"Gaming Bliss"

Hideo Kojima is a video game genius. He continues to push epic story and game play with some of the best graphics this generation has seen. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will keep you glued to your PS2 from start to finish.

Game Play 10/10

Where do I start? The camouflage? The curing of wounds? Trapping and eating to keep stamina? Every aspect of the game play is fine tuned. Everything makes me grin with gamers delight when I think about playing this game. This game is deep. No radar. This truly is a sneaking mission. The AI will hunt like a dog with dogs. Throughout the whole game you will feel like a super spy. No, better yet you will be Snake.

Story 10/10

Hideo packs a punch. I do not want to give anything away but it is brilliant. I found myself totally immersed from start to finish. The cut scenes, the real use of footage from the 1960's, someone get this man an award for making a movie and gaming experience into one.

Graphics 10/10

Arguably the best the PS2 has ever seen. The water looks beautiful. The jungle comes to life before your very eyes. Everything in this game is a marvel to look at. Starring into the television gets me lost in this work of gaming art.

Sound 10/10

The jungle is alive with the sounds of animals and running water. Leaves blow through the trees and make a lovely rustling sound. I highly recommend playing this game with surround sound. The sound makes the jungle experience so alive it hurts. Also, the voice acting is on par with the best Hollywood movies. Konami goes all out to make sure their game is 100% in every area.

Control 9/10

If you have played any Metal Gear Solid you are right at home. My only one complaint is the camera. I wish it was a little easier to see around my beloved character.

Overall 10/10

The only reason not to own this game is if you hate the genre. Go buy this game now! I am in love.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/04

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