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Reviewed: 12/20/04

!-Kojima does it again

To start off if you like any of the MGS games you will LOVE this one. this game combines all the great features from the other two games, while throwing in a TON of new features. This will hopefully give you some insight of what your getting into. Enjoy!

Graphics 10/10: This game pushes the limits of what you can do with a video game graphically. When you shoot water you see the bullet make a splash, when shooting an enemy with a tranquilizer dart you can actually see it on them where you hit them, almost everything you find you can find an interesting effect. You will notice as you play the overall greatness of the graphics as well as the tiny things i mentioned above.

Sound/Music 10/10: Consistently the sound adds to the overall gameplay in the MGS series. In MGS3:SnakeEater the sound is EXCEPTIONAL, the detail is OUTSTANDING. Snake not have enough to eat? You can hear his stomach growling. The animals make there own sounds (such as bees buzzing, birds chirping) adding to the jungle environment. The sounds in the game truly make you feel your inside the jungle. Other sounds such as shooting, moving, and other basic sounds are also done to perfection. Even the patented codec sounds and menu selection sounds are noticeable. Not only are the sounds great but the soundtrack yet AGAIN is amazing. You'll find yourself humming the music while doing other things, and they add to the gameplay and cinematics. The music fits perfectly as usual depending on the situation you are in.

Control 10/10: This part received the most criticism amongst reviewers, but for me all A's for the new control system. This game has EVERYTHING great from the controls in MGS2 with the addition of CQC (close quarters combat) which i believe is revolutionary considering all the things you can do already. Now not only can you hold up enemies but you can grab them and interrogate them. The CQC also allows for new moves such as slamming the enemy down, and slitting the enemies throat to assure yourself stealth. Now with the right analog stick you can view around you which is extremely useful in the new jungle environment. The controls also has some nifty new little things such as saluting while wearing the major uniform, and fixing your glasses in a nerdy way while dressed as a scientist. This detail added to controls will make the game much more exciting.

Gameplay 8/10: Well this game is definitely more difficult then the others, and has changed quite a bit. For starters there is a TON of new systems and things you can do, but more isn't necessarily better. For starters the Radar has been taken out of this game COMPLETELY, there is no game mode you can get it with you must use your wits like a "real" soldier in this game. The no radar makes the game a lot more difficult and you have to watch your enemies movements in order to avoid confrontation. Another new feature added to this MGS game is the Camouflage and Facepaint system. This new system i enjoyed quite a lot you can blend in with different areas using respective camo/facepaint, or you can just war whatever you think looks "cool" and have fun with it that way. There's a ton of different combination of camos and face paints to try out, there's even special camos and facepaints that give you special abilities. Now there is another new system that could become tedious if your not a very skilled player the food system. The new food system is used to replenish your stamina which drains as you move, stalk, shoot etc... but not at a very fast pace unless your getting shot up a lot. Eating food replenishes stamina which you need to keep your hand from trembling and making your life bar replenish faster. Finally a new thing to the MGS game is the "battery" which works on all electronic items you have, while they are equipped they drain battery power. When not equipped and your stamina is high the battery is replenished faster. Do not let these new systems scare you or intimidate you they add to the games experience and aren't as tedious as you may think, if your having trouble i suggest starting off playing at Very Easy difficulty (i suggest this for EVERYONE even the veterans of the game, it let's you get through the game not worrying so you can enjoy the story which is truly a cinematic experience).

Story 10/10: This story is the best yet including some untold secrets from Metal gear Solid 1 from the PS and Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty for the ps2. Metal Gear Solid is known for its amazing story and you will not be disappointed with this one. This game focus's on Big Boss who is the man that the three snakes were cloned from, the Patriots origin, and learning from the past to understand the present in the MGS series. I do not want to go further with the story because that is the key point in MGS so play if for yourself to learn everything you will love it. This story is also not as complicated as the MGS2 story which many people were confused with, you still need to follow along but don't need a huge IQ to get what's going on. I suggest playing MGS and MGS2 before playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater to understand the story as it is supposed to be understood. It might ruin the experience if you do not play the games in order so do not risk it. This game can get so involved and emotional you might actually cry during the ending it's a TRUE experience that you LIVE!

Replay 10/10: Of course MGS3 has it's easter eggs and unlockable items that will make you want to replay it, finding these things and then using them starting a game with a prior save is a lot of fun. It can be played once or a thousand times its up to you.

Overall 10/10: This installment of the Metal Gear Solid series is the best in my opinion. The story, the characters, the weapons, the music, the sound, EVERYTHING exceeds gameplay. This game pushes the limits of what the Playstation 2 can do. Of all the Metal Gear Solid games this is my favorite for it's innovativeness and all around perfection...My suggestion to you is if you have not played the other Metal gear Solid games go pick them up, if you have played them i want to know why your reading this still and not driving to pick up your copy of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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