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"How does it taste? …Well, not to bad at all"

Gamers are no stranger to the Metal Gear franchise, and with the release of the Solid series the awareness of this franchise only became friendlier. The creation of Snake Eater gave the players the chance learn and play in the back story of the Metal Gear Solid series a little.

Story 10/10

Well, the story of this game is very interesting and very mysterious with several twists. The story seems to make it a fine point to keep the player guessing and on edge of their chair. So off hand it seems that the story of this game can match the stories that some roll playing games possess which is very satisfactory yet a little alarming for a stealth action game.

Graphics/Sound 10/10

These are the aspects of the game that truly give the game a sense of completeness. Starting with the sound effects they are very good and make no waste of what the system is capable of. The voice acting is very respectable because it adds the right tone when needed. Like most aspects of sound the music in this game is very well composed from the tense battle music to the beautiful song in the opening and other areas of the game. Another huge aspect of this game is the graphics in which do not look bad by any means in the cinemas and most importantly the game play.

Gameplay 9/10

This game is very fun which is helped by a few things. First off the game gives the player a fairly long opening seen that they can skip if they choose to. The player then gets to learn how to be stealth in the forest or jungle like area that the game takes place in. This game gives the player a good amount of time to get used to the controls which at first are a little clumsy feeling for most people who have never played a Metal Gear Solid game before, but it doesn't take very long to get use to them. At first they may feel a little odd, but later their simplicity and practicality will in turn save the player. The game looks great and plays even better mainly because the way the camera is set up it will rarely, if ever, be a burden on the player. This game has many unique boss battles that each have their own level of difficulty also they require a different strategy in order to survive them much less win them. The game has humor which may seem odd for a stealth action game that takes place during the Cold War. Some of this humor comes in the form of when you use the communicator and save. All in all the game play is nothing to sneer at.

Play Time/ Replayablity 5/10

This is where this game starts to take a hit. First off if one was skillful and lucky enough one could probably rush through the game and beat in a day or two which isn't too bad because this game really draws players in. Once the player completes the game, however, it seems way too hard to want to go back and replay it due to the fact that the player all ready knows what happens once they complete this game for the first time, thus is the fate of most games that are highly story driven. This game does feature mini-games, but I don't know if that is enough to get the player to go back and play the game a second time through.

Overall Score 9/10

There you have one nice little package called Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. All in all not a bad game by any means so go ahead and buy it, but remember its replay value so remember to play it slowly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/14/09

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (US, 11/17/04)

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