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"The best game I've ever played..."

I haven't played any of the other Metal Gear Solid games, but after playing this one, I'm eager to see if they're as great as this one.

In MGS3, you play as Snake, who is sent by the U.S. to rescue a weapons scientist that is involuntarily helping the Russians develop a weapon of mass destruction. Your job is to infiltrate the area, rescue him, and escape, but as you play through the game, the plot takes all kinds of twists and turns, which makes for one incredible gaming experience.

The gameplay is great, and I really liked the camouflage system, array of collectible weapons and items, and environments you experience along the way. The game is extremely fun to play, and I highly recommend it to any gamer. The game's difficulty isn't too hard, but there were some tough moments in there. If it's too hard or easy, you can adjust the game's difficulty according to your skill level.

The story of MGS3 was phenomenal! It was my favorite part of the game, and that's saying a lot since story usually isn't a huge deal for me. The story of this game is, without a doubt, the greatest story of any game I've ever played. The characters are one of my favorite parts. As the game progresses, it's easy to become attached to them. The plot has all kinds of twists and turns that makes this game very enjoyable.

Graphics don't matter as much as gameplay and story to me. That doesn't mean they don't matter at all, though. Luckily MGS3's graphics are very nice. I didn't play this game when it first came out so I can't compare its graphics to those of other games of its time. However, I think the graphics are still very nice. Environments are detailed and look very pretty. The sound is also very good.

The game took me about 15 hours to complete. Not too long, but not too short. It has good replayability with plenty of items, weapon, and techniques to collect and use. You can play through it guns-a-blazing or play as stealthy as possible and not kill anyone. It's not one of those games you beat in one day, then want to take it back for an exchange. So, overall, good length and replayability.

My final recommendation is GET THIS GAME! It is the best game I've played and is incredibly fun.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/26/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Greatest Hits) (US, 12/31/05)

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