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    Marriage FAQ by Xiamut

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                         The Sims Bustin' Out for Playstation 2
                           THE SIMS BUSTIN' OUT MARRIAGE FAQ
                                      By: Xiamut
                                     Version: 3.00
                                Last Revision: 11/06/05
                         Copyright: 2004-2005 Michael Monette
                               E-mail: xiamut@gmail.com 
                                    Table of Contents
                                    I. Introduction
                                  II. About Marriage
                                III. How to get married
                         IV. Getting Married in Bust Out Mode
                         V. Getting Married in Free play Mode
                         VI. Pros and Cons of getting married
                            VII. Other Marriage Information
                                    VIII. Children
                            IX. Frequently Asked Questions
                                  X. Revision History
                                X1. Contact Information
                                     XII. Credits
                              XIII. Copyright Information
     I. - Introduction
    Hi, welcome to my FAQ!
    I hope that you find it useful. This guide is all about the marriage aspect of
    The Sims Bustin' Out. I will cover everything that I know about marriage. So if
    you need help getting your sim married, you've come to the right place.
    I wrote this guide based on my experiences with the PS2 version of the game.
    All of the tips and instructions given in this guide come directly from me and
    my experiences with the game. All of the instructions I give in this guide work
    for me and they should work for you if you follow my guide. This guide should
    also be helpful to those of you with the Gamecube or Xbox versions of the game
    seeing as they are the same game. Besides graphical differences and load times.
    I really have always enjoyed the Sims games, I played the original on the comp-
    uter for countless hours, I bought House party and then that was the end of the
    Sims for me, or so I thought. I am more of a console gamer then a computer
    gamer. When I heard that The Sims was coming to Playstation 2 I was very happy.
    I played the first one and it was very fun, just like it had been on computer.
    When I heard that there was a sequel coming out. I knew I had to get it.
    Since I didn't see any FAQs about Marriage on GameFAQs I decided to write one.
    I wrote this guide mostly for people who are new to the game and need help
    with getting married or for people who just never bothered with getting married
    in the PC games or first console Sims and need help. I have seen a few topics
    on the forums asking about getting married and now there shouldn't be any more
    of them because now they can come to this guide!
     II. - About Marriage
    To successfully get married you first have to get the sim you're trying to 
    to say yes. How exactly are you supposed to do that you ask? Well I'm going to
    tell you how.
    First thing you need to know is that a Sim's mood is what effects whether or
    not he/she says yes. Second thing you need to know is that you just can't go
    up to any sim that you don't know and just ask them if they'll marry you, just
    like in real life. Make sure that your relationship with him/her is at the
    very least 75 and make sure you're in love with each other. The propose
    interaction will not show up unless they are in love. Once you get married,
    the sim that you chose to get married with will live with you, you will be
    able to control them directly. 
    So now that you know the basics, you want to know how to get married now right?
    Well read on...
     III. - How to get Married
    In this section I will tell you how I get my Sims married. It never fails and
    if you closely follow my instructions, it will work for you too.
     1. - My Method
    Your sim must wake up at around 6:00am. Make sure that their energy meter is
    completely full. Ok, now that your sim is awake, make sure that he/she is
    happy. Send your sim into the bathroom, go to the bathroom, then have a
    shower/bath whichever. Now call the sim that you're marrying over. Make sure
    that it's at least 7:00am before you call them. After they agree to come over,
    Go to the fridge and serve breakfast, don't take a plate for yourself yet, wait
    until they get there. Also do not watch television or do anything fun, you want
    your sim to need fun for when they're over.
    Move your Sim outside and wait for them, they should be at your place soon.
    Once they arrive greet them, now you can go and pick up a plate of food. They
    should get one too. As soon as you are finished, go and turn on the television,
    assuming you have one, or video game system and if they are done, ask them to
    join you. Remember that they have needs just like your own sims. Sit for a
    little bit and watch television with them. If your bladder meter is low then
    go to the washroom, if not, just sit and watch television until they get up.
    Once they get up, they should go to the bathroom. Make sure that your sim
    stays in the area of the television. Once you see that they are all finished
    call them over. The Sim you're marrying now has his/her hunger meter full from
    eating the food, their bladder meter is full from going awhile ago, their fun
    meter full from watching television/playing the video games, and their comfort
    meter is at least close to being full from sitting on the couch and watching
    the television/playing video games.
    Time to get their social up a little bit. You don't need to do much, Just give
    them a gift, then kiss them. There are two kinds of kisses for the normal kiss
    interaction, passionate kissing and causal kissing. You should be able to tell
    which is which. Just listen to the music that plays when they kiss. If the kiss
    was passionate, you know that they will say yes, if it was casual, then you
    know you did something wrong. Don't fret, even if it is causal it is still
    worth giving it a shot.
    If you did this all right then they should say yes! Congratulations, 
    You're married!
    To summarize:
     1. Wake up.
     2. Go to washroom, have shower/bath.
     3. Call them over.
     4. Serve Food.
     5. Greet them once they come.
     6. Eat with them.
     7. Go watch television and tell them to join.
     8a. Go to the washroom if needed in the middle of watching television 
         with them.
     8b. Watch television until they get up.
     9. Let them go to the washroom.
     10. Call them over to you.
     11. Give them a gift and kiss them.
     12. Ask them to marry you.
    This is not mode specific, this is how to get married in general. For Bustin'
    Out mode, they are some other elements that effect whether you can get married.
    For info on getting married in Bust Out mode, go to the Getting Married in
    Bustin' Out mode section. Don't try this in Bust Out mode until you have read
    that section!
    If you are confused on how to propose, They're should be a "Propose" interac-
    tion in the list. The propose interaction will only appear if you are in love
    with them.
     2. - Other Methods
    This section contains some alternate ways to get married. All of these were
    contributed by other people.
    Joe Smart contributed this one:
    Well... an easy way to get married is...
    First, get the person's relationship to 100. Buy a Hellagraphix game 
    and place it anywhere.
    Okay, now call the person and invite them. While you're waiting for them to
    come over, fix a meal. Greet them when they get there. Then walk into your
    house so that they go in. Don't talk to them or anything. the person should
    eat and then use the toilet. Then go to the Hellagraphix and have your sim and
    the person you want to marry play also, then propose. Worked 11 out of 11 times
    for me. 
    So, that's...
     1. Get the relationship to 100.
     2. Buy hellagraphix game
     3. Invite person
     4. While you're waiting for them, serve meal
     5. Greet the person.
     6. Let them eat and use the toilet
     7. Play the hellagraphix game with them
     8. Propose.
    Note - You can only marry people on the Free Streets.
    Katherine Kemp sent this one:
    Get up about 7:00 am (make sure your in at least three bars of green) order
    pizza then call your  lover  wait outside for them and when they get there
    great them  then go and eat some pizza let them go to the bathroom (you to if
    needed)  then  go to them and do feather tickle then propose and  you're 
    IV. - Getting Married in Bust Out Mode
    First of all you cannot marry any of the NPCs. I will repeat, you CANNOT marry
    any of the NPCs. The NPCs are the sims that you didn't create, the sims that
    were there when you started bust out mode. Some examples are Mimi, Dudley,
    Fanny, Humphrey, Randy and so on. You can only marry sims living in free
    street 1,2,3.
    You can however, remake them in free play mode and marry their duplicates. I
    have seen this suggested on the boards for people who wanted to marry the NPCs.
    I myself find this kind of strange because  there would be two of the exact
    same sim walking around. Maxis was kind enough to make two families of sims
    for us: The Tutti and Frutti family. One of them is all male and the other
    is all female. So you can marry whomever you like from those families.
    You could make your own Sim for you Bust Out sim to marry. Or fix up the exist-
    ing ones to your liking. To create your own, go into free play mode and go to
    one of the lots, then create/edit a family. Make sure to move them into a lot.
    Then just like that, the sim is in Bustin' out mode when you are playing as
    your bust out sim. You can now marry that sim in bust out mode.
    The propose interaction will not show up unless you are in a house with the
    "Get Married" objective. You cannot get married in a house that doesn't have
    this. There are a few houses that have this and once you complete the objective
    for one of them, it is completed for all of them. It is a little more difficult
    to get married in this mode. My method above still works it's just that now you
    have to deal with the other sims in the house, which can get very annoying when
    they are taking up the bathroom while you or the sim you are marrying is trying
    to go.
    So unless you have two bathrooms, I would suggest maybe locking them up in a
    room while you are trying to get married. If you don't find them to be a
    problem then just leave them out. If you do then just make a small room with a
    door and lead them in or go in there and call them over. When they are in
    there, move your sim out if you called them in there, then just go to build
    mode and remove the door. If you don't find controlling multiple sims a problem
    then just leave them alone. if you do, then do as I suggested above.
    Your partner will from now on follow you from house to house. If you move out,
    they will be there. If the only reason you married them was to get the objec-
    tive completed, and you are getting annoyed with them then well, you could
    always kill them. Make sure that you at least keep them around if you haven't
    already had a child yet.
    I suggest that getting married in Bustin' Out mode is the second last thing
    you do. Having a kid and sending him/her off to prep school being the last
    thing. I would suggest this because having a partner can be very bothersome.
    It can make things a little bit more difficult having another sim to look
    after. It can also make some of the objective much easier. 
     V. - Getting Married in Free play Mode
    For free play mode, you must marry someone that is in your neighborhood,
    meaning someone in a family in one of the other two lots. Unlike Bust out mode
    you don't have to get married so it is your choice.
    Getting married in free play mode shouldn't be a problem, just follow my
     VI. - Pros and Cons of getting married
    Be aware that these pros and cons are in my opinion.
     1. - Pros
     1. Having another sim to take care of could make the game last longer 
        for you.
     2. Having parties is much easier with someone else there to help.
     3. In some situations, having two sims to control can make some objectives
     4. Your sim will always have someone around to help him/her get his/her social
        bar up.
     5. You could make them clean your house and make your main sim food.
     6. Your sim won't be so lonely...!
     2. - Cons
     1. Having another sim to take care of can be tedious.
     2. Having to share the bathroom with another sim can get frustrating.
     3. In some situations, having another sim around can make some objectives
        more difficult.
     VII. - Other Marriage Information
    Here is some more information on Marriage contributed by others.
    Sent in by Mark Miller:
    Even though it's pretty obvious really... Make sure you have completed ALL
    missions which involve falling in love with NPCs. Then make sure you have NO
    contact with the NPCs until you fall out of love. Then propose, however if
    you marry before completing all the missions, either your wife or the NPC is
    likely to get slapped... And this severely lowers mood as it lowers the HARDEST
    mood to increase... "Social" of both parties... the slapped and the slapper.
    Plus it makes an instant -30 relationship score.
    Luis Felipe Aguirre sent in this info:
    When I proposed to a Sim (after feeding her and watching TV) She didn't accept
    and the message said: 
     "There's no room for me in your household!" 
    So if the gauge with a sofa image that appears when you buy something is full,
    then you can't get married I reduced it to 2/3 and then I was able to get
     VIII. - Children
    Since children are related to marriage, I decided to make a section specif-
    ically for children. So here it is, it will be broken into different sections.
     1. - Having a baby
    To have a baby in the Sims, first you must be married. You must be in a good
    relationship with your partner. Second, both you and your partner must be in
    a good mood. Very much like when you are trying to get married. do all of the
    same things there.
    Once you and your partner are in a good mood, Kiss them and your he/she should
    ask you if you want to have a baby. If you want to press yes, if not then no.
    If you press yes it will say, "Congratulations It's a boy/girl"! Then it will
    ask you what you want to name the baby.
    So to get your sim happy:
     1. Wake up with full energy
     2. Serve food
     3. Eat the food
     4. Sit and watch television
     5. Go to the washroom
     6. Take a shower/bath
     2. - Taking Care of the baby
    This part can be very annoying. It takes the baby three days to grow into a
    child. That seems like nothing but if, when the baby is crying, isn't taking
    care of immediately, social services will come and take it away. They do give
    you a few chances, first there is a phone call, then they come and take it
    away. So you have to be very aware. There are three interactions that you can
    do with the baby, Sing, Feed, and Play. Since it is impossible to determine
    which one of these interactions the baby needs when he is crying, I would
    suggest just selecting one and then queuing up the other two.
    You don't have to leave the crib where it is, move it somewhere that you will
    be able to get at very easily. To move it, just go into buy mode and select
    it, then move it where you like. Make sure to keep at least one sim awake at
    all times. Have one sleeping while the other is awake. I would suggest buying
    a cappuccino machine to help the sim stay awake.
    Do this for the next three days and always make sure to get to the baby as fast
    as you can. Put a recliner in the room with the baby and right after the baby
    is done crying, take a nap. Your sim wakes up pretty quickly when they are
    taking a nap, unlike they do when they are in bed. So this way when the baby
    starts crying, your sim will wake up and be able to care for the baby as quick
    as possible. When the three days are over your baby will grow into a child.
    If you want to get rid of the child, you can send him to school, once he/she
    gets home make them study on the computer. Do this until they have A+ as their
    grade, then send them off to prep school. *Bust Out mode only!*
    It is a little different in bust out mode, you can only have a baby in a house
    where it has the objective "Have a child." A child is required to finish the
    game completely so you must have one.
     3. - Other Ways to take care of it
    Here is some alternate ways to take care of a baby, contributed by others.
    Some interesting information sent into me by Lisa Kearns:
    When they start crying you have to do the three things in an order or the baby
    will stay awake. First you need to Play with the baby, then you need to feed
    the baby and lastly you need to sing to the baby. I don't know why this is,
    but it always works.
    This was sent into me by nev420:
    I have a different approach to raising a baby. No need to juggle taking naps
    and drinking cappuccino to take care of the baby. I had mine while living in
    Tinsel Bluffs, so I will use that scenario as an example.
    You want to designate one Sim to take care of the baby. use one of the NPCs
    because they can miss work without getting fired. I used Fanny. put the cradle
    in the same bedroom as the Sim you picked. When the baby arrives, sing, feed,
    and play until baby falls asleep. Immediately send Fanny to bed. hopefully
    the Sim you pick was already tired. this will put the Sim on sleeping schedule
    that works well with baby. The amount of time that you have until the baby
    wakes up is almost exactly the same amount of time that your Sim needs to rest
    up. When the baby wakes your Sim will automatically wake too. They may be a
    little groggy but that's alright. Immediately send them to take care of baby.
    I never play with the baby because it usually just upsets them. I always feed
    then sing and the baby has always fallen back to sleep as soon as Fanny was
    done singing. once asleep, send fanny to do whatever else she needs to do in
    order to get her stats backup (energy will already be high because you just
    woke up). Do not go back to sleep until the baby wakes up again. I found that
    there was no need for cappuccino to do this; the baby naturally woke up about
    the same time the Sim was starting to get tired. Feed, sing, and then go to
    Repeat this process until baby grows up. Once the baby is grown you can send
    your Sim back to work without consequence. also buy a good couch (the yellow
    ones work well in Tinsel Bluffs) and you can let the designated Sims partner
    sleep on the couch (they will sleep on the couch until energy bar is full if
    its night time) until baby is grown. no need to bother with this if the partner
    Sim is sleepy right after baby falls asleep. Let them sleep in the bed and get
    a good night sleep. 
    In the past, I've also moved the baby temporarily out of the room so a Sim
    could get a good night sleep. After having the baby, I found the child highly
    annoying. Since you have no control over their personality you have to leave
    it to luck. I was not lucky and got this demon spawn. she was really mean and
    my other Sims had a hard time even talking to her. So I got her grades up,
    moved to Malcolm's house where she immediately moved out, then moved back
    to Tinsel Bluffs to continue completing goals. 
    To summarize:
     - Have baby. 
     - Allow Sims to welcome.
     - Pick the NPC Sim that is the most tired. this Sim will care for baby 
       exclusively. Do not send this Sim to work.
     - Feed baby.
     - Sing to baby. 
     - Move baby to bedroom (buy mode) 
     - Send parent Sim to bed 
     - When baby and Sim wake up feed and sing 
     - Allow parent Sim to do anything that is needed to raise stats 
     - Once Sim starts to get tired (about 1/4 full energy bar) 
       start to keep an eye on baby. they will wake up soon. 
     - As soon as baby wakes, stop whatever parent Sim was doing. 
     - Feed and sing 
     - Send parent Sim to bed. 
     - Repeat until grown. 
     - Once baby has grown, Sim can return to work. 
     4. - Other Information
    Here is some more information about children that was contributed by others.
    Sent into me by Teodore Lispelle:
    I have found that you do not need to play with the baby unless you want to
    increase the social and fun bars. So, when the baby does cry, just queue up:
    "Feed, Sing, Feed, Sing." the Second "Feed, Sing" is just in case the first
    one doesn't work.
    Some very helpful information sent in by Faye Ku:
    1) The sex of the child is determined by whether the father or mother 
       was the initiator of the final "kiss", and it will match that of the 
       initiator.  So if mom started it, the baby will be a girl.
    2) To calm a crying baby, you must feed it then sing it to sleep.
    3) The baby will grow into a child with more personality points if you 
       can manage to play with him/her a lot.  You can usually get just one play
       in before feedings, because making a baby wait too long to feed will bring
       attention from social services.
    1) You can determine the sex and the niceness of your future child.
    2) When the baby starts crying, immediately Play, Feed, and Sing to the 
       baby in that order for an easy, happy child.
     IX. - Frequently Asked Questions
    Since I have written this FAQ I have received A LOT of e-mails. Most of them
    have been questions and a lot of them I have answered several times. In an
    attempt to limit the amount of e-mails I receive I've added this section.
    Q: Can my sims get divorced?
    A: No, well not really. There are a few ways to get rid of a spouse. You can
       control another family and have one of the members marry the sim that you
       want out of the house. In Bust Out mode, well your only option is to kill
       them off really.
    Q: Why can't I invite a sim from free street over to my house in bust out mode?
    A: Your sim needs to have met the sim before you can call them over. A good way
       to meet new sims is to throw a party.
    Q: The propose option isn't there, what's wrong?
    A: In bust out mode, the propose option only appears when you are living in a
       house that has the "Get married" goal.
    Q: Which houses have the "Get married" goal?
    A: Casa Caliente, Club Rubb, Shiny Things Lab, the Octagon, Pixel Acres, Tinsel
       Bluffs and Malcolm's Mansion.
    Q: Can my sim marry a sim of the same sex?
    A: Yes, but instead the "Propose" option will have changed to "Move In."
    Q: Do children ever grow up?
    A: No, they don't. Once they grow from a baby into a child they will stay like
       that forever.
    Q: How do I get rid of the children?
    A: In bust out mode you just have to get their grades high enough so that they
       are sent of to prep school (A+ grade). In free play the only thing you 
       really can do is kill them.
    Q: How do I send my child to prep school?
    A: Your child must first obtain an A+ grade on their report card. Then you must
       be living in Malcolm's Mansion. This only works in Bust Out mode, you cannot
       send your child to prep school in Free Play.
    Q: If a child is sent to prep school, will they ever come back home?
    A: No, they will be gone forever.
    Q: Can my sim marry [insert name of NPC here]?
    A: No, in Bust Out mode you can only marry people who are living in one of the
       free street lots.
    Q: Really?
    A: Yes, really.
    Q: Are you sure?
    A: Positive.
     X. - Revision History
    GameFAQs will always have the latest version of this document.
    Version 0.5 (07/27/04)
    - The beginning.
    Version 1.0 (07/28/04)
     - Added section the Children section
     - Added one other method on getting married
    Version 1.1 (08/06/04)
     - Added ASCII
    Version 1.2 (09/30/04)
     - Added some submissions
    Version 2.0 (Final) (04/01/05)
     - The Final version of this FAQ, this is it.
     - Added submissions to both Marriage and Children sections
     - Added the "Other Marriage Information" section
     - Fixed some evil spelling and grammar mistakes
     - Closed this FAQ
    Version 2.1 (Final, really I mean it this time) (07/18/05)
     - Added FAQ section
     - Fixed some spelling errors
     - Changed contact information
    Version 3.00 (11/06/05)
     - Improved FAQ format.
     - Removed some irrelevant information.
     - Updated FAQ section.
     - Cleaned up.
     XI. - Contact Information
    If you wish to contact me you can do so via e-mail at:
    I am not accepting any new information from readers. I am still willing to
    answer your marriage and children questions however. Do not ask me a question
    that does not pertain to the marriage aspect of The Sims Bustin' Out! Otherwise
    your e-mail will be ignored. If you do choose to e-mail me for whatever reason,
    please include something like "Marriage FAQ" in the subject field, this way I
    won't mistake it for spam. Before you send me a question, make sure that the
    information you are looking for is not found in the FAQ.
    Feedback of any kind is appreciated, just please keep any criticism constru-
    ctive. Please do not ask me any questions that are answered within the FAQ.
     XII. - Credits
     - Maxis for making such a great game.
     - EA for publishing such a great game.
     - CJayC for accepting this guide.
     - Joe Smart, Mark Miller, Katherine Kemp and Luis Felipe Aguirre for
       contributing to the marriage section.
     - nev420, Lisa Kearns, Teodore Lispelle and Fay Ku for contributing
       to the children section.
     XIII. - Copyright Information
     This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
     private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
     publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
     web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
     violation of copyright.
     All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
     respective trademark and copyright holders.
     List of sites with permission to host or link to this FAQ:
     - http://www.gamefaqs.com and all of its affiliates.
     - http://www.neoseeker.com
     - http://www.supercheats.com
     Copyright 2004-2005 Michael Monette (Xiamut)

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