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    FAQ/Walkthrough by aStROcReEp_2k

    Version: 1.0.7 | Updated: 09/24/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			       Walkthrough / FAQ       
    			         Version 1.0.7
    			written by ~* aStROcReEp 2000 *~
    			       aka (FWG)aStROcReEp
    last updated: 8/4/05
    copyright 2005 Jason Leonard
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    1.0	(6/2/05)	
    Initial release, ready for public
    1.0.1	(6/3/05)
    Added copyright and disclaimer, rewrote and rechecked credits/thanks.
    1.0.2	(6/4/05)
    Clarified some directions for the early part of Myanmar, and also for finding
    Than Muang's site.
    Clarified some directions for Tokyo related to the stairs, and getting to the
    rooftop. Also added a tip on the "stealth" aspect of the virus lab.
    1.0.3	(6/5/05)
    Filled in the blank directions (<< >>) for Carthage  2 on which turns to take
    to get to the first viral container. Also fixed numbering for Carthage 2, and
    wrote out a more efficient strategy for single player. The one I had written
    before was from my memory of the mission/objectives playing multiplayer, so it
    wasn't the quickest path (although still produced a par time).
    Updated Carthage 1 one to at least make mention of stun-jacking the CHA
    officers. I knew you could do it, but just thought it was kinda cheesy.
    It does save a good deal of time though if you're going for "speed par".
    1.0.4	(6/6/05)
    Clarified a few things in Italy and added some "Notes".
    Worked on alot of Kyrgyzstan and revised the numbering, combining some of the
    descriptions in the process. Also added "Notes" for this stage.
    Went into detail on why the neck snap is handy in Taherir Palace. Since it does
    relate to how you can blow stealth, I figured it might be important.
    Made sure the grenades I was referring to throughout the FAQ were not "frog"
    grenades :)  Seems like Word somehow got this one past me on the spellcheck.
    And of course, I cleaned up some of my copy/paste errors, where I had the
    whole walkthrough repeated in the middle of the weapons descriptions?
    1.0.5	(6/7/05)
    Revised outline to add more detail, fix some text and implement an easy-find.
    Added a few spots for the "jump trick" in Carthage 1. (Thanks Bradman911)
    Added a spot for the "jump trick" in Yemen 1, and a "bug" in Ukraine.
    Added game tips for 0 deaths.
    I'm pretty confident with my strategies and information now. Most releases
    should literally be to add multiplayer strategies or bugs/extras.
    1.0.6	(6/14/05)
    Clarified parts of the walkthrough for Montenegro, Carthage 2, Kyrgystan,
    Minsk, and possibly others. Also corrected some spelling of proper names.
    Wrote up some comments on enemy AI in the Game Tips, and added a few extra
    comments regarding stealth.
    New strategy for Yemen 1 based on tips from my brother and pumkinbrb@aol.com.
    Shaves alot of time off getting the VIP!
    The values for ammo in the weapons section are the maxes based on my character
    WITH all the extra ammo. Sorry :( Can anyone who hasn't gotten all of the solo
    par times but has gotten everything else, help me get the numbers for the
    agency weapons, before getting the increased ammo?
    Finally added team strategies. Kept forgetting there were only 9 missions to
    add them for, and even at that, the general idea is that I didn't need to go
    into grossly boring detail. Nor did I really need to post extreme par strat-
    egies. Just something that works :)
    Other than bugs/extras, this should be practically final. (I keep learning new
    bugs to this game all the time - it's loaded with them!!!) Sorry everyone!
    1.0.7	(8/4/05)
    Clarified some things about the jump glitch, added a few more "neat places" for
    people to try and get to with it.
    Added some new bugs/extras, including the infamous "Magic Box" and "Free Beer".
    Clarified a few walkthroughs, including every player's favorite level Chechnya!
    Added in some "Expert" strategies for most levels that can help players to get
    a faster par time and even dodge what are difficult things to the average
    player. Most of these tips came from conversations with my friend "Ares God
    of War", some came from my brother, some I thought of.
    Added "objectives" for each stage, and clarified when certain objectives were
    complete. This helps for tracking your progress better.
    Completed the guns list by separating max capacity before and after earning the
    ammo increase for getting solo par on all stages.
    Sticking with Biblical significance, consider this the final, "complete"
    version of this FAQ. I know I still have things I could add or change, but
    none of them very important and the game is almost dead at about this point.
    To find stuff fast, just do a search on the everything inside (and including)
    the []'s.
    [A] INTRO
    [B] ABOUT ME
    	[I]	IPCA European Command: Training Center
    	[II]	Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone	
    	[III]	Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District
    	[IV]	Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall
    		[V]	Pescara, Italy: St. Cetteo Square (BONUS MISSION)
    	[VI]	Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill
    	[VII]	Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha
    		[VIII]	Tash, Kumyr, Kyrgystan: Saydahmat's Village (BONUS MISSION)
    	[IX]	Sana'a, Yemen: Arms Bazaar
    	[X]	Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace
    	[XI]	Minsk, Belarus: International University
    		[XII]	Samaschki, Chechnya: Ivankov's Home (BONUS MISSION)
    	[XIII]	North Atlantic: Lorelei Salvage Rig
    	[XIV]	Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower
    	[XV]	Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin
    	[XVI]	Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower
    		[XVII]	Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate (BONUS MISSION)
    	[XVIII]	Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base
    	[F1] Combat
    	[F2] Enemy AI
    	[F3] Stealth
    	[F4] Zero Deaths
    	[G1] Overview
    	[G2] Categories
    	[G3] Combat Skills
    	[G4] Weapon List
    		[G4A] Back
    		[G4B] Sidearms
    		[G4C] Auxiliary
    		[G4D] Grenades
    		[G4E] Melee
    		[G4F] Stage Specific
    	[H1] Ranks
    	[H2] Ratings
    	[H3] Special Ratings
    	[H4] Commendations
    	[H5] Medals
    	[H6] Cure Omega Strain
    [I2] BUGS / EXTRAS
    [A] INTRO
    This FAQ is best viewed in a Maximized window, in a Windows OS, in Notepad. Try
    to keep the width of the window to where it's at least showing all of the *'s.
    I originally wrote this in a Linux text editor but I then formatted it in a
    document program and decided to make it Windows friendly instead.
    This is my first FAQ. I decided to write it once I was having trouble with
    some of the solo missions and their par times. I found a mixed amount of useful
    information from other various FAQs, and thought I'd combine it with my Syphon
    Filter expertise, to try to help other people with the solo missions. With any
    luck, instead of spending many hours for some of the stealth/solo mission par
    times, maybe I can help people only need a few hours. 
    A lot of the game, unfortunately, does still require a bit of "learning the
    level" for yourself before you can get too much done. So don't expect to get
    all the information you need from this FAQ. Just like I ask people when I play
    online - "how well do you know this mission" - you should ask yourself the
    same thing before playing it. If you've only ever played online and only know
    certain parts - it helps tremendously to go through the missions by yourself
    and learn the whole thing. It will make you a more effective and helpful player
    In general, my advice is to play missions offline before trying them online.
    All of the missions get much harder online - the more players, the tougher the
    enemies. Every little bit of weaponry and gadgetry, along with solid knowledge
    of the key areas in the mission - will help you fly through things.
    [B] ABOUT ME
    I'm a Syphon Filter junkie. I've played/beaten every Syphon Filter game except
    the one for PSP - I'm not sure it's even been released yet and I don't even
    have a PSP! :(
    I used to do a lot of stuff with hacking Nintendo ROM graphics or helping with
    emulation news in general. That was a LONG time ago.
    I also do not cheat on games, and don't even have an AR Max (only an AR2), so
    I can't cheat on this game. I believe there is no substitute for raw and proven
    When I'm not playing Syphon Filter, I usually play all sorts of RPG games. I
    am esp. addicted to DnD, but also enjoy certain Japanese RPGs, Diablo-style
    games and anything similar. I also enjoy certain styles of stealth games (Thief
    series, Manhunt), but play them the least because I'm getting too old to have
    the patience for stealth games anymore. Back in my days, I learned everything
    I needed to know about stealth games playing the legendary Thief 1 Gold.
    The last (?)(Omega) Syphon Filter game. And a damn good one.
    Like many other games from SCEA/Sony Bend, one of the better games available
    to play of it's style.
    Basically, all the characters from the previous games are in the top ranks of
    the IPCA, of which Gabe Logan is now Commander. Anyway, each character helps
    you through your missions. You even get to play as them for bonus missions.
    This game blends occasional stealth missions with heavy paced army-style combat
    missions. It has "checkpoints" during each mission, which is basically a place
    for you to spawn from when you die.
    The game is "mission-based", so you have to complete a mission before saving
    the game ("completing" a mission includes the act of aborting it). Saving the
    game, however, just saves your character, your stats, and your unlocked items.
    If you are being troubled in the middle of play, just pause the game. If you're
    having difficulty beating a stage, just keep spawning and playing until you
    learn the level. It can take MANY times of playing through a level to get it
    down just right, and you probably won't get all objectives your first few
    times though.
    Syphon Filter has a wide range of weapons to use, bigger than even the
    previous games. Of course, a lot of the weapons are a joke, but still
    interesting/nostalgic. In how many games can you use an AK, a Tec-9, nerve gas,
    any model M16, grenade launchers, even a gun based on paintball but that
    shoots balls which ignite on contact with air.
    This game is about the same size as the other Syphon Filter games, on the
    surface. It has about the same number of missions. However, because of the
    ranking system and getting ALL objectives or par times - this game can take a
    significantly longer amount of time to *master* than any of the previous games.
    If you played through and treated it like the old games, you probably wouldn't
    get to do any of the bonus missions, and would miss out on a lot of good
    weapons and helpful rewards.
    Initially, you can't customize your character very much, but as you can
    complete objectives, move up rank, finish missions, etc. - you'll be able to
    choose more things to customize your character. I can easily turn my character
    into someone that actually looks a lot like me (including the glasses!)
    Controls for this game are the same as every other Syphon Filter game. Check
    the manual or other FAQs for details.
    Bonus Missions can only be unlocked by getting solo par time on EVERY mission
    that leads up to that bonus mission. For instance, Italy is only unlocked when
    you get solo par time on the Carthage missions, Kyrgystan is only unlocked
    after you get solo par time on the Belarus missions, etc...
    Every other mission that is locked will be unlocked once you complete the other
    missions that lead up to it. If you're looking at the "mission wheel", the dots
    on the outside are the missions which are single player only. You'll only see
    1 soldier in the icon when you highlight the mission. The missions in the
    center of the wheel are the multiplayer missions. You should see 2 soldiers
    when you highlight the mission.
    If you wondered why Carthage, Michigan has so many French people, it's because
    these levels were originally supposed to take place in Canda. However, this
    idea didn't fly too well just north of Michigan, so the voices/enemies remained
    the same but the location became Michigan.
    Theoretically, most missions in this game can be done all in "stealth". You may
    not quite get par times, but if you carefully study each mission, there is
    almost always a way to get through the mission without being spotted or heard.
    It's definitely a good thing to challenge yourself with, esp. on Ukraine (the
    one people like to do the most). Like anything else with stealth, it takes LOTS
    of patience, though, and I'm still not very successfull with it.
    This is my first FAQ. I hope the formatting turns out okay once submitted. I
    guess I'll find out in time...
    This FAQ *IS NOT*:
    ]   A FAQ for learning every nook and cranny of every mission. It's for
    focusing on what counts.
    ]   Complete in any way or form. I am always looking for people to give
    comments and suggestions of what I can do to clarify things or fix mistakes.
    ]   An attempt to say that my way is the only way through these missions. In
    fact, in many missions (esp. stealth ones), there are numerous ways to go
    about things. For the most part, I'm trying to post efficient but easy to
    follow strategies for each stage that yield par and get you around most of the
    areas you need to know.
    This FAQ *IS*
    ]   A FAQ for helping you find the quickest / simplest way through a mission
    when playing solo. Some levels, I still haven't gotten the quickest way
    through, but for the most part, if you're new, you should find my strategies
    very fast.
    ]   An attempt at giving important details to finding your way around a stage.
    I understand too much information can sometimes confuse a person, but too
    little can also lose a person.
    ]   An attempt to help you keep from having to hide little or NO bodies in
    stealth. I can only think of 3 bodies total in all the stealth missions that
    HAVE to be hidden.
    ]   An attempt to help make sure your path is one of least resistance - good
    for 0 deaths and saving ammo.
    ]   A combination of my experiences, my ideas, and ideas learned from existing
    FAQ writers SFFan, Darkmyth Master and VaporFox, as well as people I talk to
    online. In other words, you're getting the best advice here :)
    ]   Mostly written from my memory, and was started after I was 3/4 of the way 
    through the game. Some of the details of certain levels may be sketchy or
    missing. I apologize. That's why I ask for help and criticism.
    Team strategies are given as "Player A", "Player B", "Player C", and "Player D"
    because you can technically give the assignments to any of the 4 players. This
    helps adapt each assignment to the players that are most comfortable with it.
    If you tell Scorpion to do x and y, and Cobra to do z but he's never done Z and
    is new to the mission, but can do x and y...
    Par times are given as I earned them. Since becoming T4 and learning the game,
    I have been able to honestly slaughter some of the par times listed. But I want
    to give everyone something they can expect to aim for when they are actually at
    the stage of being able to get the par time. I am still debating whether or not
    to post my best par times, as it could gross some people out (and of course,
    still makes some people online laugh, who can even beat my best times)
    IPCA European Command: Training Center
    Recommended Weapons: N/A
    NOTES: It's a training mission, you really need help?!?
    If you've never played the game, play this FIRST - it really does help!
    If you have played the game, you still have to do it to get certain weapons.
    Not much to point out here - you'll get the K-Bar. It's mostly useless, except
    to get knife kills and get the Combat Knife medals. Admittedly, it is neat to
    watch the throat-slit animation, but Manhunt had much better such scenes! Also,
    once you get some of the more powerful knives, it does become a more viable
    combat option. The early knives are just too weak to be useful...
    If you're good at the target range, you'll get the Scorpion. This is the
    machine gun all the guys in Carthage use - so it would be worth your time to
    try and get it. 
    If you're having too many problems with the target range, come back when you
    get the AU Mod 300 R. Without the kickback, hitting everything in time should
    be a breeze.
    Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone
    Solo Par Time:		11:00
    My First Par Time:	10:00
    Recommended Weapons: the best of what you have, including stun jack
    NOTES: There are TONS of alternate routes to take on this mission, as there
    are numerous vents and doorways all over the place in the subways. Walk around
    and find some for yourself - you can even get to Proust without having to turn
    off the power!
    > Replace bio-data gear
    > Collect 5 water samples
    > Perform field autopsy
    > Scan tissue sample
    > Eliminate Proust
    > Protect CHA officers
    > Parameter: No collateral damage
    > Retrieve Broussard's laptop (Team)
    1) Run to your right, rifle anyone who appears in this general area (some 
    are near the truck) until you get objective complete on protecting the officer.
    2) In the corner to your left, near the dumpster, is a puddle of water, 
    and above the dumpster is a ladder. 
    3) Jump up on the dumpster and climb the ladder. Follow this platform
    to a door. Go in the door and shoot the lock to the door on your left.
    4) QUICKLY go inside this door and grab the bio-data gear from one of the
    	(*) If you take too long, a CHA officer will come by here and start 
    	shooting at you - stun him.
    > Objective Complete: Replace bio-data gear
    5) Back outside, fall/climb down (the fall doesn't do too much damage) and
    grab a sample from the water puddle. Turn around and run past EVERYONE to the
    other end of this area (left from where you started). Basically, you're going
    on the other side of the large truck.
    6) Shoot the glass ahead of you and climb yourself up in to the mall. Shoot
    the guy that approaches you and go down the stairs.
    7) Shoot the guy at the bottom of the stairs and turn left to shoot another
    guy.. Yet a third guy comes from the right a ways up. Take him out and go
    right where he came from.
    	(*) Ignore the C4 trigger man. 
    8) Get a sample from the water fountain on your left. Turn the corner to the
    left and shoot the guy, then continue forward and turn right
    9) Hug the left side of the mall here to avoid the C4 blast, then kill the
    trigger man.
    10) Run past the trigger man and head up the stairs. Shoot the glass and kill
    the 2 guys behind the fountain.
    11) Go inside the building behind the fountain - one enemy comes from the far
    left side door, then another from the right side. Take both enemies out to
    rescue these 2 officers.
    12) Run back outside and collect sample from the water fountain. Facing the
    fountain, turn left and go into the door. Decontaminate, enter, and roll
    right to stun jack the CHA officer. 
    13) Get the tissue sample from the body on the table and leave this place again
    (decontaminate and go back outside to the fountain).
    > Objective Complete: Perform field autopsy
    14) Head for the opposite end of this area (would have been right facing the
    fountain) and roll into the pipe. 
    15) Crawl through the pipe, pop out, then head forward to the end here and
    crawl through the pipe on your left to the next area.
    16) Head to the end of this room (right, then left, then left), and test the
    scanner. It doesn't have power!
    17) Run back and make a right turn into the open area. Flip on the power
    18) Go back to scan the sample. You now have 1 minute to protect baddies from
    shooting up the power generator. They mostly come from the roof to the left
    of the generator.
    	(*) If you want, you can leave when there is 10 seconds left on your
    	countdown. The guys will shoot it, but not destroy it in time - you'll
    	get objective and shave some time off par. 
    > Objective Complete: Scan tissue sample
    19) Head left back towards scanner, but roll in the nearby tube on the wall
    instead. In the new area, there's another officer. Shoot everyone that shows
    up until he is saved, then make your way to the opposite end of this area.
    20) Roll through the pipe on your right here, and when you exit you will have
    to shoot 2 people to save another officer. Near where you came out is a fire
    hydrant - get a sample. 
    	(*) You can actually just shoot the car ahead of you from inside the pipe, and
    	it will blow up and kill all of the people in the officer's way.
    > Objective Complete: Protect CHA officers
    21) Back by where you came out, go down some stairs and hop up on the ledge on
    your right. Roll down into the underground.
    22) In this hallway, crawl in the vent on your right, turn left and exit it to
    your right. Pop the 2 guys you can see that aren't looking - the 3rd guy runs
    away. Shoot him if you want...
    23) Grab a sample from the fountain and head down the nearby stairs through 2
    levels of the underground.
    > Objective Complete: Collect 5 water samples
    24) At the bottom of the stairs turn left and before you get near the large
    "booth", go in the room on your left (will have a grey-ish tone to the wall).
    You should soon see a stairway on your right (covered in darkness -turn on your
    flashlight!). Take it up.
    25) At the end of the stairway, rifle the guy across the way. Jump up on the
    pipes and shimmy across. The people below are lousy aims. Don't worry about all
    their fire. 
    26) Drop down when you get across, and near the guy you just popped is a power
    switch on the left (inside a gated area) - flip it. Now the voltage of the
    tracks won't make you resemble crispy fried chicken.
    27) Enter the nearby area and follow the stairs down. Drop down and then hop
    over to the first set of tracks. Head left into the loooong dark tunnel. Turn
    on your NVG and just keep running!
    28) In the new area, head up the stairs on either side. Pop the nearby guy at
    the top, then continue up the stairs. You'll need to keep your NVG on.
    29) Hug the left side of this area. Go just slightly past the "ticket gate".
    Proust is behind the "vendor stand" on the left - snipe him!
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Proust
    You'll hear about 10 seconds of radio chatter for a while, hopefully it won't
    cost you par time. My first time getting par for this stage, I had the par time
    right on the dot because of this - 1 more second and I would have lost it.
    Expert Strategy
    Learn which enemies NEED to be shot to rescue the officers. The fewer people
    you can shoot, the faster you can get through this level, even including the
    CHA officers.
    Team Strategies
    This can be done with as few as 2 players, so par should be simple.
    There are no team objectives for this mission.
    Two players
    At the start, both players do the team interaction by the van.
    Player A:
    Gets the C4 by shooting out the nearby window on top of the van. Head over to
    the bank and get the laptop when player B turns off the water main. Leave the
    bank and head right, then go to the right corner of this area (go past the
    bank). Turn right down the stairs and plant the C4 on the gate. Go through
    here and jump in the vent on the wall. Climb out, and immediately try to lock
    in on Proust and headshot him before he sees anything. Backtrack to the first
    area and assist Player B.
    Player B:
    Drop down off the van and protect the officer. Turn off the water main.
    Go up the nearby ladder and get the bio-data gear. Head through the level and
    get all the samples, and protect all the officers. By the time you get to the
    scanning station, you should be able to meet up with Player A - he can defend
    the power generator while you get the last few samples.
    Three Players
    Similar to the strategy for 2 players.
    Player A: Get the C4, head for Proust. Help out with whatever you can after,
    by protecting officers or the generator.
    Player B: Help Player C with getting the laptop by turning off the water main,
    then get the bio-data gear and start getting samples only
    Player C: Get the laptop and then run around protecting all the officers. Meet
    up with Player B to protect the power generator while he keeps on getting the
    last 2 water samples.
    Four Players
    Player A: Get the C4 after getting a boost, then get Proust.
    Players B/C: Work to get laptop, then protect the officers as well as the power
    Player D: Help Player A with C4, get the gear and get all the samples.
    Ignore anything else.
    Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District
    Solo Par Time:		8:00
    My First Par Time:	6:00
    Recommended Weapons: best gun, best back weapon, best auxiliary weapon,
    DormaGen gas grenades, best melee weapon
    NOTES: This mission can be done by 1 person in less than the time it takes to
    get the team par (the record is at about 3:30) . So you should have no problems
    (although, unless you're really comfortable with the stage, it might be tough
    to get that low of a par).
    The strategy I present here is a modified version of the strategy for getting
    such a par time, to get you around to each area of the level...and hopefully
    work best with what you have at this point.
    Thanks to my brother and Von for helping me to find the fastest way through the
    stinkin' stage. When I first got par, I was just playing from my memory of all
    of my game sessions online (where you split up objectives from the start!). So
    I knew there was a faster way, but hadn't tried to find it yet or get
    comfortable with the other areas of the stage.
    > Stop 3 ALA from contaminating water
    > Collect 3 viral containers from the ALA
    > Eliminate all 4 ALA death squad assassins
    > Eliminate unidentified female ALA
    > Assist Imani by distracting Fournier
    > Eliminate Fournier
    > Provide Imani covering fire
    > Protect CHA officer
    > Parameter: No collateral damage
    > Hidden objective: Obtain Mujari's recorder
    1) Run out the starting area, turn right and make your first left in the door
    (there are flashing red lights at the entrance coming from the tracks inside).
    2) Go down the 2 sets of stairs in here. At the bottom, go right, then
    immediately go left. You'll come to a room with metal grated flooring and
    some stairs leading up.
    3) Go up the stairs ahead, turn left and unload fire at the bottom guy (point
    4) The guy up top, with the viral container, will run to the edge to shoot at
    you. Pop him a good headshot (use a rifle, please!). His body SHOULD fall off
    the platform, forward.
    	(*) If he didn't fall forward, you will need to come back here later to 
    	get the viral container, and may lose par.
    5) Grab the container and head for the ladder in the nearby corner on the left.
    Go up the ladder, then head out of here and make a right. 
    6) The next guy with a viral container will show up immediately - pop him off
    and grab your prize.
    7) Follow this tunnel to the end, then turn right. Hop up and follow this
    	(i) If you didn't get the viral container from the first guy because he 
    	didn't fall down, there is an open doorway on the left.
    	(ii) If you enter here, you'll go down some stairs and see some guys 
    	talking. Pop them, run forward and go up the stairs in the back of the room.
    	(iii) Head off to your left and in the corner of this area is an 
    	entrance to a room with a lot of terminals and switches. Walk up to the right
    	side and press the button that closes the sewer doors.
    	(iv) Now you won't get infinite respawns in the first room. To get there 
    	quick, exit here and go left (you're back in the tunnel you used to take out
    	the last terrorist). A short ways down is an open tunnel on the right - the
    	room inside should look familar - just climb down, find the grated platforms
    	on the left, climb up and look for a shimmy bar to go across.
    8) Near the end of this tunnel is the last terrorist - kill him frand take his 
    > Objective Complete: Stop 3 ALA from contaminating water
    > Objective Complete: Collect 3 viral containers from the ALA
    9) Where the last guy's corpse is, there is a large room on the right. The
    doorway is covered in metal. Turn right in here and go through the doorway
    by the exit sign and then up the stairs.
    10) In this new room at the top of the stairs, turn right and enter the small
    alcove. Climb up the ladder here and you're out near the basketball court.
    11) The ALA Death Squad will come from your left. Start tossing gas grenades in
    front of yourself at the grating in the floor ahead and at the left wall.
    	(*) If you're brave, you can also ROLL around and stun jack them.
    	(*) If you have trouble with timing the grenades, just start unloading with
    	your best weapon.
    	(*) If you miss them or die, they will head through the b-ball court and 
    	into a building on the other side, and eventually split up and make their
    	way near a ladder that leads back down into the sewers.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate all 4 ALA death squad assassins
    12) Do a 180 and head for the building at the back end of this area, behind the
    b-ball court. As soon as the ALA is dead, the "unidentified female agent" is
    triggered. She appears inside this building. Punish her for even bothering to
    waste her time with you.
    	(*) If you're really crafty, you can toss a gas grenade at the opposite side
    	of this building, where she exits, and run ahead - she'll choke.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate unidentified female ALA
    13) On the other side of the b-ball court (or the opposite side of the building
    you're at to take out the female ALA) is another building. Run to it and make
    your way inside. (it's straight across from where you can exit from the
    14) Go up the stairs, then left, and left again. Go down this set of stairs and
    you should pass by a room on the left with some soda machines. Go past them and
    make your first right.
    15) Follow this hallway to the open door at the end on your right. Exit through
    this door and you're in an alley. Turn left and then turn left at the corner.
    16) At the end of the street, across from a truck, you should be able to see a
    theater and it's marquis. On top near the marquis, is the Fournier. Pop him a
    headshot (or gas grenade) and head towards the theater.
    > Objective Complete: Assist Imani by distracting Fournier
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Fournier
    17) As you get close to the theater, make a left into the nearby alley and you
    have to enter the theater from the back after making a right.
    18) Pop off the guys inside the theater and head upstairs. Pop open the door
    and rush to the edge of the balcony.
    19) QUICKLY shoot/kill the guy on your right, then the one on your left. They
    are trying to kill Mr. Peace himself, Lawrence Mujari - you need to save him!
    > Objective Complete: Protect CHA officer
    20) Go back downstairs - you'll now be able to go into the lower part of this
    room (near where you entered the theater).
    21) In the back of the bottom room, near the performance platform, is Mujari's
    tape recorder - grab it!
    > Hidden Objective Complete: Obtain Mujari's recorder
    22) Back outside, go left twice to get near the theater. Head back to where you
    were in that alley when you took out Fournier.
    	(*) You'll pass by a warehouse with a raised platform and may even see a 
    	guy trying to get in some cheap shots.
    23) Make a right to put yourself by where you exited the building, then make a
    left turn down the alleyway across the street.
    24) Follow the alley to the back of the "warehouse" and pop the guy up top.
    Voila! The ladder drops.
    	(*) The game designers must have loved that "mouse trap" game.
    	(*) Okay, so the ladder usually drops regardless, but I have seen it 
    	drop as soon as I killed the guy. It's all in your timing :)
    25) Go up the ladder, in the room, and pop off everyone you see.
    	(*) Usually, they're all bunched in one corner, if you're good with your 
    	aim you can get a gas grenade to get most of them.
    > Objective Complete: Provide Imani covering fire
    Expert Strategy
    With gas grenades, you don’t even have to go into the warehouse. Just pepper
    the side of the warehouse with gas, which goes through the walls. You’ll still
    have to shoot the guy on top of the platform with the falling ladder
    Team Strategies
    This stage can be done in team time by 1 player, so insult yourself if you
    have too much trouble getting par time.
    There are no team objectives for this mission.
    Two Players
    Player A: get all the terrorists and vial containers. Head outside and rescue
    Mujari and get his recorder.
    Player B:
    Leave the sewers, take out the ALA, take out the unidentified female agent,
    take out Fournier, and clear the warehouse room that Imani heads for.
    Three Players
    Player A: get all the terrorists and vial containers. 
    Player B: Leave the sewers, take out the ALA, then take out the unidentified
    female agent. Head for the warehouse to protect Imani.
    Player C: Leave the sewers, rescue Mujari and get the recorder, then take out
    Fournier. Head for the warehouse to protect Imani.
    Four Players
    Same as 3 player strategy, just have Player D wait to get Fournier and then go
    for the warehouse (should be the first one there).
    Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall
    Solo Par Time:		5:00
    My First Par Time:	4:51
    Recommended Weapons - you really only need a decent rifle for taking out the
    the sniper. 
    NOTES: Yay, an easy stage!
    The mall is smoky enough, use it to your advantage. Smoke grenades may help
    some though if you get enemies spawning when you are opening the doors.
    > Lock down mall entrances
    > Disarm both viral explosives
    > Complete DPE order on Masson
    > Parameter: No collateral damage
    > Rescue injured SWAT officers (Team)
    1) Hug the right side of the mall - you'll soon see an door off to your right.
    Lock it down.
    2) Do a 180 (make note of the escalator ahead). Run straight, going past the
    escalator. Again, make note of the short stairs on your right leading to a
    "depressed" area.
    3) Run along the left wall now. Make note of the other "depressed" area you
    see. Also make note of the 2nd escalator. You'll see another door, lock it.
    4) Do a 180 and head straight, but don't go up the escalator. Instead, go just
    a bit past it, and then go right. You're headed for the 2 "depressed" areas
    with the stairs you passed earlier (it's accessible from all sides).
    5) You'll see the viral bomb down here, but don't disarm it yet. Use 
    your auto-aim to try and find a guy on the floor above throwing grenades.
    Pop him fast if you find him! He'll make it tough for you to get par/0 deaths.
    	(*) This guy can sometimes be a nuisance to reach because you may your
    	auto-aim will probably be focusing on guys downstairs, and this guy
    	also likes to hide.
    6) Now you can disarm the viral container. Facing it, turn left and keep headed
    straight (sidetracking by all the debris if you set the bomb off). 
    7) Go all the way to the next "depression" we passed earlier with the 2nd
    viral bomb - disarm it as fast as you can.
    > Objective Complete: Disarm both viral explosives
    8) Facing the bomb, turn left and head straight for the escalator/stairs.
    You'll have to head to the left side to go up, hugging the left wall.
    9) Eventually, you'll come by the next door on your left (near a couple of
    water fountains). Lock it down!
    10) Leave here and go back towards the stairs/escalator you took to get here.
    When you pass them (on your left), keep heading straight and hugging the wall.
    	(*) As you circle around, keep note of this area and the landmarks like 
    	the trashcan. We're returning here shortly.
    11) Keep hugging the wall - eventually you'll come to the next door that you
    have to lock down. It is in the alcove on the right, by some phones. Lock it.
    > Objective Complete: Lock down mall entrances
    12) Again, go back the way you came, near where I noted earlier (as you pass by
    the traschans). Masson will make his way out onto the THIRD floor of the mall
    (which you can't access) and will keep passing by the walkway near here.
    13) Auto-aim to reach Masson (you'll have to wait for him to shut up first).
    	(*) You'll know it's him when your character locks on to someone up 
    	above you.
    	(*) He usually comes from the left side and runs back and forth.
    14) Zoom in and snipe Masson. Voila!
    > Objective Complete: Complete DPE order on Masson
    That's all there is to this one! Too bad you don't get to go shopping
    afterwards (although it is a fairly small mall if you ask me!)
    Expert Strategy
    The last door you lock down will determine where Masson appears. This is esp.
    handy when playing multiplayer and trying to get through tihings quickly, or
    when someone fails to lock down a door and another player has to cover for him.
    Masson will also go down with gas, so don't feel like you're stuck sniping him.
    Sniping him can sometimes be tough with the glass protection on the walkways.
    Team Strategies
    Once again, this can easily be done by 2 players.
    The team objective for this mission is rescuing the 2 SWAT officers. It helps
    to know just where they are:
    1) On the first floor, on the far back side of the mall. Hug the right wall,
    and you will eventually pass a "safe zone". Just past here, on the platform
    at the back, is the officer screaming for help.
    2) In the back of the mall, go up the stairs/escalator (near one of the doors)
    and turn right. Head down this path for a bit to find the guy. If the frenchies
    have blown up the 2nd floor and spread the debris everywhere, you can just turn
    to your right and drop down from your location.
    Two Players
    Player A: Get the door near the beginning on the right side, then the 2 SWAT
    officers (it CAN be done in time by 1 person). Go back upstairs and wait for
    Masson. Snipe him asap (gas works if you have it)
    Player B: Get the viral bombs down on the first floor, the door in the back of
    the mall, and the 2 doors upstairs on floor 2.
    Three Players
    Player A: Gets the SWAT officers. Yes it can be done in time, start with the
    one that is upstairs.
    Player B: Gets all the doors.
    Player C: Gets the viral bombs and waits for Masson.
    Four Players
    Player A: Get downstairs SWAT officer
    Player B: Get upstairs SWAT officer.
    Player C: Get downstairs doors/viral bombs.
    Player D: Get upstairs doors and wait for Masson.
    Pescara, Italy: St. Cetteo Square
    Solo Par Time:		7:00
    My First Par Time:	6:24
    Recommended Weapons: N/A
    NOTES: You're playing as Stone now. You only have 1 rifle, 1 bullet for it,
    and the neck snap ability. It's all you really need, though, and this is a
    short and easy mission.
    The first part of this stage can be done in about 3 minutes, that's why my
    strategy for taking out the last guy near the stairs is a patient one. You
    have nothing else to do to kill time while waiting for the bell!
    > Set decoy explosives
    > Assassinate Dimitri by the bell tower at 3:00 PM
    > Move to extraction point
    > Parameter: Maintain stealth
    1) Run towards the tunnel - stop when you get by the entrance and sneak/roll. 
    2) Near the end, 2 guys will be talking. One guy says something about 3:00 -
    that's the cue that he's leaving. 
    3) Snap the neck of the guy just standing there. Pick up the body and carry it
    across the street by the barrels. On the opposite side of the barrels you
    should see an open area and a ladder - drop the body and slide down the ladder.
    4) Jump up the crate, into the sewer, and turn left at the end. Once you're
    out of the sewer, immediately head for the low wall on the right.
    5) Jump up the wall, then climb (NOT FALL) down the other side (X button to
    climb down). Snap the dude's neck here and jump up/over the stairs. 
    6) You'll see another guy ahead but don't go for him yet - you'll throw off
    the timing of the patrol near the C4 area. Instead, head left, and when you
    get a bogey on your radar slow down and go into "roll mode".
    7) There's an opening on your right - roll in there. The guy that was on your
    radar should be making a turn around the corner ahead - keep rolling!
    8) When you catch up to him, sneak walk behind him until he stops - then snap
    his neck. Leave the body! 
    9) Head back to the street you were on, but before getting on it, run  right
    against the nearby wall and plant the decoy C4. (use your radar if you
    somehow get lost)
    > Objective Complete: Set decoy explosives
    10) Back in the street, run left to go back towards the stairs you were at
    11) Hug the left side of the street now and go past the stairs. Sneak walk
    behind the guy you saw earlier - snap/crackle/pop his ass.
    12) Hug the right side of the street this time. Just past a red door is an
    opening in the wall (gray) - head for it and hide. Another gringo patrols
    this street - look for him on radar. 
    13) When this guy passes the opening you're hidden in, sneak (quickly) left
    and get behind him and snap his neck when he stops. Leave the body.
    14) Continue down the street. You should see a large staircase in front of
    you, and one to your right.
    15) There is a guard on the right staircase. When he's not facing your
    direction, head to the left of the staircase and crouch behind it. 
    16) This guy's patrol will eventually put him back near the bottom of the
    stairs. When he gets there, roll/sneak behind him as soon as he turns around
    and heads off again. 
    17) Follow him by rolling until he stops and - snap! 
    18) Rush back down the stairs, head to the far wall (right) and go up the
    other set of stairs you saw. 
    19) Up here, hide by the farthest opening/"window" (it's the 2nd one you'll
    20) Bring out the rifle, go to manual aim, and then zoom in on the floor by
    the church. 
    21) At around 1:00 remaining, you should see a guy exit the church. This is
    the target. Keep your aim steady (manual zoom), and wait. You can't take him
    out until the bells toll. 
    22) When the full 5:00 are up, and the bells start ringing - pop off the shot
    at the 3rd bell. 
    > Objective Complete: Assassinate Dimitri by the bell tower at 3:00 PM
    23) Book your ass back to the beginning of the level the way you came.
    	(*) Summary: Go back down the street, up the short stairs on the left 
    	and hop back down. Go left to the sewer entrance, and follow the sewers out to
    	the barrels. From here, climb up and run across the street. Keep heading
    	forward, all the way back to the beginning of the stage. 
    > Objective Complete: Move to extraction point
    If you took out the people I told you to, nobody should spot you. 
    Expert Strategy
    Team Strategies
    Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill
    Solo Par Time:		18:00
    My First Par Time:	15:42
    Recommended Weapons: Jericos, C8, best Uzi, best grenades, best taser
    NOTES: From initiating the elevator to go down, until the worker(s) actually
    make it to the safe point, is approx. 40 seconds. Keep this in mind when
    trying to calculate who you can save for par time and when (especially
    playing online). 
    Rescuing the workers is the only tough part of this level, until you learn it.
    Even then, you only have to rescue 3 offline, which is easy. 
    > Shut off overloading mill machines
    > Disarm stacks explosives
    > Escort some workers to safety
    > Save Dobranski
    > Take mill documents from safe
    > Eliminate CDP soldiers
    > Eliminate Zhidkov
    > Take tissue sample from cow carcass
    > Parameter: No collateral damage
    > Escort all workers to safety (Team)
    1) Jump up the wall in front of you, head left and roll through the gate. Run
    around the right side of the train and pop off the 2 dorks. 
    2) Head straight for another train. Wipe out the people near the train and go
    in the building on your left. 
    3) After entering, turn right and make note of the cow carcass. DO NOT get the
    	(*) If you do want to get the sample, you'll increase the number of 
    	enemies for the stage. This not only makes it harder to get 0 deaths, but also
    	makes it difficult to successfully rescue all the workers.
    	(*) If you don't get in here on time, the cow carcass disappears... and
    	you're screwed for that objective. If you're not sure if you will make it,
    	look  for the moving "bucket" with the lava - once it starts pouring in the
    	slag pit, you're screwed.
    4) Kill the 4 people in this room ("slag pit") then go back outside. Head
    right back inside, and wait a bit. 
    5) Four more people respawn (just this one time). Kill 'em. 
    	(*) You don't have to exit and re-enter, but it helps pass the time.
    6) Rescue the worker up the stairs on your right (the lower set near the cow,
    not the taller set). DO NOT touch the machine.
    7) Let the worker run to the elevator on his own while you head up the tall
    set of stairs on the left (one of the guys you popped off was up here).
    8) Head to the end here and bust the doors open. You're now at the mercy of the
    "spawning staircase of doom". Run down it and head in the nearby door. 
    	(*) Guys respawn a lot in this staircase, and it's obviously integral to
    	leading workers back - thus the nickname "spawning staircase of doom"
    9) Pop out the people in here and shut off the machine on your right for a
    10) Head up the long stairs (facing the machine, turn right and go forward)
    and down the path to end up near the stacks. 
    11) Run/roll to the ladder for the towers, then immediately take out the 2
    soldiers on both sides
    	(*) Alternatively, you could kill them before climbing, but they get at 
    	good angles to dodge your shots
    12) Grab the C4's from both sides of the central tower, then slide down the
    ladder and back to the machine room. 
    > Objective Complete: Disarm stacks explosives
    13) Down the stairs is an open area to the left - follow it to the end. Open
    the "garage door", but ignore the worker first. 
    14) Run ahead and kill 2 guys coming from the tunnel on the right. Rescue the
    15) Follow the worker back the way you came, to the "elevator" near where you
    got the cow sample. 
    	(*) If you hadn't figured, this is where all the workers go to get 
    	rescued, and if you don't "follow them someone will spawn and kill them. That,
    	and they will SOMETIMES stop if you get too far ahead of them.
    16) Once he's safely in the room, you can leave (no more guys appear in this
    room at any further point, so he's at no risk). 
    17) Go back towards the 2nd machine, this time there's a left exit in the
    corner of the room (with an odd awning/roof). 
    18) Outside, you'll be at the bottom of some stairs. Run up the stairs.
    19) Take out the guys if you wish, they'll try to shoot a worker. He's not
    worth rescuing in 1p. (don't let Mujari know I said that, he'd fire me).
    20) Head to the left, go in the door and you're in another machine room. Make
    note of the huge open area on the left. 
    21) Head around, past the machine on your left and turn right. Go down here,
    passing a door on the left, and you should see a small set of stairs. 
    22) At the top is a machine. Clear out the first few people you see, including
    the grenade fag on your right at the top of the platform ahead. 
    23) Once you get a chance, turn off this machine. Head back to the door you
    passed on your way here. 
    24) Open the door and look straight ahead for an opening near the roof. Jump up
    to it and quietly climb down (X button). 
    25) Sneak your way through the doors until you see a guy beating on Dobranski.
    Headshot him, rush in the room and blow away the guy to the right.
    26) Another guy comes from the hallway you were just in - rush out and pop him
    off before he can get to Dobranski. 
    27) Now you can rescue Dobranski. He'll open the safe - go ahead and grab the
    papers. Dobranski starts to go back to the elevator.
    	(*) Leave Dobranski to his own devices - he takes too long to save and 
    	we just need one more worker. 
    > Objective Complete: Save Dobranski
    > Objective Complete: Take mill documents from safe
    28) Head back the way you came near the 3rd machine, go right after you exit,
    and look for the worker in that large open area ahead (NOT the statue 
    29) Follow this worker back to the elevator (you know the way by now). 
    30) Take the elevator down with all the workers - once they get off the
    platform, go back up. There's nobody down there to worry about, so they're
    > Objective Complete: Escort some workers to safety
    31) Turn off the machine near the worker that was next to the elevator. Now
    grab the cow sample and run outside by the train. 
    > Objective Complete: Shut off overloading mill machines
    > Objective Complete: Take tissue sample from cow carcass
    32) You're basically heading back towards where you started the mission.
    Follow the tracks, and when they go left turn. The tracks you are on merge
    with another set of tracks to the right. 
    33) Near the spot at which the tracks merge, plant the C4, get some distance,
    and go ahead and watch the show.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate CDP soldiers
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Zhidkov
    From pressing the switch for the last machine, until the train blows up and
    Stone stops yapping - takes exactly 1:55. Make sure if you're going for par
    you have that much time left. 
    Expert Strategy
    It is your following the workers that spawns enemies. Some workers can make
    their way back to the elevator room without you needing to follow them. The key
    is watching your radar for enemy spawns, and making sure the workers are never
    standing/waiting. You have to move to different "zones" so that they are on
    your radar in order to keep them moving. For some workers, such as the guy near
    all the pipes, or the guy under the stacks - enemies will spawn no matter what
    and you have to escort them all the same.
    One hint (of hope) I can give you is that Dobranski, the statue room worker and
    the coil room worker can all be lead back to the elevator room in this fashion,
    all from staying at the right spots in the statue room. I believe at some point
    you do have to enter the elevator room to get them to go to the elevator.
    One important thing to know is that, after a certain length of time, if any
    worker has been "stopped" because they're out of your radar, they will die
    even without enemies spawning.
    Team Strategies
    Possible to be done by 2 players, but like all Belarus missions you'll have to
    not only hustle, but be pretty damn good.
    The team objective for this mission is to rescue ALL workers (possible offline,
    just takes alot of time). Therefore, let me briefly describe the locations of
    each of the dang workers:
    1) Near the elevator in the slag pit.
    2) Underneath the stacks, outside.
    3) Outside, near the "garage door" on the left after rolling through the fence.
    4) Roll out the fence, head right and run past the train. Ahead in the tunnel
    is a worker behind some pipes - 2 guys will go after him from the far tunnel
    when you get near him.
    5) Past the 2nd machine room is a room with a huge statue. In the back corner
    here is the most annoying worker in the game.
    6) In the room between Dobranski's area and the statue room, is the last of the
    machines. There is a worker off in a remote area behind some metal stuff.
    7) Dobranski counts as a worker. You should know where he is from playing solo.
    Two Players
    Player A: Clear the slag pit and save the worker by the first machine. Get the
    worker in the tunnel, and then the worker under the stacks. Head for the last
    worker in the final machine room (near Dobranski) - turn off the 2 machines on
    your way. Now get the explosives from the stacks and head to the slag pit.
    Player B: starts off heading left from the fence into the tunnel, and going for
    Dobranski through the lit room on the left. Rescue him, run ahead and into the
    machine room. Clear this room out, turn off the machine for a needed
    checkpoint. Head in the nearby "statue" room, rescue this guy, then run to
    Dobranski and trigger his return. Follow both to the elevator, and provide
    some damn good covering fire (especially at the water tower).
    When all workers are close to the elevator, the person who did all the indoor
    stuff will turn off the machine in the slag pit room, then get the cow sample
    and plant the C4 you got from the stacks.
    At the same time, one player escorts the workers down (just keep staring at the
    elevator controls or they'll glitch/die).
    Three Players
    Player A: Clear the slag pit, rescue the worker there, oversee rescue of the
    other workers. Grab the C4 from the stacks, shut off the 2nd machine and rescue
    the worker in between statue guy and Dobranski. If time permits, help clear
    the water tower for Players B/C.
    Player B: Get the tunnel worker, meet up with Player B, use the tunnel to get
    to Dobranski. Rescue and escort Dobranski, being careful to clear out all of
    the enemies in the nearby machine room.
    Player C: Get the worker under the stacks and by the garage door. Escort them
    to the slag pit, then head for the "statue room" worker. Rescue him, meet up
    with Player B and follow the 2 workers.
    Everyone meets up in the elevator room. When all workers are safe, Player A can
    plant the C4, Player B can excort the workers down, and Player C can turn off
    the machine in the slag pit and get the cow sample.
    Four Players
    Player A: Get the tunnel worker, clear out the water tower, plant the C4.
    Player B: Get the garage door worker, rescue/escort Dobranski.
    Player C: Get the stacks worker, rescue/escort statue worker.
    Player D: Clear out the slag pit and save the worker there. Get the C4 off the
    stacks, turn off the 2 machines and grab the worker in between
    Meet up in the slag pit and proceed as with the three player strategy...
    Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha
    Solo Par Time:		15:00
    My First Par Time:	11:59	(I had the papers in the 1st attic!)
    Recommended Weapons: best pistols, best rifle, any Uzi, Frag grenades, taser
    NOTES: If you're playing multiplayer, it takes Stone approx. 40 seconds from
    the time you untie him until the mission ends 
    > Retrieve equipment from crash site
    > Destroy power substation
    > Destroy communications truck
    > Disable AA tower
    > Shut down gas main
    > Destroy Scud missile
    > Eliminate Pulikovsky
    > Rescue Stone
    > Destroy tank
    > Obtain sewage sample
    > Hidden objective: Retrieve Ivankov's papers
    > Destroy bridge to stop tank (Team)
    1) Run ahead and up the hill, then shoot the guy across the way. Go to his
    spot and take his clothes (just like picking up a weapon or a body). 
    2) Run straight ahead and follow the road to reach the power plant. Keep
    running to the left corner of this area (follow the power lines past the power
    3) Follow this mostly linear path - you will very shortly pass an area that
    says "climb down". Don't climb down just yet - keep going straight,
    following all of the power lines.
    4) You'll pass a sniper on the right, and past him you'll eventually see a
    tunnel on your right. 
    	(*) I take the tunnel to avoid any stray shots or being visible to 
    	anyone. You really can just run straight ahead though.
    5) Head through the tunnel, and once you exit you should be at the crash site.
    It's on your right. 
    6) The second you get too close to someone your disguise is blown, so run to
    the guy in the water below and smack him at point black.
    7) Another guy comes from behind the wreckage, a third guy to the right of the
    wreckage (just use your auto-aim). Get them both. 
    8) There's a 4th guy across the way from the wreckage. After popping him, roll
    past the wreckage (under the helicopter tail) to the equipment. 
    9) Get the equipment in the first crate, and your weapons from the other
    > Objective Complete: Retrieve equipment from crash site
    10) Backtrack in the direction of the power station, taking out the sniper
    near the crash site on your way. 
    11) You'll also want to take out the sniper you passed before near the "climb
    down" area. Hide behind the rocks, auto-aim then sneak out and pop him.
    12) After the coast is clear, "climb down" (you can also roll or fall). Follow
    this path to the left, all the way to the very end to find the sewer sample.
    13) Grabbing the sample spawns some more guys, take them out on your way back.
    Once you climb back up, head left and continue back to the power plant.
    > Objective Complete: Obtain sewage sample
    14) Pop off the 2 guys at the power plant - one near a stack of crates/C4 on
    your left, and one inside the gate.
    15) Grab some C4, plant it inside the gate on the back wall, and then book it
    back to grab another C4. The power plant will blow up soon.
    > Objective Complete: Destroy power substation
    16) Follow the road here, off to the right, and avoid killing people as
    necessary (for the sake of par time). 
    17) Eventually you'll come to a truck - if you auto-aim there's a sniper up
    top. Take out the sniper and run to the right side of the truck (near all
    the boxes).
    18) Plant some C4 on this side of the truck. 
    	(*) You may also want to grab the delayed frag grenades near the other 
    	side of the truck (if you don't have regular grenades). 
    > Objective Complete: Destroy communications truck
    19) Doing a 180 after planting the C4, you should see a tunnel at the bottom
    of the slope. This tunnel leads to the tower.
    20) Before you get near the exit of the tunnel, sneak carefully until you can
    JUST see the tower ahead. 
    21) Equip a grenade and lob it at the tower with your manual aim. You should
    blow up the radio in the tower, if your aim was good. If not, keep trying.
    	(a) If you went too far in the tunnel, the guys in the tower spot you 
    	and will sound the alarm. One of them has a rocket launcher - so watch out!
    	(b) Sometimes, the guy with the rocket launcher will accidentally blow 
    	up himself AND the tower in his attempts to get you.
    	(c) If you couldn't frag the tower, RUSH ahead to it, go up the ladder 
    	and shoot the computer. If you don't have grenades, you can get the SMAW from
    	the guy outside the tower
    > Objective Complete: Disable AA tower
    22) Head for the truck again, and follow the road to your right (NOT the way
    you came!) 
    23) Ignore all the pansies by the gate when you get to it - just roll your way
    into the tunnel on the right and head out to the other side.
    24) Immediately outside the tunnel, head right and up the hill for shutting
    off the gas main.
    > Objective Complete: Shut down gas main
    25) Facing the gas main, turn left and run forward. Quickly run/roll to the
    tank. It will start to turn it's turret but won't get to you in time. 
    26) Run past the tank and kill the 2 guards ahead. Keep going, and on your
    left is a  SCUD missile. Grenade/SMAW the damn thing, then keep heading forward
    for the gates. 
    	(*) Ignore the guards outside, just roll in the gates and immediately go 
    	to your right Hop up and follow this dark area to the palace courtyard. 
    > Objective Complete: Destroy Scud missile
    27) Immediately go right and follow this path left. Take out the guy on the
    way and at the end you'll see an open window on a building at the end. Hop up
    and climb down.
    28) You're in the kitchen now. Roll/drop off the boxes/machines and follow the
    path left out of the kitchen, then right and right again. 
    29) Going to the left, you'll come to some scaffolding. Jump up all 3 levels
    (start from the left side) and to your right at the top is a crawlspace you can
    jump up into.
    30) Follow this duct all the way straight - we're coming back to the left-hand
    fork later. As you go further in the ducts and up an incline, check your
    	(a) If you see 2 guys CLOSE to each other on the radar, keep heading 
    	forward. Do a 180 when you exit, and kill both guys at the top - one of the
    	guys should have had Ivankov's papers - grab them. 
    		(i) If only one guy was here, you misread your radar (sometimes 
    		you'll get 2 guys on the radar, but farther apart - the other one is
    31) Head back to that fork in the duct, turn right and follow close to the edge
    (not TOO close though - you'll be spotted!).
    32) Switch to a good snipe weapon and zoom in on the guy threatening 
    Stone. Take your headshot! Take out any other guys that may appear in here from
    this sweet spot.
    	(*) You can also just equip a taser and make him a fry guy. This might
    	actually be easier to do without getting spotted. I just enjoy zooming 
    	in for the headshot.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Pulikovsky
    33) Exit the duct and climb down. Untie Stone and head for the other set of
    scaffolding on the far wall. Look familiar?
    	(a) If you didn't get Ivankov's papers earlier, they should be in the 
    	vent up here. Make your way through (ignore the turn) and it's another attic.
    	If you see 2 guys, one should have the papers. Get them!
    	(b) Head back to where Stone was. 
    		(i) If you still don't have the papers, read on. 
    		(1) Time to book it!!! Take the door closest to the scaffolding 
    		after climbing back down.
    		(2) Try to find your way to another HUGE ROOM with tons of 
    		scaffolding all over the place.
    		(3) You'll have to jump over a lot of tables with paint buckets 
    		and scaffolds to get there.
    		(4) When you're there, head to the opposite corner of the room 
    		and look for a doorway. 
    		(5) Run through here, past the piano room and to the right.
    		(6) Turn to the room on your right in this hallway. The guy in 
    		here will have the papers.
    		(7) Lay him out and grab them off his rotting corpse. Double 
    		book it back to where Stone was.
    			(*) Technically, you can exit near here, and there is a
    			reasonable spot for popping the tank w/o being seen.
    > Objective Complete: Rescue Stone
    > Hidden objective: Retrieve Ivankov's papers
    34) Time to take out the tank. From the room you rescued Stone, get the
    anti-tank grenades in the chest near the scaffolding behind the chair. (NOT
    the set of scaffolding where you came into this room from)
    35) Head out the door close to where you first entered this room from. Ahead
    of you are 2 guards - pop the one in front of you.
    36) Head out the door immediately in front of you. You should meet up with
    Stone, vainly trying to SMAW the tank.
    37) Follow this platform past Stone, go left and straight to the other corner.
    DO NOT go down the stairs to the open area on your right. 
    38) Once you're in the opposite corner from Stone, you should be able to see
    the tank turret. It can't see you though!
    39) Lob your anti-tank grenades, auto-aiming for what you can see of the tank
    (I like to "peek" right to view part of it's body).
    40) Eventually the tank will blow up - it just might take all 9 grenades!
    	(*) If you miss, there are more grenades in the crate you got them from.
    > Objective Complete: Destroy tank
    That's it! Hopefully the papers were in the attics for you. Otherwise, par
    time is REALLY tough to get until you memorize every nook/cranny of the
    In general, par time can be tough to get for this stage, single or multi
    player. It's just that you'll always be cutting it pretty close multiplayer,
    and single player will depend on the paper locations.
    Expert Strategy
    Untie Stone first for a checkpoint. Until you find the room with the papers,
    grenade yourself to respawn with Stone’s chair. From here you can get to the
    other locations faster. The 2nd attic is also really close to the piano room.
    Check those 2 places first, then head for that attic behind stone.
    If you untie Stone without first killing Pulikovsky (say, you entered from the
    floor level), Stone will take out Pulikovsky on his. This can actually be an
    interesting way to handle the level, as it adds to the 40-some seconds he will
    spend talking (all giving you more time to get the papers!)
    Team Strategies
    Welcome to a tough one to learn, and an even tougher one to get consistently.
    No matter how you play it, you best untie Stone at the 6:00 mark or you'll be
    cutting things close. He takes 40 seconds to yap, so you will still have time
    to find the papers if you don't have them yet.
    The team objective for this stage is blowing up a bridge. Two players need to
    grab C4 from outside the power plant to do it. There are 2 ways of getting to
    the bridge:
    1) From the crash site, follow the stream PASt the gear, jump up the rocks to
    the water (flowing against you), then keep following the stream in this general
    direction. You'll eventually trigger a timer. 
    2) From the communications tower, head to the side of this area that is
    opposite the tunnel you can take to get to the comm. truck. You'll pass by a
    sniper on an overpass, just keep running. You'll make it to the stream
    shortly, go across to the opposite side of the bank and follow the stream to
    the left.
    Stay on the right bank of the stream and the team interaction is on the ground
    underneath the "outcrop" wall.
    After the team interaction, you'll both be on the ledge here. Being careful not
    to fall off, strafe left and use triangle to jump up to the next ledge. From
    here, you should be able to jump again onto a shimmy bar. Shimmy across to the
    middle of the bridge and drop down. Each player plant a C4 on opposite sides,
    then shimmy back across.
    Once getting back across, head right, roll off and hug the left wall. You
    should see some place on the left to jump up. You'll have to jump up to a
    platform, then onto a tree branch, then up top to the ground. This puts you
    out on the side of the bridge near the SCUD and courtyard.
    Two Players
    Possible, but very tough. After first blowing the bridge, one person is going
    to have to make their way through the mansion, the other is going to have to
    get most of the outside objectives.
    Three Players
    Player A: Get the gear, get the sample, blow up the power plant and comm.
    truck, shut off the gas main. With time permitting, assist with finding the
    Player B: Get some C4 from the power plant and head to the bridge with Player
    C. Go by the tower to get there. Stop at the tower long enough to pick up the
    SMAW inside. Proceed to the bridge and blow it up. Head for the palace's front
    entrance (past the SCUD). Check the first attic for the papers, untie Stone,
    check the 2nd attic for the papers.
    Player C: Get some C4 and help Player B with the tower and the bridge. Head for
    the back entrance to the palace by following the stream PAST where you did the
    team act. (DO NOT go back towards the beginning of the level). You'll come to a
    small building on your right with a few guards - kill them and jump up here.
    Inside, head out the right doorway to enter the chateau from the back. You'll
    face alot of resistance, but have a QUICK path to the piano room to check for
    the papers. (Basically, follow straight into the large room, keep going
    straight, turn right with the hallway, then left before the piano room.)
    Four Players
    Same strategy, but Player D can assist Player A by getting gear/sample. Player
    A just blows shit up. Afterwards, with the extra time, use the back entrance to
    the courtyard (past the bridge, through the building in the swampy area). Head
    for the piano room in case the papers show up there.
    Players B/C will use the same strategy, but both go for the front entrance of
    the chateau and split up the first 2 attics. While one player searches the
    first attic, the other will rescue/untie Stone, then search the last attic.
    Tash, Kumyr, Kyrgystan: Saydahmat's Village
    Solo Par Time:		13:00
    My First Par Time:	12:47
    (I got turned around, it can easily be done in 10-11 minutes)
    Recommended Weapons: N/A
    NOTES: You're playing as Lian now. You only have throwing stars. You will
    need to use them wisely, as "wasting" one will make your job much harder.
    > Locate arms deal
    > When Samaev has the container, eliminate him
    > Obtain container from Dosbol Samaev
    > Change into a concubine outfit to fool Yang
    > Give the bio-weapon container to Sok-ju Yang
    > Eliminate Yang
    > Get the container from Sok-ju Yang
    > Locate a more revealing outfit
    > Poison Saydahmat's water chalice
    > Locate sherpa outfit
    > Rendezvous at the extraction zone
    > Parameter: Maintain stealth
    > Hidden objective: Locate Yushchenko's papers
    > Hidden objective: Eliminate Zayed Al Dhahiri
    1) Run ahead and to the left, switching to your shurikens. Following the path
    leads to a large open area.
    2) Ahead of you are a bunch of crates, head to the left corner of this area.
    	(*) I like to hide underneath the the "umbrella".
    3) You should see a dark spot to hide in - go there look at the far wall.
    You'll see a guard patrolling near 2 people talking.
    	(*) The one in the suit is Sok-ju Yang
    4) When the 2 people finish talking, Sok-ju Yang will walk off to the right. 
    5) Count out loud about 3 seconds, then target/kill first the guy at the door
    who was talking, then the guard who was patrolling.
    	(*) When throwing the stars, you can just use auto-aim, and you'll get 1 
    	hit kills on this stage. Nobody has any armor... 
    6) Run up by the guy you killed at the door and turn right, walking behind the
    crates (where Sok-ju Yang just went). 
    7) Sneak-walk and follow Sok-ju Yang, staying behind him. Sok-ju Yang walks to
    another large, well-lit area and starts trying to make the arms deal. 
    > Objective Complete: Locate arms deal
    8) Walk up as far as you can without going into the light, then turn to your
    9) Off in the distance, you should be able to see someone sitting
    cross-legged. This is Zayed Al Dhahiri. 
    10) A guard patrols by here, when he goes by, toss a throwing star above Al
    Zayed's head. You will want to use manual aim, and move the trigger to where
    the bottom curl of the trigger is on Dhahiri's head, and the stick that points
    down from the circle is covering his body.
    	(a) Throwing stars do obey the laws of gravity in this game.
    	(b) If you don't see him disappear, you didn't aim right. Keep 
    	practicing (but you'll have to reset the stage as you need every shuriken)
    > Hidden Objective Complete: Eliminate Zayed Al Dhahiri
    11) After the guard walks in front of you, sneak/roll to your left, past the
    guard (he stops).
    12) Head for a dark path on your left, between 2 torches, which leads to a
    stairway. Take the stairs up.
    13) Turn right at the top of the stairs, run around the corner to the right,
    and sneak/roll behind the patrolling guard you see.
    14) When this guard comes to a well lit area, he'll stop for a few seconds,
    then turn right. Walk to your left a bit, and as this one guard is turning,
    target/kill a stationary guard directly ahead/to the left (he is standing next
    to some barrels).
    16) Immediately turn right and kill the guy you were following all this time,
    after he gets a slight ways past the view of the large doorway on your left. 
    17) By now, someone will start approaching from the doorway up ahead (on your
    left, after turning right to kill the patrolling guard). Before this guy can
    spot a body, target/kill him with a throwing star.
    	(*) You will probably have to get close to the doorway, but he is still turned
    	sideways so you don't need to worry.
    18) Run up to this last guy's corpse and grab the papers. The building in here
    is where we'll be heading to later, but we can't get there from down here.
    > Hidden Objective Complete: Locate Yushchenko's papers
    19) This next part is a bit tricky. There is another guard who walks by where
    you just were to get here. You have to kill this guy before he spots any of the
    bodies, but also before he can spot you too.
    	(a) To make matters worse, Samaev also walks by this area at about the 
    	same time, so he can't spot anything suspicious. 
    	(b) I like to run near the crates where I hid to take out the first 2 
    	guards, then try to shoot him as he gets about halfway up the alley. 
    20) Now, head towards this last guard you killed, and turn left to follow
    Samaev. He'll go through a doorway ahead and down some stairs.
    	(*) You can follow him down the stairs if you want, to see this
    	part of the level. However, there are guards below, so I wouldn't
    	take him out down there.
    21) Ignore him and stay outside the doorway, on the right near the tree. 
    22) After a few minutes (it sure seems like an eternity), he will come back up
    the stairs and through the doorway - take him out with a throwing star. 
    > Objective Complete: When Samaev has the container, eliminate him
    23) Grab the bio-container off Samaev's corpse and head back NEAR where you got
    the papers, and took out the stationary guard. 
    > Objective Complete: Obtain container from Dosbol Samaev
    24) On the left, before the doorway, is a square area. There is a crate up
    ahead of you - jump up on it, then jump on the roof, using the other crates.
    25) Take out the guard near the entrance to this building and go inside. Head
    for the left corner of this first room, behind the "changing station". Switch
    into the new outfit. 
    > Objective Complete: Change into a concubine outfit to fool Yang
    26) Backtrack towards where Sok-ju Yang is waiting - down the roof, down the
    crates, forward, right, left, down the stairs and in this open area. 
    	(*) You don't even have to worry about the guards with this outfit.
    	They're too busy drueling over Lian :)
    27) Talk to Sok-ju Yang to give him the bio-container.
    	(*) Apparently, even the worst of criminals has a weakness for hookers.
    	(as Bugs Bunny would say, "what a maroon!")
    > Objective Complete: Give the bio-weapon container to Sok-ju Yang
    28) Afterwards, wait for him to go off on his own, then follow him. He'll walk
    back near the beginning of the level. 
    29) When he gets to the discreet area before the place where he was talking at
    the beginning of the level, take him out.
    	(*) The alley here is dark enough, you don't need to worry about hiding
    	his crooked body. 
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Yang
    30) Get the bio-container for yourself this time, and head back up the stairs,
    on the crates, on the roof, and near where you switched clothes.
    	(*) DO NOT switch back clothes right now, however.
    > Objective Complete: Get the container from Sok-ju Yang
    31) What we need to do now is poison the chalice, and the guards in front of
    the room won't fall for your current outfit. You need something a bit sexier. 
    32) Go down the hall to the left, then make a right in the huge area by some
    33) Make a right in the dark hallway here, and go down the ramp. Head to the
    doorway on your left and keep following this path past some guards.
    33) Eventually, you'll go into a room with some "laser security" and see the
    text pointing towards where you can change clothes again. 
    	(*) Ahhh, skimpy lingerie, that's more like it. Who could resist that?
    > Objective Complete: Locate a more revealing outfit
    34) Make your way back towards the first hallway, and head for the 2 guards
    blocking the door. Now they let you inside, so walk inside, and then find
    and poison the chalice. It's straight ahead and on the left.
    	(*) Unfortunately, the guards OUTSIDE won't think much of the skimpy
    > Objective Complete: Poison Saydahmat's water chalice
    35) Before going outside, where you first changed clothes, switch back into
    your original disguise (the Japanese peasant outfit)
    > Objective Complete: Locate sherpa outfit
    36) Leave the building. Run/sneak your way back towards where the mission
    	(*) Sneak only when necessary - that is, near the guards in the area 
    	where Sok-ju Yang met with you.
    > Objective Complete: Rendezvous at the extraction zone
    Expert Strategy
    Team Strategies
    Sana'a, Yemen: Arms Bazaar
    Solo Par Time:		18:00
    My First Par Time:	16:59	(this was using a slower strategy, too!)
    Recommended Weapons - Jericos, C8, Air Pistol, Sarin nerve gas, taser.
    NOTES: As long as you shoot something with the VSS-DU, nobody is alarmed!
    Afterall, it is a silent rifle.
    I don't recommend shooting *people* with the rifle, in the open, however, as
    that can create a mess with your "stealth". This just means you have to use it
    to "shoot" the radios and other communications equipment with it.
    Stealth is blown only if you're seen with a weapon equipped. In other words,
    pick up any weapon you can find, just keep your arms empty.
    > Eliminate the VIP to obtain credentials
    > Enter the arms market with credentials
    > Destroy communications equipment
    > Eliminate Khorsh's thugs
    > Eliminate Khorsh
    > Obtain Zohar's explosives
    > Deliver explosives to Zohar
    > Eliminate Yushchenko's bodyguards
    > Eliminate Yushchenko
    > Obtain video tape evidence
    > Parameter: Maintain stealth
    > Hidden objective: Photograph Fadhil's files
    > Hidden objective: Obtain Thae-bok Jon's credentials
    1) Starting off, turn to your right and "drop down" the ledge. Run to the
    nearby posts and wait. A guard will go by in front of you, keep waiting. You
    should be able to see the VIP headed your way.
    2) When the VIP passed by in front of the posts, "kick" them over (it's an
    action with triangle button on the right-hand side). 
    3) As the guards start running to the scene, run around the corner here and to
    the back of this area and follow the VIP. When he makes his 2nd stop (it's in a
    corner wall), snap his neck and grab the credentials.
    	(*) For some reason, his body "disappears" after you leave the area, so the
    	guards never spot him! I was amazed first time I saw this...
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate the VIP to obtain credentials
    4) In front of you, jump on top of the wall he was staring at. Drop down on the
    other side and head left, into the gated entrance to the tunnel here.
    5) At the entrance, grab the VSS-DU and the might vision goggles from the
    crate. Equip both.
    6)Turn on your NVG while running to the end of the path here, and slow your
    pace to a crawl as you get to where the tunnel opens in a new area.
    7) You should see a guard on your left on the radar - wait for him to pass and
    then pop him. Walk about to where his body falls and wait.
    8) There's another guard on the radar, he's patrolling the hallway off to your
    	(*) You can't get too close to the opening to this hallway or he spots 
    9) Turn yourself so you can see the entrance to the hallway - when he gets
    down here and turns around - pop him.
    10) Follow the hall he was patrolling, turn left at the end. Before this hall
    turns right, you'll pass by a small metal-fenced window.
    11) Turn left to face the window, but back up against the wall (if you turn
    your NVG off, you will see the room inside is lit). 
    12) A guard patrols by here and sticks his head up to the fence - get your
    headshot and open the fence/door. You can also turn off your NVG now.
    13) Run to your right and around the equipment - when you see a filing
    cabinet, run to it and use triangle to snap the photo of Fadhil's files. 
    > Hidden Objective Complete: Photograph Fadhil's files
    14) Continue to the opposite end of this room. You'll make it to a circular
    room with a pillar in the middle. Kill the guy and go in the left doorway
    15) Turn right in here and head for the stairway ahead. Go up the first flight
    of stairs and shoot the guy who approaches, then turn and go up the next set of
    16) Turn to your right to shoot/kill Fadhil, then turn back to the left and
    head for the doorway on the opposite wall. Make sure to equip your hands now.
    	(*) If you exit near where you killed Fadhil, you'll be back outside near the
    	beginning of the level
    17) Turn right out here, then hang left around the corner and left again into
    the doorway. There are 2 guards patrolling in this "courtyard". Just turn right
    and head for the doorway at the other end.
    18) Follow this linear path, until you get to a large room with a doorway on
    the opposite side, and 2 guards at a doorway on your right. Head for the 
    two guards.
    19) Show the guards the papers. You will be shown a snapshot of the
    communications dish, and good ol' Khorsh.
    	(a) At this point, depending on your style, you can start breaking the 
    	necks of Korsch and some of the guards. 	
    	(b) This will get you less resistance on your way back here, which *might*
    	help you with getting 0 deaths, or might help if you are not too powerful.
    	(c) It could potentially hurt par time though, depending on how 
    	comfortable you are with the stage.
    > Objective Complete: Enter the arms market with credentials
    20) If you're me, you ignore everyone here and take them out once you get your
    weapons and pass the "stealth" parameter.
    21) Run straight ahead to the far wall, passing some ammo crates and tents,
    and go behind the large stack of wooden crates. You'll get the "discreet area"
    message. On your tail will be an annoying arms market guy.
    	(*) Don't get anything out of the crates - you'll blow stealth. Keep 
    	this in mind for when you return here later, if you need any ammo / NVG / etc.
    22) Snap this idiot's neck - you'll need to hold down X and strafe right or
    left to circle around him, and press the button at the right time
    23) Check your radar for nearby patrols. Usually, there is a guard running
    left to right in front of the crates.
    24) When the coast is clear, switch to the VSS and pop the satellite dish
    straight ahead with a good shot from behind the crates. QUICKLY switch back to
    your bare hands.
    	(*) There are other spots you can shoot this from that might be easier, and
    	have less chance of being spotted, but they are a bit out of the way.
    25) Leaving the crates behind, immediately go right. Follow this path down the
    stairs, right around the corner, and up the large staircase on the left.
    26) You'll see the text pointing out where Thae-bok Jon is. At the top of the
    stairs, turn left to catch him walking you way through the hallway nearby. 
    27) When he stops in front of the door on the left, snap his neck and get his
    	(*) If you haven't earned the neck-snap yet, your knife will do.
    > Hidden Objective Complete: Obtain Thae-bok Jon's credentials
    28) QUICKLY pull out the VSS-DU and shoot the lock on the door. Switch back to
    your hands, open the door and grab your gear inside.
    	(*) I still think no matter how "silenced" a weapon is, the guards 
    	nearby should hear you. Thankfully, the game doesn't make this distinction.
    29) Out the door, go straight ahead and down the stairs (the ones Thae-bok Jon
    took to reach his ultimate doom). 
    30) At the bottom, head for the open door on the left. Follow this to the end
    and go left up 2 sets of stairs. 
    31) On your left are 2 guards (on the radar), and a staircase by an open
    doorway. One guard is stationary, the other is patrolling in the stairwell.
    	(*) He'll sometimes freak if he sees you, so you need to hide at the 
    	corner of the wall (right side) surrounding the stairwell. 
    32) The guard will walk down the stairs and turns left, going right past you.
    He won't spot you here. When the guard passes by, sneak up the stairs. 
    33) At the top, you can go left or right - go right. You'll see a radio.
    Switch out your rifle for the VSS in the crate, and use the VSS to shoot the
    	(*) This just makes it easier to get your original rifle on the way 
    	back. I NEVER go back towards Thae-bok Jon's corpse on my return trip because
    	of the thugs.
    34) Leave and head to what would have been the left room. In front of you is
    an open window that leads to a rooftop. 
    35) Carefully climb up the window, climb down (X button), and sneak walk/roll
    across the rooftop. 
    36) At the other end of the rooftop, roll/climb off and turn to face the big
    wall ahead of you. 
    37) Sneak walk up to the edge of the wall and peer around the left side. 
    38) You'll see a guard walking forward past a bunch of junk - he's heading
    towards the building with the opening on your left. 
    39) Roll/sneak to follow the guy - When he gets inside the building and stops,
    then snap his neck. 
    40) Leave here, turn left, and on your right is a small building with small
    stairs leading up to it. 
    41) Go inside this building and hide in the far right corner. Wait patiently
    for a guard to come by here. At this point, he's down at the far right.
    	(*) You can catch up to him and snap him in time, but you have to be 
    	careful of the guy who pops in and out of one of the buildings.
    42) When he passes by this building, he'll turn left. Roll/sneak out the
    building and get behind him. When he stops, snap his neck. 
    43) Turn back towards the building you were hiding in, but this time hide just
    beside the corner on your left. Make sure you can see the guy patrolling in
    and out of the building nearby. When he goes back in, roll up inside the
    building and air pistol his ass.
    44) Inside the building, wait near the bottom of the stairs, but just out of
    view of the staircase (slightly on your right). 
    45) There is a guard who patrols at the top of the stairs, when he walks by,
    sneak/roll up the stairs and follow him into the room on the right. 
    46) Air pistol this desert lover and you're done with the "stealth". In this
    room, grab the videotape. Head into the next room. 
    > Objective Complete: Obtain video tape evidence
    47) Grab the gate key off the desk, and get the Desert Sniper ammo and/or gun
    if needed from the cabinet. 
    48) Finally, pop that radio a good shot with your VSS. It's time to backtrack,
    only now you have to take out a bunch of "thugs". There are 7 total. Five of
    them are in the area you were just in. 
    > Objective Complete: Destroy communications equipment
    49) Leave this building the way you came and turn right. Pop off this thug
    before he can realize what hit him. 
    50) Turn back around (180) and go past the building you were in. There is a
    "thug" perched at the top of a building like a sniper - take him out.
    51) Head back to where you took out the first thug, and there is a thug who
    sometimes comes through the building you waited in - pop him if so.
    52) Close to where you snapped the neck of the guard outside this building, is
    another thug perched like a sniper on your left.
    	(*) He may not show up until you start moving right underneath the 
    53) After shooting this thug, turn left and take out the thugs you see. Open
    the gate and make your way back near the 2nd radio. Get your rifle and go down
    the stairs.
    54) Keep following the path back to the arms market. Instead of going up the
    stairs to Thae-bok Jon, however, go left. There is a thug-sniper in a large
    area on the left.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Khorsh's thugs
    55) Leave this area and keep following ahead to the arms market. You'll be
    coming out on the opposite side of the arms market from where you went to get
    Thae-bok Jon.
    56) When you get back to the market, you can clear out the guards here, and
    Khorsh (if you didn't earlier). 
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Khorsh
    57) Now Zohar wants explosives. Head back the way you came from. Up the small
    stairs, some guards come from the right (by where you took out the
    58) Kill the guys and go to the area on the right, heading down the stairs.
    Keep running straight and you should see an "ammo crate". It should marked as
    containing the explosives.
    59) Get the explosives and rush back to Zohar, then give him the explosives.
    Zohar will starts setting the explosives up to stop Yuschenko's path.
    > Objective Complete: Obtain Zohar's explosives
    > Objective Complete: Deliver explosives to Zohar
    60) In a minute, the car with Yuschenko will come down the path you took to
    get the explosives, and blow up near the wall. 
    61) Face yourself towards this direction (where Zohar is planting explosives)
    and when the car crashes, start lobbing Sarin gas at it in every direction. 
    	(*) You may first need to cover the doorway on the other side (where you 
    	went to take out Thae-bok Jon)
    	(*) If you're quick enough, you got Yuschenko and all his body guards 
    	before they could do damage - congrats!
    	(a) If you weren't quick enough, or don't have Sarin, follow and kill
    	Yuschenko ASAP. He runs towards the beginning of the level and you DO NOT want
    	to have to fight all the guys on the way there, nor lose the par time.
    	(b) After taking out Yuschenko, take out his guards. Frag grenades work 
    	well, or else well placed head shots. They're heavily armored.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Yushchenko's bodyguards
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Yushchenko
    If you die, you start off on a staircase right by the arms market, so you
    should not lose very much time at all.
    Once all the guards and Yuschenko are pushing up daisies, you will be finished
    Expert Strategy
    Here's a helper: there is no "stealth" to this mission. It's all "perceived".
    Go straight for the VSS in the sewer, then start shooting people. As long as
    you can shoot someone before they see you with gun-in-hand, and shoot anyone
    that might be able to spot them - you're in the clear.
    Shoot the dish from the graveyard area, or after "clearing out" the bazaar.
    This way you're not waiting to snap someone's neck, or for guards to go
    any particular route.
    You can save some time at the end as well by not even getting your equipment.
    There are frag grenades in the bazaar, get them before the car crashes and
    them point yourself to the car. A few well placed tosses should do it before
    they spread out too much.
    Team Strategies
    Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace
    Solo Par Time:		17:00
    My First Par Time:	15:06
    Recommended Weapons - Jericos, C8, (no Uzi - useless), best grenades, taser. 
    NOTES: Unlike the arms bazaar, if spotted with a weapon in hand during the
    first part of this stage, you'll be screwed. Sometimes, even if a guard can
    not SEE you with a weapon, they'll still yap and sound the alarm. It is for
    this reason that it helps IMMENSELY to have the neck snap.
    Now you get to really learn why auto-aim can work against you sometimes.
    > Eliminate security room guards within 5 minutes
    > Retrieve weapons from security cage
    > Provide cover fire for Zohar
    > Jump to extraction chopper
    > Do not sound alarm before al-Hassan is dead
    > Parameter: No collateral damage
    > Destroy Scud firing mechanism (Team)
    1) Start off running in the area to the left and wait for about 35 seconds.
    One of the guards walks in here and stops at the bottom of the stairs.
    2) Snap his neck and head up stairs. Walk around and snap the neck of this
    guard outside when he stops (near a doorway).
    3) Run in the doorway, and snap the neck of the guy just sitting here and
    staring. Head to the other side of this level.
    4) You'll see a cage on the bottom floor as you run around - when you get near
    it, climb down (X button) and drop on top. 
    5) Watch this guy go back and forth to the computers. 
    	(*) If you have shurikens, wait 'til his back is turned to you and 
    	headshot him. 	
    6) If you don't have shurikens, you'll have to move quick when he turns his
    back - drop down the opening and snap him (crawl the whole time!)
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate security room guards within 5 minutes
    > Objective Complete: Do not sound alarm before al-Hassan is dead
    7) Get your gear, hit the door switch on the computer, and kick open the gate. 
    > Objective Complete: Retrieve weapons from security cage
    8) Run back upstairs, and near where you dropped down is a huge door (far left
    corner). Go outside. It's time to protect Zohar. 
    9) At this point, you just need to watch where Zohar goes. Look for guards
    getting in his way, and take them out ASAP.
    	(a) Once Zohar makes it to the far wall, most of his trip is on the
    	balcony along the far wall. He goes through the water garden for a
    	brief period of time.
    10) Par time (and Zohar's health!) relies on how fast you take these guys out. 
    	(a) The longer it takes you to kill everyone, the longer it takes Zohar 
    	to run around - and he has ALOT of running around to do.
    	(b) I rely on my C8, and fire one shot when green-locked. None of 
    	enemies have much armor, if any at all. 
    11) After Zohar checks the last place (off the far end of the balcony), he'll
    radio you and head upstairs to the balcony where you are at. 
    12) At this point, a bunch of "guards" (guys that look something like ninjas)
    start storming you. They try to work their way up the ladders and onto the
    balcony. Find them all on your radar as fast as possible and take them out
    before they can do so.
    	(a) Make sure not to miss the one on the roof of the balcony.
    	(b) In multiplayer, there are a good number that come out of the same
    	locations. Learn these locations and make your life easier with Sarin.
    13) Once all the special guards are dead, the chopper heads to you but you
    have to defend Zohar against a few more snipers. 
    14) The last few snipers are at the building in the corner of the map, near
    where you first exited the palace onto the balcony. 
    > Objective Complete: Provide cover fire for Zohar
    15) The helicopter will stop outside this part of the balcony. You'll have to
    situate yourself on the long stretch of the balcony. 
    16) When the helicopter has stopped, line up with it's door, go halfway back
    the balcony, and run for the chopper, jumping safely inside. 
    	(*) Try to run as straight as possible or you might lose some distance
    	on your jump.
    > Objective Complete: Jump to extraction chopper
    Expert Strategy
    The special guards at the end will mostly spawn in one place if you stay in one
    place. The more places on the balcony you go, the more places they will appear
    from. I stay near the scud, and you will only see them come from the door that
    is across on the far wall, or from the door you took to get outside on the
    Also, once you kill the first few guards and get outside the palace, if you can
    kill the first 3 guards that keep Zohar from moving WITHOUT being seen/heard,
    and without Zohar being spotted - no more guards will spawn the whole level.
    Zohar will be able to "stealth" the entire mission and will get anyone in his
    way without slowing him down!
    {Thanks to Skullz for this little tip}
    SIDENOTE - this one is not as easy to do as it seems...
    Team Strategies
    This one's a cake walk for any number of players.
    The team objective is a SCUD missile. After you get past the stealth and get
    all of your equipment, you will exit the door on the top floor, turn left to
    reach the balcony, and then immediately on your right is the team interaction.
    Lift one person up, who then just has to walk to it and press the button. Be
    careful when you're lifted up, as the camera angle will be reversed and you'll
    be on the edge of the platform - walking forward will put you back down. You'll
    have to do a 180 first before finding and disarming the SCUD.
    Two Players
    Player A: Get the 2 guards upstairs, and the guy in the cage (if Player B does
    not have shurikens). Get your equipment and head outside to protect Zohar. At
    the apprporiate spot, initiate the team interaction to disable the scud. Finish
    protecting Zohar and jump in the chopper.
    Player B: Get the guard downstairs and the guy in the cage (if you have some
    shurikens). Get your equipment in the cage, head outside to protect Zohar. At
    the right spot, help with disabling the scud. Protect Zohar afterwards and try
    to be the first to the chopper.
    Three Players
    Same as 2 players, but 2 people go for the upstairs guard, and one person can
    start protecting Zohar sooner while the other 2 are getting the scud.
    Four Players
    Same as 2 players, just that you have more fire power to help with Zohar.
    Minsk, Belarus: International University
    Solo Par Time:		20:00
    My First Par Time:	16:44
    (I did NOT stun jack the guys downstairs, I just ran past them all, rolling
    whenever I heard any fire, and died a few times)
    Recommended Weapons: PPK, M79, Air Pistol, Sarin nerve gas, stun jack
    NOTES: You probably won't have M79 unless you cheated online, so if not you'll
    want NO Back Weapon and frag grenades instead of Sarin. 
    ALWAYS drop a rifle after using it. Carrying weapons on your back alerts
    anyone who sees them! 
    The first area of this level (planting the viral sniffers, getting inside the
    complex) can be done many ways. I will list the way I like, which is close to
    what I believe the game designers intended, only I'm skipping a sniper and
    using a different order.
    > Retrieve mission gear from safehouse
    > Deploy viral sniffers at marked locations
    > Download MetaGlobal's records
    > Deploy a beacon inside the refrigerated truck
    > Bug all MetaGlobal containers
    > Use elevator to enter the labs
    > Plant Agency surveillance gear
    > Acquire Omega Strain serum
    > Use emergency gas shutoff valve
    > Fall back to the streets for extraction
    > Parameter: Maintain stealth
    > Parameter: No collateral damage
    1) From the start, wait for "Jandran's Bodyguard" to walk by. When he does,
    head to where he was coming from and turn left ASAP.
    2) There are some trash cans nearby - plant your first sniffer. Run back to
    the start.
    	(*) You could run straight for the 2nd sniffer, but it helps the timing 
    	of the mission if you wait. 
    3) When Jandran's Bodyguard comes back up the ramp, run straight down near the
    police van and head into a long alley on the right. 
    4) At the end of the alley, plant your 2nd sniffer. Turn around and run
    straight ahead past the van - you'll run past a fence on your right.
    5) At the end of the path here, you'll see a guy walk up to the building and
    start mumbling, trying to remember the security code. 
    6) Sneak behind the guy, wait for him to open the door. You'll now have the
    security code, and can walk inside and stun jack him after he turns right.
    7) To the right is a room with a computer - download the MetaGlobal files. PPK
    the camera too (not necessary, but better safe than sorry).
    > Objective Complete: Download MetaGlobal's records
    8) Past the camera, what would have been left of the entrance, head down here
    and open the door at the end of the hall.
    9) Sneak outside and roll up behind the stationary guard. Stun jack him (when
    the radar is clear) and head in the garage. 
    10) Grab the DSC-1 Thermal on the left side of the garage, then go to the
    garage door entrance. Target the sniper straight ahead, zoom in and headshot.
    11) Leave the garage door and go to the nearby wall corner. A guard is
    patrolling behind the fenced area. 
    12) Wait for him to get nearby, target him, and when he stops - snipe him.
    Drop the rifle on the ground. 
    13) Switch to your Sarin's, run slightly ahead, turn the corner a few feet, and
    look behind the fenced area. 
    	(*) DormaGen gas grenades probably work just as well
    14) You'll see a white door. Wait a second or 2 as the guy on your radar is
    running toward you - toss the Sarin at the door. 
    15) The foreman will go out like a light before he even opens the door.
    	(*) If you don't have Sarins, just zoom on the door with your rifle and 
    	pop him when he exits. 
    16) Switch to your PPK's and shoot at the lock on the gate. You'll have to aim
    a bit right of the lock, between the bars.
    17) The third viral sniffer location is ahead of you (to the left of the gated
    area, back by the entrance to the first building you entered. 
    18) Now go back to the garage, turn right, and jump up to the elevated
    platform. Roll in the crawlspace and follow it to a bench. 
    19) Turn right, run to the end of the street here, and then turn left. You
    should see a guy patrolling ahead of you past an open archway. 
    	(a) At the end of the street, before turning left, is a box with a 
    	rifle. You COULD use it to snipe a sniper nearby where you exited.
    	(b) The thing is, this sniper doesn't seem to see or do much of 
    	anything, and can be ignored.
    20) Follow this guy into an alley. You'll pass by the archway, where you'll
    notice some University guards. Make note of the nearby landmarks.
    21) When the guard goes down the alley and turns, follow him a few steps and
    stun him. If you get him too soon, someone else will spot him.
    21) Nearby is a ladder on the left wall. Climb it, grab the sniper rifle in
    the box on the right. Kneel, look ahead of you, zoom in and snipe the guard. 
    22) Go back down the ladder, run back the way you came. Before you get to the
    archway, there's an area on the left with columns/pillars. 
    23) Hide in the corner here, get your stun jack out, and smack the University
    guard that walks by. Pick up his body and hide it in your corner. 
    24) Sooner or later, his buddy will come to the same spot - take him out and
    hide him the same way. 
    25) At the end of the street you are on, past the alley, is the entrance to
    the safehouse. Go upstairs, get the beacons and your gear. 
    > Objective Complete: Retrieve mission gear from safehouse
    26) Leave and head past the archway where the guards were. The last viral
    sniffer location is in the right corner. 
    > Objective Complete: Deploy viral sniffers at marked locations
    27) Head back to the parking bench, roll in the crawlspace. Outside, run back
    up to the gate, open it, and roll inside. 
    28) Head for the door on the left (where the foreman came out of). 
    	(*) I think his keys are just a safeguard if you didn't kill the foreman
    	before he left the building. You can pick them up if it makes you happy
    29) Turn right and look for a set of crates on your immediate left. Hide there
    just long enough for the guard in the far right corner to turn around.
    30) Head to the left, before the tall stairs, towards an open area. While
    heading left, you'll see some stairs leading down.
    31) Next to stairs, check real quick to see if there's a small crate. If so,
    keep this in mind. You'll return here in about 5 seconds.
    32) In the room on your left is some lockers - one of them has a suit you can
    wear to really save yourself some trouble down here. Grab it and put it on.
    33) Once you get your disguise, nobody in this area or downstairs will freak
    if you have a weapon, so you can stun jack people like hell. Just make sure
    nobody is watching you when you do.
    	(a) I recommend only using stun jack, as any loud weapon will kill 
    	(b) This works out EASILY because a lot of the guys don't patrol near 
    	anyone. Not only that, but the "groups" of 2 guards that patrol side-by-side
    	do eventually split their patrols up.
    	(c) This approach will definitely come in handy if you're aiming for 0 
    	deaths,as it eliminates the resistance you'll have on your way back.
    34) Anyway, just follow the rest of this FAQ, keeping in mind you can stun
    jack everyone you come across as needed. Otherwise you'll have to wipe them
    out on your way back.
    35) Now you get to plant 2 bugs on crates, and you still need to plant the
    tracking beacon. The location of the 2 crates is somewhat random, but I've
    only seen 3 different possible ways it mixes up their locations. Let me try
    to elaborate: 
    	(a) There are 6 different places the crates can be, but each time you 
    	play the level, the "randomness" of it places the 2 crates in the same 2
    	(b) In other words, there's only 3 possible combinations of spots to remember.
    First, either way, put the tracking beacon in the refrigerated truck in one of
    the meat carcasses on the left-hand side.
    > Objective Complete: Deploy a beacon inside the refrigerated truck
    Random positioning #1:
    >   If you saw a crate near the lockers on your way in, you've got the
    simplest path to bug the crates. 
    >   The first is UP the stairs nearby, across from the refrigerated truck.
    >   At the entrance to a long hallway, you'll see the smaller crate stacked on
    top of a large crate. Jump up and bug it.
    >   The second one is right by the lockers, near the left of the stairs that
    you'll take down after you plant the bug. 
    If you didn't see the crate near the lockers, you most likely got a longer
    path, but it's still not too difficult.
    Random positioning #2:
    >   Your first crate will be up the nearby set of stairs, across the
    refrigerated truck. 
    >   Go down the LONG hallway, turn right, and look for an opening to the
    right. As you enter, on the far left-hand side is the first crate you'll want
    to grab.
    >   The second crate is down the set of stairs that were near the lockers. At
    the bottom of the stairs, go right to the end, then left.
    >   On your right will be a large area with lots of crates and shelving units.
    Go downstairs and to the back wall.
    >   Hop up to the 2nd level of scaffolds. Up here the smaller crate should be
    easy to locate.
    Random positioning #3:
    >   This one only happened to me once, and was almost as easy as the first
    random positioning to get.
    >   One of the crates is in the room where the truck is, I don't remember it's
    exact spot but I think it's near the stairs leading up.
    >   The second crate is up the nearby stairs (across from the refrigerated
    truck), and down the LONG hallway.
    >   Turn right, and look for a room on your LEFT. The next crate is in here.
    > Objective Complete: Bug all MetaGlobal containers
    Continuing the mission
    36) Return to where the lockers are. Now it's time to get a "hidden" objective.
    It's not really all that hidden, but easier to do on your way to the next area
    than when the game gives you the objective.
    37) Down the stairs that were near the locker, go right to the end, then left.
    On your right-hand side is a large shipping area with crates. 
    	(*) If you had random positioning #2, you're already here :)
    38) Make a left turn in this hallway (if you had positioning #2, it's the
    hallway right ahead by the stairs).
    39) About halfway down the hall, you'll see a path on the right. Take it. Head
    forward, ignore the stairs (leading up to a "control room")
    40) Go into the corridor ahead. At the end, turn left. At the end here, run
    right past some people working on the pipes. 
    41) One of the guards is bitching at the guy about where to fix the leak. Make
    a left at the end of this hallway.
    42) In the new area, run to the room immediately on your left and fall/climb
    down by one of the big machines 
    	(*) Amazingly you take no damage for the fall
    43) In the far corner of this room is a gas valve - shut it off. Then take the
    nearby path (NOT the one going up the stairs).
    > Objective Complete: Use emergency gas shutoff valve
    44) You'll run past a University guard. In the new room, turn right and follow
    these stairs up a long ways. 
    45) Eventually you'll come to some lockers. Just past the lockers, you'll get
    a message that your disguise is now ineffective.
    46) Equip your air pistol but don't turn the corner. Watch the radar - there
    is a stationary guard ahead, and a patrolling guard. 
    	(*) Ignore the other radar dots.
    47) When the patrolling guard walks past the stationary one, air pistol the
    stationary guard. Crawl outside, L1 target and air pistol the moving guard on
    your right.
    48) Run near the guard that was moving, there is an open window/area that
    leads into the University. Run to the wall and wait. 
    49) There is a guard walking your way in the hallway. He'll stop by the huge
    door and turn like he's opening it. Air pistol him (L1 target). 
    50) Move out to this hallway, turn right and hide behind a column. There is a
    guard patrolling in and out of a room on the left. 
    51) When he stops, air pistol him (L1 target). Run down the hallway, head in
    the left area that the guard was moving out of.
    52) Look for a security cam on your left. PPK it. The elevator is in the left
    far corner of this room - take it down. 
    > Objective Complete: Use elevator to enter the labs
    53) Run down this linear hallway, and as you enter the hallway leading to the
    lab area there is a surveillance plant location on your left. 
    54) Plant the surveillance equipment nearby, then BOOK IT to the other
    locations (running along the lfet wall). Use your map to help if necessary.
    	(i)   One is on the left wall of the lab (the raised portion). 
    	(ii)  One is in the far left corner of the lab (the lower portion)
    	(iii) One is on a desk opposite the "sample kiosk" - when you go down the
    	stairs to get into the lab, turn to your right and run straight.
    	(iv)  One of them is in a side-room on the right near some crates and shelves.
    	(*) If you aren't fast enough, some guys will blow up the wall, come in here
    	and start to ruin your life with C11s and blow up the serum.
    > Objective Complete: Plant Agency surveillance gear
    55) After that's done, there are Omega Strain serums at the small kiosk in the
    center of the lab. Pressing a button at each "terminal" obtains all 4.
    > Objective Complete: Acquire Omega Strain serum
    56) Head back to the elevator, go up, and take out the few guys on your way out
    (especially the flamethrower guy). Grenades are very handy.
    	(*) Again, if you're fast enough, you can bypass the flamethrower guys.
    	(*) If you took too long earlier, this place will be covered in flames. 
    	You'll need to go back down near where you planted the surveillance equipment.
    	(*) There will be a ladder in one of the side rooms, which you can take 
    	up and exit towards the way you came
    57) Run back the way you came, to the beginning of the stage, dodging anyone
    or any shots when possible. 
    	(*) If you stun jacked everyone before, resistance will be minimal until 
    	you get back outside.
    	(*) When you get to the room with the gas main, there's only one way 
    	back up. It's a set of stairs to the right of where you enter the room.
    	(*) This is how you're supposed to get to and from this room, but since 
    	the fall doesn't hurt you I like to just go for it on my way in.
    > Objective Complete: Fall back to the streets for extraction
    If you do die, don't worry - there are a bazillion checkpoints on the way
    back, so you won't lose much time at all. 
    Expert Strategy
    Team Strategies
    Saatchi, Chechnya: Ivankov's Home
    Solo Par Time:		12:00
    My First Par Time:	10:23
    Recommended Weapons: N/A
    NOTES: air taser takes 3 seconds to stun (using the "one-thousand" counting
    method). Bodies start turning into french fries at about the 4 second 
    > Photograph the 3 mass graves
    > Photograph the bombed school
    > Photograph the bombed hospital
    > Photograph the bombed church
    > Photograph Uri Gregorav
    > Rescue the CDP hostage
    > Free Chechen prisoners
    > Obtain the code from Ivakov's house
    > Collect tissue sample from a villager's body
    > Get to the extraction point
    > Parameter: Maintain stealth
    > Parameter: Do not use lethal force
    1) Run ahead and crouch to the left of the pole. Equip the grenades and look
    ahead and to the right at a stairway going up. 
    2) Two guards are meeting to talk to each other, as one is also coming down
    the stairs. Toss a grenade at the bottom of the stairs, then another one at
    the 2 guards.
    3) Turn left and taser the guard shoveling the mass grave. Photograph the mass
    4) Facing the grave, after taking the photo, head straight into the nearby
    building. There are 3 guards in the area head. 
    5) One guard patrols close to this building, one is stationary behind the
    corner of the wall, and the other patrols left to right. 
    6) Air pistol the guy behind the corner, then wait 'til the guard going
    left-right stops and air pistol him. 
    	(*) If you are fast enough to get here, you will be able to throw a DormaGen
    	grenade at all 3 - the patrolling guards at 1 point both meet at the solitary
    	stationary guard.
    7) Finally, the guy that was headed your way will walk in front of the open
    area - use your air pistol on him (unless you can switch to taser fast enough)
    8) Head for that large stairway you lobbed a grenade at earlier. Switch to
    taser, run left at the top, and roll off the end. 
    9) Taser the nearby guard with your auto-aim. Climb back up the place you
    rolled off and head forward. Equip the air pistol. 
    10) To the left is an open area...a guard walks by at the bottom, so manually
    aim down and to the right and hit him when he goes by. 
    11) Back near where you rolled off is an area to the left. At the end, near the
    power lines, is a wooden ramp. Get on it and shimmy across the bar. 
    12) Drop down on the top level of this building (this is apparently Ivankov's
    House, the house that was on the left when you began the mission)
    13) On this floor is a scrap of paper (a hidden objective). It's a bit of a
    nuisance to grab the right spot with triangle button, but do it. 
    > Objective Complete: Obtain the code from Ivakov's house
    14) Back near the beam, roll off the ledge and head for the stairs (faster than
    shimmying across again). 
    15) Up the stairs, climb/roll of the ledge from where you shot at the guard
    with the air pistol. Turn right and run ahead to the school. 
    > Objective Complete: Photograph the bombed school
    16) Take the photo by the spinning thing. Run into the building that the last
    guard was patrolling. Go left and ahead a few rooms. 
    17) To the right, before you get near the guard you shocked, is an open area
    with a staircase. Head for the stairs. There's air pistol ammo in the crate.
    18) To the right of the crate is an area where a wooden board connects to
    another building. After crossing the board, run left and snap the photo of Uri
    Gregorov at the appropriate spot.
    > Objective Complete: Photograph Uri Gregorav
    19) Do a 180 and make a quick dash to a nearby opening on the left. Air pistol
    the guard patrolling on the bottom. 
    20) Go back to where you took a picture of Gregorov (looks like a uniformed
    officer). He should be preparing to leave in his helicopter. Let him.
    21) Look around with the scope view to feel out the nearby guards. There is a
    guard patrolling here who walks by the helicopter, and a stationary guard to
    the left. 
    22) A third guard is out of view, when the patrolling guard walks away he
    walks up and talks to Gregorov. 
    23) When the helicopter takes off (at about the 4:00 mark), snipe the guard who
    heads for the hostage - he kills him if you're not quick. Then take out the one
    stationary guard on the left.
    24) Climb/fall down the building and aim for the guard off in the distance to
    take him out. Run a short way past the hostage and wait. 
    25) A 4th guard comes from a building on the right. Air Pistol / taser him
    before he sees any of the bodies.
    26) Don't untie the hostage yet, even though he's technically safe. Collect
    the tissue sample to your right. 
    > Objective Complete: Collect tissue sample from a villager's body
    27) Head to the far end of this area, on the left (near where you took out the
    guard who was patrolling). 
    28) Taser the digger, run in and snap the photo of the 2nd grave. Head back to
    the building you dropped out of, and climb back up to it. 
    29) Stock up on air pistol ammo from the crate. Head to where you quickly took
    out the guard at the bottom floor after snapping a photo of Gregorov. 
    30) Drop down here and head right. There is a side alley on the left very soon.
    Take it and you'll come out by some swings. Left of the swings, look for a
    slanted roof-like overhang - climb it, then jump up in the building. 
    31) Climb over the broken wall and look for a hole in the floor. Lower yourself
    down here. Get the gas grenades ready - some guards are out here.
    32) Watch the patrols and you can gas them all in one shot when they're close
    to each other. Photograph the hospital and backtrack.
    > Objective Complete: Photograph the bombed hospital
    33) Continue down this alley. When you get near a lamppost at the corner of a
    building, a guard will spawn. 
    34) Sneak your way backwards down the alley quite a bit, as the guard patrols
    near here before turning to your left. Follow him when he does. 
    35) The guard you followed will talk to 2 other guards at the grave site - gas
    grenade the trio (aim for the 2 bunched together). 
    36) Run to the graves and snap a photo. Across from the grave site is where we
    went to get to the hospital. Turn left in the alley.
    37) Follow for a short ways, and to your right is a side alley. There are 2
    guards by the church. 
    > Objective Complete: Photograph the 3 mass graves
    38) Just sneak and be careful, gas them both and snap the photo. 
    	(*) Sometimes one of these guards will be on patrol (I'm not sure what
    	triggers it). If so, just tread carefully, keeping distance, and be
    	prepared to take him out as fast as possible if he sees you)
    > Objective Complete: Photograph the bombed church
    39) Back in the main alley, there is a guard patrolling back and forth - snipe
    him with the air pistol. Near him is a guy guarding the prisoners.
    	(*) If you're quick enough, he'll spot you but you can air pistol him before
    	you lose your stealth.
    	(*) Is also important to be quick 'cause he may see the body you just 
    	dropped a second ago.
    40) Rescue the prisoners, staying fairly close to them (or else they STOP). 
    > Objective Complete: Free Chechen prisoners
    41) Follow everyone, eventually you pass by the hostage - rescue him now.
    > Objective Complete: Rescue the CDP hostage
    42) Keep following all 3 to the beginning of the level. You're done!
    > Objective Complete: Get to the extraction point
    Expert Strategy
    Instead of getting the paper with the code right away, save it until you are
    escorting the workers back. You'll have plenty of time, and you never have any
    guards to worry about. This saves you a minute of time before the helicopter
    takes off.
    This is important, because while you are waiting for the helicopter (you should
    get to it at about 1:30), you can drop down in the area where the church and
    grave site is, as well as the prisoners. Go for all these objectives first (do
    not rescue the prisoners, just take out the guy guarding them). Then you can
    follow the ground path that the prisoners take when you rescue them to get to
    the area with the helicopter. From the ground, you should arrive near the
    helicopter as it takes off (or shortly after). Then, you can air pistol all of
    the guards as you normally would, get the grave site and sample, etc.
    Team Strategies
    North Atlantic: Lorelei Salvage Rig
    Solo Par Time:		28:00
    My First Par Time:	25:23
    Recommend Weapons: Desert Eliminator, C8 Rifle (ACR is good too), Air Pistol,
    DormaGen gas grenades, Stun Jack
    ACR is a nice gun because it loads into the air pistol when you run out, but
    is also a phenomenal rifle too.
    NOTES: Stealth isn't bad on this, as if you're spotted, you don't lose it
    right away. Only if someone makes it to, and activates the alarm, are you
    screwed. Getting par on this level can be tough - all it takes is getting
    turned around the wrong way once.
    I've tried to give enough detail so you can get between objectives as fast as
    possible. Fortunately, learning the level is easy, as you can take your time
    for most of it.
    > Locate salvage personnel uniform on level 2
    > Obtain access codes on level 5
    > Rescue level 5 salvage personnel
    > Infiltrate lower levels
    > Plant four nukes on the lower levels
    > Infiltrate restricted level 13
    > Eliminate threat on level 13
    > Administer medication to Dr. Jandran
    > Collect original virus sample
    > Locate launch override switch on level 13
    > Activate emergency pump system within 3 minutes
    > Open level 2 security door for Mujari
    > Provide covering fire for Mujari
    > Rendezvous at the level 13 mini-sub docking bay
    > Parameter: Maintain stealth until meeting Mujari
    > Parameter: No collateral damage
    1) In this first area, pop off the nearby guard around the corner of the box
    with your best guns. Hit the elevator switch, get in and ride it all the
    way down to Level 6.
    2) Sneak out the elevator, turn left, and throw a gas grenade at the workers
    talking (aim for the one you can see, and DO IT FAST).
    3) Nearby them, under the stairs on the right, is a hole in the ground with a
    ladder. Take this down and grab the NVG.
    4) Turn left and follow this corridor. At the end, go up the ladder. Run
    around here and stun jack the worker, if you wish.
    	(*) Eventually this worker, and the other one on your radar, will 
    5) Keep heading down this way. You'll have to roll under some boxes.
    Eventually you will see 2 ladders on your left, near a bunch of crates.
    6) Take one of the ladders up. You're now at level 5. Immediately ahead is
    some idiot checking the computers - sneak up behind him and stun jack him.
    	(*) A loud weapon won't ruin your stealth, but it will cause a flood of 
    	guards to show up. And they will try to go for the alarm (but you can C8 them)
    7) Grab the access codes from the computer. Turn left (facing the computer)
    and then follow this path to the end. Don't go left/right, just get on one of
    the ladders in front of you (one to the left, one to the right)
    8) Go down the ladder and stun jack the worker before he gets to the alarm.
    Run down the path until you get another worker on your radar. Knock him out.
    9) Now you've got a ways to run before going back up to get by the next set of
    access codes. Pass by the first ladder you see. 
    10) Head in the area next to a grate that's been removed. Turn right by the
    chained-off path and into a dark tunnel (cue the NVG)
    11) Follow this path through a tunnel, come out, turn off NVG and go for that
    worker ahead. Keep following and take out the next worker.
    12) Go up the next ladder you see. You'll be facing the next computer, and a
    guard who is working on it. Take him out with the air pistol (L1 zoom is best)
    	(*) Don't go for the codes quite yet.
    13) Run through this hallway, past the computer to the other end. Turn left
    out of the hallway and run until you find the elevator door ("security door").
    Open it.
    14) Now head back, get the computer codes and go up the ladders near the
    computer. Head to the left, and just around the corner is a vent on your left.
    > Objective Complete: Obtain access codes on level 5
    15) Roll into the vent before being seen by the guards, and turn on your NVG.
    Go through the vent and stun jack the worker on the other end.
    16) Head for that large open area and open the other elevator door here. Now
    run around until you see 2 ladders near a green window.
    17) Take a ladder up to level 3. This area is pretty barren, save for a
    central room with 2 workers. Take them out with DormaGen aimed just right
    in between the 2.
    18) Find the ladder to level 2 at the end of another long "green hallway" and
    climb up. Level 2 only has a few workers.
    19) After the 2 workers nearby finish talking, take out the one that patrols
    by hiding behind the crates. 
    20) Look for the other 2 and take them out as necessary, while searching for
    the worker clothing. Now things get a bit easier.
    	(*) You should be at about the 8:00 mark. 
    21) To get to the worker clothing, just follow the path past the crates you
    hid by, then turn right into the large open area. Turn right and head for
    the large shelves.
    > Objective Complete: Locate salvage personnel uniform on level 2
    22) Near the worker clothing is the level 2 elevator. Open the security door
    for it and also press the button to call the elevator down.
    23) While waiting, check the nearby corner of this room (facing the elevator,
    turn right). There's a panel that says "open door" nearby.
    24) Activate it and go inside. Take the ladders up and get the original virus
    sample in the lab - it's at a computer on the opposite side of where you
    climb up.
    > Objective Complete: Collect original virus sample
    25) Go back down and get on the elevator (it should be there by now). Hit the
    switch and go down to level 12. Go right and you will trigger an "accident"
    here that sends everyone in panic mode (except the guards!?!?).
    > Objective Complete: Infiltrate lower levels
    26) Back in the elevator, go to Level 4. This area should be familiar.
    27) Just go up the stairs out of the large area, turn right and head for the
    panel that says "open door". Open the door, go inside, and shut off the pumps.
    > Objective Complete: Activate emergency pump system within 3 minutes
    28) Go back to the elevator and head to level 5. On level 5 are 4 workers, in
    pairs of 2, each pair in different rooms across from each other.
    	(*) Keep in mind this level is a mirror of itself. 
    29) Run left until you have to open the "security door". Grab a worker and
    then carry him out. The "safe zone" is nearby, in the area with the computers.
    30) You will first go left out of the security door, then make a right by the
    	(*) You don't have to do anything more than step on the grated floor and 
    	drop them for this to count. 
    	(*) You will get a message if you successfully dropped them in the safe 
    31) Get the other worker and repeat. From this computer room, go to the other
    end of the hallway and turn left at the "waterfall".
    32) Run a ways to reach the next security door. Repeat as before, going left
    out of the security door to get to the safe zone.
    	(*) You should be at about the 15:00 mark
    > Objective Complete: Rescue level 5 salvage personnel
    33) Time to find the elevator again.Take the elevator back to level 2 and meet
    up with Mujari. Follow the text label, basically making a right after you get
    out of the "central area".
    34) Open the security door to let him out. Stealth is finally over! Head back
    to the elevator and down to floor 12.
    > Objective Complete: Open level 2 security door for Mujari
    35) Follow Mujari and open the door near him when he stops. Follow him to the
    ladder down to level 13.
    > Objective Complete: Infiltrate restricted level 13
    36) Now you defend Mujari for a little bit - bring out that rifle. Zoom in
    down the hallway and start taking out guys fast - they do some heavy damage.
    > Objective Complete: Provide covering fire for Mujari
    37) After Mujari opens the door, head straight to the one side of the bay to
    find the computer. Press the switch to disable the sub.
    > Objective Complete: Locate launch override switch on level 13
    38) Take the stairs near the computer going up and turn right IMMEDIATELY after
    reaching the top. Follow this path kill the guards, and give Jandran the
    > Objective Complete: Administer medication to Dr. Jandran
    39) Get back to the docking bay - on the opposite side of the bay is a path to
    some ladders going down. Slide down the ladder (not too fast!) and jump off as
    you get close to Level 14.
    	(*) You should be at about the 20:00 mark. 
    40) Open the door. Follow the path, down the stairs, off to the left. Kill any
    guards on the way as you run through.
    41) When you come to a security door, open it. Inside the security door is
    where you plant your first nuke.
    42) After planting the nuke, you have to kill a handful of guards. Run back
    out to this area and run around to the next security door. Repeat the same
    procedure as before to plant the next nuke.
    43) Back in this "central" area (from which both nuke rooms were connected),
    find a ladder against the wall (not the original one you took)
    44) Slide down to Level 15. You'll be by some more security doors (it's the
    same layout as the previous level!)
    45) Just like before, plant and defend the nukes at both doors. Back out in
    this "central" area, look for the LONG, DARK hallway.
    > Objective Complete: Plant four nukes on the lower levels
    46) Take it to the stairs again, go to the ladder and take it all the way up
    back to Level 13. Fend off the guards that appear here for a few minutes.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate threat on level 13
    > Objective Complete: Rendezvous at the level 13 mini-sub docking bay
    47) There is plenty of ammo and flak jacket in the crates, so you shouldn't
    	(a) The easiest way to defend the place is to stand at the top of the 
    	ramp, by the hallway. 
    	(b) From this vantage point you can shoot the guards from all 3 spawn 
    	(c) The three spawn points are:
    		(i) Down the hallway
    		(ii) Near Mujari (the guy literally drops down in front of him)
    		(iii) Near the crates on the other side of the bay opposite 
    That's all there is to this mission. If you got all objectives but missed par,
    it just means you have to memorize your landmarks better and learn your way
    Expert Strategy
    Team Strategies
    Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower
    Solo Par Time:		15:00
    My First Par Time:	11:35
    Recommended Weapons: best pistols (Desert), C8 Rifle, Air Pistol, M61 Frag
    Grenade (Sarins help too), E.P.D.D.
    NOTES: Remember, when it says to "eliminate" someone, they have to be DEAD (not
    unconscious) - I made this mistake when I was getting "taser-happy". Also,
    each of the Yakuza officers have flak jackets, so try for a headshot lock
    (esp. if you are trying 0 deaths). Otherwise, a few C8 shots should handle it.
    Anyway, until you learn it, this stage is annoying. Just plain annoying.
    Especially trying to target the right guys on the streets. That being said,
    it's probably my favorite stage.
    > Defend chopper while Gina repairs damage
    > Eliminate Yakuza officers
    > Eliminate HNT leader Matsua
    > Infiltrate Murakawa Tower
    > Eliminate head of security: Ryusaki
    > Search building for surveillance tape
    > Breach security without triggering alarm
    > Upload computer data
    > Plant C-4 charges on lab floor
    > Obtain sample
    > Secure rooftop LZ
    > Meet Lian on the helipad
    1) Start off shooting any of the guys that spawn near the helicopter. Don't
    bother with anyone that appears in the FAR OFF building (to your right).
    2) Just focus on the sniper in building near the chopper, in addition to all
    of the idiots that pop out near the van and near the chopper's nose.
    3) After a reasonable handful, you'll get objective complete. Run through the
    streets. The first Yakuza officer appears - get him fast.
    > Objective Complete: Defend chopper while Gina repairs damage
    4) Keep running down the streets, a van will crash and the 2nd officer appears
    out of the back. Make him eat the pavement. (I like to toss Sarins and run by)
    	(*) Be careful your auto-aim doesn't lock on the guy down the street 
    5) From here, you could try to snipe the third guy outside, but he will have
    the backup of someone with a ShotHammer - the combination can do some heavy
    damage if you aren't QUICK to take them out.. 
    6) Run ahead and hit the stairs on your right. Up and around, at the top of
    the stairs, you can shoot the guy with the Shot Hammer (not always there) and
    the 3rd and final officer outside. 
    7) Go back down the stairs and round the corner to your right (stay by the
    8) Korin Matsua runs by and into the car garage below - without the right
    weapons, you can't kill him now so run ahead into the safe area.
    	(*) If you took Sarins with you, you can toss one to the gates that he 
    	runs to before you trigger him - he will choke out before he opens the garage
    9) Press the button to open the gates to the garage below, and headshot lock /
    taser Matsua when you get down. He's hiding behind a car on the right.
    	(*) You can also just blow up the car with your guns to blow him up, but 
    	I still like my sushi fried.
    	(*) Really, you can use any weapon here, but I have a thing for using 
    	the taser whenever humanly possible. Maybe I just like to see bodies roasting
    	on an open fire.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate HNT leader Matsua
    10) Facing where you took out Matsua, there is an open path on the far left,
    beyond the garage "elevator door". There are actually 2 paths leading down the
    same way.
    11) Go down either side here and pop off all the goons who appear.
    12) You come out next to a burning car on your left and a shoot-out taking
    place. One guy is near a van (and the tower entrance), the other is by a
    burning car. Take out both guys.
    13) Back by the guy who was near the van, is the tower entrance. Approach it
    and someone kicks open the door - blast him.
    14) Enter the tower and head straight up the stairs ahead of you until you get
    to the 2nd floor (you will have to go up a few sets of stairs).
    	(*) If you're playing multiplayer and need to get to the elevators 
    	before someone takes out Ryusaki, you can instead head down as soon as you
    	enter. Two guys in the basement levels will be trying to hack the elevators.
    	Pop them out and steal their job.
    > Objective Complete: Infiltrate Murakawa Tower
    15) The entrance will be IMMEDIATELY on your right at the top of one of the
    	(*) You should also see the number "2" next to the entrance.
    16) In here, turn right when you get near the large stairs ahead of you (that
    are going down), then right again by the glass,	and peek around the corner. If
    you see Ryusaki (the guy with a BIG ASS GUN), switch to your air pistol.
    17) When he turns a corner, run down the hall was just in, peek around the
    corner, and QUICKLY air pistol his arm. If you miss, get back behind the
    corner or he'll unload and kill you. When he goes down, toss a frag at him.
    	(*) Alternatively, if you took Sarins with you on this mission, (they 
    	can come handy on the rooftop) and shoot Ryusaki until he's dead (after making
    	him go to sleep with the air pistol)
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate head of security: Ryusaki
    18) Grab the elevator controls from his corpse and head down the large stairs
    you passed by earlier. On the left side of this room on the far well is a
    slightly open "garage" type door - roll under it. 
    19) To the right is a set of 2 elevators. Take the left elevator up to Level 2
    (skip Level 1 - it just has a guy with a few frags). 
    20) Head forward out of the elevator, turn left, and fight off any resistance
    as you run to the far end of the area. 
    21) The next officer is in the dark area here, near some filing cabinets. Keep
    your hit list growing.
    	(*) Check the filing cabinets to see if you get the text for looking for 
    	the surveillance tape. If so, grab it. 
    22) Either way, go back to the elevator and head to Level 3. In here is a
    bathroom on the left with the officer taking a leak. Give him a good headshot
    (the blood spatter on the wall is awesome) and get back in the elevator.
    23) On level 4, one of the officers will bust open the door - be waiting for
    him when he does and show him lead tastes. 
    24) Through the big doors, run to the wall ahead and turn left. Behind one of
    the "pillars" is the last Yakuza officer - smoke him.
    	(*) Near this officer is an open doorway. Inside is a room with a desk, 
    	behind it is a chair and a bookshelf. If you don't have the surveillance tape
    	yet, check the bookshelf for it.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Yakuza officers
    25) Back in the elevator, go up to Level 5. Switch to air pistol and headshot
    the guy who is walking to your left.
    26) Switch back to some deadly weapons, and head for the "center area" here
    (surrounded by huge bullet proof glass). 
    27) On the other side is another guy walking right-to-left: take him out. 
    	(*) If you don't get to this guy in time, he gets inside the glass area 
    	and then sounds the alarm. 
    	(*) Instead of using the elevator, there is a room at the back end of Level 4
    	that has a vent. Crawling in it will take you in the corner on this side of
    	the security desk - just be careful you're not spotted if you try this, and
    	don't go too far in the vent while he's patrolling.
    28) Walk inside the glass area and hit the switch on the left to activate the
    elevator to the upper floors. DON'T PRESS THE ALARM BUTTON!!!!! (on the right).
    > Objective Complete: Breach security without triggering alarm
    29) Do a 180 and call for the elevator on your right. Up here, sneak/roll
    against the ramp on your right. Wait for the guy to walk buy.
    30) When he does, sneak behind him and air pistol him in the head like you did
    31) Finish walking the direction he was going, turn right and at the end here
    is the terminal - download the data.
    > Objective Complete: Upload computer data
    32) Back in the elevator, go up to Level 8. Kill the guards in this 
    first area and hit the door switch behind the desk.
    33) Open the door, go right and head for Murakawa (he's killed himself!)
    34) Behind his desk is another switch to open a security door - hit it. 
    	(*) If you haven't gotten the surveillance tape yet, it will be behind 
    	the desk here too.
    35) Someone will rush in here from a door on the right. Take him out and head
    for the door he just came from.
    36) In the door, someone is waiting at the top of the first set of stairs on
    your left. Make sure to eliminate him before he kills you with that damn thing.
    37) Once you reach the roof, kill everyone you can until you get "objective
    complete" for clearing the LZ.
    > Objective Complete: Secure rooftop LZ
    38) On the far side of this area is a wall with a panel - press it to open a
    new area. Call the elevator down to Floor 2.
    39) Exit the elevator and plant the first C4 on your left by the barrels. Go
    right, and turn to your right to grab a HAZMAT suit.
    40) Open the door, decontaminate, and open the next door. CAREFULLY watch your
    radar, and try to sneak to your right, along the wall.
    	(*) If you see the guy talking, RUN FAST.
    	(*) One thing that seems to help keep this guy quiet, is to make sure 
    	you are sneaking/rolling AT ALL TIMES on this floor. I think he expects to be
    	alone, and if he hears even one footstep he'll get on edge.
    42) You're looking for an open door on the right - go inside. Shove a bullet
    in this mouthy idiot's yapper and get the sample.
    > Objective Complete: Obtain sample
    43) Back out here, on each of the 2 tables near the computers, are spots to
    plant the remaining C4. Do so, and kill the 2 guys that approach from the
    decontamination room.
    > Objective Complete: Plant C-4 charges on lab floor
    44) Get back to the elevator, up to the roof again (Floor 1), and get to the
    landing pad.
    45) The helicopter lands, Lian gets out, and you have to clear the landing pad.
    > Objective Complete: Meet Lian on the helipad
    Once the landing pad is clear, you're done. You should have no problem with
    par time unless you died too much (which means you need stronger weapons and
    I don't know about you, but this level puts me in the mood for good Japanese
    Expert Strategy
    When clearing the LZ for the helicopter to come down on top of the building,
    you have just enough time to cover most of the floor (where the enemies spawn)
    with Sarin gas. Makes this objective one of the fastest ones to complete :)
    Team Strategies
    This one's just fast paced like it is single player, but can be done with any
    number of players. Two players will be cutting it close!
    There are no team objectives for this stage.
    Two Players
    This will be one hell of a rush.
    Player A: Defend the helicopter, take out the officers on the street. Head for
    the tower and take out Ryusaki, along with Floors 2-4. Look for the tape along
    the way. Afterwards, head for the rooftop to clear the landing pad after the
    explosives are planted.
    Player B: Leave the helicopter, head straight for the tower. Kill Matsua on the
    way in. Go downstairs in the tower to hack the elevator, then in the lobby roll
    away past Ryusaki and straight for the elevators. Take the left elevator up to
    Floor 5 and get past the security system. Head to floor 6, get past security
    and upload the computer data. Head to Floor 8, clear it out, get the tape (if
    it's there), then clear the LZ. Finally, go for the lab sample.
    Three Players
    Player A: Go straight for Matsua, then hack the elevators and go for Floors 5-6
    of the tower. Head to Floor 8, then the rooftop. Clear the LZ and go for the
    lab sample.
    Players B/C: Defend the helicopter, kill Ryusaki, then clear out Floors 2-4.
    Head to the rooftop and defend the landing pad.
    Four Players
    Player A: Go straight for Matsua, then the tower. Do floors 5 and 6, then 8,
    then get to the rooftop and try to get the sample without dying on the way.
    Player B: Defend the helicopter, then go for Ryusaki. Afterwards, help clear
    the LZ and defend the helipad.
    Players C/D: Defend the helicopter, then go to clear out Floors 2-4.
    Afterwards, help clear the LZ and defend the helipad.
    Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin
    Solo Par Time:		20:00
    My First Par Time:	19:18
    Recommended Weapons: best pistols (Desert), C8 Rifle, MDS A3, DormaGen Gas
    Grenades, E.P.D.D.
    You may want smoke grenades instead, esp if you are aiming for par time more
    than 0 deaths. This can keep alot of the spawns at bay when you're carrying
    Imani's body. 
    NOTES: This stage is tough to describe where to go, since it's all jungle and
    very little of any path to see. Nevertheless, it's a fairly simple stage,
    albeit reasonably large in size. A lot of people might disagree with the order
    I do things in here because it's a hard path to carry Imani, but it seemed
    QUICKEST to me.
    > Plant four claymores along path
    > Plant C-4 on foot bridge
    > Plant C-4 on each log bridge
    > Find Imani Gray's remains at crash site
    > Retrieve tracking device from Agent Gray
    > Eliminate Than Muang
    > Eliminate MetaGlobal terrorist
    > Take documents from terrorist
    > Recover viral container
    > Find Yong-jun Kim
    > Find Yong-jun Kim's briefcase
    > Destroy radar tracking unit
    > Rendezvous at river boat with Agent Gray's body
    > Recover flight recorder (Team)
    1) Grab some C4/Claymores from the box behind Lian. Turn around, and then run
    towards the hut.
    2) Just past it you should be able to see the main path for this stage. Follow
    the main path.
    3) We're looking for places to plant our explosives - they will show up as red
    dots on your radar.
    4) Almost immediately to your left is the first spot for planting a claymore.
    EPDD the sniper on your right and plant the claymore.
    5) Keep following the path. The next claymore gets planted on your right -
    stay to the right of the path, and EPDD the sniper on your right.
    6) Run to the other side of the path and EPDD the other sniper on the left.
    Plant the claymore.
    	(*) There's something pleasing about frying a guy who was all dressed up 
    	in and covered in leaves.
    7) Run straight ahead (parallel to the path!) until you get to to the "rock
    wall". Follow this natural rock wall to your right - eventually, you'll get an
    objective to blow up the bridges. Turn left and ignore the bridges for now.
    8) Run across the top of this river bank, with the wall on your left, until
    you get to a campsite with a nearby log bridge.
    	(*) You can also get to this campsite by running left around the rock 
    	wall, and going into a deep pit, then coming up the other side.
    9) DormaGen the guys in the campsite and plant the explosive on the bridge.
    Cross the log bridge and head right.
    10) You'll find a sniper as you get near the hanging foot bridge. Fry him with
    the EPDD and continue ahead.
    11) The foot bridge is on your right. Plant the C4 at this side of the bridge.
    Turn left and follow the path carefully.
    12) There are some guys behind grass pits that will waste you fast. Try to
    only bring one on the screen at a time, and fry them.
    	(*) If you know the map well, you can avoid them completely. Follow the same
    	path in parallel, only closer to the river bank near the bridge. Evenetually,
    	you'll run under a "tree root/branch". After going underneath, you can finally
    	head left to reach the camp site.
    13) There are 4 guys total. When they're dead, DormaGen yourself to start at
    the beginning. We need to get more explosives!
    14) Grab some more explosives, and follow the path straight this time. Plant
    the last 2 claymores.
    	(*) One is on the left side of the path, the other is further down the 
    	path on the right-hand side.
    > Objective Complete: Plant four claymores along path
    15) Keep following the path - you'll eventually get to the near side of the
    hanging bridge. Plant the C4 here and cross the bridge.
    > Objective Complete: Plant C-4 on foot bridge
    16) From here, keep following the main path. Now you have a clear way to get
    to the camp site.
    17) Further down the path, you should see remnants of the plane up ahead, past
    an enourmous smoldering "crater" in the ground. Turn left and *sneak walk* up
    the LARGE hill leading to a "campsite" with a tarp up above that has a good
    size load of equipment.
    18) Snipe Than Muang from behind. He has a M79, after all! Then defend your
    position here from the many guys that appear.
    	(*) A smoke grenade comes in quite handy for getting Than Muang without
    	him seeing you.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Than Muang
    19) When the coast is clear, grab some C4, grab the briefcase, and shoot that
    big satellite dish.
    > Objective Complete: Destroy radar tracking unit
    > Objective Complete: Find Yong-jun Kim's briefcase
    20) Go back near the remnants of the plane (exit the camp near the jeep and
    head left).
    21) You now want to follow the "path of fire and destruction", passing by all
    the plane parts, until you find Imani's remains.
    > Objective Complete: Find Imani Gray's remains at crash site
    22) Skip her for now and keep heading forward. At the end of all the groups of
    plane parts, is the nose of the plane, dug deep into the hill.
    23) Head to the right side, get on top of the hill and turn around. Walk on
    top of some rocks, then on top of the plane.
    24) Drop down at the indicated part to get the objective for Yong-jun Kim's
    body. Drop down again and head back to Imani.
    > Objective Complete: Find Yong-jun Kim
    25) Grab the receiver off her body, then pick her up. Head forward and to your
    left a little bit. Use your map to help.
    > Objective Complete: Retrieve tracking device from Agent Gray
    26) You're headed for 2 log bridges (squares on the map) right near each
    other. You'll want to hug every wall you can.
    27) Drop Imani off by the bridges. Run across the closest bridge, and plant the
    explosives at each bridge. Then pick Imani back up.
    > Objective Complete: Plant C-4 on each log bridge
    28) Carry her in the water and head to the right. You should end up near the
    big hanging foot bridge.
    	(*) If you go across or near the log bridges, Lian goes trigger happy, 
    	and exploding them, spawning TONS of guys for you.
    29) Before you get to the foot bridge, get to ground on the left and drop
    Imani near the hanging foot bridge.
    30) Use your map and make a b-line for the next objective. You're headed in
    the same direction as the start of the level, only you're following the left
    side of the map.
    	(*) Basically, just follow the large rock wall and keep it on your left 
    	at all times. Switch to your EPDD. 
    31) Keep checking the map to be sure you are in the right place. As you head
    to the left, fry the guy near the shallow log bridge.
    32) Go across the log bridge (to your right) and head to your left afterwards.
    On your way out here, you should run into a few stragglers, and a sniper.
    EPDD the whole lot of guys, or use whatever you like.
    33) Eventually, following the path you'll get close to a wrecked building and
    should find the MetaGlobal terrorist.
    34) There's also a mean ass sniper nearby - make sure to fry both (and do KILL
    the terrorist, or it doesn't count!)
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate MetaGlobal terrorist
    35) Grab Mara's letter off the terrorist's body. Run back the way you came.
    You should run across the guy with the viral container.
    > Objective Complete: Take documents from terrorist
    36) Kill him and grab the container off his corpse. Finish heading back the
    way you came to get Imani's body.
    > Objective Complete: Recover viral container
    37) Pick it up and head back to the start of the mission. You get a lot of
    resistance at this point, as the whole Myanmar army is after you.
    	(a) If you get under heavy fire, drop Imani and clear a path.
    	(b) Also keep a good eye on your radar. When I see a blip, no matter how 
    	far, I head away from it but try to stay in the direction of the boat.
    	(c) Even if someone spots you, they don't usually chase you.
    	(d) You might be hugging the walls a lot. 
    > Objective Complete: Rendezvous at river boat with Agent Gray's body
    I've found the "path of least resistance" involves staying in the river,
    following it past the foot bridge, walking up the steep incline and following
    along the river bank to the single log bridge. From there it's a fairly
    straight shot with little or no enemies to worry about.
    Make sure to DormaGen yourself if the heat gets heavy - you'll spawn from the
    hanging foot bridge and be able to keep your 0 death stat.
    Depending on whether or not you died any carrying Imani, you should have a lot
    of time left for par.
    	If you didn't die, you'll probably be ahead of par a bit.
    	If you did die, you might be cutting par time really close.
    Expert Strategy
    Team Strategies
    This one will usually be a close call, just like Belarus 2. Nonetheless, once
    each player knows the mission, it is (relatively) simple.
    The team objective for this mission is to find/recover the flight recorder.
    It will be located in the same general area that the MetaGlobal terrorist is.
    On one side of the odd building/stucture, near a fire, is the team interaction.
    The player who gets lifted up needs to jump onto the tree branch from the
    ledge. Shimmy across the tree branch and drop down on top of the building.
    Follow the top part of the building around to the right and grab the flight
    recorder off the wall (looks like a black/red box)
    Two Players
    I can't give you a strategy, it can be done, but not very easily.
    Three Players
    Players A/B: Plant all the claymores, the C4 at the foot bridge and the C4 at
    the 2 log bridges to the right of the foot bridge. Immediately head to the site
    where the MetaGlobal terrorist is, kill him, and get the flight recorder. Also
    keep your eyes peeled for the guy with the viral container, who will eventually
    make his way here. Afterwards, go protect Player C from getting annhilated.
    Player C: You've got the tough job. Head straight for the log bridge to the
    left of the foot bridge, and plant the C4. Head towards the 4 guys hiding in
    all of the bushes, and kill them. Near the crash site, take out Than Muang,
    grab the briefcase and shoot the satellite dish. Head for Imani's body and
    pick up the tracker, then leave her and verify the dead guy. Go back, pick up
    Imani, and make a dash for the start.
    Four Players
    Players A/B: Similar to 3 player strategy, but leave the foot bridge alone.
    Player C: Plant C4 on the near side of the foot bridge, then go to verify the
    dead guy, and then pick up Imani and head for the start.
    Player D: Plant C4 on the left log bridge, on the far side of the foot bridge,
    and then go for Than Muang's site to kill him. Get the briefcase, shoot the
    dish, and head back to cover Player C.
    Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower
    Solo Par Time:		18:00
    My First Par Time:	14:05
    Recommended Weapons: PPK, Riot Shotgun, Air Pistol, DormaGen Gas Grenade, Stun
    NOTES: This mission is a breeze - like the salvage rig (Lorelei), even if you
    are spotted, if you can get to the guy before he sounds the alarm, you are
    golden. Try not to use the Riot Shotgun unless absolutely necessary. It tends
    to make just enough noise that someone else will hear it and sound the alarm
    before you can get him. Instead, stick with the stun jack when possible.
    A lot of times there are other ways of taking out the guards. I don't even
    take them out the same way every time I play. The key is, it's not hard to
    figure out what to do.
    Don't worry if you're not close to my recommended times to get par - you
    should be able to finish this level in par time with few troubles after
    learning the mission.
    > Bypass red laser alarm system
    > Plant camera transceivers
    > Insert data transmitters
    > Access the main frame computer
    > Power up emergency elevators
    > Obtain security chief's handprint and bypass security system
    > Search vaults on 3rd floor
    > Search the valut on 4th floor
    > Rendezvous at the last vault on level 4
    > Parameter: Maintain stealth
    > Parameter: No collateral damage
    > Hidden objective: Obtain Birchim files
    > Hidden objective: Obtain ALA financial records
    1) Go straight ahead and climb up the ladder. Don't get off at the top - just
    a wait for a second until the guard walks nearby on the radar.
    2) Get up the ground, sneak/roll to him and stun jack him. Run ahead into the
    circular hall and head left.
    3) There is a door on your left - go in here and get near the small ramp.
    Equip your air pistol, turn left, and peek out to the right.
    4) If your timing is right, there will be a guard stopped at the end of the
    hallway here - shoot him with the air pistol.
    5) Sneak walk/roll towards the room he was in (the "computer" room). 
    	(*) If you don't sneak walk, the guard nearby will hear you and run 
    	right for you (the alarm is on your right)
    6) Patrolling left of this "computer room, back by where you climbed up the
    ladder, is a 3rd guard.
    7) Quietly follow him and air pistol / stun jack him to get him down. 
    	(a) You can wait at the beginning of the level to get this guy second, 
    	then go for the guy that stops in the computer room.
    	(b) His patrol takes him down to the opposite side of the hallway you 
    	were just waiting in. 
    8) Back in the "computer room", you can get some air pistol ammo in the round
    "central" area, and shut off the cameras from the nearby computer.
    9) The screen next to it is bluish: facing the ammo box, turn right and on the
    10) Heading back towards the hallway from which you took out the "computer
    room" guard, look for a vent on your left, before you get to a big set of doors
    (the doors where the alarm switch is). There are glass doors open on each side
    of the vent.
    11) Carefully make your way through the vent, using the flashlight just quick
    enough to see your turns. When you get near the exit, you'll go into a LARGE
    12) You should be able to exit to your left. There are 2 guards in the small
    room on your left (where a weird staircase is).
    13) Look for the guard patrolling the floor. The other one will be headed up
    14) Roll up behind the one on the ground floor and stun jack him before he
    turns right. Now turn around to watch the other guard still going up the
    15) Count a few seconds, and after he's out of vision, sneak up there and roll
    behind him as he goes down the hallway. ZAP!
    16) Now, up the stairs, go by where the one guard was patrolling. (the big
    open room). At the end of this large hallway, there is a room on the right.
    17) In the room is a guard - take him out. Run up to this guard and you will
    get his "handprint" (you may have to press a button).
    > Objective Complete: Obtain security chief's handprint and bypass security
    18) Now you can use the big black panel in this room to disable the laser
    	(*) You should be at about the 2:00 mark. 
    > Objective Complete: Bypass red laser alarm system
    19) Now go all the way back downstairs, through the vent and to the "computer
    room". Out in this hallway is a huge vault door 
    	(*) It's near where you took out the second guard here.
    20) Go through the vault door and to the elevator on the other side. Jump up
    to get on top of the elevator, turn to your right and look for the vent.
    21) Climb up to the platform and go in the vent. In the vent, you will go by a
    fan on your right, and a closed vent on the left.
    22) PPK the closed vent and keep following this vent to a downward slope.
    You'll drop down in a room with green laser security on the far wall.
    	(*) Previously, had you run past the vault door and turned right at the 
    	end of the hallway, you would have been on the other side of the lasers.
    23) To your right, on the shelves, grab the ALA financial records (hidden
    objective). Jump back up to the vent and continue down it.
    > Hidden Objective Complete: Obtain ALA financial records
    24) When you get to the fan, turn left and continue forward. Follow the vent
    all the way to the end.
    25) IMMEDIATELY to your right, on the large metal stacked cabinets, is the
    power switch for the elevator - you know what to do.
    > Objective Complete: Power up emergency elevators
    26) Now go down the stairs on your left (facing the switch), and open the
    gate. Head through here and you're back near the mission start.
    27) Go to the right here, by where you took out your very first guard, and
    you'll come back to the elevator.
    	(*) It's the round thing in the middle of the round room!
    28) Call the elevator and go down to the computer lab. After the elevator
    doors open at your stop, exit to your left and circle around.
    29) Keep your distance behind this guard and stun jack him ASAP. Keep
    following this way to the doorway ahead (near the "security camera").
    30) There is another guard who will stop in this next room - air pistol from
    your current position.
    	(*) DO NOT GO IN THE ROOM THIS GUARD IS IN. The security camera will 
    	catch you and you'll be screwed!
    31) In this same room as the elevator, run around, starting left, and go to
    the 4 computers and insert the data transmitters.
    	(a) The first is just right of the room where the 2nd guard stopped. 
    	(b) The 2nd one, running around the circular room to the left, is just 
    	past an open doorway on your left.
    	(c) The third one is a ways down near large cabinets - just look for the 
    	one without a computer chair. 
    	(d) The fourth and final one is just past a vent in the floor and some 
    	large computer server cabinet thingies. 
    32) After you get the last one, head for the vent. Go forward through the vent
    shaft and turn right at the fork. Drop down in this room at the end.
    	(*) If you had gone left at the fork, you would have just been in a room 
    	where you could get a weapon - no need!
    > Objective Complete: Insert data transmitters
    33) Down here, flip the switch at the nearby computer on your right to kill
    camera controls for the next camera.
    34) Back in the vent, head back the way you came to the round computer room
    with all the terminals that you bugged.
    35) Head right when you exit the vent, towards where the 2nd guard was on the
    right. With the camera now disabled, go in this room and head to the left.
    36) On the right wall in this short doorway is a button to open the security
    door. Press the button and turn back around to go into the newly opened area.
    37) You'll see some large fans - it looks breezy in here! Make a right down
    this hallway to a room on the right near the end. A timer will start!
    	(*) You should be just somewhat past the 6:00 mark. 
    38) To the left side of the round area in the middle is an opening with a
    ladder. Slide down the ladder. At the bottom of the ladder, go out this central
    "tube" and then circle around to the mainframe - hack away at it.
    	(*) In case you don't know by now, holding X on a ladder slides down. 
    39) Run to your right and keep pressing the button jump up to a hole in the
    ceiling (near an ammo crate).
    40) Run around to the left here and hack the first computer you see. It should
    tell you that the MIDDLE door is sealed.
    	(*) If you get the wrong computer, just run around to the next one - 
    	you've got plenty of time!
    41) Backtrack to the elevator you used to get down here (down the hole, up the
    ladder, through the security door and back where the one guard was).
    > Objective Complete: Access the main frame computer
    42) Before you even get to the elevator, turn right and head for this open
    door. There is a huge "gray" door at the end here.
    43) Use the switch on the right to the call elevator. Time for the bank vaults!
    	(*) This is the annoying part of the mission. I've tried to give as much
    	detail as possible, but you may still have problems. 
    44) When you exit the elevator, the next camera control is right in front of
    you run ahead and plant the transmitter.
    45) Now head down the hallway on your right (facing the computer). On the
    right side of this area is a doorway - wait in here for a guard to come by.
    46) Take out the guard (air pistol / stun jack). Head forward, turn right, and
    there is a hall on your right - take it.
    47) You'll be near one of the vaults - green lasers are flying around all over
    - they will torch you if you touch them.
    	(*) Good luck for you I am telling you the easiest way to dodge them. 
    48) Best way I found to dodge the lasers, is when the one goes up, roll under
    it and then run to the left, towards the grey box in the far left corner.
    49) Search the vault. After this, wait for the diagonal laser to come by your
    left, then run by it to the doorway (the other laser will be going up)
    50) Now head back out and to your right, and further down the hallway. Air
    pistol the guard when he stops at the end.
    51) On your right is another hallway to a vault with a different laser set-up.
    When the laser by the door goes away, walk inside but not all the way.
    52) Look to the box on your right, and when the diagonal laser goes by roll
    over here and check the vault.
    53) Turn around, and when the diagonal laser passes by you, go forward. Wait
    for the laser at the door to go on, then off, and head through the doorway.
    54) Backtrack to the central room where you disabled the camera. You should be
    getting close to the 10:00 mark, depending on how fast you worked.
    55) Head down the opposite hallway now, and everything here is pretty much
    reversed (left turns, left hallways, etc)
    	(a) Be careful here - if you were quick getting the vaults, the guard 
    	that patrols this hallway could spot you easily.
    	(b) Usually I try to hide on the left side of the hallway, and when he 
    	turns I just peek out and air pistol him. 
    56) The guard will stop, then turn around. Poke out and stun jack him. 
    57) At the first vault room on the left in this hallway is a fairly easy laser
    setup to dodge - this is also where the next guard patrols.
    58) When the laser near the door goes up, roll under it and to the right.
    Next, go for the center of the room, and edge your way past the 2 lasers that
    are side-by-side.
    59) Turn right and search the box in this vault. Turn back to the door, sneak
    past and roll under to exit.
    60) Back in the main hallway, left again to get to the last vault on this floor
    (the next hallway on the left).
    61) Another easy laser setup this time - roll under the one by the door 
    when it goes up.
    62) The 2 lasers side-by-side are spread far enough apart that you can walk
    between them.
    	(*) Of course, the lasers fade in and out often, so you don't HAVE to 
    	walk in between them...
    63) Walk in the center, turn left and search the vault. Turn around, walk
    between the lasers and roll under to exit.
    > Objective Complete: Search vaults on 3rd floor
    64) Back in the main hallway, head to your left. Turn left at the end here,
    and head towards the green lasers. Turn them off with the nearby switch.
    	(*) You should be close to the 11:00-12:00 mark
    65) Go through here and in room head for the large gray doors on your left -
    this is the elevator up to the "secure" bank vault.
    66) Wait for the lone guard here to come into this room and take him out.
    Across the room are the final set of camera controls - disable.
    > Objective Complete: Plant camera transceivers
    67) Facing the terminal, head for the right hallway. Head right in the large
    room here.
    68) Look for the hallway on the right, dodge the lasers and go into the last
    vault. You'll find searching this one quite a bit simpler!
    > Objective Complete: Search the valut on 4th floor
    69) Head for the middle of the room, avoiding the easy lasers. Afterwards,
    look for and go in the vent on the back wall.
    70) Drop down in here and get the Birchim files from the cart/cabinet in the
    far left corner.
    > Hidden Objective Complete: Obtain Birchim files
    71) Now go back through the vent to the large hallway. Time to dodge a lot of
    	(*) TAKE YOUR TIME!!!! I went as slow as possible through this one part 
    	when trying to go for 0 deaths, and still beat par time by almost 4:00
    72) Further down this hallway, past where you turned right, slowly dodge all
    the lasers, one at a time.
    	(*) The toughest thing to time is the laser moving back and forth down 
    	the hallway.
    	(*) All the other lasers are easy to dodge, just stand in place near 
    	them and go by when the time is right. Stop before each laser, don't rush 
    73) Follow this linear path to another long hallway on your right. Dodging all
    the lasers, you'll eventually have to go right and dodge another laser.
    74) As soon as you see a right turn, take it. You'll see 2 lasers alternately
    moving up and down.
    75) At the end of this path is a strange looking door - it leads to the last
    vault (which, thankfully, isn't actually part of the mission!!!)
    76) Dodge the two lasers and make your way to this last vault door, then wait
    for the mission to end.
    > Objective Complete: Rendezvous at the last vault on level 4
    As many steps as I have for this mission, and as long as it can be, it's
    really one of the quicker and easier missions. Just a lot of little "details"
    to worry about and learn.
    Expert Strategy
    Team Strategies
    Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate
    Solo Par Time:		10:00
    My First Par Time:	9:01	
    Welcome to one of the quickest stealth missions in the game. It's also really
    the easiest, especially at this point in the game. There are some annoying
    points to it, but really just thinking about them for a few seconds and it's
    clear how to do it.
    It took me less than 2 hours to get this right, all objectives / par time.
    That's easy for a stealth mission, no matter how hard the individual parts
    can be.
    Recommended Weapons: N/A
    NOTES: If you are spotted, you only lose stealth if someone fires off a round
    at you. Make sure you act quick!
    > Find the key to Niculescu's bedroom
    > Find evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter
    > Stop Mara Aramov's execution
    > Parameter: Maintain stealth
    > Hidden objective: Find Zeus files on Mara Aramov
    1) Sneak walk slightly around the corner and to the right, to initiate a
    conversation. Now walk back by the mission start.
    2) A guy will come down the stairs across the way on the left. Taser him. Turn
    around and then taser the guy coming down the set of stairs to your right.
    3) Now run to the left of that set of stairs where you shocked the first guy.
    	(*) This will sound crazy, but the reason for running is to get the guy
    	upstairs with the M79 to hear you (you won't lose stealth).
    	(*) This brings the guy by this staircase faster, rather than waiting for him.
    4) Mr. M79 will start coming by this staircase, taser him when he does. Now
    only 2 more guys to go outside here!
    5) Go back near where you started the mission, and to the stairs that were on
    your right. Watch the patrol of the guards.
    6) Both guards patrol outside the house left-to-right - one on the lower floor
    and the other on a balcony up high.
    7) In between the 2 sets of stairs, use the back left corner and to try to get
    a good view of the balcony. The one guard who walks in and out of the house and
    walks back and forth on this balcony.
    9) The guard will stop at the left end of the balcony (right side of the
    left-most window) for a few seconds - snipe him.
    10) Sneak up the seconds set of stairs and hide near the closest pillar.
    11) Stand up and wait for the patrolling guy on the floor to walk from the left
    side of the house to the right. He stops halfway across at the bottom of some
    stairs. When he goes up and walks to the right side and stops, QUICKLY zoom in
    and snipe him.
    12) Head in the courtyard, run to your left past the water fountain. Continue
    running right up to the house.
    13) Go left and open the small wooden gate in front of you. In here are the
    controls for the fountains - "pull the switch".
    14) Go back to where the fountain was - it is now dry. Climb on the fountain
    and look for a hole - there is a ladder leading down.
    	(*) You should be at about the 3:00 mark
    15) Turn on the flashlight and take the path to your right (to the left is the
    door near where you started the mission).
    16) At the intersection, go right (turn off the flashlight) and taser the guy
    in this room at the end.
    17) Run/roll into the room and head up the stairs straight ahead of you (be
    very quiet now!)
    18) Take out the guy up here in the kitchen - because of all the clutter,
    you'll want to switch to your VSS and snipe him rather than taser him.
    19) Get close to the hallway to trigger two guards - wait here in the kitchen
    for them to stop talking. One will walk by the hallway in front of you - give
    him a shock to his system.
    20) Quickly sneak out of the kitchen, heading in the hallway and to your left.
    There is a room with lots of paintings, watch the guard on your radar. When he
    turns away from you, go in the room and shock him.
    21) On the right wall of this art room (facing the entrance), at the end, is a
    painting. Move it aside and open the vault.
    > Objective Complete: Find evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter
    > Hidden Objective Complete: Find Zeus files on Mara Aramov
    22) Back out in the hallway, carefully move until a guy appears on your radar
    to the right. He is in the room with the double doors - get him to kick the
    doors open and give him the shock of his life.
    	(*) You can also trigger this guy by heading back near the stairs - he'll come
    	out of the door to your left (facing the stairway).
    24) Pick up the key off this guy's corpse and head through the house. You'll
    eventually hit a dead end and turn left.
    	(*) You should be close to the 6:00 mark
    > Objective Complete: Find the key to Niculescu's bedroom
    25) Follow the hallway down a ways. As you get near an "arch, there is an open
    door on your left and 2 guards talking.
    26) Don't wait for them to finish - head BACK to the room right before this
    hallway and hide. The 2 guards come down this hallway eventually.
    27) When both guards stop and turn around, and go for the double headshot!
    (talk about getting 2 birds with one stone!) If you can't line them both up,
    the VSS is still a silenced weapon, so you can take your second shot without
    any delay.
    28) Follow this hall to the end now and head up the stairs. Be careful on your
    way up. There's some guys on your way up.
    29) Sneak up each set of stairs until you can auto-aim to one of the guys. Zoom
    in and then snipe him.
    30) Carefully head up the stairs and snipe the other guy by the bedroom door.
    31) Walk near the bedroom door (DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR YET!!!) and wait quietly
    for the conversation here to finish.
    	(*) If you don't wait for the conversation to finish, the guy on the 
    	left will shoot/kill Mara unless you can waste him FAST like The Flash.
    	(*) If you've followed my pattern, the conversation will finish just
    	slightly after the 8:00 mark
    32) When the idiots are done talking, bust open the door and take them both
    out with the Abram 2000 you've picked up off everyone.
    	(*) Start with the guy on your right. The guy on the left, that would 
    	normally shoot/kill Mara, just happily stands there staring at her.
    > Objective Complete: Stop Mara Aramov's execution
    The rescue of Mara is complete! Congratulations! Enjoy the view of her in her
    nighties. You have plenty of time to zoom/peek with the VSS :)
    Expert Strategy
    There is a way to use the MGL to "blow up" some of the locked doors outside. In
    particular, there is a door that will remain destroyed if you die, leaving you
    an opportunity to head straight inside the mansion and shave 3+ minutes off
    your par time (you can actually save even more time if you know how)
    Team Strategies
    Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base
    Solo Par Time:		25:00
    My First Par Time:	14:44
    Recommended Weapons: Desert pistols, C8 (MGL is a great choice too), best Uzi,
    NOTES: Par time on this stage is truly a joke. There's one thing that can
    easily kill it for you - the grenade guy waiting for you when you go down
    the elevator to get the Syphon Filter DNA strain. Once you learn how to handle
    him, it's not a big issue. However, it can take a bit of practicing the timing.
    C11's in the hands of the computer hurt - badly. Expect to die - often.
    Getting 0 deaths on this takes a lot of dedication single player (I just went
    online and got some help so I could get my T4, but can do it now by myself). 
    There are MUCH faster ways of doing this stage, but this is a "safe" method
    that should always work, esp. if you're new to the mission. In the other
    strategies, you basically get one person doing underground (Leonov/DNA strain)
    while everyone else splits up the top floor and triggers Gabe. The person that
    went underground can meet up with those covering Gabe..
    > Eliminate Ivankov's top four lieutenants
    > Disable helicopter flight controls
    > Provide cover fire for Stone
    > Bring Alima Haddad to safety
    > Find Omega Strain DNA code
    > Provide covering fire for Gabe in the silo
    > Stop missile from launching (Team)
    1) Run straight ahead past the building on your left. In the far left corner
    of this area is a door.
    2) When it opens, Vladik Savin will walk out - get him before he knows what's
    going on.
    	(*) I like to toss a Sarin here from the start of the mission. Then you
    	can let him choke before he even steps out, as you go on to take the 
    	next guy.
    3) Back by the building you ran past (not the little shed!) is a door - go in
    here and walk to the other side.
    4) Some guards spawn at the stairs - leave them!
    	(*) You can kill them if it makes you happy, but they'll respawn. 
    5) Roll to the right and head towards the small building on your left. Around
    the corner is an idiot - kill him.
    6) Oleg Petrenko is on top of the roof of the building. A carefully placed
    Sarin will get him, but I like to bait him and taser him (no flak!)
    7) Head back to where you started the mission and go to the door that Vladik
    Savin came out of. Turn right and head up the stairs on your left - shoot the
    lone guy.
    8) Head up to the door past the computers, open it, crouch and launch a
    grenade at the tank. Now you'll have taken out Ushakov.
    	(*) Frags work best, but a Sarin will do (if you aim it right the first 
    9) Roll off this building to the right and head for the large double doors.
    You'll trigger an objective with Stone.
    10) Just keep following this, turn left and go out the doors. You'll hear the
    	(*) You can help Stone if you want, but he won't die (he's invincible).
    > Objective Complete: Provide cover fire for Stone
    11) The important thing to do here is hack the helicopter - run to it's right
    side and press the button at the right spot.
    > Objective Complete: Disable helicopter flight controls
    12) Near the helicopter is a large platform on the ground - this is an
    "elevator" of sorts. Keep it in mind. Behind it is a gate guarding an elevator.
    Shoot the lock.
    13) Take this elevator down. Once at the bottom, press the button to send it
    up, but immediately roll off.
    	(a) This is because you could easily die soon, and your checkpoint is
    	upstairs by where Stone was
    	(b) You will lose VALUABLE time if you have to take the long way back
    	here (considering the nuisances to come).
    14) Turn around and look down this hallway - an armored guy is sitting there,
    just waiting to get sniped. Oblige him!
    15) Get closer to the hallway and another guy appears further down - snipe
    him. Turn right down this hallway and sneak walk partway down the ramp.
    16) You should be able to see some guys stirring below. Get close without being
    spotted, and carefully try to get a Sarin down by their feet.
    17) If you're lucky, you'll snag Leonov. If not, you at least initiate him
    making a mad dash for the helicopter.
    18) Head back the way you came, towards the small elevator you took down here.
    19) Leonov somehow magically appears in the floor below to take that large
    elevator all the way up to the helicopter. Turn to face the large platform
    (from a distance) and wait for him.
    	(a) If you don't have Sarin, go ahead and take the small elevator back 
    	up to the surface (Level 1). 
    	(b) When he comes out of the large platform, focus on taking out all his
    	cronies (in the space-suits). Otherwise, they try to fix the helicopter!
    	(c) Once you get all his cronies, he'll try to take off but the 
    	helicopter will crash, killing him.
    20) As you see Leonov and his minions on your radar, toss a Sarin at the
    elevator platform. By the time he makes it here, him and all his cronies
    will get all choked up.
    > Objective Complete: Eliminate Ivankov's top four lieutenants
    21) Now take the large elevator he came from down to Level 3. From where you
    press the button, turn to your right and wait.
    22) After you pass Level 2, get your manual aim for a grenade ready - straight
    23) The second the elevator starts to reach level 3 and when you have space,
    toss the grenade.
    	(a) Sarins work best, as you don't need to be too accurate. You're aiming
    	for some crates - behind them is a guy with a M79. Depending on your timing,
    	chances are he may still get you.
    	(b) Another way, if you don't have grenades, is to run to the opposite corner
    	of the platform from where you press the button. As soon as the elevator gets
    	near Level 3, roll off and behind the crates on your right. The M79 guy can't
    	get, so you should be in a good position to time your shots.
    24) There is another guy with a C11 in this area - after you get the guy with
    the M79, take him out.
    25) Facing where he was, turn right (towards the crates / dead guy with M79). 
    26) In the right corner of this room is a vent - you will probably want to
    turn on your flashlight to see it. Crawl in here and go left.
    	(*) This is the corner near all the crates, and where the M9 guy was.
    27) You'll drop down in a computer lab. Straight ahead is a computer -
    download the Omega Strain DNA code from it.
    > Objective Complete: Find Omega Strain DNA code
    And, at some point during your journeys in the underground you will get:
    > Objective Complete: Bring Alima Haddad to safety
    28) After getting the Omega Strain DNA code, exit through the vent back to the
    room with the elevator. Take the large elevator to level 2.
    29) Go through the hallway and right, towards where you triggered Leonov.
    Ahead is a computer room.
    30) Take the hallway on your right and follow this path to the end. 
    31) A door will open up and a timer will start - go into the new room and meet
    up with Gabe Logan on your left-hand side.
    32) Follow Gabe through the silo as he opens the doors. You'll come out to a
    room with a guy behind glass shooting, and a sniper at the far wall.
    33) Help Gabe take them both out. Continue to follow Gabe, this time down the
    metal grating / stairs a few times, then over to the elevator.
    34) Gabe will take the elevator up - just keep following him ahead and to the
    35) Eventually you come to the "room of flaming doom" - a pit in the middle,
    bars to go across on the far side, and guys all over with C11s and
    36) Try to survive until Gabe can get across, then follow him across - climb
    down the platforms, head across, and then keep jumping up.
    	(*) One easy way is to toss some Sarins at all visible exits (all 
    	corners of the room) - this helps eliminate a lot of the spawns :)
    37) Gabe provides reasonable cover fire otherwise. Just hope you don't get
    38) Follow this path to the final area of this level - the actual launch area
    itself. Climb down the 2 sets of grating at the end of the tunnel.
    39) Turn left and start taking guys out. There are guys in here with all sorts
    of weapons (including M79). Just keep defending Gabe until he's hacked the
    system and the missile launches.
    	(*) Why is it always takes the cpu time to hack a computer, but your own
    	character can always do it in 5 seconds?
    	(*) This is also where you can hack the computers as a team objective. 
    	Each of the 2 computers are on opposite ends of the room, accessible from the
    	metal grated "platforms" that stick out of the hallway.
    > Objective Complete: Provide covering fire for Gabe in the silo
    Gabe says something about meeting at the LZ, but the mission will end - you
    don't have to go anywhere. Congratulations!
    Expert Strategy
    Disabling the missile in team play will stop the countdown. Gabe will still
    have to hack the system, however.
    Also in multiplayer, if you get ahead of Gabe, one person can ride the elevator
    he takes in the actual missile launch room to reach the upper part of the area
    (where one of the switches is)
    If you want to speed things up for getting par in multiplayer, one person can
    use the underground area near where Savin appears to go for Leonov and then
    the silo. Everyone else can take a different lieutenant and head for the silo,
    while one person is initiating Stone and grabbing the sample.
    Smoke grenades will save you quite a bit when used properly. You can even keep
    enemies from even shooting at Gabe in the silo if you toss smoke grenades down
    on the floor.
    Team Strategies
    What a piece of cake.
    The team objective for this mission is to disable the missile from launching.
    You will do this at the end of the mission. When Gabe is in the silo and starts
    hacking the computer, you will have to lift someone up on each side of the
    What you are looking for, is the metal grated floors that stick out of the
    side. You will pass them on your way into the silo, when the side doors open.
    After the room with the flamethrower nuisances, you can go right or left.
    	If you follow the path to the right, then the first grated platform (on your
    	left) is the one that has the team interaction. 
    	If you follow the path to the left, you'll meet up with a flamethrower guy and
    	a guy with an M79. The grated floors should be on your right, you'll want the
    	2nd one you see to do the team interaction.
    The team interaction will lift one person up to a small alcove with a computer.
    Basically, once a player is at each of the computers, they both need to press
    the buttons on the terminals. Timing isn't important, but both buttons need to
    be pressed.
    Most of doing this stage just requires everyone actually staying TOGETHER.
    Two Players
    Player A: Head to the building on the left for Petrenko (the guy on the tower
    in the robot suit). Meet up with Player B by the helicopter. Go down the small
    elevator by shooting the gate.
    Player B: Kill Savin at the beginning, then head for Ushakov. Run to initiate
    the objective with Stone and disable the helicopter controls. Go down the small
    elevator with Player A.
    At this point, stay together - trigger/kill the last lt., then go down to the
    floor 3 using the big elevator to get the Omega Strain DNA. Head back up the
    big elevator to floor 2, then head towards where you triggered the last lt. and
    make a right. Follow it into the room to meet up with Gabe, and cover each
    other the whole way through the silo.
    Three Players
    Similar to the 2 player strategy, but Player C can help Player B at the start,
    and will run ahead to one of the team interaction locations when Gabe starts
    heading for the "flamethrower" room. After lifting up Player A, head across
    the other side to get a lift to the 2nd computer.
    Player A follow to where Player C is waiting after Gabe gets out of the room
    with the flamethrower guys, and get the boost up to the computer.
    Player B will head to opposite side for the team interaction place, and wait to
    lift up Player C, then provide cover for Gabe.
    Four Players
    Again, same basic strategy, but Player D can be defending Gabe the whole time
    in the silo, to make sure nobody gets "roasted" or blown to bits while trying
    to set up the team interaction.
    Auto-targeting (R1) is not always your best friend. Even at close range, with
    GOOD weapons that lock-on fast or kill in 1 hit, your shots can still spread
    and miss. It's sad, I know. It's certainly not as handy as the good ol' days.
    The best way to target enemies, is rely on auto-targeting with a rifle for
    distant and/or mobile enemies. For stationary enemies, auto-target, and then
    quickly switch to manual aim (L1) and shoot. Weapons that should kill in 1
    hit will do their job this way.
    The weaker submachine guns really aren't too terrible, if you use manual aim
    with them. The auto-aim just never locks well, except for the BEST ones in
    the game. And the damage is always too small. If they had more ammo they'd be
    more useful. This is why I don't like them - I rely on auto-targeting a lot,
    especially when I'm aiming to maintain a bit of "grace under fire".
    Use the game's annoyances to your advantage. Ever been ticked trying to 
    get somebody that does nothing but run around? Take a hint - that's the best
    way to dodge fire when you're being shot at - roll/strafe/hide until they
    stop and have to reload.
    In the same vein as the comment above - roll/roll/roll your butt, out of enemy
    "Discreet area" means you can get away with anything here - nobody will patrol
    here to spot any bodies, and if you're spotted you typically won't lose
    Many enemies in the game (that is, for non-stealth missions) respawn. Keep
    this in mind when you're trying to clear an area. A lot of times, unless the
    enemies are necessary to take out to clear an objective - ignore them. Some
    enemies also are triggered by certain objectives (IE, at the Mill, when you
    grab a worker). Be aware of this.
    Shotguns suck in this game for some reason. They were always my favorite
    weapons in the other Syphon Filter games, as they were the best way to deal
    with a lot of the guys that would pop at you from close range. That, and they
    used to be mostly one-hit-kill weapons. Not so much anymore!
    Tasers take 3 seconds to stun, 4 seconds to fry. I count using the old
    fashioned "one-thousand" method. After doing it enough, you learn to get
    it without even counting.
    Smoke grenades are under-utilized - even by me! They come in handy many
    places when enemy fire is normally dragging you down. Mix them with a
    thermal scope (like AU-300 Mod R) and not only can enemies do NOTHING,
    but you can see them and pop them all off.
    The "good ol' days" of peek/shoot from Syphon Filter games has pretty much
    gone away with this game. There are a lot fewer instances where it comes in
    handy, and it is literally USELESS when going for par. It DOES help with
    Ryusaki. A lot of this is because there are fewer stationary targets in the
    To clarify - "peek/shoot" is the tactic by which you hide behind an object,
    auto-aim to a stationary target, then switch to manual aim. After switching
    to manual aim, you would "peek out" to adjust your manual aim for a headshot,
    but hide back behind the object once shots sound. After shots stopped, you
    would literally be able to peek/shoot a headshot, as your aim for the headshot
    was already set.
    Enemy AI
    In general, the enemy AI in this game can be retarded. But, don't underestimate
    the brilliant tactics.
    Enemies have unlimited ammo. They still have clips, though. This means 2
    1) They will keep firing at you until you die or kill them
    2) They will eventually have to reload, and they take just as long to do it as
    it takes your character.
    Large groups of enemies tend to try to "come together" and take you out from
    the same spot - this is where area affect weapons come in handy. Grenades,
    anything that explodes, gas, whatever you have...
    Single enemies usually try to run around in circles to dodge your attacks. They
    also like to hide behind stuff when pressured. Don't give them a chance to do
    NEVER get point blank with an enemy. He'll kill you no matter what cruddy
    weapon he has. Always try to shoot them at some miniscule distance, then run by
    and go give them a big kiss as they're hitting the floor.
    The enemy AI, weapon damage, etc., *seems* to improve as you move up in rank.
    This theory hasn't been proven, but I know more than once I've been killed as a
    T4 in the Carthage missions from one guy who gets in a single round of shots on
    his Scorpion. Or, the lovely guys with Shothammers in Tokyo that can seem to
    kill you in no time flat, no matter how beefed you are.
    The enemy AI improves as you get to higher levels, as does it's aim. In each of
    the Carthage missions, enemies can't hurt worth a CRAP as long as you keep your
    distance. On missions like Tokyo, Myanmar, Ukraine - it doesn't matter who you
    are up against, the computer will hit you easily, often, and hard.
    Alot of enemies like to stay in place, or will run around but won't pursue you.
    In this respect, if you're going for par / 0 deaths, alot of times the best
    thing you can do is just run past them! Why kill an enemy if it's just going to
    waste your time, your ammo, your health and your patience!
    Roll/roll/roll your butt, catch up to that guard! Rolling is the FASTEST
    silent way to get behind someone on a stealth mission so you can stun jack.
    Silent/non-lethal weapons are your friend. 
    	The only silenced pistol you have, until you get T4, is the PPK. 
    	The silenced rifles are the VSS and *I believe* the DSC-1.
    	Tasers are always silent, but don't roast your sitting duck - he'll 
    	quack and alert someone else.
    	Air pistol takes a while to get, until then there are no silent 
    	auxiliary weapons. When you do get it, ACR ammo loads into it
    	so it becomes a stealth expert's best friend.
    	DormaGen grenades are the only KO gas grenades. Sarin nerve gas KILLS.
    Always try to sneak walk/roll, and be very careful. On more than one occassion,
    I've been "heard" by a guard and blown stealth or entire missions for taking
    ONE footstep that wasn't with the X button down (I had been having trouble
    with holding my X button). So this game is very sensitive in that respect.
    Anyone referred to as "collateral" is someone you WILL NOT be able to
    auto-target with your shots. This means if you can't auto-target someone and
    are needing to take them down - make sure you don't have a lethal weapon!
    As long as you are sneak walking or rolling, you can approach an enemy at
    almost any angle and not be spotted. It seems they only can see if you have
    your flashlight on, or are approaching them face on.
    If it isn't obvious enough, flashlights are only useful finding your way
    through a vent. That being said, use NVG (Night Vision Goggles) when possible.
    But when not, just use the flashlight for a brief few seconds to get your
    direction. If anyone is patrolling nearby you'll be spotted.
    Expect to use each weapon in your arsenal on most stealth missions. There is
    always a good mix of areas that help to have one weapon or the other. The bonus
    missions are the exception. This is important, though, because you need to keep
    from needing new ammo. For instance, in Zurich, if you just use your air
    pistol, you can take out alot of the guys on the earlier floors fast and easy,
    but then you'll have a harder time on the bank vaults (the toughest part of
    the mission).
    Zero Deaths
    You don't need all objectives to get credit for 0 deaths.
    You don't need par time to get credit for 0 deaths. Take your time!
    Blow as many objectives as possible, figure out their consequences, and
    deal with them. For example, if you're spotted with a weapon in Yemen 1,
    Yuschenko will hurry up on his arrival. So, get your weapons, get spotted,
    get the explosives and kill Yuschenko. Saves having to worry about stealth!
    When getting low on health, throw a DormaGen gas grenade at your feet. You'll
    be knocked unconscious and respawn with full health/armor, but this does not
    count as a death (technically, you didn't die!) It is somewhat cheap, and I
    never really needed it, or was able to use it on some of the more "rambo style"
    levels (Tokyo/Myanmar) like I wanted to, but it's an option.
    	(*) I always went with online help for the tougher missions.
    Do not rely ONLY on the weapon stats in games. A lot of weapons have the same
    stats, but each weapon has it's own unique strengths/weaknesses all the same.
    This even counts for damage - a lot of weapons have damage V, but some
    penetrate armor better than others (in other words, are much more useful!)
    In general, try out a weapon on something like the Carthage missions to get
    familiar with it's strengths/weaknesses, or see if it's any useful.
    Also, keep in mind Firing Rate has nothing to with the weapon's lock-on time.
    Some weapons almost never lock-on or are not intended for lock-on.
    Some guns can take/use ammo from others. Basically, when you go through the
    weapons list, look at the ammo type. If 2 guns have the same ammo type, you
    can use one gun's ammo for the other. This helps extend the life of most low
    ammo weapons that are powerful.
    Some boss enemies are almost invincible or ARE invincible. You have to rely on
    finesse and/or headshots in these scenarios, rather than gun power.
    "Shot" = More power, very little range; "Slug" = Less power, better range
    For the most part, not very useful in this game, unless you have weak pistols
    and are playing a stage that doesn't need much rifle work. Also somewhat useful
    early on until you get dual wield, but even then a lot of the shotguns are
    week. Unfortunately, most of the game requires good rifle work, and close range
    can be done with just hand pistols.
    Assault Rifles
    Amazing lock-on time, fast fire rates, good damage. This will be responsible
    for most of your rifle work and taking out distant enemies.
    Sniper Rifles
    Powerful, accurate, but shoot slow and have low ammo. Pretty much just useful
    for their intended purpose - sniping!
    The best weapons when you've got a lot of enemies and are playing by yourself.
    These help clear an area quick, in the hands of the right person (patient and
    good/quick manual aim).
    Not too useful until you get dual-wield. Then you can do some serious damage at
    close range. Takes the place of needing any shotgun.
    Most of these are submachine guns, and until you get the best in the game,
    they're mostly all terrible. Maybe if they had bigger clips and more ammo...
    Take a while of playing to earn (unless you cheat online), but help out
    TREMENDOUSLY with tough missions and getting par times. Once you get Sarin
    gas grenades, though, you don't need anything else.
    These are fun weapons. You'll use the stun jack a lot for stealth, and the
    tasers can be handy often as well. The handiness of tasers increases tenfold
    when you get the E.P.D.D. as well, since you can silently roast anyone in your
    visibility, regardless of whether or not they see you yet.
    Combat Skills
    Neck Snap
    The only non-weapon melee attack you get. Has it's uses for stealth missions
    when being spotted with a weapon goes against you.
    Dual Wield
    After you save Zohar's ass on Yemen 2, you'll get this ability. Since Yemen 2
    is so easy, I recommend doing it as soon as it's possible.
    Head-Shot Lock
    A phenomenal skill but only useful at short range. Hold down R1 to lock-on to
    a target, then, hold down L1 to initiate the triangle-shaped lock. Now your
    shots will be aimed for the head. Most useful for taking out levels whose
    enemies are almost all jacketed.
    Weapons List
    This is basically word-for-word out of the game, and follows the same format
    as SFFan in his FAQ - probably the most readable presentation of the info.
    The stage-specific data is actually borrowed from said FAQ, as it's not very
    fun data to collect. Really, if you want good detail on a certain weapon, how
    to get it, or what it's weaknesses are - reference SFFan's FAQ.
    Within time, I plan to add my own comments. After all, I get asked about
    alot of the different weapons online.
    The Max Capacity ammo is based on NOT having the ammo increase. The number in
    ()'s afterwards indicates the max capacity after receiving the ammo increase.
    For most guns, the "ammo increase" merely adds an extra clip you can hold.
    Slug Defender
    Fire Rate:	I
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	5
    Max Capacity:	20 (25)
    Ammo:		12 gauge slug
    Game Description:
    The Slug Defender is a durable pump-action shotgun that has a breech partially
    locked by recoil. Although the user must pump this weapon to reload the ammo,
    the locked breech gives the weapon fast and easy operation and long range
    Shot Defender
    Fire Rate:	I
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	5
    Max Capacity:	20 (25)
    Ammo:		12 gauge
    Game Description:
    This shotgun is designed for a personal defense role and fires 12 gauge shot
    through a narrow choke. The narrow choke prevents the shot from spreading
    out to far so most of the shot will hit a single victim out to the weapons
    effective range. The advantage to this is instant incapacitation due to the
    powerful force transferred from a close group of projectiles. The victim is
    usually thrown back quite a distance, which is very intimidating to any other
    enemies in the area.
    Combat shotgun
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		II
    Clip Size:	5
    Max Capacity:	25 (30)
    Ammo:		12 gauge
    Game Description:
    This semi-automatic shotgun is designed for close range combat situations and
    is recoil operated. It has a magazine capacity of five shells and is equipped
    with a wide choke that causes the shot pellets to spread out and hit multiple
    targets with a single shot.
    Riot shotgun
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		Incap
    Clip Size:	5
    Max Capacity:	(20) 25
    Ammo:		12 gauge Bean Bag
    Game Description: 
    This is a modified combat shotgun that fires bean bags instead of standard
    shot. The bean bags inflict a non-lethal, though extremely painful, shot.
    Users of this weapon are cautioned against head and neck shots because they
    will cause severe brain trauma and, in many cases, death to the victim.
    M1 Super 90
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	7
    Max Capacity:	21 (28)
    Ammo:		12 gauge
    Game Description:
    This is a high and semi-automatic combat shotgun constructed of stronger
    materials. It is easy to load the 7 shells into the weapon and the action
    is very fast, but the recoil is rather extreme making this weapon difficult
    to control in rapid fire situations.
    Sweeper 12 gauge
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		II
    Clip Size:	8
    Max Capacity:	32 (40)
    Ammo:		12 gauge
    Game Description:
    The Sweeper is a lethal riot control device designed to take out a crowd of
    hostile individuals very quickly. It has an 8-round cartridge that is easy
    and quick to replace. All the user has to do to take out a rioting crowd is
    hold the trigger and sweep across the crowd. After a few seconds most
    individuals will flee the scene or be incapacitated. Due to its lethality
    and changing times, this weapon is no longer considered for riot control
    and is likely to turn up in the hands of any organized criminals or terrorists.
    SPA-15 shotgun
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	8
    Max Capacity:	24 (32)
    Ammo:		MIL
    Game Description:
    This is one of the most powerful shotguns available. It fires special MIL
    rounds that are so powerful they would rip apart any other shotgun. The MIL
    slug contains a center core composed of a Steel/Tungsten alloy. Unfortunately,
    due to the power of the round, this weapon is quite difficult to handle in
    rapid fire situations.
    GAWS 12 ga. (Should be CAWS)
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	10
    Max Capacity:	20 (30)
    Ammo:		12 gauge
    Game Description:
    This is a close combat weapon that uses specially developed ammunition. The
    shells are loaded with eight tungsten-steel alloy pellets, which penetrate
    20mm of pine of 1.5mm of steel plate at its effective range. The great
    advantage of this weapon is fast fire rate.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	10
    Max Capacity:	30 (40)
    Ammo:		12 gauge Slug
    Game Description:
    The SlugHammer uses the same design as the ShotHammer, except it fires heavy
    sabot slugs instead of a shot. The slugs can cover a greater distance and are
    incredibly powerful. However, the slugs lose accuracy over long distances at
    an exponential rate.
    SPA-12 shotgun
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	10
    Max Capacity:	30 (40)
    Ammo:		12 gauge frangible slug
    Game Description:
    This is a dangerous weapon for both enemy and user. The SPA-12 fires a
    specially designed frangible slug.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	10
    Max Capacity:	30 (40)
    Ammo:		12 gauge Shot
    Game Description:
    The ShotHammer is a semi-automatic gas-operated shotgun that works similar to
    a revolver. Ten rounds come pre-loaded into disposable ammunition cylinders
    and this makes reloading very quick and easy. This model uses '000' shot,
    which contains a greater quantity of shot pellets. This allows the firer to
    take down several unarmored targets in close proximity instantly with a single
    shot. This firearm uses the bull pup design and has a recoil dampening
    mechanism, which makes the ShotHammer a relatively easy weapon to control.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	25
    Max Capacity:	75 (100)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    The FA-MAS is the standard French Army infantry rifle and employs the very
    efficient bull pup design with the magazine inserted into the stock. This
    greatly improves accuracy for semi auto fire. The FA-MAS loses this improved
    accuracy during sustained full auto firing.
    SSG 550
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	72 (96)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    The 550 is the official Swiss Army rifle and comes equipped with a folding
    stock, additional storage space for extra clips, and is set to automatic fire.
    G 33E
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	72 (96)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    The 33E is a full auto version of the G3 rifle chambered for the 5.56 NATO
    round. It has less recoil and is slightly more accurate than the G3, but
    less deadly due to the smaller cartridge size.
    Stava M70 B1
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	96 (128)
    Ammo:		7.62 Soviet Rifle
    Game Description:
    Further proof that the powerful and deadly AK-47 has earned the reputation of
    the most manufactured and widely distributed rifle in history, the M70 is
    more or less a direct imitation of the classic AK. Manufactured throughout
    the Balkans, the M70 has only a few subtle differences that set it apart,
    such as a slightly lower firing rate and a rise compensator to help control
    the muzzle climb.
    AU300 Mod-SMG
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	90 (120)
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This weapon uses the very efficient bull pup design which places the magazine
    in the stock of the rifle. This allows for a longer barrel to be placed into a
    shorter weapon. It has an integral optical sight and a forward grip, which
    both aid in aiming and accuracy. The long barrel and bull pup design makes
    this weapon easy to control and endures a high hit probability.
    China type 56
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	90 (120)
    Ammo:		7.62 Soviet Rifle
    Game Description:
    This is another obvious clone of the AK-47 with the main difference being a
    reduced rate of fire. This quality makes this rifle easier to control in full
    auto fire situations and also increases the damage dealt at close ranges.
    Most other AK models will blow through a close-range target, and while it
    causes a great deal of trauma, most of the bullet's energy is never delivered
    to the victim. The slower rate of fire gives the China 56 a higher close range
    incapacitation rate than its cousins.
    M16 A1
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	72 (96)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is a greatly improved model over its predecessor, although it still has a
    high failure rate when used in extreme environmental conditions. It is
    controllable and accurate during semi auto fire and has been the main infantry
    weapon of the US and other countries for several decades. Comparisons are
    often made between the M16 and the Russian AK-47. While the AK has better
    stopping power and functions reliably in extreme environments, it cannot stand
    up to the M16's precision accuracy at long ranges.
    AU300 H-BAR
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	42
    Max Capacity:	126 (168)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is another modification of the AU300 rifles that has a heavier barrel for
    the light machine gun role. It has a flash suppressor that reduces recoil and
    rise during sustained firing and it has an attachment for a night vision scope.
    The AUG/HB fires from a closed bolt position making single shots extremely
    AU300 Mod-R
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	90 (120)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    The benefit of the AU300 family is interchangeability. This rifle is basically
    an AU300 Mod-SMG with a longer barrel made to fit the standard 5.56 NATO round.
    This version is a standard infantry rifle of several international armies and
    fires in full auto.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	144 (168)
    Ammo:		7.62 NATO
    Game Description:
    This heavy hitting weapon is one of the most recognizable rifles in the world.
    Second only to the AK-47 in terms of units produced, this firearm has been
    adopted by over 70 armies and can easily be modified to user specifications.
    The FAL is a light weapon and therefore difficult to control in full auto
    firing mode. Most users fire single shots, which greatly improves accuracy.
    This version is set to fire full auto, but sustained fire is not recommended.
    M16 A2
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	90 (120)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is an improved M16 A1 with a heavier barrel, built in flash suppressor,
    and is set to fire full auto and in 3-round bursts. The A2 is the current
    service model of the US military and it gave soldiers fighting in the second
    Gulf War the advantage over the AK-46 because they could dig in outside the
    effective range of the enemy and pick them off with little fear of being hit
    by the inaccurate Iraqi weapons.
    M4 carbine
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	72 (96)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    The M4 is a carbine version of the M-16A2. The M4 is better suited to close
    quarters and urban combat than the M16 due to its shorter size. It is easier
    to maneuver through tight spaces and is easier to acquire close range targets.
    This particular model has the stock fully collapsed and can fire full auto.
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	90 (120)
    Ammo:		.45G
    Game Description:
    This submachine gun is a modified M16 that fires .45 caliber pistol rounds
    from a closed bolt, improving its semi-auto accuracy. Specific ammunition,
    called Glazer Rounds, are used in this weapon. The interior of a Glazer
    bullet is filled with buckshot sealed by a breakaway plastic cap. This cap
    bursts upon impact causing the buckshot to tear apart unarmored flesh. 
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	90 (120)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is a shorter barreled version of the M16 A2 and is fit with a sliding
    stock. This particular model has the stock fully extended and is set to
    full auto. Unfortunately, due to the shorter size of the weapon, the flash
    suppressor has been replaced with a rise compensator to handle the extra
    recoil of a lighter weapon.
    FAL SG-1
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	90 (120)
    Ammo:		7.62 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is a modified FAL assault rifle with a heavier barrel for extra stability
    in a sniping role. It's set to single fire only, but can fire several rounds a
    second. It's only limited by how fast the firer can pull the trigger. The FAL
    SG has quite an intimidating sound when fired and is also very effective in an
    assault rifle role.
    C8 Rifle
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	50
    Max Capacity:	150 (200)
    Ammo:		7.62 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is one of the most versatile weapons ever made. It has a heavy barrel so
    it can be used for assault or double as a sniper rifle. It can fire semi-auto
    or 1-round burst and can accept a drum magazine. The heavy hitting 7.62mm
    caliber and reliable accuracy makes this weapon a formidable foe to any on the
    other side of its barrel.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	50
    Max Capacity:	100 (150)
    Ammo:		4.7 Caseless
    This weapon is a product of decades of research and is one of the most
    advanced weapons ever made. The main demand behind its development was
    the need for a rifle with high hit rate. The C11 uses specially designed
    caseless ammo that consists of a ball round imbedded into a solid
    propellant. Because of this the C11 can fire a 3-round burst before the
    rifle has a chance to recoil. This ensures that the entire burst will hit
    their mark exactly where the user intended. The IPCA version of the C11
    comes preset to 3-round burst, has an integral scope and has a 50-round
    magazine capacity.
    US M60 E3
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	200
    Max Capacity:	(400)
    Ammo:		7.62 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is an improved M60 that has a forward grip that helps stabilize the
    weapon during sustained firing. This weapon has been the US Army's
    general-purpose machine gun since the early 60's and it uses the same feed
    system as the German WWII MG42. The M60 maintains its accuracy during sustained
    fire due to better barrel design that vents the heat away more efficiently.
    This model comes fit with a 200-round belt that is stored in an ammo box
    attached to the feed system.
    M-249 SAW
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	200
    Max Capacity:	(400)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This machinegun was adopted by the US military in the early 1990s and comes
    equipped with a 200-round box. The most significant difference between this
    and the M60 is the ammo size. It may pack less of a punch, but has greater
    accuracy and distance over the M60.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	6
    Max Capacity:	24 (30)
    Ammo:		7.62 Soviet Rifle
    Game Description:
    This rifle is based on the Kalashnikov and is chambered for the 7.62mm Russian
    cartridge. The western world first learned of this weapon in Vietnam when
    Russian Spetznan ran several covert operations in the region. This is one of
    the most accurate and reliable sniper rifles in the world. It usually comes
    equipped with the PSO-1 scope, but can accept other Russian optics as well.
    M82 BFG
    Fire Rate:	I
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	8
    Max Capacity:	32 (40)
    Ammo:		.50 Browning
    Also known as the 'Light Fifty', this weapon is semi-automatic equipped with a
    muzzle brake that reduces recoil by 65%. The .50 caliber bullet is close to 3
    inches long as is one of the most powerful rounds available.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	1
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This rifle belongs to IPCA IOC Stoneman and is the earliest model of an
    M16-type weapon produced. Stone cracked the scope 15 years back and never
    bothered to repair it; he feels it gives the rifle character. Upon handing
    his rifle over to a new Field Agent, he removed the clip and gave the rookie
    a single bullet, saying: 'A professional needs one bullet to do a job. You
    need two? Get a new line of work.'
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	8
    Max Capacity:	24 (32)
    Ammo:		7.62 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is considered one of the best long range rifles. The DSC-1 uses the same
    roller-locked delayed blowback system as most other rifles from this marker,
    but the components are of much better quality. It has a heavy and long barrel
    and uses a four-groove polygon system which reduces bullet friction. This,
    combined with the long and heavy barrel, allows the bullet to reach higher
    velocities and have a much better effective range. It has a very comfortable
    pistol grip, adjustable cheek rest and a hair trigger.
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	48 (72)
    Ammo:		9x39 special
    Game Description:
    The western world first heard of this weapon in 1994 and is in line to replace
    the Dragunov as the standard sniping rifle of the Russian Federation. The VSS
    fires a special Russian made 9mm Rifle bullet and the entire barrel of the
    weapon serves as a silencer. Equipped with a high power scope, this rifle is
    highly suited for sniping.
    Galil SG-1
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	8
    Max Capacity:	32 (40)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    The barrel of this weapon is heavier than most and has a strong bipod to
    support it. The Galil is so accurate that it can put all of its shots into
    a 4-inch circle at 300 meters. It has a muzzle brake to reduce recoil and
    the brake can be removed to equip a silencer in its place. Its trigger
    system can be adjusted for various pull-off pressures and the stock has a
    shoulder pad cheek rest for greater accuracy.
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	48 (72)
    Ammo:		9x39 DU
    Game Description:
    The VSS fires a very heavy 9mm bullet infused with depleted uranium. This
    model is equipped with an integral silencer that has the additional ability
    to hide the muzzle flash. It's also equipped with a 3rd generation NV scope
    making this rifle the best firearm suited to a covert sniping role.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	15
    Max Capacity:	60 (75)
    Ammo:		5.56 Flechette
    Game Description:
    The Advanced Combat Rifle looks similar to the AU300 series and serves in an
    anti-material role. It fires a small fin-stabilized Steel-Tungsten alloy
    flechette at an extreme velocity with a relatively flat trajectory, 
    making this the most accurate and destructive light firearm in the world.
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	12 (14)
    Ammo:		40mm Grenade Cartridge
    Game Description:
    This weapon fires a variety of 40mm grenade cartridges, but the most commonly
    used one is the M79 Fragmentation Grenade Cartridge. This grenade is filled
    with Composition-B and has a kill radius of 5 meters, but can substantially
    wound and incapacitate out to 15 meters. The M-79 is a break-open weapon that
    fires from the shoulder and requires reloading after each round fired.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	5
    Max Capacity:	50 (60)
    Ammo:		40mm
    Game Description:
    This weapon is a revolver system that accepts the same 40mm explosive grenade
    cartridges as the M-70. The cylinder can hold 5 cartridges and it cycles the
    next round after the current one is fired.
    TH3 Blaster
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	20
    Max Capacity:	20 (40)
    Ammo:		Thermite Ball
    Game Description:
    This is an experimental Chechen firearm that operates similarly to common
    paint ball guns. It has an air compressor that launches a thermite ball at
    a velocity of 300 feet a second. Upon contact with air the thermite is
    converted to molten iron and burns at over 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. If
    the projectile travels about 100 feet or impacts with a hard surface,
    then it bursts and ignites everything within an 8 foot radius.
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	120 (144)
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    In the 1980's this pistol was chosen to replace the US Army's M1911 pistol. It
    has a reversed trigger guard suited for two-handed grip and it has improved
    grip plates. The interior of the barrel is chromed for greatly improved
    accuracy. During the first Gulf War in 1991 US Army soldiers complained this
    pistol didn't have the stopping power of their old .45 Pistol and requested
    to be reissued the M1911's. The 92F's tenure as the US Army's standard issue
    pistol was short lived as it was later replaced by the more powerful US Mark
    23 SOCOM Pistol.
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	120 (144)
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This is a very efficient design made of synthetic materials and metal. This
    weapon has the largest magazine capacity of any conventional pistol made and
    is currently in service by various armies and law enforcement agencies.
    Because of its light weight, there is a substantial amount of recoil from
    this weapon. This can affect accuracy, which can be compensated for through
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	13
    Max Capacity:	130 (156)
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    Because machine pistols are difficult to control during full auto firing, the
    manufacturer opted to drop the full auto and go to a three round burst. Each
    trigger pull fires a burst of three rounds at a rate of 1100 rnds/sec. This
    weapon has a 13-round box magazine and a forward grip the user can hold with
    their left hand. Hooking their thumb through the trigger guard will greatly
    increase accuracy.
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	36 (48)
    Ammo:		.32
    Game Description:
    This is a very small, concealable pocket pistol equipped with a silencer. It
    is reliable and inexpensive, but doesn't deliver a great deal of stopping
    power. It is most effective when used in stealth scenarios, but may perform
    inadequately during protracted shootouts.
    M1911 A1
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	8
    Max Capacity:	32 (40)
    Ammo:		.45 ACP
    Game Description:
    This was the US Army's standard service pistol from 1911 to 1985 and is now
    the oldest pistol design still in service. It is very reliable and accurate
    in the hands of an experienced user, and has enough stopping power to take
    down most targets with a single shot.
    Mark 23
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	120 (144)
    Ammo:		.45
    Game Description:
    This is the cadillac of .45 caliber pistols. It's very similar to other modern
    .45's but has a reversed curve trigger guard to help increase stability and
    accuracy during firing.
    Desert Eliminator .357
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	120 (144)
    Ammo:		.357
    Game Description:
    The .357 round makes this a powerful defense weapon and its size and weight
    makes it easy to control. The power of this round is strong enough to stop
    most close range enemies with a single shot, but it is less effective
    against body armor when compared to other desert models.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	20
    Max Capacity:	60 (80)
    Ammo:		5.7mm
    Game Description:
    The 57 uses the same ammo as the SSP90 and is destined to become a major
    service pistol throughout the world. The firing mechanisms are designed
    to balance the recoil with the forward friction and torque of the bullet.
    This creates a very unusual reloading cycle with very little recoil.
    The bullet cartridge is longer than most other pistol cartridges and the
    bullet is very thin, being only 5.7mm in diameter.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	120 (144)
    Ammo:		.41
    Game Description:
    The Jerico-9 can be easily converted from a 9mm barrel to a .41 barrel 
    firing the .41 AE. Because of its low weight, the Jerico-41 has a large amount
    of recoil making it hard to control while firing. It should be reserved for
    those experienced and trained in its use.
    Mark 23 SD
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	(144)
    Ammo:		.45
    Game Description:
    A silencer can be threaded into the muzzle of the Mark 23 that reduces noise
    by 25 db. Also, this firearm has a slide lock that eliminates unwanted
    mechanical noise in stealth scenarios. The heavy .45 bullet combined with
    precision accuracy makes this weapon an ideal choice for the silent soldier.
    CZ Mach-9
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		II
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	256 (288)
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This is a converted CZ75 with a built-in muzzle compensator to reduce recoil.
    The addition of the compensator allows the user to accurately fire at full
    auto. This makes it easier to control than the G-18 but it has a much reduced
    rate of fire. It is best suited for defensive situations and close range
    Desert Sniper .44
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	10
    Max Capacity:	40 (50)
    Ammo:		.44
    Game Description:
    The Desert Sniper is a long range high powered sniping pistol with a 10 inch
    barrel extension and mounted scope. The .44 Magnum round makes this weapon
    difficult to handle for novice users, but with practice, the user can hit
    long range targets with deadly accuracy.
    Desert Express .50
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	7
    Max Capacity:	28 (35)
    Ammo:		.50
    Game Description: 
    The Desert Pistols are the only gas-operated pistols in service and the .50
    caliber is the most powerful. The Desert Express is often referred to as a
    hand cannon due to its size and the power of the round. Only users experienced
    with great recoil forces will be able to handle this weapon effectively.
    Anyone hit within its effective range will be knocked to the ground instantly
    even if they are wearing heavy armor.
    China type 67
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	36 (48)
    Ammo:		Type 64 rimless
    Game Description:
    This is an improved version of the Type 64. It fires a special subsonic 7.62mm
    round called the Type 64.
    MAK-10 10mm
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	128 (160)
    Ammo:		10mm
    Game Description:
    This is the same weapon as the MAK-32 except it is chambered for the 10mm
    Super Auto round.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	128 (160)
    Ammo:		9mm
    The Spectre uses a four column magazine design which allows for 50 cartridges
    to fit in the length of a normal 30 round clip. It comes equipped with a
    folding stock and a forward grip to increase accuracy. It is very popular
    among European Police and Security forces.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	128 (160)
    Ammo:		.32
    The Scorpion is a very popular terrorist weapon with a high rate of fire. One
    design flaw is its low 32 caliber round, which is a rather weak round. This
    makes the Scorpion a more effective defensive than offensive weapon.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	128 (160)
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    The Bizon is an SMG with a large tubular magazine that runs parallel
    underneath the barrel of the weapon. It is easy to control when
    firing full auto and maintains a high degree of hit probability at
    very high firing rates.
    Air pistol
    Fire Rate:	I
    Damage:		Incap
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	8 (9)
    Ammo:		Flechettes
    This IPCA weapon is designed to shoot very narrow steel flechettes, which are
    specially engineered for high accuracy. Agents are issued flechettes containing
    a non-lethal tranquilizer which instantly incapacitates most targets. While
    this device is intended to be non-lethal, Agents are cautioned to aim below
    the neck to prevent unwanted fatalities.
    Tec 45
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	64 (96)
    Ammo:		.45
    Game Description:
    This is a modified version of the Tec 9 chambered for the .45 caliber round.
    It has a forward grip and an extended barrel that serves as one large
    compensator. These two traits allow this weapon to be equally accurate to
    the less powerful 9mm version.
    UNP 45
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	256 (288)
    Ammo:		.45
    The UNP is an extremely reliable and lightweight weapon that has precision
    accuracy and low recoil making it relatively easy to handle, even for
    lesser-experienced users. Like the MDS family, the UNP also fires from a
    closed bolt position and comes set to full automatic. The large caliber
    and small size of this weapon makes it a very deadly and effective weapon
    that can be used in many different hostile situations.
    MDS A3
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	600 (720)
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This is similar to the MDS A5 version except that it has a sliding butt and is
    set to fire single shot or full auto.
    MDS-k PDW
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	600 (720)
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    Just over 12 inches in length, this is the most compact version of the MDS. It
    has a forward grip for added stability and can be easily concealed. The size
    of the weapon increases its rate of fire, making it best suited for close
    G 53
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	90 (120)
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is an extremely small and compact rifle. It is often considered a
    submachine gun but it packs the punch of an assault rifle because it's
    chambered for the 5.56 NATO standard rifle round. Often mistaken for a
    submachine gun due to its short length, this weapon can be stored in
    the thigh holster to make room on the back for additional rifles or gear.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		II
    Clip Size:	40
    Max Capacity:	120 (160)
    Ammo:		4.6 Penetrator
    The MDS-7 blurs the line between pistol and submachine gun. It is pistol sized
    and shaped and can be holstered like a standard pistol, but fires full auto
    with the accuracy and stability of the MDS series of SMGs. This weapon was
    originally designed for a personal defense role, but due to its remarkable
    performance it is also used effectively in offensive roles.
    SSP 90
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	50
    Max Capacity:	150 (200)
    Ammo:		5.57mm P90
    Game Description:
    A unique appearing weapon, the SSP90 has a 50 round clear magazine loaded into
    the top of the weapon. Its ballistic performance is vastly superior to the 9mm
    round. This weapon fires from a closed bolt which allows for perfect accuracy
    while firing semi auto. Its ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to
    fire and helps add to its deadly accuracy.
    Incendiary grenade
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	5 (6)
    Game Description:
    This canister is filled with White Phosphorous, which burns around 5000 degrees
    Fahrenheit. The canister has a bursting radius of 15 feet and it produces
    intense heat and flame that cannot be extinguished, even if submerged in water.
    This is a dual purpose weapon that serves to provide cover or to incinerate
    enemy personnel or assets.
    Smoke grenade
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		---
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	10 (12)
    Game Description:
    This canister emits a dense cloud of white smoke for 20 seconds. This cloud is
    useful for providing temporary obstruction of enemy vision.
    DormaGen gas
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		Incap
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	8 (9)
    Game Description:
    This is an Agency designed device that releases the DormaGen gas, which is a
    combination of powerful and fast-acting anesthetic compounds. It is stored
    in a canister similar to a Tear Gas canister and spreads the incapacitating
    cloud quickly over a radius of 15 feet. Victims will fall unconscious within
    a half second of exposure to DormaGen and will remain out for several hours.
    M61 frag grenade
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	9 (10)
    Game Description:
    This pineapple shaped grenade is filled with Composition-B and has a kill
    radius of 15 feet, but can substantially wound and incapacitate out to 25
    feet. To arm the grenade, the thrower pulls the pin, squeezes the lever
    and throws the device toward the intended target. The frag detonates upon
    impact with any hard surface.
    Sarin nerve agent
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	8 (9)
    Game Description:
    Sarin, Isoproposymethylphosphonyl fluoride, is a colorless, odorless gas
    intended for chemical warfare. It is 26 times more powerful than cyanide
    and has a lethal does of only 0.5 milligrams. It is absorbed into the body
    via the lungs or through the skin and attaches Acethlcholine Receptors,
    which are responsible for stimulating muscle contractions and respiration.
    First the victim experiences tightness in the chest, followed by bronchospasm,
    convulsions, and eventually respiratory failure that causes death. It is
    commonly known that Saddam Hussein produced mass quantities of Sarin Gas
    and used it on his own people in the 1980's. The US Government classified
    Sarin as a Weapon of Mass Destruction and used the claim that Iraq still
    has large quantities as part of their justification for invading Iraq in 2003.
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	---
    Max Capacity:	---
    Game Description:
    This is the standard issue combat knife of the US military. It has a 7-inch
    high carbon chromium stainless steel blade with a serrated edge and a
    non-slip gripping handle. This knife can withstand extreme impacts and is
    capable of quickly slicing through bare flesh and heavy military fatigues.
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	---
    Max Capacity:	---
    Game Description:
    The Stiletto has a narrow blade made of Tungsten-Steel alloy coated with
    Teflon to help penetrate through light body armor. The blade is 9 inches
    long so it has a farther reach then most other combat blades. The grip
    is rather thin in diameter and therefore difficult to penetrate its target
    deeply. Several thrusts may be necessary to eliminate an aggressive enemy.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	10 (12)
    Game Description:
    These are very accurate throwing stars made from an armor piercing
    Tungsten/Steel alloy.
    IPCA Commando
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	---
    Max Capacity:	---
    Game Description:
    This blade is an extremely rugged weapon that can easily break through ribs and
    sternum with a simple forward thrust. The blade is laser sharpened and can
    slice through an enemy's throat like butter. The Comblade can penetrate through
    light body armor in most cases, but has difficulty penetrating heavy armor due
    to the wide blade.
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	---
    Max Capacity:	---
    Game Description:
    This amazing piece of Agency technology employs the latest discoveries in the
    field of theoretical Physics. The blade is made of a new type of alloy that
    is created by a process called amorphous steel. Unique elements are added
    during the smelting process which prevent the steel from forming into standard
    crystalline structures on a molecular level. The resulting alloy is up to 100
    times stronger than titanium and has the look and feel of polished glass.
    A razor blade made from amorphous steel never needs to be sharpened and can
    cut rough hard surfaces such as body armor and flak jackets, easily.
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	---
    Max Capacity:	---
    Game Description:
    This weapon delivers a powerful 625K-volt charge that instantly incapacitates
    the target with the same Electro-muscular Disruption technology as the EPDD.
    It is completely non-lethal and is small enough to fit into a holster. The only
    disadvantage of this weapon is that it requires the user to be in close
    proximity to the enemy due to the 25 foot maximum range.
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	---
    Max Capacity:	---
    Game Description:
    This amazing piece of technology is capable of shooting two darts attached to
    a long wire with amazing accuracy. This taser uses a special recoiling
    device that quickly rewinds the wire for a second shot. The E.P.D.D. has
    increased stopping power due to advanced Electro-muscular Disruption Technology
    (EDT). This weapon has a higher instant incapacitation rate than most 9mm
    pistols and injury will occur if the individual is over stunned. Caution must
    be observed with this weapon, it is known to set assailants on fire during
    sustained stunning.
    Stun Jack
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		Incap
    Clip Size:	---
    Max Capacity:	---
    Game Description:
    This is an 18-inch long baton that has 300K-volt charge running up and down
    the shaft. This baton allows you to hit the enemy from any angle and drop
    them instantly.
    Stage Specific
    USAS 12
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	28
    Max Capacity:	?
    Ammo:		12 gauge
    Game Description:
    This is a gas operated fully automatic shotgun designed for military use. It
    has a 28-round drum and can be set to single shots if desired. It has
    relatively low recoil and a blazing fast fire rate. Due to the fast action
    of this firearm, the slugs do not gain enough energy to penetrate medium or
    heavy armor. But, multiple hits can be used to drive back heavy armored
    personnel, as Director Logan so appropriately demonstrated by driving the
    super-armored Jason Chance into spinning chopper blades.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	120
    Ammo:		7.62 Soviet Rifle
    Game Description:
    The AK is simply built with few moving parts and is considered reliably
    indestructible. It is said that one can bury the AK in sand or submerge it
    in water, pull it out a few days later, clear out the chamber and fire it
    like new. Any other weapon would require complete disassembly and cleaning
    to regain functionality. During the second Gulf War, several US soldiers
    opted to use enemy AK-47's instead of their M-16s because the ammo was in
    greater supply, it didn't jam from sand like the M16, and the Iraqi
    opposition were greatly intimidated having their own weapons fired upon them.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	64
    Max Capacity:	320
    Ammo:		7.62 Soviet Rifle
    This machinegun was developed as a light support weapon, and is basically an
    AK-47 assault rifle with sturdier receiver, heavier and longer barrel, and
    re-contoured wooden butt stock. The RPK is a fast firing but inaccurate weapon.
    Its greatest asset is the intimidating sound of it firing full auto.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	50
    Max Capacity:	150
    Ammo:		7.62 Soviet Rifle
    Game Description:
    This is a very popular rifle that has been widely copied and distributed
    throughout the world. Developed in Russia during WW II, the SKS was the
    first rifle to fire 7.62 Soviet Rifle round. Though there are still many
    in use around the world, it was shortly replaced as the main infantry
    rifle of the Soviet Army by the AK-47. 
    Galil AR
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	168
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    Developed by the Israeli Defense Force, this weapon is heavily based on the
    AK-47. The Galil is much more accurate than the AK-47 and has an improved
    fire selector allowing this rifle to fire in 3-round bursts.
    Vek R4
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	120
    Ammo:		5.56 Incendiary
    Game Description:
    This weapon is a modified Galil assault rifle with the majority of its parts
    made out of synthetic materials in order to better resist overheating in
    extreme environments.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	72
    Ammo:		7.62 NATO
    Game Description:
    This all-purpose weapon is a selective fire rifle with a heavy barrel for
    sniping. Due to its accuracy the SG-8 is set to 1-round bursts, to increase
    the incapacitation rate at long ranges, and it also has a forward grip to
    aid in stabilizing the weapon.
    Flame Thrower
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	100
    Max Capacity:	150+
    Ammo:		---
    Game Description: 
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	5
    Max Capacity:	10
    Ammo:		HEDP Rocket
    Game Description:
    The shoulder launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon fires an HEDP fin-stabilized
    high explosive rocket that is effective against bunkers, masonry, concrete
    walls, and light armored vehicles. Agents are cautioned to be a safe distance
    away from the target to avoid becoming collateral damage.
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	24
    Max Capacity:	96
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is a modified C-36 rifle with a longer barrel and superior optics for
    sniping. This model is also equipped with a flash suppressor and is set to
    semi-auto. Like the AR version of the C-36, this sniping version has a folding
    DSC-1 Thermal
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	8
    Max Capacity:	32
    Ammo:		7.62 NATO
    Game Description:
    This rifle is identical in every way to the DSC-1 except that that model is
    equipped with a thermal scope that can detect heat signatures. It's very
    useful in thick fog or heavy smoke allowing the sniper to see concealed
    targets clearly.
    Riot Pistol
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	120+
    Ammo:		9mm Rubber Bullet
    Game Description:
    This is a modified version of the D229 that fires rubber bullets instead of
    standard ammo. The Riot Pistol serves as a non-lethal means to incapacitate
    by pain and shock trauma. Users are cautioned against head shots as they
    tend to cause severe skull fractures and fatalities.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	16
    Max Capacity:	96
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This is essentially a CZ75 pistol reshaped to look like a Desert Eliminator. A
    redesigned slide offers better support and increased accuracy by reducing
    recoil. While the Desert Eliminator is designed for target shooting and sport,
    the Jerico-9 is geared towards military and security markets. The 9mm round
    makes this weapon easy to control and provides substantial stopping power,
    able to take down a hostile target with a few shots.
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	15
    Max Capacity:	180
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This pistol came into service in 1975 and borrows several of its components
    from successful designs of other pistols. It is well built with strong
    materials and is known for its accuracy and reliability. This makes the CZ75
    very popular among those in Law Enforcement and Security fields.
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	13
    Max Capacity:	78
    Ammo:		.40 S&W
    This is a very compact handgun with a large magazine capacity compared with
    other service pistols of this caliber. It was designed for police and security
    forces and is the preferred pistol of the FBI, replacing the difficult to load
    revolvers as the standard sidearm. It is easy to conceal, quick to draw, and
    very accurate. Due to its small size and weight, it has a bit more recoil,
    but that can be compensated for with practice.
    Fire Rate:	III
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	120 (144)
    Ammo:		5.45 Soviet Pistol
    Game Description:
    This is a very slim and concealable weapon that fires a unique round at an
    incredibly high velocity. It has very little recoil and can penetrate light
    armor. The PSM may be a rare weapon with rare ammunition, but it's deadly
    in the hands of even the most inexperienced user.
    Makarov Pistol
    Fire Rate:	II
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	12
    Max Capacity:	?
    Ammo:		9mm Soviet Pistol
    Game Description:
    This weapon design feels and behaves like many other handguns of its
    generation. Its stopping power is similar to the 92F.
    ABRAM 2000
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	16
    Max Capacity:	80
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This exotic weapon is Croatian made and constructed with metal stampings and
    plastic moldings. It has an ergonomic left hand forward grip to aid in 
    stabilization, but due to the absence of a stock, the stabilization is minimal.
    Tek 9
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	384
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This is a very dangerous weapon that has a nasty reputation on the streets.
    Gangs and drug dealers favor it because of its high cyclic rate, large 
    magazine capacity and accuracy. The entire front end of the weapon is a
    compensator making the weapon easy to control while firing full auto and one
    Helico 960
    Fire Rate:	IV
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	50
    Max Capacity:	200
    Ammo:		9mm
    This is a slightly larger version of the M950. It has a sliding stock and a
    forward grip to aid in controlling the weapon. It has a muzzle compensator
    to control rise and it can accept the same round helical drums as the M950.
    AK-74 SU
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	192
    Ammo:		5.45 Soviet Rifle
    Game Description:
    This is a much shorter version of the AK-74 assault rifle and is designed for
    higher accuracy at close ranges. The benefit of the 74SU is its size and power.
    It has the power of a rifle but is short enough to fit in the thigh holster
    allowing the soldier to carry additional assault weapons or gear on their back.
    Unfortunately, due to its short size and the fact that it fires rifle rounds,
    this weapon is difficult to stabilize and loses accuracy at long ranges.
    Stava M86
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	150
    Ammo:		5.56 NATO
    Game Description:
    This is an exact copy of the Soviet AK-74 SU except that it is chambered for
    the western 5.56 NATO round. This makes the M85 more desirable to the western
    world because it has the reliability expected from the AK family and uses ammo
    that is easy to find.
    Marz FMG
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		IV
    Clip Size:	40
    Max Capacity:	160
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    This is a unique SMG that can be folded up into a compact box for easy
    concealment. It can be quickly unfolded and ready to fire instantly, although
    its rather inaccurate due to its shape and the fact that it has no sights.
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage:		III
    Clip Size:	32
    Max Capacity:	192
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description
    This impressive weapon still remains in production after 50 years and has been
    adopted by many international armies. It has a central pistol grip, which
    doubles as a magazine housing and it employs a telescopic bolt to reduce
    MDS A4
    Fire Rate:	V
    Damage: 	III
    Clip Size:	30
    Max Capacity:	150
    Ammo:		9mm
    Game Description:
    The MDS family is the most successful submachine gun design in the world. This
    weapon has an added advantage over others in its class in that it fires from
    a closed bolt position, which allows the first shot to exit the barrel and hit
    exactly where the user aimed. Weapons that fire from an open bolt tend to throw
    the weapon off aim and affect the bullet's trajectory when the bolt fires
    forward to close the breech. The A5 version has a fixed plastic butt and is set
    to fire 3-round bursts.
    XM-84D Flashbang Grenade
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		---
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	10
    Game Description:
    This grenade is a non-lethal non-fragmentary device that incapacitates and
    disorients (yes I'm correcting the manual) enemies by creating a bright
    disorientating flash and a loud bang.
    Anti-Armor Frag
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	10
    Game Description:
    This grenade is filled with a highly explosive material that creates a greater
    shockwave and over-pressure than grenades filled with Comp-B. The shell of the
    grenade is designed to produce hundreds of fragments upon detonation and is
    made of a Tungsten-Steel alloy that can tear through heavy vehicle armor.
    M67 Delayed Frag Grenade
    Fire Rate:	---
    Damage:		V
    Clip Size:	1
    Max Capacity:	24
    Game Description:
    This spherical shaped grenade is lighter and easier to throw than the M61 and
    it has the same deadly effects. The shape allows for longer and more accurate
    throwing and it has a timing fuse that detonates the grenade 3 seconds after
    it's thrown.
    This section mimicks all the stuff you can check on in-game from the same
    folder you use to "Modify Agent" and check someone's "Dossier".
    Again, I'm borrowing a similar (but modified) format to that of SFFan, as
    I believe it's probably the most readable format.
    Rank is determined by a combination of:
    	how many total unique objectives you've completed (all missions)
    	how many ratings you've achieved
    	how many special ratings you've achieved
    	how many commendations you've achieved
    	how many medals you've achieved.
    If you only play offline missions and NEVER go online, you can only get to C6
    rank. You'll have to go online to get to Top Brass.
    If you only play online missions, and NEVER touch the offline missions - you
    can only get to C1 rank. You'll have to play offline to get any farther.
    If someone tells you otherwise, they've cheated. Anyone who is higher rank
    online has obviously done a combination of both online/offline missions,
    or else just cheated. 
    	Rank	Title					Reward
    	----	-----					-------
    	R1	Field Agent				N/A
    	R2	Investigative Agent 			G-17
    	R3	Intelligence Agent 			Combat shotgun
    	Rank	Title					Reward
    	----	-----					-------
    	O1	Field Officer 				AU300 Mod-SMG
    	O2	Investigative Officer 			M16 A1
    	O3	Intelligence Officer 			M1911 A1
    	O4	Field Research Specialist 		Jerico-41
    	O5	Investigative Research Specialist	MAK-10 10mm
    	O6	Intelligence Research Specialist 	MDS-7
    	O7	Field Analyst Specialist 		Slug Defender
    	O8	Investigative Analyst Specialist 	SSG 550
    	O9	Intelligence Analyst Specialist 	SP-57
    	Rank	Title					Reward
    	----	-----					-------
    	C1	Field Supervisor 			Mark 23
    	C2	Investigative Supervisor		M4 carbine
    	C3	Intelligence Supervisor 		M16 A2
    	C4	Field Operations Commander 		ShotHammer
    	C5	Investigative Operations Commander 	M4
    	C6	Intelligence Operations Commander 	Stava M70 B1
    Top Brass
    	Rank	Title					Reward
    	----	-----					-------
    	T1	Assistant Chief of Operations 		SlugHammer
    	T2	Deputy Chief of Operations 		AU300 H-BAR
    	T3	Chief of Operations 			CAWS 12 ga.
    	T4	Commander in Chief 			Mark 23 SD
    The 4 levels are "Intermediate", "Advanced", "Expert" and "Elite. This is
    represented by the first letter of each code.
    Combat Specialist (Total Kills)
    	Rating		# Kills/KOs	Reward
    	------		-----------	------
    	ICS		300		G 33E
    	ACS		600		FA-MAS
    	ECS		900		FAL
    	ECS2		1300		C8 rifle
    Combat Knife Specialist (Knife Kills)
    	Rating		# Kills/KOs	Reward
    	------		-----------	------
    	ICKS		50		Stiletto
    	ACKS		100		Shuriken
    	ECKS		250		IPCA Commando
    	ECKS2		450		VibroBlade
    Combat Sharp Shooter (Headshots)
    	Rating		# Kills/KOs	Reward
    	------		-----------	------
    	ICSS		200		Dragunov
    	ACSS		450		AU300 Mod-R
    	ECSS		750		ACR
    	ECSS2		1100		M82 BFG
    Non-Lethal Force Specialist (Non-lethal KO's)
    	Rating		# Kills/KOs	Reward
    	------		-----------	------
    	INLFS		50		E.D.T.
    	ANLFS		100		DormaGen Gas Grenade
    	ENLFS		200		Air Pistol
    	ENLFS2		350		E.P.D.D.
    Tactical Explosives Specialist (Explosives Kills)
    	Rating		# Kills/KOs	Reward
    	------		-----------	------
    	ITXS		100		M61 Frag Grenade
    	ATXS		200		Incendiary Grenade
    	ETXS		350		Sarin Nerve Agent
    	ETXS2		500		M79
    Team Efficiency Specialist (Team Par Times)
    	Rating		# Par Times	Reward
    	------		-----------	------
    	ITES		2		M1 Super 90
    	ATES		4		Shot Defender
    	ETES		6		MDS A3
    	ETES2		9		M-16k
    Special Ratings
    Bio-data Retrieval Expert 
    {Reward: Increased Jacket - 50%}
    	Carthage 1: Collect 5 water samples
    	Carthage 1: Perform field autopsy
    	Belarus 1: Take tissue sample from cow carcass
    	Belarus 2: Obtain sewage sample
    	Minsk: Deploy viral sniffers at marked locations
    	Chechnya: Collect tissue sample from a villager's body
    Computer Information Expert 
    {Reward: UNP 45}
    	Carthage 1: Retrieve Broussard's laptop (Team)
    	Minks: Download MetaGlobal's records
    	Tokyo: Upload computer data
    	Zurich: Access the main frame computer
    	Ukraine: Find Omega Strain DNA code
    Elite discreet Personnel Elimination Expert 
    {Reward: Head Shot Lock}
    	Kyrgystan: Poison Saydahmat's water chalice
    	Yemen 1: Eliminate Yushchenko
    	Tokyo: Eliminate HNT leader Matsua
    	Myanmar: Eliminate Than Muang
    Stealth Operations Expert 
    {Reward: VSS-DU}
    	Italy: Maintain stealth
    	Kyrgystan: Maintain stealth
    	Yemen 1: Maintain stealth
    	Minsk: Maintain stealth
    	Chechnya: Maintain stealth
    	Lorelei: Maintain stealth until meeting Mujari
    	Tokyo: Breach security without triggering alarm
    	Zurich: Maintain stealth
    	Montenegro: Maintain stealth
    Military Tactics Expert 
    {Reward: MGL}
    	Belarus 1: Eliminate Zhidkov
    	Belarus 2: Destroy communications truck
    	Belarus 2: Destroy power substation
    	Belarus 2: Shut down gas main
    	Belarus 2: Destroy bridge to stop tank (Team)
    	Yemen 1: Destroy communications equipment
    	Yemen 2: Destroy Scud firing mechanism (Team)
    	Lorelei: Plant four nukes on the lower levels
    	Tokyo: Plant C-4 charges on lab floor
    	Myanmar: Plant four claymores along path
    	Myanmar: Plant C-4 on each log bridge
    	Myanmar: Plant C-4 on foot bridge
    	Ukraine: Complete all objectives
    Elite Combat Expert 
    {Reward: SSP 90}
    	Earn Elite Combat Specialist
    	Earn Elite Combat Knife Specialist
    	Earn Elite Combat Sharp Shooter
    	Earn Elite Non-Lethal Force Specialist
    	Earn Elite Tactical Explosives Specialist
    	Earn Elite Team Efficiency Specialist
    	Earn Elite discreet Personel Elimination Expert
    Field Efficiency Expert 
    {Reward: Increased Ammo - amount of bonus ammo varies}
    	All missions: Beat single player mission deadlines
    Survival Tactics Expert 
    {Reward: Increased Health - 50%}
    	All missions: No player deaths
    Gray, Imani 
    {Reward: 93R}
    	Carthage 1: Complete all objectives
    	Carthage 2: Complete all objectives
    	Carthage 3: Complete all objectives
    Stoneman, Gary 
    {Reward: SR-15}
    	Italy: Complete all objectives
    	Belarus 1: Complete all objectives
    	Belarus 2: Complete all objectives 
    Ehud Ben Zohar 
    {Reward: Desert Sniper .44}
    	Yemen 1: Complete all objectives
    	Yemen 2: Complete all objectives
    Powers, Maggie 
    {Reward: CZ Mach-9}
    	Minsk: Complete all objectives
    Mujari, Lawrence 
    {Reward: Riot shotgun}
    	Chechnya: Complete all objectives
    	Lorelei: Complete all objectives
    Lipan, Teresa 
    {Reward: G 53}
    	Zurich:	Complete all objectives
    Xing, Lian 
    {Reward: China type 67}
    	Kyrgystan: Complete all objectives
    	Tokyo: Complete all objectives
    	Myanmar: Complete all objectives
    Logan, Gabe 
    {Reward: Desert Express .50}
    	Montenegro: Complete all objectives
    	Ukraine: Complete all objectives
    Medal of Distinction 
    {Reward: US M60 E3}
    	All missions: Beat single player mission deadlines
    Agency Medal of Valor 
    {Reward: M-249 SAW}
    	Earn all Agency ratings 
    	Earn all special Agency ratings
    	Earn all commendations
    	Earn all other medals
    	Earn highest rank
    Stone's Medal of Courage 
    {Reward: SPA-15 shotgun}
    	Belarus 2: Rescue Stone
    	Ukraine: Provide cover fire for Stone
    Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute 
    {Reward: Spectre}
    	Carthage 1: Protect CHA officers
    	Carthage 2: Protect CHA officer
    	Carthage 2: Eliminate all 4 ALA death squad assassins
    	Carthage 3: Rescue injured SWAT officers (Team)
    Homeland Security Citation 
    {Reward: FAL SG-1}
    	Earn Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute
    	Earn the President's Official Liberty Award
    	Zurich: Obtain Birchim files
    Ellison Warner Award 
    {Reward: Tec 45}
    	Belarus 2: Destroy Scud missile
    	Yemen 2: Destroy Scud firing mechanism (Team)
    	Myanmar: Recover flight recorder (Team)
    Karkadann, Alima's Unicorn Charm 
    {Reward: Desert Eliminator .357}
    	Yemen 1: Complete all objectives
    	Yemen 2: Complete all objectives
    	Ukraine: Bring Alima Haddad to safety
    Republic of Korea Service Award 
    {Reward: China type 56}
    	Kyrgystan: Locate Yushchenko's papers
    	Yemen 1: Obtain Thae-bok Jon's credentials
    	Tokyo: Upload computer data
    	Myanmar: Find Yong-jun Kim's briefcase
    South African Freedom Medal 
    {Reward: Sweeper 12 gauge}
    	All missions: No collateral damage
    	Earn Stone's Medal of Courage
    	Earn Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute
    	Belarus 1: Escort all workers to safety (Team)
    	Lorelei: Rescue level 5 salvage personnel
    President's Official Liberty Award 
    {Reward: DSC-1}
    	Carthage 3: Complete DPE order on Masson
    	Italy: Assassinate Dimitri by the bell tower at 3:00 PM
    	Belarus 1: Eliminate Zhidkov
    	Kyrgystan: Poison Saydahmat's water chalice
    	Myanmar: Eliminate Than Muang
    Great Lakes Service Medal 
    {Reward: MDS-k PDW}
    	Carthage 1: Complete all objectives
    	Carthage 2: Complete all objectives
    	Carthage 3: Complete all objectives
    	Yemen 1: Photograph Fadhil's files
    	Zurich: Obtain ALA financial records
    Kinshi Kunsho: Order of the Golden Dragon 
    {Reward: SPA-12 shotgun}
    	Earn Republic of Korea Service Award
    	Kyrgystan: Complete all objectives
    	Tokyo: Complete all objectives
    	Myanmar: Complete all objectives
    The Golden Cross of Russia 
    {Reward: TH3 Blaster}
    	Belarus 1: The Golden Cross of Russia
    	Belarus 2: The Golden Cross of Russia
    	Kyrgystan: Complete all objectives
    	Yemen 1: Photograph Fadhil's files
    	Minsk: Complete all objectives
    	Montenegro: Find evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter
    	Ukraine: Complete all objectives
    Mossad Friend to Peace Medal 
    {Reward: Galil SG-1}
    	Earn Karkadann, Alima's Unicorn Charm
    	Kyrgystan: Eliminate Zayed Al Dhahiri
    United Nations Peace Award
    {Reward: C11}
    	Cure the Omega Strain
    Cure the Omega Strain
    {Reward: Warm fuzzy feeling and another ending movie for the game}
    	Carthage 1: Scan tissue sample
    	Carthage 2: Obtain Mujari's recorder
    	Belarus 1: Take tissue sample from cow carcass
    	Belarus 1: Take mill documents from safe
    	Belarus 2: Obtain sewage sample
    	Yemen 2: Obtain Yushchenko's viral container
    	Minsk: Acquire Omega Strain serum
    	Lorelei: Collect original virus sample
    	Tokyo: Obtain sample
    	Ukraine: Find Omega Strain DNA code
    [I2] BUGS / EXTRAS
    Jump Trick
    There are many areas in the game where you can "trick" your character into
    jumping, colliding with walls and eventually end up places the game probably
    did not want you to go. Okay, they probably put it there on purpose to see if
    you could figure out. :)
    This is an attempt to summarize those areas in the game which are fun to get
    into. You can do the trick ANYWHERE, and can get on top of all sorts of
    objects, but I want to focus on some of the more interesting ones.
    First, it helps to understand the trick though.
    Basically, you have to roll forward, and as your guy is on his back during the
    roll, press X. If you've time it right (usually when his head is parallel to
    the ground) your character will launch into the air. If you got a good, high
    launch, and aimed your character right, you should be somewhere new that you
    can't normally "climb" up to. It's easier to get a launch, harder to actually
    get where you want to go, but keep practicing. It takes alot of practice.
    It took me a month of regular playing before I got to where I could do it
    most of the time.
    One note of warning - if you get to a place where the floors/walls are black
    (meaning the programmers did not texture it), then this is not a place you
    can go, or else you'll fall and die, or even screw up the level.
    At this point I want to again remind you there are probably hundreds of places
    to do this, and I probably will NEVER post each one...
    Carthage 1
    1) Near where you start the mission is a telephone pole on the left. Stand on
    the close side of it and turn right to face the bank. To the right of the
    corner wall is the first in a series of open broken windows. Turn to face it.
    With the right timing, you can roll/jump inside the window and get the laptop
    without needing to shut off the water. Of course, you can't really get back out
    without someone turning off the water [that I know of :)]
    {submitted by Bradman911}
    2) Again in the first area, there is a tent straight ahead from where you start
    off, and on the left is the truck you would use in multiplayer to get the C4.
    Well, on this side of the truck, you can actually roll/jump onto the truck
    without getting a lift from your best buddy :)  You have to face the bumper of
    the truck that is closest to the wall you would shoot for C4. Get on the nearby
    sidewalk, close to the tent, and from a reasonable distance (a few panels back
    on the street) you do the trick and if done right, your guy will cling to the
    edge of the top. Lift yourself up and get the C4.
    {submitted by Bradman911}
    3) Again in the first area, you can get on top of the tent. Facing the tent, is
    a sidewalk to the right (with a pipe in the corner). Get left of the pipe, but
    still on the sidewalk, get a few steps back from the pipe and roll/jump. If you
    got it just right, you'll be on the slanted part of the tent. Now you can turn
    left and "glitch" yourself on top of the nearby building. With some careful
    exploration, not only can you view the inside of the tent, but you can go and
    view the inside of the building and even the mall in the subway below.
    {submitted by Bradman911}
    Belarus 1
    1) You can get on top of the train in this level and ride it when Zidkhov does.
    When you start the level and run by it, rather than go into the mill, head to
    the end of the train. The lead car is the one that Zhidkov takes at the end of
    the level. Usually I get on the sloped hill next to the fence, and face the
    train at an angle. Getting the right spot is a bit tough, but if done right you
    will be put on top of the train! Definitely awesome to do when playing multi-
    player, as you can ride the train the whole way when the mission ends!
    {thanks to Sheba for telling my brother about this one...}
    2) In the coil room, near where you rescue one of the workers, you can get by a
    stack of coils across from where you rescue the worker (do a 180). Then, get on
    their right side, face the fence, and run/roll/jump over the fence!
    {thanks to Sheba for showing me this one}
    Yemen 2
    At the far end of the balcony, where Zohar checks the last place before heading
    upstairs to meet with you, you can turn to face the water garden (where you had
    to defend Zohar a few times). Just to the left of the wall and the "plants"
    that are along the wall, you should be able to see the roof of the buildings
    outside. Against the back wall, roll/jump and you can land on top of the roofs.
    Now, you can run around just about everywhere down here, except "inside" many
    of the buildings. This makes it easier to lock on and kill alot of the guys in
    Zohar's way (not that it was hard to do before, but is neat multiplayer).
    Note that you can only get back up using the ladder once you do it, so don't do
    it 1 player. Also, don't go too far towards the beginning of the area (near
    where the chopper would be when it lands). You'll end the mission, failing any
    objectives not yet complete (including chopper)!
    {thanks to Electra for showing me this one online}
    In the very first area of the level, behind the elevator is a low fence. If you
    look to your right and up a bit, you can see a tower connected to a few
    stairs, at the top of which is Mujari!
    If you head to the left side of the elevator, you can jump over the fence! Once
    you are over the fence, if you are careful with your steps, you can follow the
    grated floor, go up the stairs, up the ramp on the left, and into the tower.
    Mujari is standing there, staring, waiting to meet up with you later in this
    level. Well, if you take him down here (I recommend stun jack), he still will
    appear later in the level, but you can now take his 10,000 value flak jacket!
    Your eyes do not deceive you - how do you think they decided to make him nearly
    invincible, but still possible to die (if you don't give him good cover).
    To get back to the elevator, go to the left of it (what would have been the
    right on the opposite side) and just roll under the fence. Now you can go on
    with the level and still get your par time. Or, set off the alarm on Level 5 so
    that you can fight an endless stream of guards and rack up stats.
    {thanks to Skullz for telling me about this one}
    Near the beginning of the stage, while defending the helicopter, instead of
    wasting your time with it, you CAN roll/jump on top of the helicopter. From
    there, you can defend it, and when it takes off, you'll go with it. However,
    once it gets to a certain height, it will drop you (as the game doesn't
    actually program any flight for it, it just "re-appears" at the landing pad
    when the time is right)
    {thanks to Jason0814 for posting a video of this one in the forums}
    1) After taking out Ushakov and the tank, you can get in front of the tank, and
    then roll underneath it. When you stand up, you will be inside manning the
    turret. Definitely neat to do when you have an MGL :)
    2) After taking out Ushakov, on this elevated "ledge" when exiting the computer
    room (before you "drop down" out of that room), you can turn left towards the
    wall and run/jump near the wall to get up on top if. Now you can run around and
    have an easy go at those snipers :)
    Outrageous Grenade Kills
    This is a "glitch" in the game by which you can quickly rack up grenade kills.
    This helps tremendously when you need to get better grenades, as otherwise
    you're left running around stages for hours on end!
    This can ONLY be done online. Basically, find a place where you know enemies
    will respawn. Throw a gas grenade at that spot, and as enemies respawn they
    will choke from the gas right away. A common method for dealing with respawns,
    what makes this a "bug" is that the game will rack up a VERY HIGH count for
    your grenade kills. The count will be much higher than it should be, and
    there is only speculation as to why/how this happens. In just a few minutes
    of trying, you can have all grenade kills.
    The best area to do this at is in the sewers on Carthage 2. In the first room
    with the viral container, where the guys come out of the holes on the sides of
    the wall. Each hole spawns 7 guys from the same spot, which will easily equal
    well over 100 grenade kills.
    There are other ways of doing this, but this is the simplest to replicate. It
    works with DormaGen gas grenades as well, so you can easily get all of your
    non-lethal kills.
    Tokyo Stealth
    I still tend to think of this as a bug, even if you just see it as the game
    being very sensitive.
    Basically, when playing Tokyo online, if anyone fires a loud un inside the
    tower before getting to Level 5, the guys near the alarms on Levels 5 and 6
    will somehow be alerted and set off the alarm before you can even do the
    stealth mission. The best way around this is to make sure only one person is
    in the tower at the beginning, and nobody goes in the tower until the security
    floors are cleared. if they do go in the towers, they can use silent weapons
    (which will mean you can't take out Ryusaki unless you have air pistol and
    Mark 23 SD / PPK)
    Tokyo Helicopter
    Again, maybe not a bug, but an oversensitive "glitch". It seems as though you
    need more than 1 person to stay and defend the helicopter in multiplayer.
    Although it's very tempting to just leave it to 1 person while everyone else
    clears the tower, the game will fail your objective. The theory is it somehow
    thinks you're leaving the helicopter COMPLETELY. It will fail you almost right
    away, before people even start shooting at the helicopter. This is why it's
    best to leave everyone here defending it, EXCEPT for the one person who has to
    do the stealth inside the tower (see the Tokyo Stealth bug).
    Tokyo (Free) Beer
    In Tokyo, go just past where you take out the 3rd street officer. Ahead of you
    should be the area Matsua runs from to get in the garage. Off to your right,
    past the buildings but between the "alcove" that leads to the car garage,
    is a side alley on your right. Head down this alley and look for a huge metal
    keg. Wait next to the keg for about a minute or so, and you should see that
    you can now "interact" with it. Your character will reach over the keg, and
    will then say "Mmmm, Beer."
    {Thanks to Ares God of War for telling me about this one}
    Magic Box
    This is a way to get oddball weapons taken out of the game during development,
    or just to get powerful weapons on lower levels.
    It is basically a trick that works with the weapons crates, that changes what
    weapon is actually found in the crate. IT DOES NOT, HOWEVER, WORK WITH EVERY
    In general, you're looking for any ammo crate which makes your weapon "vanish"
    when you put it in the box. The easiest ammo crate to access to test this and
    learn the procedure, can be located in Carthage 2 (Warehouse). From the
    starting point in the level, head out the door and go right, into the room with
    the "train" (there is C4 on top of the train). Kill everyone in here that
    spawns, until it is clear, and head for the left wall. To your left and up the
    stairs is the ammo crate you want.
    The basic idea is that these boxes will actually produce a weapon for you based
    on how much ammo is left in your clip, rather than the same weapon every time.
    The weapons you receive will usually not show any graphics in, not in your
    hand, not on your back, not on the icons at the bottom of the screen.
    The best way to get any weapon, is to use the trick first to get the M-249 SAW,
    then with the large clip the SAW has you can fire off as many rounds as you
    need to get ANY of the available weapons.
    I will describe the easiest way to do this, as taught to me by Ares God of War.
    Take a rifle with you that has a low ammo clip count (preferrably the FA-MAS).
    Approach the ammo crate you wish to try with a full clip (R3 to reload). Then
    fire off enough shots so that you have 20 ammo left in your active clip.
    	(*) Referencing the list below, you will see this gives us the M-249 SAW.
    Now put your rifle in the box it should "disappear" when you do. If it doesn't
    disappear, you haven't done this right.
    For each round you fired off, there will now be a copy of the weapon available
    in the "magic box". For instance, with the FA-MAS, you fire 5 rounds to get
    down to 20, which leaves 5 M-249 SAW guns in the box. Pull each one out, one at
    a time, and set them down beside the ammo box (or wherever you can).
    Now, put all but ONE of the weapons BACK in the box. Finally, pick up the LAST
    copy of the weapon (one that should have full ammo!) DO NOT PUT IT IN THE BOX
    JUST YET. Check the list below to determine which weapon you want to obtain.
    At this point, reload the weapon in hand so that it has full ammo in the clip.
    Now just fire off shots in the active clip until you reduce the ammo count in
    it to match the number in the list under "Ammo Left". Put this last copy of
    the weapon back in the box, and you should now be able to pull out your new
    "prize", which will replace the gun you just put in.
    If you can't see the weapon in your hand (it's "invisible"), then simply, go
    to the equipment screen from the pause menu (Start) and equip the gun that
    way. It's definitely worth it when you're trying to use the shovel, mini-gun,
    or similar weapons that just look neat.
    Keep in mind the weapons are of all of a different "type". Some are sidearms,
    some are back weapons, some auxiliary and some even melee. This means to pick
    the weapon up, you'll have to drop your existing weapon of that type (unless
    it's a back weapon, as you already gave your rifle away).
    This list was compiled by multiple sources online at the Sony forums for this
    game (mostly ClipDoodleBot and Grim-Taco) I have not checked each item for
    accuracy of whether or not it exists. Some items I have tried and not been able
    to obtain, but will chalk it up to chance, or maybe I just lack knowing a step
    or two for certain ones.
    Ammo Left	Weapon
    ---------	------
    0		M16
    1		Desert Express .50
    2		92F
    3		M16 A1
    4		M4
    5		Uzi
    6		Uzi 45
    7		Tec .45
    8		Tec 9
    9		Jerico-41
    10		G 53
    11		C11
    12		C-36 Rifle
    13		SG-36
    14		C8 Rifle
    15		SG-8
    16		Mark 23
    17		G51 A3
    18		MC 36
    19		M1 Super 90
    20		M-249 SAW
    21		M4 Carbine
    22		MAK-10 10mm
    23		Mak 32
    24		MGL
    25		OICW
    26		ShotHammer
    27		PSM
    28		RPG-7
    29		SSG 550
    30		ACR
    31		Abram 2000
    32		Air Pistol
    33		M82 BFG
    34		AK-47
    35		93R
    36		Combat Shotgun
    37		Biz 9
    38		SSG 550 Sniper
    39		D229
    40		SKS
    41		SMAW_Old
    42		Helico 960
    43		China Type 56
    44		China Type 67
    45		M1911 A1
    46		CZ 75
    47		CZ Mach-9
    48		Desert Eliminator .357
    49		Dragunov
    50		FA-MAS
    51		FAL
    52		SSP 90
    53		Galil AR
    54		Galil SG-1
    55		G-17
    56		G-18 MP
    57		G-20
    58		G 33E
    59		G 33SG-1
    62		PPK
    70		M16K
    71		MDS A4
    76		FAL SG-1
    77		Scorpion
    78		GAWS 12ga.
    79		DSC-1
    81		SKS SG-1
    82		M1 90
    83		Desert Sniper .44
    85		Marakov
    86		HK_MSG90
    87		Spectre
    88		Tanfoglio_Ta90
    89		USAS 12 
    90		RAS-70
    91		UNP 45
    93		M143 Mini-Gun (Ryusaki's gun)
    94		(Uzi)
    95		AK-47 (silenced)
    97		Ryusaki Type SG 36
    98		(UNP 45)
    99		Base
    100		Combat Shotgun (silenced)
    101		C8 Rifle (silenced)
    104		Jerico-9
    105		AK-74 SU
    106		92F
    107		C-11
    108		RPK
    109		VSS-Special
    110		Shot Defender
    111		Stava SG-76 H-Bar
    112		Mark 23 SD
    113		SR-15
    114		AU300 Mod-R
    115		Marz FMG
    116		Vek R4
    117		M16 A2
    118		Sawed Off
    120		M79
    122		Riot Shotgun
    123		Riot Pistol
    124		TH3 Blaster
    125		Stava M85
    126		MDS-7
    128		DSC-1 Thermal
    130		Slug Defender
    131		AU300 SMG
    132		AU300 H-Bar
    133		Helico Pistol-950
    134		CZ-38
    135		C3 Assult Rifle
    136		G-22 SD
    137		Grenade Launcher
    138		M4_M203 (silenced)
    139		SPA-15
    140		SPA-12
    141		MDS SD2
    142		MDS A3
    143		Slughammer
    144		MDS-K PDW
    145		SKSM
    146		Sweeper 12 Gauge
    147		US M60 E3
    148		VSS-DU
    149		Stava B1
    155		Dragunov_Snow
    157		SP-57
    158		Flamethrower
    159		SMAW
    161		Shovel (shows up as flaming hands)
    Unfortunately, the more I play this game, the more bugs I learn about. And the
    more I learn about them, the less time I have to really test them. I've heard
    so many interesting rumors related to this game's glitches, but to cover them
    all here would be impossible!
    Ares God of War
    You have been a great kid to play with and to learn from. You're an expert
    at this game in every way, you've also taught me many things, willingly! In
    addition, you're really damn good at the game. You may brag about yourself
    alot but you do back it up. Thanks for showing me "Magic Box" and other
    interesting tricks. Hope to play Champions with you some in the future!
    Crazy 8 / Crazy Girl
    Your assistance online with team pars, and overall cool attitude was greatly
    appreciated. Getting half the team pars in one night is a night I will not
    forget. I commend you! I could never have expected anyone to give up their full
    nights playing online (esp. at the Mill) just to help someone get par times.
    Now I plan to return the favor to others.
    Sheba, Von, Seabee, etc. (FWG)
    Not only do ya'll go online for the same reasons Steve and I did (way after
    Crazy helped us), but you guys are great to get along with, always have a good
    attitude and are fun to play with. You guys are also all pretty damn good at
    the game. I like what you guys started, even if I ever take a break from going
    online, I know dedicated people like you guys will always be there. I've also
    been able to learn alot from you guys, esp. Von. It's great to feel part of a
    team, that doesn't have to do everything as a "team" and doesn't have to aim
    to be "elite" at everything.
    AKA Steve, my brother. I got him into Syphon Filter in the first place with
    this game, and he turned into an addict and an expert. He even got there faster
    than I ever did from playing the first 3 games. The 2 of us figured out about
    as much as is possible about all the online missions, together, and got half
    the team pars alone (came close to others, although they are impossible 2
    SFFan + VaporFox
    Your FAQs were some of the first, and helped my ass save some time trying to
    figure out the solo missions and obscure objectives (like Ivankov's papers,
    etc). It also helped me get my brain back into "stealth game" mode when it
    came time, as I was still stuck in RPG land and was having a hard time
    thinking how to pass stealth missions.
    Anyway, I wasted enough weeks on the solo missions WITH the help, God only
    knows how much of my life would have been lost without it. Also, you guys took
    the time to put a lot of the nag detail in your FAQs (weapons, controls, etc.),
    that are very  handy and even saved me some time. As a matter of fact, I can
    only hope that I care to spend enough time making my FAQ as detailed! My
    initial focus was on helping with the solo par times...but I still want
    to aim for a comprehensive FAQ.
    Drakmyth Master
    Same as the other FAQ authors, but your FAQ was probably the most useful as it
    relates to finding the fastest way through missions. When I saw your posted par
    times, I knew you had to know what you were talking about! Soon enough, I was
    able to outright *slaughter* some of those par times (combining experience and
    info. from other FAQs). I also started to get that warm and fuzzy feeling about
    myself as I mastered the missions. I even know that SOME of my par times can be
    beaten if I replay the missions as a T4...although I'll never commit enough
    time to getting some of the record speed pars.
    Sony Computer Entertainment of America / Sony Bend
    Responsible for ALOT of the better games, but by far the Syphon Filter series
    was always my favorite. The mix of stealth / action is perfect. I tend to get
    frustrated too easy with full stealth games, unless I have help, or if it's
    Thief games (too rewarding in their own humorous way!) Games that are all
    action also either tend to fall into 2 categories - either too repetitive or
    too difficult. Syphon Filter has always been just the right difficulty.
    You had me hooked on Syphon Filter 2 with the commercial of Gabe giving the
    taser to the guy on the train. From there, I had to play the first one, and
    by then the 3rd game was out. Gabe even sounds cool, and the storyline was
    always perfect. It always peaked at just the right time, and always had a
    tremendous conclusion. It kept you in just enough suspense to want to finish
    that next mission.
    Everyone Else
    Thanks for downloading/viewing the FAQ.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who submits helpful information to me.
    Thanks to everyone I've played online with and helped out. The times have
    really been great.
    Thanks to the online community in general for creating a predominantly nice
    Thanks to anyone who bought the game and may have given Sony a reason to
    continue the series.
    IPWorx.com Software
    for ePad - this was the best text editor I found for Windows to make sure all
    my text was wrapped to 80 characters so it would conform to the standards I
    needed. That, plus it's only $7 to get rid of the nag screen. It's really hard
    to beat that!
    I won't give out my personal e-mail address, but I don't mind people having my
    Yahoo address. It's the one I send all the spam too :) It doesn't mean I'll
    treat your message as spam, just means I may not respond to it or get to it
    right away.
    I'm looking for help with the following:
    ]	The areas you can do the roll/jump trick - especially DETAILED 
    descriptions of where they are on the stage.
    ]	Par times - if you follow my FAQ and can get mission par times, what 
    should your clock time be at certain milestones during the stage? In other
    words help with what I did for Lorelei, except for all missions. This way,
    people can get a good feel if they can still get par or not when they make
    mistakes. Of course I have also posted my par times so people can get an idea
    of how much margin there is for error. I just don't have much inclination at
    this point to replay the stealth missions after losing 2 weeks of my l and
    numerous hours of my life to getting them in par :)
    ]	Clarity - can you describe an area better? Do you have a better idea 
    that makes a stage easier but still allows for easy par time?
    If you need help with online team objectives and team pars, always look for
    anyone with an (FWG) in front of their name. This is a tag denoting a unique
    group of people dedicated to helping people get through missions. They don't
    like cheaters, and won't help you if you act like a punk. But otherwise,
    they all know their stuff and on most missions, can get par (with co-operation)
    within the first few tries.
    That's all folks!

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