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"Are you solid enough for Snake Eater?"

The year is 1964 and Snake is on a new mission, but is it the same snake you're thinking of? The game opens with Major Zero and Jack in an office talking about the "Virtuous Mission" Zero tells Jack that the CIA has approved of their mission; if successful it will make FOX an official unit in the government.

Two years before this mission takes place, a Soviet weapon specialist named Sokolov was working with a high powered operation to make a very powerful weapon. Sokolov was in charge of working on the first power rocket, which leads to Soviet's first man in space. After working on this "project" he started to realize how powerful this weapon was going to be. He talked to an American spy to get him out of his facility to prevent him from finishing this weapon. Sokolov made sure that he got his family to America first to keep them safe. Zero was able to get him over the Berlin wall, but Sokolov was injured in the process and left the Major with no other choice but to take him to a hospital in West Berlin. During his stay in West Berlin the Cuban missile crisis was taking place. This was when Soviet missiles where found placed in Cuba and the U.S. forced the Soviets to remove them. Obviously the Soviets disapproved of such ideas, so Kennedy made an offer to the Soviets to get the nukes out of Cuba. The true story was to give the Soviets Sokolov back. But the government made up a cover story about taking nukes out of Turkey.

New information states that Sokolov is near completion of this nuclear weapon in a mountain region near the Virgin Cliffs in the Soviet Union. The world could be at risk once again and your mission is to successfully remove Sokolov from the facility and bring him back to America.

You are testing the first HALO jump in history, which is when they were jumping out of a plane at a certain height and getting to their rendezvous point. Jack makes his way to the extraction point and manages to get his equipment lost on one of the trees when he came down. Leading from here is where you get use to the controls. They are as basic as the previous Metal Gear titles. Holding down R1 to go into first person view, where you can shoot your gun to get better aim. This game supports pressure sensitive feature so you can barley press a button to shoot your gun a couple times or you could jam the button down to unload a couple magazines on your enemy.

The most noticeable aspect of this game is the story line. Hideo is well known for getting DEEP into the story. You will run into so many plot twists and emotional parts that make this game exciting. He also gets well into detail when it comes to government conspiracies that happen outside of our knowledge. Most of the story revolves around Snakes relationship with a woman known as Boss. She was his trainer in previous missions he had. Boss taught him everything that he knows, from holding a gun to the basics of CQC. Another character he runs into a majority of the game is Ocelot. Previous Metal Gear fans will recognize him as the old man who can twirl his revolver for 20 minutes and never stop. In this game he is an amazing marksman who still has his teen side to him. He is way more confident of himself in this game, even when he knows that he is still too green. Snake and Ocelot have quite a few instances where they are neck to neck, and something will happen to interrupt their fun. Another lovely comrade you run into goes by the name of EVA. She is a blonde spy that is working under some country that isn't mentioned till later in the game. This girl is a special one and you never know what she has in store for you next. Onto the main adversary of the game, this tyrant goes by the name of Volgin. He happens to own the facility that Sokolov is working in, to finish his weapon. You will find this guy just waiting to get his hands on Snake to torture him for all of the trouble he has been causing in the game. There is no telling what this tyrant has waiting for Snake, you will just have to find out.

Hideo Kajima took the graphics level of this game beyond any other title he has released. The scenery is what catches most people's eye. Not to mention the detail of the characters are some of the best us fans have seen. Sometimes the mouths may not match up perfectly with the voice actors, but that can't exactly be helped. The weapons look nearly identical to the ones in real life, except for the occasional choppiness you will run into in first person view. Back to the scenery, there is much more to see in this game than going around in a big building and shooting people the whole game. In this game you will run through jungles, caves, swamps, and big buildings. The guards in this game are also fit with camouflage to go with whatever background they are in. They also made the AI in this game much more intelligent. If you play this game on Extreme mode the guards will hid around corners making them hard to see. To add to the reality of jungles and other wild areas, Hideo added animals that linger around those areas. For example when you find yourself walking through a swamp you will find alligators lurking around you while you try to advance. You will also find wild fruits along your way, hanging from trees or lying on the ground. Frogs, Rabbits, and anything else you see out in the forest are in this game. Hideo made sure that this game was close to reality when it came to the game play. Yes there are things that would never happen in real life that happen in this game, but I'm pretty sure that is why it's called a game.

Snake is forced to keep him self hidden in this game, and if you played any of the other missions before this one then you will realize that Snake only had one outfit other times. In this game they have every kind of camo you can think of to match the scenery around you. There can be many suites to find all throughout the game, some more obvious than others. Your mission is to maintain stealth, so not only do you have outfits, but you need to stay quiet too. There is no fancy radar to help you see the guards in this game, so you don't want to go out and blazing your gun at random. If you see a guard just go up to him silently and slit his throat, like a ninja. When you are found you can usually get yourself out of things. Snake is a master at "CQC" which stands for close quarters combat. A style of fighting that him and Boss invented together. You can take hostages so that the enemy will not shoot you since you have their buddy at risk. You can sneak up on guys also like I mentioned early and do plenty bad deeds to them. If you can master his moves you will be unstoppable. But also if you are lazy and don't want to sneak up, just whip out an AK or another assault rifle and mow down your enemies.

Since you are trying to survive you can heal broken bones or burns anything of that matter. Any time you have any status effect you can go into your main menu and treat them successfully. Also make sure that you keep your stamina up, if you fail to eat healthy food and keep your bar up you will start to get sick or extremely tired. The food you find can be kept along with you and it will get rotten if you don't eat it soon. With all of the selections Snake has to choose from, it's almost like he is going through a zoo and just picking a buffet bar. He will let you know also if the food may be rotten, or if it's the best damn thing he has eaten. Keeping a healthy Snake is a good way to go. You will also notice that there isn't any life healing rations like in the other titles. Maintaining a full stamina bar and keeping yourself stealth can keep your health at max. When you do get hurt though you can heal anything with your limited supply of healing items. When you get injured seriously you can tell by the health bar, there will be a red bar under the normal white color. The bigger the red bar, the more damage you have taken. Make sure you heal your wounds fast, if not some of them could get you killed really easily.

There is so much to the game play that you will look over your first time through. Such as if you don't really want to take out a guard with CQC, just look around you. There could be a bee hive waiting to be shot and if you nail it right the hive will land next to your foe and he will go running away like a little kid. Always think outside the box when it comes to this game. Something may seem really hard but if you think about it carefully there is an easy way to overcome all obstacles. They wanted to make sure that you would not be bored with this game. It never hurts to just get caught and wait for a bunch of guys to come towards you and just mow them down. Or you could just throw a grenade at them and watch their bodies fly into the air. If you possibly get bored with this game then I wouldn't suggest any of the other titles to play either. Hideo has reached his peak with this game. If he were to end the series with this one, it would be a great way to end, or should I say begin. Snake Eater in a lot of people's eyes is the best one yet. But with Hideo making these games, you never can tell when he will pop up with something even greater than the last.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/10/05

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