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"The Metal Gear you always wanted..."

The perfect game would have an interesting concept, pull it off well, have tons of replay value, a smart AI (this is what the previous MGs were lacking) and many memorable moments, now, in 2004, Kojima has finally struck gold, bringing out the best of his brainchild, yes people, it's finally here, Metal Gear Solid 3; Snake Eater!

Graphics 10/10
The jungle enviornments are amazing, if you are a particulally boring person you could stare at for hours, not only that but the framerate is exceptionally smooth, with very few slowdowns, a 10/10.

Gameplay 10/10
If you remember MGS2 it took the engine from MGS1 and significantally improved on it, however, here, they threw away the engine created a new one, threw the old engine in the core of the new one, improved on that and made a great game with it. The result is a game with everything you loved about the first 4 games, with tons of new content, I'll get in to detail. The game continues the tradition of dropping you behind enemy lines with nothing but a pack of smokes (on hard mode), forcing you to avoid detection since you have no way of taking out the enemy, however, once you have weapons they are almost useless unless they don't fully recognize you, since they are so quick to aim, this is where the new close quarters system comees in, CQC, which can only be described as really cool, you can do anything from slitting necks to taking out other enemies with a gun using a human shield, but the biggest new idea is camoflauge, you can hide in bushes away from enemies or use soecial powers by using camos you got from bosses by tranqualizing them. 10/10

Sound 8/10
The musical score is amazing, it's easy to see that Harry Gregson Williams returned for Snake Eater, the sound effects are impressive as well, however the voice acting (which is very abundent, all lines are spoken) could be a little better, while the major characters that get a lot of attention are excellent, some of the minor characters, however, are horrible, whiny, annoying, screechy, however this is not as large a part of the game as MGS2 so it doesn't get in the way, especially since most of the time the major characters are talking.

Story 10/10
It's not confusing, it's doesn't have triple twists, but it's good, although it may feel a tad shallow, when the ending credits are rolling you'll reflect on yourself, you'll see that your wrong, and many of the ideas you dismissed as shallow all comes together.

Replay Value 10/10
The strong point of the game is the replay value, their is so much to do that you see that MGS is actually non-linear, with so many ways to proceed, with tons of unlockables, or you might want to throw your shirt off (you can do that here) and pull out your shotgun, fine, do it.

Character Design 10/10
They actually delve in to the past of others characters as much as Snake, this time around the characters don't delve in to their lifes story, although calling people at the right time will allow you to do that.

Rent or Buy
If you play games once and put them away rent it, when you find you have the urge to play again buy it.

Overall 10/10
A new front for video games, while remaining very realistic the game still focuses on enjoyment more, you'll feel like your part of the spy vs. spy thought of the cold war and play this game far more than once. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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