Review by Littleboy0Five

Reviewed: 03/21/06

R Racing Devolution?

The name speaks for itself, R Racing Evolution. Don't let the title fool you to thinking this game would be a giant adventure of racing and simple driving. Trust me, this game is hard and challenging which is a good thing but it depends on your driving which is the main point of racing games...

Sound: The music in this game is horrible. If you like rock and rap your gonna have to find some music to cover over the music in this game. The songs in here are just beats that seems to be Japanese or just plain beats. With this kind of music, im gonna have to rate it a 5/10

Graphics: The best part of this game... the graphics! Not only are the cars looking great in this game, but the area that surrounds the area you drive is just beautiful. The shine of the cars rubbing against the walls and sparks flying from the ground just make it as if the game were a replay from a real life race. Im gonna give the graphics a 8/10

Gameplay: There are many races you can do in this game like drag racing, circuit, or even rally. But the bad thing about gameplay is the life mode which made me think this game was a waste of my 29.99. I bought this game hoping for a long life mode but i ended up with a complete life mode but empty gameplay. Well the only way to have fun in this game is probably playing it with a friend in multiplayer, any other would probably bore you after a while. For the gameplay, I'll give a 6/10

Controls: The controls in this game are the typical regular controls for the other racing games. But the bad thing about this way the controlling of the cars which turned me down. When turning in this game, it feels like your car is turning more than you want it to which concludes with a over steer. Drifting will NOT be able to be done in this game due to stiff controls. Not only that, but you can't change settings on your car so it's almost impossible to drift in this game. For the controls I'll give this a 7/10

Downfalls: The downfall in this game is the life mode itself. It's too short of a game to put it short and not as fun as you would want it to be. The single player is pretty bland and boring without someone else to play with you.

Rent Or Buy: Definitely RENT. You would regret buying this game. Don't let the cover of the game fool you with the girl. It may look like a good game, but it will get repeated and boring. But if you want to buy for the heck of it, it's only 19.99 now.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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