gun Revolver : Sometimes when running from one spot to another 
    Ocelot will fire while running. Stay behind objects and this won't be a 
    3. Wild Revolver: Ocelot will throw caution to the wind and just unload a 
    bunch of shots one after another. Green trails.
    4. Ricochet Shots: Ocelot can also ricochet his shots off rocks and trees
    to hit you in your hiding spot. Watch out! Start moving when you see the 
    first bullet with an orange trail. This keeps you from getting TOO comfy in
    your little hiding spot.
    5. Support Fire: The other soldiers will occasionally fire on you. Ocelot will 
    call them off but make sure you take cover just in case. Free shot on
    Ocelot when this happens.
    6. Deadly Deadly Bees!: If you shoot a beehive on Ocelot's side you'll get 
    a free shot on him, but he's a quick learner and you'll soon be on the 
    recieving end of your own dirty tactics. This won't bother you much if you 
    have The Pain's Hornet Stripe camo from a previous playthrough.
    This fight is pretty straight forward. The best thing to do is take cover 
    behind the tree and rock slightly to the left of where you start. 
    From here, take pot shots at Ocelot as he runs around or when he leans out 
    from his hiding spots. After you tag him, he often tries to counterattack 
    so make sure you hide quickly. You can also get a shot in when he's 
    If Ocelot ends up on the far right near the boulder, move from behind your 
    rock and hide against the left side of the tree to avoid his shots. You may 
    want to shoot a beehive instead of moving.
    * Shoot Ocelot's hat off for a free shot or just to be a jerk.
    * Watch out for poisonous snakes cruising around.
    * If you have the SAA from a previous playthrough, you can do a few nifty
    tricks with it. You can twirl it to catch Ocelot's attention (duel!) and
    you can use the ricocheting shots to hit him even when he's hiding and/or
    reloading behind objects! It's my personal lethal weapon of choice here 
    for that reason alone. Speed run!
    1. Stupid Bee Armor: This isn't an attack but it's worth complaining about. 
    This armor keeps The Pain nice and safe from all your attacks. If you shoot 
    him, the bees will block the shot. This is more annoying than anything 
    else since he's got this on 90% of the time. Throw any grenade to disrupt
    the Stupid Bee Armor.
    (Credit to Dean, SeraAngel, Mike and others)
    A few shotgun blasts will also disrupt the armor.
    (Credit to numerous emailers)
    Gotta love tactical reload shotgun blasts. What's that? You're trying your
    Stupid Bee Armor again? 2 seconds later he's wiiiiide open.
    2. Bee Scent: The Pain throws some jars with a white trail that, when the 
    land, break and release a scent that his bees can find. If you're hit, 
    you'll turn yellowish and bees will begin to attack you. This is easy 
    enough to avoid. Just dive underwater to wash it off.
    3. Tommy Gun: The Pain will yell "Tommy Gun!" and his bees will form a gun. 
    Dive into the water and swim towards the platform The Pain is on. By 
    swimming directly below the platform you'll be too close and The Pain 
    will just be shooting at his own feet. You can also dive deep and swim 
    to another area to avoid the bullets (better).
    4. Grenade: The Pain will yell "Grenade!" and a ball of bees will appear 
    near him and waft towards you. When it arrives, the ball will disapate and 
    drop a grenade. If you see this attack either move from your current 
    location or try shooting the ball of bees a few times. If you're good, 
    the ball will break up and drop the grenade right at The Pain's feet.
    You can also shoot the area where the greande would appear to disrupt the
    bees and cancel this move completely. Wait until the ball forms if you
    want a grenade to be inside.
    5. Grenade Barrage: The Pain will yell "Grenade!" again but this time he 
    makes a bunch of bee ball things. They move just like the singular 
    grenades but there's just a bunch of them now. You can try to shoot 
    some or all of them but don't be afraid to move out.
    6. Swarm: A dark cloud of bees form around Snake and give him the ol' 
    poke-a poke-a. Just dive into the water to get them off of you.
    7. Swarm Lockdown: A cloud of bees, this time visibly yellow, will form 
    around Snake. Dive into the water the second you see this! If you don't, 
    bees will swarm around you and prevent you from moving. The Pain usually 
    follows this up with a grenade. Mashing action helps you get out faster.
    (Confirmed by numerous e-mailers)
    8. Swarm Doppelganger: A yellow cloud of bees will form just like the Swarm 
    Lockdown, but this time take the form of The Pain. One is the real one.
    If you shoot the wrong one The Pain will counterattack with Grenade Barrage.
    9. Swarm Teleport: The Pain's bees will swarm around him but instead of
    gathering into his Stupid Bee Armor, he will disappear and quickly
    reappear right in your face, dealing damage.
    The lesson here is just stay away from swarms of bees.
    10. Bullet Bees: The Pain will begin to use these bees after you've 
    depleted him to about half life/stamina and the cutscene triggers. Listen 
    for him to say "Go my bullet bees!" These red-trailed bees will strike you 
    and burrow into your skin doing considerable damage. To avoid them, just 
    stay underwater. Use the cure menu to remove the bees if you're hit.
    11. Seeker Bees: If The Pain loses you, typically from you diving and 
    swimming somewhere else, these bees will find you when you surface. They 
    just alert The Pain to your location. They have a white trail.
    After hearing about grenading/shotgunning to disrupt the 
    Stupid Bee Armor this boss battle took a MASSIVE drop in annoying-ness. 
    Thanks again!
    You can dodge just about everything he throws at you by diving and 
    swimming somewhere else, plus a bunch of his attacks won't even bother 
    you if you're in the water to begin with. When you dive and swim, 
    make sure you stick to the edges of the area and stay deep so The Pain 
    can't see you as easily. If you stay low and swim fast, you'll be fine. 
    You can also shoot at him while underwater.
    Pop out of the water to take shots at him and to throw grenades. Hop
    right back in when he starts an attack you can't counter.
    I like staying on one platform until he does an attack I can't counter
    then I dive and swim to the other platform. Safe! Whenever he's not
    doing a move that'll hit me immediately, I wail on him with the M37
    then switch to another weapon once the Stupid Bee Armor is gone.
    * To get his camo after you deplete his stamina bar, go to the right of 
    the cave exit and follow the path around. Theres a ledge you can roll off 
    to land on The Pain's platform.
    * I keep saying bees but he uses hornets as well.
    (I'll get you...science.)
    * The Pain, I hate you. (Update: No longer! Now you're a chump!)
    1. Crossbow Shots: The Fear will shoot three bolts in quick succession. 
    The easiest way to avoid these is to run perpendicular to the shots and 
    quickly shoot him after the third bolt is fired.
    2. Crossbow Rain: Just like the crossbow shots except they fall from 
    the sky. He uses this when he doesn't have a clear shot at you.
    3. Tackle/Swat: The Fear does these moves while on the ground after coming 
    out of the trees when looking for food. Just don't be in the way, dummy. 
    You can also try to roll into him to keep these moves from coming out.
    4. Flame Arrow: The Fear will launch a flaming arrow at you. If hit by
    it, you'll be set on fire. Keep moving and it won't hit you. Amazing!
    5. Grenade Arrow: It's an arrow...with a grenade on it. Boom? Unlike the
    other arrows, this one can be avoided by leaping into it...just kidding.
    (I swear, someone will do this and write me a nasty e-mail.)
    I thought this was the easiest boss in the game. From the beginning equip 
    the thermal goggles and look up in first person view. Shoot. Now you'll 
    want to go to your cure menu and use an antidote to cure your poison. Oh, 
    and at least remove the arrow with your knife. Now when you come back to 
    the fight, DON'T MOVE. Just follow The Fear in first person as he jumps from 
    tree to tree. Each time he lands you'll have a second to fire a quick shot. 
    Sometimes he'll stop jumping and ready his crossbow for an attack but if 
    you shoot him, he'll go back to jumping. It's possible to never see any of 
    his crossbow attacks!
    When his stamina is low, The Fear will begin looking for food. He will use 
    his crossbow to shoot down a fruit or something else to eat. Then he will 
    come down from the trees and run for his snack. He is FAST on the ground 
    so forget about trying to shoot him up right away. You have a few options 
    on how to deal with his munchies. One thing to do is simply beat him to 
    his meal. If you pick it up first, he'll arrive and look around for a while.
    Free shot. You can also throw your own food. If you do, throw it close so 
    that you can just pick it up when The Fear comes out of the tree. Sucker! 
    Fooled you! One final option, and the most devious, is to throw him 
    something POISONOUS to eat. He'll eat it and begin to vomit, losing MORE 
    stamina. Sucker! (again). This is a great way to get a stamina depletion 
    victory. You don't have to worry about this step if you just try
    and kill him. Just litter the field with poison foods as soon as The Fear's
    stamina drops to about 2 bars.
    When The Fear starts going back up the trees he's vulnerable 
    THE ENTIRE TIME. Just pump round after round into him as hes going up.
    [Watching Food Method:]
    Another "no fuss, no muss" strategy is to throw a cluster of foods all 
    in one area. Now watch the foods. When The Fear gets hungry, he will 
    come down from the trees and go for one of the meals. Just before he 
    grabs one, shoot him to make him run away. Repeat this process. Throwing
    multiple foods gives him many choices (even if they're all in the same area)
    so he's less likely to try and shoot down his own. You can double up the
    effectiveness of this strategy by making a cluster of POISONOUS foods.
    This way, if somehow he manages to get one, he's poisoned.
    (Thanks to LogicalCricket for a great suggestion!)
    Thermal Goggles are by no means necessary but they help out a lot.
    * In higher difficulties The Fear jumps more randomly/quickly and has 
    more branch choices.
    * Ammo is limited in the higher difficulties. Even with a full traq gun, 
    you will not be able to deplete the stamina gauge without getting an ammo 
    box or changing weapons. My suggestion is to knock him down to a little 
    more than 2 stamina bars, get the ammo box to the right, and head back to 
    your spot. This way he won't be craving food just yet and you can afford 
    to run and grab that ammo box. Also, you'll be getting the most out of it.
    Of course, if you just littered the field with poison food like I said,
    you'll bring that stamina down in no time!
    * If you're racing The Fear to a meal, roll into him. This little tackle 
    move won't do much in the way of damage but it knocks The Fear over. 
    (My food! Raaar! All for Snake!)
    * If you don't care about stamina depletion, killing The Fear is a bit
    easier. You don't have to deal with him getting food and you can just
    use automatic weapons. He'll never leave the trees.
     THE END
    1. Tranq Darts:  You'll be getting hit with a lot of these. The End uses 
    special darts that rapidly drain your stamina. The instant you get hit with 
    one, go to the cure menu and remove it. Make sure you eat a lot of food to 
    keep your stamina up since if it drops to zero, the battle is over.
    2. Stun Grenade: If you get too close to The End or after you knock him down 
    he will throw a stun grenade and run off to another sniping point. It simply 
    blinds/deafens you and makes it difficult for you to follow him. Looking away
    reduces the effect.
    3. Forest Prayer: After depleting The End's health/stamina to one bar and 
    taking a VERY long time to find The End, he will initiate a prayer to the 
    forest that will restore his health and stamina. The start up for the 
    prayer is pretty long so you know to start running through those sniper 
    points, and once it begins, there's a huge beam of light to find him by.
    This is a battle you either love or hate. I found that this battle wasn't too 
    bad, more on this later. The actual fight takes place over three screens. 
    Check your map from the start menu. The circles represent potential places for 
    The End to be sniping from. The first thing you have to do is figure out where 
    The End is. This can be done in a few ways. The most obvious is to get shot 
    and check your map. The End's location will be in red. You can also look for 
    his footprints and follow them. Equipping the thermal goggles helps to see 
    them. The directional mic can be used to listen for any sounds The End may be 
    making including: walking noises, talking, or snoring. Move from area to 
    area using any of the above described methods to find The End. If you take 
    too long he may move to a new spot.
    When you have his general location, now you want to approach. He is well 
    camoflauged and difficult to see with the naked eye. Again, the thermal 
    goggles are your friend. Look for reflections and flashes from the muzzle 
    of his gun if you're having trouble. You can snipe him with the SDV or either 
    handgun if you're good. Remember to shoot until he falls over! Usually it's 
    three shots. If you want to get in close or try and hold him up, you'll have 
    to trek around toward his sniping spot. Stay out of his line of sight 
    obviously. It may also be beneficial to equip the appropriate facepaint/camo. 
    Make sure you stalk with the d-pad when you get close.
    When you catch him, be sure to shoot him until he falls over. When he rises, 
    quickly look away since he's about to throw a stun grenade. Immediately after
    the grenade goes off, The End jets off to another sniping point. Do your best 
    to follow the surprisingly fast 100 year old. He often leaves footprints.
    After initally cornering The End it is possible to follow him to each new 
    sniping point and never actually have to go looking for him! Do your best 
    to attempt this! Re-finding The End is what takes the longest. This is why 
    this wasn't such a tough battle, for me anyway. While continuously chasing 
    The End make sure you check your map to make sure you aren't nearing a 
    sniping point. If you're right behind him when he reaches his new 
    destination, he'll just throw another stun grenade and run to a new place.
    Give him a chance to settle before you ambush him again.
    Don't forget that The End is still vulnerable to shots while he's running
    away! Give him a second after he jets for his invincibility to wear off,
    then plug him before he even gets to his next location. When he falls
    over, run over to him and try to repeat it (he'll usually get up before
    you get right next to him). I had once knocked him down with three shot 
    bursts three times before he even got to his next sniping point! You
    probably can't do this in Sokrevenno South since there's too many turns
    and junk in the way. I was in Sokrevenno North.
    Thermal Goggles are by no means necessary but they help out a lot.
    * In higher difficulties The End will rarely miss. His footsteps are also
    harder to track since they disappear quicker (thanks to crappy weather).
    He also seems to move to new sniping spots within the same area rather 
    than leaving the area entirely.
    * If The End is in the area, making loud noises will alert him to
    your presence. This is helpful in determining where he is.
    * Occasionally while chasing The End he will double over and begin 
    huffing and puffing. Free shots!
    * The End's stamina continuosly depletes. If the battle goes on for long 
    enough he'll tire himself out making it much easier for you to 
    finish him off. For speed, always go for the stamina depletion win.
    * On the same note don't think you can just sit tight and wait him out! 
    If The End manages to get behind you and hold you up, that's game! 
    (Although you can just put a claymore behind you).
    * A stamina depletion victory also nets you The End's sniper rifle: 
    The Mosin Nagant, NOT his camo. I love this damn gun and it's great 
    for stamina depletion victories. Use it!
    * To get The End's Moss camo, hold him up. You can do this by sneaking 
    up behind him and pulling your gun. He will lay out on the ground. 
    Quickly point your gun at his head and/or crotch (I find crotch works 
    best). He may refuse to give you anything once or twice but eventually 
    he will give up the camo. On subsequent playthroughs, he will throw out
    a "gift set" with three items instead of the camo.
    * Sometimes the point of view will shift over to that of The End.
    From this new view you should be able to 
    a) Dodge any further shots
    b) Pinpoint The End's current location
    I believe this occurs when you have been shot several times and haven't
    found The End in a while.
    * You can capture and eat The End's parrot, you jerk. And yes, the
    locations you can find the parrot in are different on Extreme.
    Since most people know where to find the parrot on the other 
    difficulties and I believe I was the first to ever bother with it,
    (since I asked on the GameFAQs board once and no one had any idea 
    and kept telling me to go to other places) I'll post the locations 
    for the parrot on Extreme here.
    -Sokrevenno South - Hard to describe. From the armory, look east. 
    There's a cliff with trees on it. The parrot is in a tree there.
    -Sokrevenno West - All the way to the north there's a Markhoor. Look
    in the tree next to it.
    -Sokrevenno North - Shrug. Never bothered looking.
    Capture it alive and release it and the Parrot will harass The End 
    and give away his position. "GRANDPA! GRANDPA!"
    * Do not attempt to save in mid-battle and think you can heal up.
    The End heals just like you do! You'll probably also trigger an
    automatic cutscene where you get thrown into Graniny.
    (Thanks to USchamp for the reminder)
    * You can SKIP this battle altogether! When you arrive at
    Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior after the cutscene, look out toward 
    the red door. You can see a guard wheeling The End in a wheelchair. 
    Shoot the guard then wail on The End. He will explode(!) and that 
    will be that. When you come to Sokrevenno South instead of 
    finding The End, guards will be stationed in the area.
    Use the SVD in Ponizovje West to make this a lot easier.
    (Credits to numerous individuals on the GameFAQs boards.)
    * Or skip it this way: Initiate the battle with The End. Save, and
    then set your PS2 clock ahead about a week. When you start up, you'll
    recieve a radio call saying The End has died. They'll also razz you
    about it...you big sissy. This is the least honorable victory EVER.
    (Credit to numerous e-mailers)
    1. Flamethrower: This is The Fury's primary attack. It has huge range so 
    if you're in the way, it'll hit you. Just get out of its way by running or 
    rolling to the side. The Fury has a couple of moves regarding this weapon:
    	* When he sees you, an exclamation mark will appear and The Fury 
    will shoot. He will aim at you no matter where you go so don't run behind 
    a column and out the other side since the flame swill still hit you. Wait 
    until he's finished first.
    	* He will shoot while running down the isle. Often he changes which 
    isle he's going down so pay attention to where he's going.
    	* While flying around on his jetpack, The Fury will throw patches 
    of flame onto the ground below. Dodge as best you can because it's sometimes 
    difficult to tell where it is. You can also just run down another isle.
    2. Blast-off: The Fury counts down and then uses his jet pack to fly 
    down one isle filling it with flames almost instantly. Try to shoot 
    The Fury before he finishes his countdown.
    [The Normal Way:]
    It's all about the isles. Reminds me of the Vulcan Raven fight from MGS1. 
    The fighting area is like a big grid. What you want to do is shoot until 
    he falls over and run somewhere safe because his counterattack is brutal. 
    Pretty basic stuff right? Well the problem comes from the amount of FIRE 
    that will begin to form over the course of the battle. Everytime he shoots 
    his flamethrower the area is lit up with fire on the floor and walls. This 
    severely limits your vision and the safe areas you can walk on.
    When the battle begins, The Fury uses his jetpack to rush to another isle. 
    Usually he appears at the very bottom on the right or left. Find him, and 
    put a few shots into him. One trick I like to do is show my face so he gets 
    the exclamation mark and shoots while I hide, then when it's safe, I pop 
    out and put a quick three into him. After being shot up he usually tries 
    to escape with his jetpack. You can tell when he lands because of the 
    ka-chunk sound it makes. Try to stay at the bottom of the screen that way 
    you can use R3 to look down each isle while trying to find The Fury. When 
    you find him, shoot him and run. There's really not much involved here.
    [The Speedy Way:]
    [Marcus Love says the weapon of choice is....the knife?]
    "The best weapon to use against him is the knife, it damages his 
    protective suit, I only had to combo him three times to kill him with 
    the knife. To combo him, just get close to him, either by letting him 
    come to you, or stalking up behind him. If you combo him against the 
    bottom edge (near the ledge), he will fall off, and you can run away 
    before he gets back up."
    I tried this out and it works fine. Obviously you'll need a few more
    combos on the higher difficulties but that health still flies off.
    Normally this would go in the extras section but it REALLY hurts
    The Fury so I thought it a valid strategy. Seriously, the knife.
    [The Safe/Easy Way:]
    [Rataplein, from Argentina has another great strategy:]
    "When i fight to The Fury i found a very easy way to killing him. At
    the start of the fight run to the place where is the exit door of the
    place. Then crouch there and wait until he appeare and shoot him with
    any gun, he will scream and use his jetpack and flight, and then hi
    will appear again and you can shoot him again.
    He will never appear from your back or from your left or from your
    right, because there is walls. Always he appear in your front. You
    never be ambushed from behind and you have always clear shots.
    I hope you can understand me, my english is not very good :("
    You're doing fine! Just let me make it clear that he's talking about the
    red door to the north and you want to either crouch or lay down right in
    front of it in the little alcove there. The idea is that while The Fury
    will be able to see you, because of the angle at which he fires, either
    the walls or the raised floor will block. Thanks a bunch for your 
    I'd like to note that this strategy loses some of it's effectiveness on
    higher difficulties since The Fury will use his jetpack to land on the
    elevated area. You can just shoot him off the ledge with a knock down
    but I'm just saying since it stops being a 100% safe zone.
    * If you look closely, The Fury's head only occupies a small section of 
    his helmet. If you're aiming for his head make sure you hit his actual 
    head and not just his helmet.
    * After his suit rips, The Fury is more susceptable to explosions.
    * Blow up barrels next to The Fury for brutal damage.
    * It seems you can shoot the pipes for water to extingush the flames.
    Use this strategy sparingly since only certain pipes will give water
    and you recieve less if you keep shooting all the pipes So no filling 
    all the pipes with holes to flood the area.
    (Confirmed by numerous e-mailers)
    * If you have it from a previous playthrough, use the Fire camo (duhhhh).
    You will take MUCH less damage and will never get serious burn injuries.
    * Also, if you have it from a previous playthrough, the Single Action Army
    with its ricocheting bullets is worth consideration. You never have to
    put yourself in harm's way. Just fire around corners.
    1. Ghosts: Ghosts of the soldiers and bosses you've killed so far will be 
    wandering throughout the river. If they touch you they will quickly drain
    your life. Punch them to temporarily disrupt their solidity. If you let
    them leech off of you for long enough, they become satisfied and...
    pass on I guess. They just float away.
    2. Spirit Tenticle: Occasionally The Sorrow will reel back and fire a 
    blue tenticle. If you are hit, a disturbing picture will flash on the 
    screen and Snake will be knocked down. Simply walk sideways to avoid it.
    I kinda like getting hit by this though since the pictures are cool.
    Walk up river following The Sorrow, dodging ghosts and the occasional 
    tenticle. Try to stick to one side of the river so you have room to dodge 
    the tenticle. You will come across The Pain, The Fear, The End, and 
    The Fury and any soldiersyou've killed. When you near the end of the river, 
    The Sorrow will teleport off into the distance. Continue walking toward 
    him and when you arrive, he will tell you to wake up. At this point he 
    rushes Snake and you are immediately drained of all your life and stamina.
    You're dead...but wait! Don't choose to continue yet! Press L2 to access
    your accessories menu and select the Revival Pill. Boing! Snake's fine 
    and you just "beat" The Sorrow.
    You can also skip all that walking by immediately suiciding. You have
    access to your full inventory when the battle starts, you can also drown
    yourself. When you "die" use the revival pill. 
    You will NOT recieve The Sorrow's spirit camo though.
    (Confirmed by JRazx803)
    * Those really ARE the ghosts of people you killed. They will also retain
    some tells about the methods you used to dispatch them like if you slit
    a solider's throat, he will be pacing around with blood shooting out.
    How many types of death can YOU inflict?
    * Try calling people on the radio. Snake?! SNAAAAKE!!!
    * If you haven't killed any soldiers thus far, you'll only find 
    the ghosts of the bosses.
    * If you killed Raidenovich you'll see him running around naked.
    1. Electric Bolt: When you have a gun in your hand this move will seek 
    you out. If it connects,the ammo in your current magazine will explode 
    dealing considerable damage. Just unequip your gun when this move begins 
    and run to the side. You can also just lay down flat. The bolt itself 
    isn't terrible. Volgin is vulnerable from the side or behind. 
    "Let's see you dodge this one!"
    2. Electric Bolts: Same deal as electric bolt but there's more of them 
    usually two or three.
    3. Electric Barrier: This is something of an auto-effect. Bullets fired 
    at Volgin from the front will be deflected. In addition, if you get too 
    close the electricity will knock you down and do a bit of damage.
    Volgin's electric barrier can only withstand so much punishment. From 
    the start of the battle you can just wail on him with a 
    rapid-fire gun until he dies or until the field drops then switch to
    a stamina draining gun. It DOES last much longer if he can charge up
    and becomes infinite on higher difficulties.
    (Joint credit to numerous emailers)
    4. Volgin Combo: Volgin performs a brutal combo on Snake. After being 
    launched in the air, Snake will vomit and lose a chunk of his stamina.
    This a dangerous move but it isn't hard to avoid. Occasionally he dashes
    in before the actual combo starts. If you're keeping your distance 
    you'll be fine.
    5. Machine Gun: Volgin raises his left arm and collects electricity. 
    After he brings it down he will begin rapidly firing bullets from it. 
    After he locks onto your location, run to his right dodging the first 
    few (four) bullets then roll. He will stop turning and you will be out 
    of his range. Get him! You can also roll into him to stop this move.
    6. Bullet Array: Volgin raises his arms and bullets begin to hover. He 
    then brings his arms down and the bullets fly off in all directions. 
    To dodge this move, just get into the crawl position. Volgin seems to 
    be invulnerable during this move.
    7. Charge Up: When he's out of juice, Volgin will reach into a circuit 
    box and begin to charge up again. He's vulnerable to shots from behind.
    8. Electric Strike: Volgin makes a quick straight thrust with his arm. 
    Keep your distance to avoid this attack. If he connects, he will stun
    Snake and blast him across the room. Snake will vomit after this move
    and lose a substantial amount of stamina.
    9. Electric Sweep: "Let's see you dodge this one!" Volgin ducks down and
    creates shockwaves that rotate on the floor around the room. 
    Just roll to avoid them. You can roll into him to stop this move.
    Volgin will block just about every head-on attack you throw at him.
    If you try to use the punch-punch-kick combo for example, he'll
    block it all and hit you while you're in the post-kick animation.
    [The Normal Way:]
    Keep your distance as Volgin has some nasty close range moves. Only 
    approach when the electricity around him starts to break up. This is 
    your chance! CQC grab him and toss his ass on the ground. You can 
    shoot him with whatever you want now, or just kick him once or twice.
    Some people think its fun to whip grenades at him. Watch out though, 
    because when he gets up, he'll have his electricity back and can zap 
    you right away. And during any of his moves Volgin is vulnerable to 
    shots from the side or back. He is most vulnerable while charging up.
    After the cutscene, Volgin will usually do two Bullet Arrays: his 
    new move. Dodge them and get in a little closer. Use more CQC throws 
    to put him away.
    [The Speedy Way:]
    There's a very easy way to beat Volgin. It's almost cheesy. As soon 
    as you get an opening, shoot him in the back with a pistol and run 
    in a small circle while performing a tactical reload, then again, 
    and again, and again. Cutscene. Dodge Bullet Array x2. Shoot in the 
    back+circle. Repeat. You win. Dirty huh? 
    I've tried some of the other guns, the rifles work fine as long as
    you only fire one shot and then circle again. The SAA doesn't work
    either since you have to stop running to shoot it. Pistols seem 
    to be the best for this though.
    [The Safe/Easy Way:]
    Just take a rapid-fire gun and start drilling him from the start.
    His barrier breaks and he'll take a few hits. When he crosses his
    arms over his face, he'll stop taking damage but keep on shooting
    because the second he drops them he'll start getting hurt again.
    [UPDATED Alternate Method:]
    Andreas Hörnell posted a great Foxhound run of the game over at 
    speeddemosarchive.com. He uses a very interesting combination of 
    methods which I'll detail here. For the first part of the fight 
    he begins with a standard CQC grab into the push aside, not the 
    slam. After the push, he rolls into Volgin three times, 
    automatically hitting twice on the second two rolls. Volgin rises 
    with his electricity and a "Here it comes!" Andreas takes this 
    time to put a tranq in the back of his head. Now here's where 
    our methods differ: He chooses to continue with the CQC grab to 
    push and rolls. I try the circle method here myself. I've timed 
    the two methods and found that they're pretty much the same speed
    but the grab-push is quite a bit easier to execute as the circle 
    shooting is tricky.
    For the second part of the fight, he takes advantage of an 
    AI loop which is as follows: 
    1. Hit Volgin with the CIG SPRAY(!) 
    He reels back and loses his electricity.
    2. Snake dances in front of Volgin daring him to try his backfist.
    3. Snake dodges Volgin's backfist.
    4. Volgin is invincible to attacks until a split second after 
    he completes his backfist
    and places both his hands on his hips.
    5. CQC Slam with a roll for added damage.
    6. Volgin rises with electricity. Repeat.
    This is an awesome method for fighting Volgin. 
    Kudos to Andreas Hörnell and his great speedrun.
    If you haven't seen it already, go watch it.
    * This is a VERY free-form battle with many methods of disposal
    available to you. Volgin isn't hard once you know how to react to his
    moves. Some of the funnest dispatch methods are:
    -Stun Grenades (Fast win on lower difficulties)
    -Handkerchief/Cigarette Case
    * On higher difficulties it seems like it does more damage to
    CQC throw Volgin and roll into him than shoot or kick(!)
    Probably because the Mk22 is supposed to be fired more than
    once and the kick is nothing to write home about. The roll
    does the most damage in one hit, which is all you get after
    you CQC throw him.
    * There's a walkway overhead in the middle of the fight area.
    You can shoot the pipes there to loose water.
    Update: Okay, I damaged Volgin with this and it's completely
    not worth the effort of luring him. Try it for fun though I guess.
    * Chaff Grenades will help throw off some of Volgin's electric
    attacks making them easier to avoid.
    (Credit to Mateus although DUH! I should've had this already!)
    * Do try to beat Volgin with the Handkerchief/Cigarette Case. 
    It's fun and completely ridiculous.
    * "If you toss a glow cap mushroom anywhere during the battle, it will 
    actually attract Volgin's electric attacks. It only works about twice
    before the mushroom vanishes, but it's a good way to dodge some of 
    his more devastating electric attacks."
    (Submitted by Trip)
    * "If you have the Raikov Mask on at the beginning of the fight 
    Volgin will be distracted, and get down on his knees and say 
    something to the effect of, "Ivan is that really you?". This 
    gives you an opportunity to get a free hit in."
    (Credit to Yggdrasill X)
    * No no no, seriously, that circle shots to the back method is the 
    FASTEST method out there if you do it right. Faster than rifles, 
    explosives, or anything else you can think of. 
    Do it. Do it. Do it. Seriously, do it.
    1. Crush Attack: The Shagohod will constantly be trying to run over
    you, the way to avoid this is to shoot out one of the Shagodhod's 
    treads with the RPG.
    2. Uh, you know, the Shagohod probably has other moves like
    missiles and whatnot but seriously, this boss is a pushover.
    This battle is almost stupidly easy once you've figured out how 
    to damage the thing. Since my first time playing, I have NEVER
    taken a hit from this form.
    Eva will do all the driving for you so don't worry about it much. 
    The best thing to do is use the RPG to blast out the Shagohod's treads.
    This will prevent it from roaming around so freely. By hitting both you
    also make it more difficult for it to turn. As Eva drives around to the 
    back, you will see a damaged area on the Shagohod. Shoot this spot with
    the RPG to start doing damage. This isn't a very tough battle if you're
    quick about shooting those treads.
    * So.....easy.....
    * Oh, if you want to shorten this stupid fight some, during the chase
    scene before it, the Shagohod takes slivers of damage from pounding
    the mid-section with RPG rockets. For all your work you maybe save
    one rocket in this fight but hey, you have to go through the chase
    anyway right?
    * Just for fun, this is a great place to test your tactical reload 
    skills. Can YOU fire two rockets per second? It's too cool ;)
    1. Heavy Machine Gun: The Shagohod turns while firing its heavy 
    machine gun from the front. Run to the side to stay just a step ahead 
    of the (red) shots. Is this a heat ray or something? The Shagohod is 
    vulnerable just after this move finishes.
    2. Front Mounted Guns: If you get within a certain range, the front mounted
    guns begin to fire upon you. These can be dodged by running to the side. 
    The Shagohod is vulnerable just after this move finishes.
    3. Missiles: I'm not sure if these are heat seeking or what but just 
    keeping running to the side to dodge them. The Shagohod is vulnerable 
    just after this move finishes (pattern?).
    You can also shoot them down. (Credit to Mr Boo)
    And duh, you can use Chaffs to make them go all wonky.
    4. Crush Attack: If you're too close to the Shagohod Volgin will shout 
    "I'll grind you into dust!" or something like that and try to run you over. 
    Avoid the treads and just duck to avoid it.
    [The Normal Way:]
    Volgin will begin by chasing Eva around. Volgin still has his electric 
    barrier so frontal attacks are out for now. Equip the RPG and shoot one 
    of the treads of the Shagohod. This kinda shorts out the circuitry for a
    second and Volgin is vulnerable. Now switch weapons and shoot Volgin.
    (That ought to get his attention). Now...uh...start running! Keep running 
    to the side. That dodges EVERYTHING. When you get a chance, rocket the 
    treads and shoot Volgin. That's it. Pretty easy stuff really. Occasionally
    Eva will get the attention back by grenading the Shagohod. When this 
    happens, just start your attack sequence over. Weapons of choice are
    sniper rifles then handguns.
    Even easier way to beat Shagohod+Volgin! Get Volgins attention by 
    rocketing on of the treads and popping him one in the head. When he turns 
    to you, get right in the Shagohod's face and duck. Volgin will try and 
    squish you but he'll pass right over you. Quickly run a few paces out, 
    turn and you'll have a split second to cap Volgin in the head. No rockets! 
    When he turns, Volgin will try and squish you again. Repeat! The only time
    this pattern will break is if Eva throws a grenade at the Shagohod.
    (Credit to some dude on GameFAQs message board. Thanks guy. 
    Contact me for credit please!)
    This method reminds me a lot of MGS2's MG-RAY battle. If you got in 
    their face they'd try that water beam thing over and over. 
    Free max-damage shots right in their face.
    * You CAN use the turrets on the edges of the battle area but.....
    what for? Be a badass!
    * Okay fine, you wanted to use the turrets. Volgin's electric barrier
    can only withstand so much punishment. Just keep working him over.
    Often times, if you pick one and wait until he's far away before
    opening fire, you can defeat him without him ever reaching you. 
    You'll break his barrier, he'll take the hit, rush you while 
    deflecting with his barrier, repeat. THIS cheesy method is the
    easiest/simplest/quickest way.
    1. CQC Grab: The Boss grabs you and CQC's you into oblivion. If you 
    get caught in this, you're going for a ride. On the other hand, you can
    counter her CQC with your own. Just time it so when she grabs you, you 
    try to grab her. You'll end up in command and can launch a quick attack.
    You can also try and react to the initial vibration from the PS2 dual 
    shock controller but that's not always reliable. Don't be too hasty
    either. Sometimes she will try to juke you out by running right for you
    and zipping to the side just before actually grabbing.
    If you're holding a gun when she grabs you she'll dismantle it and
    scatter the gun and several ammo boxes around the field. Cool! With other
    weapons, she'll just take the lot and scatter it.
    2. Cartwheel Stomp: If The Boss sees you lying down somewhere she will 
    rush over and drop a heel right into your back. Not pleasant. If you think 
    The Boss can see you and she starts running towards your direction, GET UP!
    At least you have a chance of countering her CQC grab.
    3. Patriot Machinegun: When shot from afar, after being taken down, or 
    after she catches you in her CQC combo, The Boss will open fire with the 
    patriot machinegun. Just take cover. If you ever DO get hit with this
    from up close, get up quickly and you'll usually have enough 
    invincibility to just run in The Boss' face and start your attack.
    The Boss is usually capable of deflecting bullets with this.
    Let me elaborate some on the fight with The Boss since people seem to
    be having trouble with the basic technique structures previouly 
    described. I didn't realize this was so difficult until I ended up
    with about 40 emails saying otherwise or explaining "better" methods
    like RPGing her into oblivion. Shrug.
    The Boss has a few "modes" that she will enter into during the fight.
    That is, certain attack patterns that she will go into depending
    on the situation.
    A) Sees you and says "Here I come!" or some similar lines. At this point
    she will rush you down and try to CQC grab/cartwheel stomp you. 
    She also dodges most guns with ease.
    B) Sees you and shoots at you with the Patriot. (Remember, the Patriot 
    deflects bullets most of the time. Don't bother shooting). She will be
    facing you with Patriot drawn out in front of her.
    C) Thinks she sees you and shoots at you with the Patriot (or actually
    sees you and is just a poor shot). Usually this is when you just shot
    her and you have a high camo index.
    D) Cannot see you and runs from tree to tree looking for you. When she
    does find you, she'll switch into one of the other offensive modes.
    If she ends up losing you enitrely, she will go straight to (F).
    The Boss is vulnerable when she is peeking around the tree.
    E) Evasion. This comes when she's done her Patriot counterattack or
    she saw you, shot at you, and you took cover. While running, 
    she is vulnerable to attack. She may also use agressive evasion and
    throw out cover fire while running. She will have the Patriot with
    one arm close to her body and be running in another direction while
    shooting in your general vicinity. Unlike the other Patriot attack,
    she is vulnerable during this "cover fire."
    F) Seeking. This is less common but when you COMPLETELY escape The Boss
    sometimes she will think you've disappeared or ran away. This often 
    occurs when you lay down with a good camo combination and jump to 
    90%+ camo index. The Boss will draw her Patriot and begin roaming 
    around without hiding behind anything, leaving herself very vulnerable.
    Be careful though since her "intuition" will usually guide her right 
    toward your location.
    The Boss will switch between each of these styles fluidily so be aware 
    of what's going on. Here's an EXAMPLE flow:
    			A ----> E ----> D ----> B ----> A
    What happens here is The Boss will rush(A). Snake counters a CQC grab and 
    shoots three shots with the Mk22 then runs behind a tree. The Boss 
    Patriot counterattacks while rising then also runs to a tree(E). The Boss
    begins running around looking(D). Snake does not move, The Boss sees
    him and begins to fire on him with the Patriot(B). Then she runs in for
    the kill(A).
    A couple rules:
    * Do NOT try to CQC grab her out of nowhere. She'll flip ya. 
    She'll flip ya for real. 
    * You would do much better wearing snow facepaint/snow camo or 
    some other camo combination that gives you a decent camo index. Nothing 
    exceptionally high is necessary, 60 or better while ducking will do 
    fine. The Boss does not seem to have very good vision even on higher
    * Remember to shoot until she falls. Tactical reloads help with
    the Mosin Nagant.
    * Loud guns give away your position.
    * Thermal Goggles are by no means necessary but they help out a lot.
    (Do I really need to say this?)
    The Boss will always start by running up to you trying for a CQC grab.
    Do as you wish (counter, try to shoot her, run, whatever). Then:
    [Hiding in the flowers aka Crouch/Laying Down Method:]
    While laying down, use first person view and R2 and L2 to peek over the 
    flowers looking for The Boss. Take a shot when you can with but be ready 
    to hide behind a tree or log to avoid her Patriot counterattack.
    The best places to hide are behind the fallen logs. From there, you can 
    peek over them to fire shots then release L2+R2 to duck back down, 
    avoiding the Patriot counterattack. It's not necessary to hide
    behind anything at all but depending on your confidence...
    You can also fire a shot while laying in the open field and use the
    d-pad to shift to the side to barely avoid the Patriot counterattack.
    (Credit to Stonewolf for this reminder)
    Actually, you don't really need to lay down either. As long as your camo 
    index is 60+ it seems The Boss won't ever spot you unless she's right 
    next to you. Crouch.
    [Counter CQC Method:]
    Another key to beating The Boss is to let her CQC grab you...but 
    counter it! She will be left standing vulnerable to a number of attacks.
    Certain attacks will knock her down and allow you to throw in more.
    Other attacks will knock her down but not allow you to try anything
    extra. I don't feel like it's really necessary to make a complete list
    of weapons which do or don't do this but just use your head. If it's a
    big heavy attack, like a shot from the M37 shotgun, you probably won't
    get any more in. On the other hand a P-P-K combo or knife combo will
    let you get a few more in on the ground. If The Boss is knocked to the
    ground violently, you don't get anymore. If she almost looks like she's
    fainting, get a few more hits in. Something I like to do is do several
    of those "weak" attacks that let you keep doing the damage and then
    finish it up with a last "strong" attack. In any case, when The Boss 
    starts getting up, RUN! When she rises, she'll Patriot counterattack 
    so hide behind a tree or keep running to the side. Usually the best
    combo is counter, CQC slam, and then two shots with the Mk22.
    Update: I think there's a time when you CANNOT counter her CQC grab.
    Or at the least, the timing suddenly gets VERY tight. I believe this
    occurs when she is at 1/4 life/stamina.
    Further Update: The CQC is always counter-able. The timing just 
    becomes tougher.
    On higher difficulties you will probably want to use both the 
    "hiding method" and the "counter CQC" methods for defeating The Boss,
    especially if going for the stamina depletion victory. Ammo isn't really 
    plentiful and it's hard to find in the field. One tactic I liked 
    for higher difficulty stamina depletion was to counter CQC and use
    1p-1p-1p to knock her down, then switch to The End's Mosin Nagant 
    and fire two quick shots (using tactical reload) into her. That way you 
    save your Mk22 ammo (and thus, the supressor) for the second half of the 
    battle, where you switch to the safer "quietly hiding in the flowers" style.
    One final method that keeps getting sent to me is using TNT/Claymores after
    knocking The Boss down. When she rises, she is invincible until she stops
    firing her first volley of shots. As soon as she's done, Boom. Yes, this
    does a good deal of damage to her but the problem is on higher difficulties
    she begins to dodge the explosions making the strategy less effective.
    This IS however a good lower difficulty strategy! Unless you wanted a 
    stamina depletion victory.
    Why do you want to blow everything up? This isn't Duke Nukem.
    (Thanks to numerous e-mailers with very similar strategies)
    * This is a VERY free-form battle with many methods of disposal
    available to you. The Boss isn't hard once you know how to react to her
    moves. Some of the funnest dispatch methods are:
    -Handkerchief/Cigarette Case
    -M37 Shotgun
    * Wearing the monkey mask will confuse The Boss for a second. Free hit.
    * Fake Death pills don't phase The Boss. She'll kick you right out of
    your continue screen!
    * On higher difficulties, The Boss will take damage from explosives
    for a while then begin to skillfully dodge them as the fight progresses;
    usually after about the halfway point on her life bar. She also starts
    taking MUCH less damage.
    * Be wearing some cool combination of facepaint and camo before
    ending the battle with The Boss. You'll be wearing that same stuff in
    the subsequent cutscenes. (I CHOOSE YOU KABUKI SCIENTIST-CHU!)
    -- VII. CLOSING ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Thanks for using my first FAQ! If it was helpful to you in anyway, I'd love
    to hear about it: muyemura1--at--comcast---net
    Please be sure to read the introduction about submissions before sending in
    a tactics suggestion!
    Thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging emails about this FAQ!
    Thanks also to everyone who sent strategies and ideas!
    Special thanks to:
    LogicalCricket: Watching The Fear's food.
    Marcus Love: Knifing The Fury.
    Mr Boo: Shooting Shagohod missles.
    JRazx803: Confirmation: Dying before touching The Sorrow's bones will not 
    allow you to get the Spirit Camo.
    Mateus: Chaffing Volgin.
    Rataplein: Door strategy for The Fury.
    Stonewolf: Shimmy dodging The Boss.
    Trip: Volgin hates brightly colored mushrooms?
    USchamp: No saving during The End fight.
    Yggdrasill X: Raikov mask trick during the Volgin fight.
    No thanks to morons. If you don't know who they are, then it's you.
    "EZ gUn R0X0Rz!! lOL!!11"
    Favorite (functional) facepaint/camo combination: 
    Zombie/Spirit(+Stealth for bonus fun! Unequip it just before KILLING. BOO!)
    Runners up: Splitter/Snake, Zombie/Fire
    Man, I love that zombie facepaint.
    Copyright 2004 Marc Uyemura

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