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"Game of the Year material and a amazing game all around for anyone and everyone!"

I rented this game a few days ago. I was planning on buying whether I rented it or not.. so did beating the game change my mind in buying it? Nope, I am still buying this game because of several things. I will sum it all up in an official review..

Gameplay 10 out of 10 - I am a harcore gamer and I am quite picky about gameplay and unless the gameplay is superb, it doesn't get a 10. Snake Eater's gameplay is PERFECT! There is truly nothing I do not like. Everything gameplay-wise is so amazing. Gameplay brings a game together and the gameplay in this game is no exception. You have the new CQC (close quarters combat) feature which is cool because it allows you to do some cool combat moves. The gameplay has improved vastly in many ways since Sons of Liberty. You still have many similar things in common in terms of gameplay from the past games, but since this is MGS.. it's not a bad thing. I seriously see NOTHING wrong with the gameplay. The A.I. is excellent and everything is just so well tuned for this game that it makes it seem worth the full 50 bucks! Overall, if your a gamer who is all about the gameplay then this will live up to your expectations of a video game with stunning gameplay.

Sound 10 out of 10 - Let me start off and say that the music is simply amazing and for the MGS series, the music has always been amazingly good for a game. The weapons sound like they are supposed to and the voice acting is pretty good.. Some people are complaining about the voicing in the game. Some say that David Hayter's (Voice of Snake) is bad, but David Hayter's voice as snake as grown on me and it wouldn't feel the same if someone else voiced snake (and I know alot of people will agree). The helicopters, motorcycles, other vehicles sound really good and like they are supposed to. Overall, sound is a big part of a game and snake eater's sound/ music is top notch.

Other Options 10 out of 10 - Normally I wouldn't include something such as options in my reviews, but the options this game has deserves major props because some of the options of this game add extra replay value. First off, I must comment on the camoflauge options of this game. In the game, you can modify your own appearance with comoflauge which some you must find and some are available from the start. Now camo is really important in this game because it's the key to being seen or being nearly invisible to the naked eye. Now not only do you have to find camo, you can also download new ones when they become available online! Now if that isn't sweet then I don't know what is! Another option is the Snake vs Monkey option which in my opinion is a bit odd for a MGS game. It's a very interesting feature to play around with once in awhile. There are also many options on how to get rid of your enemies.. You can shoot a hornets nest down on them and make the hornets sting the hell outta them, you can just shoot them, you can put them to sleep with your tranquilizer gun, you can throw a snake at them, or many other things. Also, I must mention the options of what you eat are amazingly vast. Eating snakes is only the tip of the iceberg.. You can eat birds, rabbits, frogs, bats, mushrooms, snakes, alligators, rats, and many other creatures I can't think of off the top of my head.. Overall, the options this game gives you is awesome to say the least.

Graphics 10 out of 10 - The graphics this game gives you is so realistic and cool. Explosions look sweeter this time around and the fire looks so real that it's almost uncanny.. The leaves and thick brush that provides you some nice hideout is very graphically realistic because it moves like it should in the situation of moving through it. The models of the characters are nothing short of stunning. Snake looks better than ever along with the arsenal of evil bosses and villains that you know this game is going to throw at you. Speaking of bosses.. The bosses look amazing and each one has interesting appearances.. The shadowing is so realistic in this game too (The way the light tends to shine ever so lighty through the trees and branches.) The plane, tanks, motorcycles, building, and other models look excellent. The environments are also more than graphically fit and you can see the true power of the console at work. Overall, some say the graphics make the game.. I say that these graphics are pretty damn good, but the game stands on it's own even if the graphics didn't look as perfect and as smooth as they do..

Story 10000 out of 10 - Don't worry, I am not going to say much about the story because I do not want to spoil it for anyone. The story in the beginning isn't that heavy because your kind of just getting into the game and trying to get everything down pact. The story is similar to the last 2 (political wars) but just because a story is similar don't mean that it ties into the past 2 because it don't tie in much because this one is set in the cold war. The game did kind of drag on even after the story was done for a bit, but with the twist and turns and the truly great ending to this game, the drag on didn't seem bad in any way. The story is all there and is one to remember. Overall, the story of this game is hard to describe because it's just so amazingly good that it's movie-like.

Control 10 out of 10 - It's similar to Sons of Liberty's control scheme but a little tweaked and new things added into the mix like the close quarters combat system which fits in well in the basic controlling. At first, the controlling did seem intimidating even though I own both MGS and MGS2, but it's really about the same. I still haven't been able to get the CQC scheme down but I will get used to it. Overall, the controls are as easy as last time but maybe challenging to some users in the beginning or if you are playing an MGS game for the first time.

Replay Value 10 out of 10 - This game has major replay value because alot of things factor into it such as the camoflauge feature and the internet feature along with some other cool unlockables.

Overall 10 out of 10 - This game gets a 10 in ALL areas because this is a AMAZING game and it's one of the best I've played in a very long time. I say that this game is game of the year material because it's that good. Everything factors into the game pretty equally and it's just amazing that this game plays so well especially with some of the hype that went into it. This game lives up to what it was meant to be and more. If you don't know whether to rent or buy, I would definately skip renting it unless you just want to beat it once for the story and thats it, BUT if you are an MGS fan or a like interesting stories with a amazing plot then buy immediately because this is a gem.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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