"Solid Racing Game"

R: Racing Evolution is nothing but the basic racing game with a little more flare. It has a story mode which follows the rise to racing stardom of an Ambulance driver named Rena, who is introduced to the world of auto racing by a very cagey and renowned Crew Chief. As you go through the game along the way Rena, more and more, learns the ups and downs of being a racer, while fending off rivals and greedy sponsors. Who says girls can't race and look hot in the process...

But wait there's more, a lot more. The game doesn't end with the storyline, there are many course trials available in the game after earning enough racing points. The same racing points are used to fine tune your car as well as purchase new cars. Not bad for a game that has to compete with some already great racing titles now out...

Gameplay - 8/10

Basic story mode that is very much the main focal point, along with other features such as garage tuning, course trials and other nice features to hold you over for a while. Tracks offered goes from Dirt Rally, strand road courses, and even Drag races. All the top car makers also make a strong representation.

The Racing Points system is also good, in each race you are rated in how well you perform. The better you race the more points you earn to buy cars, parts and course trials.

Not bad gameplay in a way but also could have been tweaked a bit, but still gameplay was fun and simple. Big plus unlike in other Sim Racing games, the AI was not as stiff as the rest... I just hate that about some race games ~_~

Sounds - 10/10

From the music, to the dialog, to the cars humming, and the radio chatter, the sound was out of this world and very realistic. With the Dolby 5.1 surround, the experience is even more wonderful and really utilizes the system to its advantage. Catchy techno soundtracks were also a plus.

Graphics - 8.5/10

The graphics were not so bad, but then again not so great. The many cars in the game from Acura's to Chevy's to Toyota's and Dodge's were in fact done pretty well. But it's the 3rd environment that was the best. Each track was done very beautifully and was done very artistically. The FMVs, though short were also done really well.

Overall - 8/10

Though the game itself doesn't fall into appeal as the titles before it like NFS: Underground or even Grand Turismo. It still is one good game that follows the tradition of Ridge Racer. A must play game that will hold you out till GT4 comes out later this year.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/30/04

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