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"I take back my score of 2/10"

I earlier posted a review giving this game 2 out of 10, mainly because The End is an awful boss fight which wastes huge amounts of time in which the player could be doing something more enjoyable, like gouging his own eyes out.

I wish to take back my comments and review my score downwards. I would actually give this game a zero, but Gamefaqs does not have this score.

I did eventually beat The End, and got a bit further into the game. I took out The Fury, which is a far better boss fight than those you experience up to that point. I beat him on the first effort, but it was close, and it never felt unfair or cheap. This was a nice respite from the boring trudging around in the jungle. However, once you get into the army base there are now so many guards and guard dogs in any given area that the idea of beating this game stealthily is now a huge joke.

An example. I am crouching by a wall with the best camouflage rating I can get, checking my sonar (nothing) and motion detector (nothing). I look all around me and can't see a thing. I move a couple inches to the right, and BOOM, off goes the alarm and within seconds I'm surrounded by enough guards to fill a major sports stadium. Stealth? Yeah, OK...

The only option is to blast the hell out of everything in sight, and if you want a shooting game, there are many better ones than this. Ones where you can jump, for instance, and aim properly so that you don't miss when you're trying to hit an enemy who is one meter away from you, only to find that your bullets fly off at a 45 degree tangent.

Speaking of the combat system (seeing how it's almost impossible to avoid), it is garbage. An enemy with a shield will smash you into the floor without fail, taking a good chunk of your life bar with it, whereas you can run around a large area with ten or more soldiers shooting at you and barely sustain the slightest injury. Oh, until the dogs get in on the act. Five soldiers shooting at you from a few meters away will hardly damage you, but two dogs will shred you in moments. There are so many inconsistencies in this system that it's ridiculous.

After the sixth or seventh attempt at getting through this area by using some kind of intelligence, I decided I could no longer be bothered. The disc which held this game is now in several dozen pieces in the trash, where it belongs.

It may be easy to imagine that I am a Metal Gear anti-fanboy. The truth is not that simple. I thought MGS1 on the Playstation was a good game with some great moments and, unlike many people, I rated MGS2 as one of the best games I've ever played, weird story and all. Why MGS3 is such a crushingly awful experience, I really can't work out.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 01/11/10, Updated 01/15/10

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (JP, 12/16/04)

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