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Reviewed: 11/22/04

Paid the cost, to be the boss

Just 2 years ago all MGS fans didn't expect to see another sequel. Metal Gear creator and Director Hideo Kojima announced that he would not make a third installment of his epic game. At least that was until E3 03. The first released video of MGS3 was a blow to knock the wind out of any MG fan. Sure enough, an announcement was made that Metal Gear Solid 3 was in the work. Finally it's here. But the question on everyone's mind, is... is it good? The answer is simply, YES. Kojima has put a new twist to the MGS series by taking the game back to 1964 during the cold war. You take the role of Snake... Yes, Snake. Naked Snake that is. I was grateful that we didn't have to sit through another MGS that involved prissy, pansy boy Raiden. In this installment Snake is sent into a Russian jungle to rescue a scientist by the name of Sokolov. He is sent into the jungle by way of Parachute and is to secure weapons on-site, meaning he is sent in with nothing but his wits and a Mk. 22 tranq pistol. His back up on the other side of his radio is Major Tom, a James Bond fan from the word go (It sounds odd, but wait until you hear some conversations with him and calling Snake "double 0 Snake"). The mei Ling of MGS3 is a woman names Para-Medic, not quite as chatty as Mei Ling, but very close... She is the person that you will contact to save your game and will talk about every movie she has seen recently and the messages behind them.

The graphics are simply amazing. Everything is highly detailed, even weeds and bushes. The world is crawling with wildlife and just feels alive. You will see tree frogs, snakes, mushrooms, fruit, and so on to feed off of. The new camo system works well with the game and really helps you blend in with the environment, even though it's a little hard to get used to at first. I found myself forgetting about it at times. Snakes health meter now has a stamina bar. As long as the stamina bor is white, you are able to hang from trees longer, and stay underwater longer. As Snake grows more hungry the stamina meter begins to fall, Snake has a hard time aiming and his stomach begins to growl, brining unwanted attention from nearby soldiers.

Another new addition to Snakes health is the fact he can take semi permanent wounds. If Snake takes a bullet, or gets burned, some of his health will turn red, and he cannot regain that health until you cure it. This is done by a sub menu. You are able to go into the menu and dig the bullet out with your knife, put some disinfectant on and bandage it. Even though that this sounds like a chore, it's really not, and adds to the whole survival element. The only problem with the game is the radar is gone and you have to rely on the camera position to help you out, which unfortunantly doesn't help much.

When you are caught by an enemy soldier, you of course go into alert mode, and swarms of baddies keep on you. Trying to hide is near impossible in alert mode, even when they don't see you hide, they seem to always know where you are. Snake also seems to be able to take getting shot quite a bit, cause in a gunfight with hordes of enemies will turn you into swiss cheese but your health doesn't drop as fast as it should.

MGS3 also has a new cast of bad guys. This new bunch is called the Cobra Unit. Kojima is known for his off the wall bad guys and this is no exception. the Cobra Unit has to be his most original enemies yet. The new guys are, The Pain, The Fear, The Fury, The Sorrow, and The End. Each of these new bad boys are very challenging and very fun to fight, with the occasional bit of frustration thrown in. Each boss has a unique ability and a unique way they need to be taken out. Some also require a little patience, like the fight with The End, which commonly lasts well over 30 minutes (it took me over an hour).

The voice talent in the MGS series has always been a plus. and MGS3 delivers the same quality. The voice acting is dead on, with a few minor forced lines. The story in the game has to be one of the greatest parts of the game. I have heard mixed feelings from diffrent people on this, but I loved the story, and did give insight to the previous games. In the first hour of the game you will be blown away by how deep the story gets. In MGS3 Snake seems a little green, and in the intro movie, a guy calls Snake a panty waist. Don't worry though, he may be a little green, but nothing can compair to the wuss factor Raiden had in the previous game.

All in all the game is near perfect. I do admit that if I wasn't a hard core MGS fan, I would have been lost in this game thanks to all of the references from the previous games. This game is not as hard to understand as MGS2 and will be easier for you to wrap yourself into. There is no doubt that you will want to play this game more than once to find all of the hidden stuff through it. MGS has been known to have many easter eggs in it, which makes it fun to play through again and again. Also added in the mix is Snake Vs. Apes. A mix of MGS and Ape Escape. Even though the idea sounds absurd, it's challenging and fun to play, bringing the overall replay value up a notch. Maybe this will be enough to hold the rabid MGS fan until MGS4 which was recently announced.

The good: It's Metal Gear, The lush environments, the Cobra Unit, the story,
characters, ect, ect... add your good stuff here ________________________

The bad: no radar, and some awkward camera angles give you a hard time during fights.

The ugly: Snake seems to get the living crap beat out of him quite a bit during this one.

9.8 For this one people. If you love Metal Gear, go to the ATM, get $50 and buy this today. If you have never played MGS and want to try something that's a little deeper than Splinter Cell, go and rent it, it's worth it

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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