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"The Third Coming of Snake"

Unlike most of the Metal Gear fans, I haven't been waiting for this game as long as those poor souls. I was first introduced to Metal Gear when I found an, albeit used, copy of Sons of Liberty it at a Gamespot for five bucks thanks to a sale they were holding. That (despite a claim I made in a past review about Balloon Fight) was the greatest five dollars I had ever used. Since I wasn't too fond of Snake just yet, the concept of Raiden didn't bother me as much as it annoyed most hardcore fans. I had never seen such a game. Part movie, part game. The perfect fusion. The best mixture. I was hooked.
I sought out for a copy of Metal Gear Solid, and found one (again, used) and instantly realized why people wanted to play as Solid Snake rather than Raiden. The story was like none other, and yet it was taking on a few years, Metal Gear Solid proved to be just as fun (if not more) than it's sequel. So I have been waiting for about half a year for the newest installment of Tactical Espionage Action. I wasn't disappointed. If you have any respect for any type of entertainment, you probably won't be as well.

Snake Eater controls almost exactly like Sons of Liberty, so don't worry, those flawless controls are intact and fans will feel right at home. New comers to the series include the Food function and the Cure system. Snake now has a stamina bar below his main health. While you fight, run, be sneaky and stalk, that bar will slowly decrease over time. You will need to use hunt and capture prey (Such as snakes, crocs, rats, fish, crabs and other jungle wildlife) and eat them during the course of your mission in order to keep your stamina up. Consequences for low stamina may include a majority of inconveniences, for example, in the middle of a gun fight, if your stamina is low you may have problems shooting because Snake's hands are trembling.

The story takes place in 1964 smack in the middle of the Cold War. Your main character is thrown right into Russia to rescue a scientist. Get ready for the ride. The beauty of the story is the fact that, you really don't know the identity of the main character until the end. For the sake of not spoiling stuff, I wouldn't dare reveal the character's identity and significant parts of the plot of this caliber to you in the review. The only way to find out is to experience this for yourself.

Sound and Music-
Wow. Once again this series delivers some of the most memorable orchestrated tunes in a game. Also,the voice acting is, once again, excellent. The only flaw in the sound is that all to frequently, the background noises on the radio screen skip. But aside from that, it's absolutely perfect.

Replay Value-
You will want to replay this game. No doubt about it. It was that good. There are also plenty of secrets hidden this time around, so you'll spend two years finding them all while we wait in anticipation for the next installment.

Closing Statement
If you're not so smart and haven't figured it out yet, this game (no, this series) is bound to become a classic. If you're a fan of this game, buy it right now. If you aren't a fan of this series and haven't touched a copy of Metal Gear go buy some used copies of MGS1 and MGS2, play through them in one setting and then go to your nearest game store and buy a copy of this game. If you don't even own a PS2, go buy one, then buy used copies of MGS1 and MGS2 and play through them in one setting. Then GET METAL GEAR SOLID THREE: SNAKE EATER this instant! Go. Now. I order you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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