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"MGS3 is probably one of the best PS2 games ever made"

Whoa, Snake Eater, what a game. How long has it been since MGS2 was released? A few years? Well I haven't played the original Metal Gear games, I've only played the Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater. After I was done with Sons of Liberty, I was speechless. I have never played such a masterpiece of a game. Then I found out that a third MGS was too be released. I was hyped, and so was the media. So now Snake Eater has hit the shelves. Does the game live up to the hype? Read my review to find out!!


The story is the part in the MGS series that always shines. Because, there is no story like it. With beautifully build characters, to the realistic environments, and with over the top game play, you can't go wrong with this game. Anyway, here's the story.

The time is 1960(or somewhere in the 60's). It has been announced that Russia is making nuclear weapons, and they are building missile installations in Cuba. This imposes a naval blockade in the Cuban waters. A scientist, Dr. Sokolov, wishes to defect. The U.S brings in a covert operation to rescue the scientist.

You play as Snake. A total badass. You are sent into a jungle in Russia to rescue Sokolov. In Snake Eater, there's a huge list of crazy new bosses and characters. One of the people is the infamous Ocelot...


Snake Eater pushes the PS2's graphics to its limit. These are defiantly the best graphics on the PS2. EVER. The jungle really makes you feel like you are there. The characters look very smooth and polished. The grass is as green as it gets. Animals roam the jungle. Basically the whole environment is very realistic.


The controls are exactly the same as in Metal Gear Solid 2, so there's nothing to worry about.


I love all the little sounds that this game makes. When you walk, you can hear the leaves crunching underneath your feet. When you shoot a weapon, it sounds exactly the same as in real life. The splashing waters sound as if your ear is right next to that pool of water. The voice acting is also very well done.


Ah the gameplay. This is where Snake Eater really shines. You get to do a lot of things in here that you probably haven't done before in the series. Four new features are added to your gameplay experience. 1) Camouflage and 2) Eating 3) CQC(I'll mention this later) and 4) The Cure system. These are the basic things for survival in the jungle.

First, lets talk about the camouflage. You start out with 7 camo suits. I'll talk a little about each, but I won't give out the names, I don't want to spoil it for ya.
You can be shirtless. You get to check out Snake's muscles, it looks pretty badass. But you stick out like a sore thumb out in the jungle. You have a default green suit. You can use a special camo to lie down in grass. There is also another one to hide in the grass, but you are more hidden with this suit. You have a tree bark camo, where you can blend in with the trees, and other brownish areas in the games. You have a red and black that you can use to blend in with brick walls, and a black camo, which you can use during the night.

As you progress through the game you collect more camo suits and more face paint camo. Now, you are probably asking, how does the camo system work? Well, I'll tell you how. At the top right of your screen is a small box with a number. The higher the number, the more hidden you are. In the main menu, it tells you your percentage number with each suit. Let me tell you, if you have anything less than 90%, you will get spotted. I'll mention the enemy A.I later.

Lets talk about eating. Eating is a big part of survival. You will have to search and kill animals to stay alive. And what happens if you don't? Well, you have food bar, or lets say your "hunger" bar. If it's full, good. Over time it will go down. And when it goes down, your hands will start shaking, and when that happens, your shots wont be very accurate. When you go into first-person view, your hands will shake, making it harder to shoot enemies. Eventually, when your "hunger" bar reaches zero, your health will start to drain. Nice and slow. But don't worry about this, every area has a sufficient amount of food; you shouldn't have any problems.

CQC. This stands for CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT. Which basically means that now you can go around fighting, and slitting guards throats. This is TONS of fun, slitting guard's throats...very fun indeed...

And finally, the cure system. You can't survive in the jungle without medication. Sometimes Snake will get sick. So you give him some medicine. Maybe he gets food poisoning from a snake. You can get the right materials to cure him. If you get shot, you must pick out the bullets out of your skin with a knife. Or if you break a bone while falling from a cliff, you get a splint.

It's pretty easy to cure Snake. You just get a picture of his skeleton, and it tells you what you need to cure.

So if everything seems all nice and sweet, why did I give the gameplay a 9 and not a 10? Well like most people would say, changing camo upon every area can get very repetitive. I mean, it's not really a bad thing, but it can get annoying.


Wow, the A.I is a lot smarter now. All of them carry a nice amount of artillery with them. From AK-47's to grenades and pistols. Ok that's not that much, but it can be deadly. Like I said before, when you can get spotted prettily easily, and I was only playing on normal. Imagine the A.I. on the hardest mode. Anyway. When you get spotted, the guard that spotted you will immediately start shooting you. You can just shoot him in the head, but that's no fun!! You wanna torture him!! I just tranquilized him ass and stabbed him to death.

Well anyway, if the guard gets a chance to run away, he will call for backup. That would happen anyway as soon as they see you, but it takes a while for them to get there. If you kill a guard, a group of maybe 10 guys will come to investigate. But by the time they get there, you can hide the dead body, and find somewhere to hide. Otherwise, if the search party finds the body, they will alert others, and start searching for you. Of course, if you decide to kill them all anyway, things can get intense.

Some will shoot you, other will toss flash grenades or just regular grenades, and one other will call for backup. Of course, you can always shoot the radio out of his hand you have eagle's eye aim. You can run around setting land mines, snipe them from a tree, or just CQC them. I forgot to mention that if you come up real close to the guard behind his back and point the gun at him, the guard will freeze. And you can simply run circles around him, and won't do anything.

So once you're done, you happily go around and collect their ammo and guns yadda yadda and go on the next area. And the last thing. The bosses.

THE BOSSES sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

The boss battles in Snake Eater are one of the best boss fights ever created. I didn't say this!! I heard it somewhere. I won't spoil it for you by telling you who the bosses are, but they are pretty badass. Each boss will require a little strategy and creative thinking to get passed them. It's extremely fun. Trust me.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is one hell of a game. It's pretty long, somewhere between 15-20 hours of gameplay. I could be wrong, maybe it's less or more. This is defiantly an extremely fun game to play, and its very intense and fast-paced. It might take a little while for you to actually get into the game. When I first started playing, it was kinda "dry" if you know what I mean. But one I got passed the first part of the game, boy does it get interesting.

Snake Eater is surely a bang for your buck. I say if this whole jungle survival theme intrigues you, then by all means, buy this game. If you love the MGS series, then this is a must have. Either way, if you are new to the series, or you just love a good action game, BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/11/05

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