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""There's only room for one Boss...""

Let's get right to it.

Graphics: 9/10

Wow. I didn't think the PS2 could even pull off graphics like this. The visuals are absolutely stunning. Every character model is well detailed, and the environments are great. The effects (especially fire and water) are breathtaking. The only reason this gets a point off is because of some minor slowdown during a few battles. A lot of enemies or effects will cause some minor slowdown. Nothing worse than what was in MGS2 though. Also, the screen looks kind of choppy in one area that has a large lake in it.

Music: 10/10

Everything sounds great. The opening theme "Snake Eater" blows MGS2's main theme out of the water. The MGS series theme is well integrated into scenes that gives the scene an extra emotional charge. The ending theme is also pretty good.

Voice Acting: 8/10

Most of the voice actors are good. In fact, all of them are good. The only problem to me was the fact that all the russians not only speak english, but speak it without a russian accent. Now, this makes sense for Ocelot and other special forces soldiers, but the only guy that even shows a hint of an accent is Garnin. Ocelot is actually one of the best voices. Very good talent. Snake is his good old badass self. Eva is well acted, and the Boss is excellent too. The bosses all sound good, cept the Fear, he sounds a little weird. Doesn't inspire much "fear" to hear him all whinny. Raikov is also a little weird. He sounds like a chick. I also experienced some technical difficulties with the Radio. The voices are a little choppy.

Controls: 8/10

All the controls are fluid for weapons and items. CQC is a little iffy. It might just be my controller, but it seems like I always end up accidentally slitting a guards throat instead of interrogating him. The start menu is well done, but is a little aggravating. Overall it works fine.

Fun: 10/10

This game is definetly the most fun of the MGS series. The Bosses are challenging without being annoyingly cheap, and the guards are all pretty intelligent. So many choices help make the replay value much better. Lots of stuff to unlock and replay with. Just a reminder, you keep all the camos you got on your first game in the next game.

Final thoughts:

This game has a great story that's not too twisted like MGS2. The characters are all excellently developed and acted. The massive amount of replayability makes this game a must have. The cutscenes are also ver well done and very beautiful. I would highly recommend this game to anyone that enjoyed previous MGS games.

Final: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/04

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