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    Snake Vs. Monkey FAQ by Crazyreyn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            S N A K E  V S  M O N K E Y  F A Q
                      Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, PlayStation 2
                            Snake vs Monkey FAQ, Version 1.0
                               Last Updated - 28/03/2005
                        By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
                 Copyright (c)2005 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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    Hello and welcome to the Snake vs Monkey FAQ. This FAQ aims to give you
    the locations of the monkeys in each stage, along with a walkthrough to
    get you the highscore. This is also tailored toward the PAL game, covering
    the additional two levels that were included. I'll also give you a low down
    on the winnings too.
    I hope you enjoy using the guide and that it helps you out.
    - Reyn
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Version History
    2. What is Snake vs Monkey mode?
    3. Stages
      3.01. Escape From The Jungle
      3.02. Dragnet Of The Apes
      3.04. Dawn Of The Apes
      3.04. Ape Fear
      3.05. Gone With The Apes
      3.06. Return Of The Living Apes
      3.07. The Apes Of Wrath
    4. Rewards
    5. Conclusion and Special Thanks
    Searching -
    Simply copy and paste the section you want to go to into the Find box (to open
    it, press CTRL+F). Now press enter twice and you will be taken to your selected
                                  1. VERSION HISTORY
    | Version 1.0 - 28/03/2005 |
    The first version of the FAQ, with fall walkthroughs and monkey locations
    for all stages. Expect maps of each stage in the near future!
                            2. WHAT IS SNAKE VS MONKEY MODE?
    Snake vs Monkey is a fun minigame where Snake has to capture all the monkeys
    within an area. First you must stun them with either the Monkey Shaker or
    Stun Grenades, then capture them before they awaken. There are seven stages
    which are taken from the game, with the apes being hidden and placed in some
    tricky spots.
    You have some other items to aid you, such as the Thermal Goggles,
    Active Sonar, Directional Microphone and the Digital Camera. You will find
    these items in different stages and to unlock them so you can use them
    elsewhere, find them in that stage and finish the stage. Locations of them are-
    Thermal Goggles - Dawn Of The Apes
    Active Sonar - Dragnet Of The Apes
    Directional Microphone - Escape From The Jungle
    Digital Camera - Gone With The Apes
    Also note that you only start with the first three of the stages unlocked;
    completing the game allows you to access the other stages.
    Although this is mainly a fun side part of the game but you can also net some
    rewards from it too. Simply completing all the stages nets you the Monkey Mask
    item, whereas beating the highscores set out for you gets you to Banana camo.
    Within each stage I had noted a list of all the monkey locations (if you
    want to simply complete the stages or if you are missing any) as well as
    a high score walkthrough. This is a walkthrough of monkeys to get in a certain
    order so you can get the high score and thus unlock the Banana camo.
    I've tested out many ways and I have found these here to be the best, however
    I'm doubt if they ARE the best. Email me if you can do better!
    Here are several tips to help you -
    - Try not to alarm the apes whenever you can. Although in certain circumstances
      you cannot avoid it, don't be an idiot and remain stealthy where ever you
      can. If you do alarm them then the siren on their heads will go red and the
      alert music will go off. Stun them quickly before they barrage you with
      attacks or alarm others, but they will go back to caution after a short
      amount of time.
    - Use stun grenades for multiple apes.
    - If you cannot find apes, use the active sonar.
    - The Thermal Goggles are very helpful in the outside stages.
    - Play the stage over and over until you get a good order of apes and their
      patterns. Experiment to see what happens when you take a different route.
    - Punching or rolling into apes don't stun them. They just make them more
      angry. At a guess.
                                       3. STAGES
     3.01. Escape From The Jungle
    Location - Dremuchij South (first area)
    Monkeys - 9
    Times - 1. 01:20:36
            2. 01:20:36
            3. 01:50:36
    Items - Directional Microphone; just to the left of where you begin
    Monkey Locations
     1. Just North West of where you start
     2. On log / mound in the south west area
     3. Crawling around in the south west area
     4. On the southern edge (far right)
     5. Patrolling the west hill
     6. Top of west hill
     7. On the top of the tall central moss tree
     8. On a branch on the tall central moss tree
     9. South of the tall central moss tree
    High Score Walkthrough
    Go left and shoot the lone ape (1) then the one of the log to the left (2).
    Climb up the log and if you look in first person, a monkey will crawl from
    the right; shoot and catch (3). Head back over the log and traverse over to
    the right, taking a detour to the ape on the edge on the right side (4).
    Begin to head up the western grass hill and shoot and catch the ape as you go
    (5) as well as the one at the top (6) - hopefully this one won't fall down
    below and alarm the others; if he does, restart. From the edge here look
    up and shoot the ape on top of the central tall moss tree (7) as well as one
    on a lower branch (8). Slide down here and grab them as they land, then
    shoot the final ape to the south of here (he will be alarmed, but you should
    have enough time to cap his ass) (9).
     3.02. Dragnet Of The Apes
    Location - Dremuchij North (first guarded area)
    Monkeys - 15
    Times - 1. 01:45:36
            2. 02:15:36
            3. 03:00:36
    Items - Active Sonar; just to the north east of where you start
    Monkey Locations
     1. Hanging off the moss tree in the south
     2. Dancing round the tree in the south
     3. Dancing round the tree in the south
     4. Dancing round the tree in the south
     5. By the log in the south
     6. South East, patrolling
     7. East, hiding in the log
     8. On top of the central mound (lands in the east area)
     9. East, on top of the tall tree
     10. North East, patrolling
     11. North, by the sign post
     12. North, patrolling
     13. North west, patrolling
     14. North west, sitting on the rock
     15. West, hiding in the log
    High Score Walkthrough
    You'll be making a anti clockwise sweep of this area. Head west and take out
    the ape hanging off the moss tree (1). As he falls quickly stun grenade the
    three dancing apes (2-4) nearby so you can catch all four at once. Catch the
    monkey by the log to the south here (5) then head over to the east grassy area.
    Catch the patrolling ape (6) then the one hiding inside the log (7). Now look
    to the west, toward the mount and use your weapon to zoom in. You should see
    the head of a monkey on there. Shoot him (8) then the ape on the tree just
    on the right (9) then head to the tree where they will both fall at. An ape
    patrols just north here (10) then head north east to where the exit should be.
    An ape is by the sign post (11) and another will be located just in front (12)
    so shoot them both then catch together. Head west now; catch the patrolling
    ape (13), the one of the rock (14) and the final one in the log just south
    of here (15).
     3.03. Dawn Of The Apes
    Location - Rassvet (area where Sokolov held)
    Monkeys - 21
    Times - 1. 02:00:36
            2. 02:30:36
            3. 03:15:36
    Items - Thermal Goggles; just north of where you begin
    Monkey Locations
     1. Hanging from the west girder area
     2. West, up the stairs
     3. West, walking along the girder
     4. North west, hiding by the crate next to the building
     5. South, patrolling
     6. South, patrolling
     7. Centre, dancing to the music
     8. Centre, dancing to the music
     9. Centre, dancing to the music
     10. Centre, dancing to the music
     11. Centre, dancing to the music
     12. Centre, dancing to the music
     13. Centre, dancing to the music
     14. Centre, dancing to the music
     15. Centre, dancing to the music
     16. North, on top of a crate
     17. North, patrolling round said crate
     18. In the room where Sokolov was being held
     19. Sitting on the window in the building
     20. Patrolling in the north east
     21. On the roof
    High Score Walkthrough
    Head north and enter the base grounds from the western side. Capture the
    hanging ape (1) then head up the stairs where the next one is lying down (2).
    Turn round and shoot the alarmed ape on the girder (3) then head straight right
    and drop down for the catch. Go north to the crates next to the building where
    an ape is hiding (4). Now head south out of the base grounds to the grassy
    area, where there are two patrolling apes; one should be right next to where
    you exit (5) and the other to the south or south east here (6). Now head north
    to where the group of nine dancing apes are. Chuck in stun grenade into the 
    pack and start capturing; you may need to use another halfway as some could
    awaken (7-15). North of here is a step, with a doorway on the right and
    crates to the north. From the step shoot the ape on the crate (16) and then
    get the other ape patrolling around the crate (17).
    Enter the doorway and head straight through to the room where Sokolov was
    being held and make sure you stick to the left side not to alarm the monkey
    on the window. The ape is by the fireplace (18). Head back and now shoot
    the window ape and exit via the same way (19). Shoot the monkey to the north
    that's patrolling (20) then climb that ladder leading to the final ape that's
    residing on the roof (21).
     3.04. Ape Fear
    Location - Bolshaya Past Base
    Monkeys - 18
    Times - 1. 03:00:36
            2. 03:30:36
            3. 04:30:36
    Items - N/A
    Monkey Locations
     1. Up the tree next to where you begin
     2. South, patrolling
     3. South trench
     4. South of building, patrolling
     5. Roof of main central building
     6. Dancing inside the west room of the main central building
     7. Dancing inside the west room of the main central building
     8. Dancing inside the west room of the main central building
     9. In the east room of the main central building
     10. Lying outside the weapons shed, just north of central building
     11. On top of Mesal Gear
     12. North, patrolling between trench and fence
     13. On top of north building
     14. North, patrolling around north building
     15. North East, patrolling in trees
     16. North East, hiding by the crates by the building there
     17. North West, patrolling around trees
     18. North / North West trench
    High Score Walkthrough
    Move to the right and shoot the ape in the tree (sitting on the branch next
    to the trunk) (1) followed by the ape running your way from the right (2).
    Move toward the building, and catch the ape in the trench to the right of the
    bridge (he will stick his head out) (3) and the ape between the bridge and
    the building itself (4). Head up the roof via the ladder on the right and
    capture the ape up here (5). Drop down on the south side (to the left of the
    door) and chuck a stun grenade in so you can capture all three dancing apes
    from left to right (6-8). Now quickly look through the right door way and
    shoot the alarmed ape next door before he runs out (9). If he does then you
    can get him in just a second, as he is going our way anyway.
    Exit through that far door and take out the ape lying in front of the shed just
    above here (10). Head east to Mesel Gear and shoot down the ape standing on the
    top (11) whom you can catch at the front. Head north in-between the two walls
    and shoot the patrolling ape (12) then head through the fence. There is an ape
    on the roof here (13), one patrolling round this building (14) and one in the
    trees to the right (15). Head to the building in the north east corner where
    you will find ape number (16) hiding by a crate). The final two are located
    to the far West, patrolling around the trees (17) and in the north / north
    west trench (18). Once you have this pattern nailed you should do this with
    a good 15-20 seconds to spare.
     3.05. Gone With The Apes
    Location - Graniny Gorki Lab
    Monkeys - 18
    Times - 1. 02:30:36
            2. 03:00:36
            3. 03:45:36
    Items - Digital Camera; 2nd Floor in the North locker room (the third locker
                            from the left)
    Monkey Locations
     1. Behind the reception desk
     2. Lying on a table to the left of the reception desk
     3. Patrolling the corridor north of the reception
     4. In the corner of the north balcony room (1F)
     5. Patrolling the north balcony room (1F)
     6. Walking across the 2F balcony (falls down to the 1F)
     7. North balcony room, far right side next to stairs (1F)
     8. Central Corridor, patrolling
     9. East Corridor, patrolling
     10. Library, on south wall
     11. Library, in north west corner
     12. In the courtyard
     13. Courtyard roof; stand in the west, shoot off ape on east roof
     14. Patrolling the north balcony room (2F)
     15. Toilet, far cubicle (2F)
     16. Locker room (2F)
     17. South corridor, patrolling (2F)
     18. Courtyard, corner (2F)
    High Score Walkthrough
    Head round the corner and shoot the ape behind the reception desk (1) then left
    to the one lying down (2) and capture them in the far corner. Catch the
    patrolling ape just north here (3) then enter the doorway at the end into the
    balcony room 1F. There are apes in the north east corner (4) and patrolling
    in the room (5). On the floor above is a balcony; shoot the ape that's
    walking across it and catch him when he drops down (6). The last on here
    is the ape on the far right by the stairs (7).
    Head out and now down the corridor. There is an ape patrolling just round
    the first corner (8) then another at the east end by the two rooms (9).
    Enter the first of the two rooms where there's an ape on the south wall (10)
    and another in the far corner (11). Exit and enter the next doorway to the
    courtyard. Capture the ape here (12) then stand on the west side and shoot the
    ape on the east rooftop (13). Head back inside and upstairs to the second
    floor, where there is a patrolling ape inside the upstairs balcony room (14).
    Head north and enter the second door on the right to the toilets, where an
    ape is using the can on the far cubicle (15). Exit and head left to the
    locker room (16) then south back to the balcony room. The last two apes are
    in the south area; head west then south down the corridor where an ape
    is patrolling (17) and out the door to the courtyard where the final ape is
    in the corner (18).
     3.06. Return Of The Living Apes
    Note that this stage is exclusive to the PAL version of MGS3.
    Location - Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing (Shagohod area)
    Monkeys - 10
    Times - 1. 02:15:36
            2. 02:45:36
            3. 03:30:36
    Items - N/A
    Monkey Locations
     1. Up the stairs from where you begin
     2. Running around the south area
     3. East, on a crate
     4. On top of the Shagohod, falls down left steps
     5. North west corner, high up on ledge*
     6. Back of lorry in the north*
     7. North east corner, on ledge
     8. North east corner, on ledge
     9. North east corner, on ledge
     10. On walkway right of the Shagohod
    *In the high score walkthrough, both move to the ground level of the north
     west corner. The best way to get ape no. 5 down from the ledge is to set off
     the alarm by walking in front of the Shagohod.
    High Score Walkthrough
    Go up the stairs and shoot the ape at the top (1). Capture him then go left and
    hand and drop off the walkway to the ground (yes, Snake does break his leg
    but it won't affect the time). Wonder left a little and shoot the ape that
    is running around in this open area (2). Head south west then up the stairs
    to the west area. Capture the ape sitting on the crate (3) then capture him by
    climbing the said crate. Look to the east and shoot the ape on top of the
    Shagohod (4) then head up the stairs on the right and you will catch him as you
    ascend the stairs. Walk in front of the Shagohod to set off an alarm; head
    back to the top of the stairs and leap off the north side and run onward.
    Look ahead and you'll get two apes in the far corner; chuck a stun grenade
    at them then drop down again to their level and do the same again and
    capture them (5,6).
    Head right through the lorries to a ramp. Now there are three apes on the
    ledge to the right here, however sometimes one or two drop down so have your
    weapon handy in case. Stun grenade the apes on the ledge so they get angry
    and drop down, so you can capture them (7-9). The last ape is on the walkway
    next to the Shagohod. Climb onto the nearby platform and chuck a stun grenade
    up there so he comes down toward you (10). Sometimes he may not do this,
    so try again if it fails.
     3.07. The Apes Of Wrath
    Note that this stage is exclusive to the PAL version of MGS3.
    Location - Rokovoj Bereg (The Boss battle)
    Monkeys - 16
    Times - 1. 02:00:36
            2. 02:30:36
            3. 03:15:36
    Items - N/A
    Monkey Locations
    Two things here - use the Thermal Goggles as it makes finding the apes 10 times
    easier (from stage 3, Dawn Of The Apes) and also the Active Sonar if you lose
     1. South, sitting on log
     2. South, sitting on log
     3. East, patrolling
     4. East, on log
     5. East, around log
     6. East, around log
     7. East, around log (base of tree)
     8. North, patrolling
     9. North, up tree*
     10. North West, tree base
     11. North West, dancing around tree
     12. North West, dancing around tree
     13. North West, dancing around tree
     14. North West, dancing around tree
     15. West, patrolling
     16. West, up tree*
    *In some cases these tree apes come down onto the ground.
    High Score Walkthrough
    Turn around the capture the two sitting on the log (1,2) then the ape
    patrolling to the east (3). Head north / north east to the fallen tree
    with apes all over it. Use a stun grenade and capture the four apes including
    the one by the tree base which you may miss (4-7). Continue north and
    capture the patrolling ape (8) and the ape up the tree (9). Go west (a bit of
    village people there) and capture the ape by the base of the tree (10) then
    stun grenade the four dancing apes just south of there (11-14). The final
    two apes are to the south, one is patrolling (15) and the other up a tree (16).
    As long as you use the thermal goggles here this is a cake walk and could
    be done in 1:20 easily. If you lose track of any apes then use the Active Sonar
    to find them again.
                                      4. REWARDS
    What? Rewards? Surely not! Although this is a really fun mini game you can
    unlock two items to use in the main game. They aren't major items or in fact
    decent ones, but you want everything right? Here's the rundown on what the
    two rewards are and how to unlock them.
    Monkey Mask
    What is it - An item, NOT a face paint.
    Purpose - I'm not sure... I think it can confuse certain bosses and guards
              however! I'm sure it stays on in cutscenes as well!
    How to unlock - Complete each stage.
    Banana Camouflage
    What is it - Camouflage
    Purpose - It makes every item taste good. Not at all good for stealth though.
    How to unlock - Beat the highscore on each stage.
                            5. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS
    That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
    one form or another, and that it has been easy to use. If you could, please
    either ask me questions, suggestions, comments or contributions at 
    crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com. Also could you rate this FAQ so I could get some 
    feedback. Thank you for reading.
     | Special Thanks to these who have contributed to the guide in some way... |
    CJayC (Gamefaqs) -      For accepting this guide and for creating the best site
                            on the internet. Thanks! http://www.gamefaqs.com
    IGN -                   For accepting this guide and for creating an awesome
                            video games site. Thanks! http://www.ign.com
    Konami -                For creating one awesome game!
    ASCII Generator -       For producing the text ASCII for my Crazyreyn sig.
                            Thanks, and is a great site if you need any ASCII text.
    El Greco -              For referencing the names of the areas where all the
                            stages where located. Perhaps the greatest MGS writer,
                            check out his work!
             | Special Thanks to these who are my good GameFAQS friends... |
    Robert Lane        (Lanerobertlane)
    Richard Arnett     (Guitarfreak86)
    Ryan Harrison      (RHarrison0987)
    Thomas Carter      (Carter12)
    Duncan Hardy       (Super Nova)
    Rebecca Skinner    (Karpah)
    Martin Dale-Hench  (Fox)
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    Trace Jackson      (Meowthnum1)
    Richard B.         (Gbness)
    Steve McFadden     (Psycho Penguin)
    Chris Noonan       (Merca)
    Colin Scully       (me frog)
    Tom Hayes          (THayes)
    And everyone else at the FAQ Contributors board! Also a nod to the GameFAQs
    UK board, for being so damn funny. :)
    If I have forgotten you, then please contact me and I'll fix your name up here!
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    By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2005 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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