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"It's a Good Weekend Rental"

Hot Wheels: World Race is a game made by Climax Group and distributed by THQ in 2003. World Race is based off of the TV show of the same name. The game is run-of-the-mill racing game directed towards seven to nine year old's.

This is a futuristic racer where speed and stunts dominate the race. Other than the track designs, everything else has been done before, like Power-ups and speed boosts. The tracks usually have short cuts which you need to use speed and stunts to get to. If you mess up or decide not to use the short cut, be warned you will go from first to seventh because of that mistake (the game is sometimes unforgiving) Speaking of the stunts, you can flip your car in four directions (up, down, left, right) during jumps to get you guessed it...more nitro. but don't get lazy, doing two of the same in a row and you won't get any and the game will tell you the jump was "stale" if you mess up the jump and land upside down or crash into something your nitro will go "poof".

The game boasts a "Smash Mouth" song that you probably never heard of before, other songs are mostly generic rock tracks that you will not remember after an hour or so. If any of that sounds abhorrent to you, than you can thankfully mute them in the options menu.

The sound effects (while not great) work well with the game but you will most likely be more concerned about what is going on in the race.

The game has a nice 3D graphics look it is also very cartoony and everything looks bright and vibrant. There are no frame-rate issues (to my knowledge) Hot Wheels runs exquisitely smooth and you will be very surprised.

World Race has 15 different tracks to race on, none of which look the same as another (plus they all got their own themes) One race you could be driving on cloud 9 (literally) and the next you could be driving through the jungle driving on loop de loops. In this game you can collect 35 cars in five different categories. All the cars look different and have different speeds but handle sort of the same.

Hot Wheels World Race is a fun rental, The graphics and race tracks look amazing. But the game is hindered by it's length (it is really short) game-play and sound. This game is not worth the asking price of $20 but if you see for any less you should get it. If not, it's a good weekend rental.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/23/12

Game Release: Hot Wheels: World Race (US, 10/29/03)

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