"EA could learn from this. They might to start to make good Bond games."

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has to be the only game that lived up to the hype this holiday season. This game doesn't disappoint from a story, or game play perspective. What lacks in many games today is the story. They might have a lack of one, or just not executed to its full potential. Kojima does the story perfect. Yeah, there's game play, too. This game is not a movie(It could and should be made into one), and you're a fool if you would say that. New game play elements are added from MGS2. This game could be mistaken for a Bond film. Your commander is from Britain. Love, betrayal, hatred, war. EA Games could learn a lesson. This is how Bond games should be, I think. But, make no mistake, this is a Metal Gear game. Switch snake with a man in a tux, and its basically a James Bond game..

The story is, one of the best storylines in a video game I've ever played. The sixties. The cold war. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Space exploration. The world is basically divided into two. A man named Professor Sokolov has the knowledge to build a war machine so powerful, that the other side can be instantly wiped out. Shagohod, as it is called, a prototype Metal Gear. Nearing completion, you mission is to find Professor Sokolov and get him bak to the east before the Shagohod is completed. You are dropped by airplane in the jungles of Russia. Yeah mostly jungle, but there are some indoors, or urban environments. As you can expect, there are plot-twists, and you gain new objectives as the game goes a long. The story is not as convoluted as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The ending is beautiful. Better than in MGS2 where they talk about genes and passing on traits which got boring.. No disappointments here.

The game play is not the same as in MGS2. Many new major game play elements have been added. You have Camouflage now. You can obtain several types. You obviously use them not to be seen by the enemy as easily. You have a stamina bar now. When it gets low you walk slowly and aim less accurately. You need to hunt for food you will find anything from Mushrooms to King Cobras out there in the wild. You also have health, which is recovered by resting. Just sitting down and refraining from movement will gain you health. You also have a backpack, which stores things. You can only carry so many things and the rest is stored in the backpack. When you get hurt, sometimes it may be a major cut/bruise/broken bone, and you need to treat it. Dr. Snake reporting for duty! It does get annoying when you have to switch to your cure menu in battle to treat major wounds. Another new element of game play is CQC, or Close Quarters Combat. When near an enemy, get out your knife, or handgun, and press circle. Snake will grab the enemy by the throat. You can do several things here: question him(some hilarious scenes to be found here), slit his throat/blow his brains out, or slam his ass to the ground. One thing though. This is the sixties. Radars take batteries, you don't have unlimited suppressor, you can see Snakes codec. I like it, because its not all high-tech(though some things may make you wonder what the ****, they had that technology around in the sixties? Remember, the first computer were made in the 40's).

The sound is pretty good. I, along with many others probably see sound as one of the least important purchasing factors for a game. The guns sound NICE, along with movement and footsteps. Voice-acting is done very well, with David Hayter returning as the voice of Snake. Damn, he must sleep well at night knowing he has one of the most famous video game voices. One of your contacts is African American, and he sounds like Omar Gooding, the host of Reading Rainbow(I watched it as a child, did you?), but he's not. Nice job with sound effects, and voice acting. The songs are pretty good too(well placed) and the music is nice.

The graphics are stunning. They show off the power of the PS2. Faces are smooth, I like that. The only thing is there are some jagged edges, or jaggies on the edges of things, and characters lips. That's in almost every PS2 game, though no nothing to complain about. The forest environments look lush, and green. Better than MGS2. Hell, they're so good I'd think I was playing an Xbox(oh god no, not the Xbox). Oh yeah, Snake is not clean-shaven(surprise!?).

There aren't too many game modes. They have the main story mode, a cool mini game where you hunt for monkeys (the same ones from Ape Escape!). You can download camouflage(for use in the story mode) from the internet. Get confused? You can replay the cut scenes where it explains you mission at the beginning. You can view pictures you've taken in the game. In my opinion, the story mode is worth it all.I bet a year down the road they'll make a Snake Eater where it has Virtual Reality(I don't know if they had that in the sixties or not...) missions and tons of cool extras like MGS2 Substance.

You definitely should buy this game. Even if you have not played another Metal Gear game, that wont be a problem(This happened before the other games, kind of like Episodes I and II for Star Wars fans). This game lived up to the hype(not a lot, not as much as Halo) and I do believe it got the lowest score out this holidays most anticipated games(Halo 2, half-life two, Metriod Prime 2: Echoes). Buy this game now. Drag yo lazy ass down to Toys R' Us, EB, Gamestop, Best buy and buy it. Hell, even Sears sells games, I do think.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/28/04

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