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"An 'excellent game to be remembered for life!!!"

The BEST game ever to be created is in front of my very eyes right now. I am quite familiar with the MGS series and for the MGS3 game I am daring enough to say that it stands among the BEST of its predecessors. It took me 14 hours to complete the game without skipping any scenarios in the game. The game it's just too good I just could not leave my seat until I am basically done with the game.

For starters I would say that this game is pretty hard (on normal mode). The enemy soldiers are much smarter this time and they have some great sighting ability. A couple of new additional moves have been added to counteract the superior enemy you are going to be dealing with. So do not be distracted by the difficulty of the game as its variable. The boss battle seems more logical and hence it's much more fun to dispose of them. So what makes this game so GREAT?

GRAPHICS: The in-game graphics is quite impressive. It seems that the graphics is not as great as those found MGS2, especially during the cut scenes of the character modelling where there is an apparent rough edges on the face of the characters. The cut scenes are as seems to be on PAR with the GC version of MGS:TS. Still the in-game graphics looks to be one of the BEST. This game uses some pretty cool water effects (the best I have seen on a PS2-but still not as good as those found on the GC).The game environments and enemies all are looking great as well. The graphics and the detailed texture have been done so well until you could easily spot at the tiniest creature that appears in the game. I have always dream of playing a ‘colourful' MGS game and my dream came true rather than playing the past old ‘dull, dark and gloomy' MGS game environment. The jungle environments stays true to life with the complex details given and just like Hideo Kojima promised it will also be the BEST jungle environments anyone have ever seen. The customisation I've done to ‘snake' is also shown in the cut scenes and it's really cool as it shows a way of your character lives.

SOUND: The in-game sound is also really cool and it does blend into every environment or any situation during the game play. The game utilized the surround sound Dolby pro- logic 2 system but too bad I am only playing it on a stereo surround TV but still the music/sound is the best (in terms of frequency, amplitude) compare with any other PS2 games. This game also comes with a voice singing for the ever first time and the voice actors sounds really great in any role they play in. (my only complain is during conversation the mouth of the characters are not moving according to the English language.)

GAMEPLAY: The implement of a new move-CQC (close quarter combat) is excellent. Once I have learned its move I do not want to hold-up my enemies anymore because CQC is much more fun. There are so much other options you could do when u ‘held' up your enemy during CQC. That's a new move towards the future of combat gaming. The controls is precise, accurate (using great pressure sensitivity buttons) and just feels right (very easy for adaptation). There is hardly any ‘lag' during game play even during intense battle with lots of enemies at once in the screen. A reality concept has been done to the game, where you will need to eat to regain stamina and while you are hurt you'll need to heal yourself.

Anyhow this is still a cool game anybody in the world should try it even they didn't love the past MGS series. A lot of nice ‘element' has been added into the game play which spiced up the game into the best game ever I have played so far. The story is really good as well (it's much easier to understand this time around). The BEST ‘movie' in-game cut scenes I have seen so far with a great combination of all elements and it's well directed. So how good is this game? A girl who have no interest in games at all watch me play the game and she herself just couldn't leave her eyes off the screen as she says its just like watching some action movie and during my game play she herself could even feel the intense (excited/heart pounding and all) thanks to this superb game. TRY THE GAME BEFORE even ‘JUDGING' it. Since this is the FINAL version of the MGS ‘TRILOGY' (as what Hideo Kojima has envisioned it) it deserved a PERFECT 10/10 form me. It's a great game to be remembered for life. (Don't worry as KONAMI has confirmed that there will be a MGS4 but believe me it won't be the same old MGS game that you know and love.)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/02/04

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