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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jolin

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 11/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Haunted Mansion Walkthrough
    Copyright 2003-2004
    Authors: Jeff Hurd and a Colloborator- Kory McCullough
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective 
    trademark and copyright holders.
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    Special Thanks go to Gordon Davission about  the Mumbo doll in the Toy room that I missed. 
          This is a walkthrough for all 3 systems that this game have been ported to. As far as I know, 
    all three versions are exactly the same!  In this walkthrough, I'm playing on Nightmare difficulty 
    on the PS2 version. 
    Version 1.25
           -      Covers all rooms
           -      All codes for all systems  
        -     Fixed the formatting, and revised the typos and spelling mistakes.  
        -     Added scenes'  summaries and what each ghost says in each room. 
        -     Added 2 Mumbo dolls I missed
           -     Added the beginning cinema summary
    -	Added Boss/ending  cinema summaries
    -	Fixed the drunken ghosts' commentaries. 
    If anyone wishes to add any more secrets, please contact me.  You can contact me through 
    Aim- Jwh6913 or e-mail me at jeffhurd@hotmail.com
    The Walkthrough-
     Before we start, I won't tell you when ghosts, spiders and these ilk appears, it's up to you to 
    fight them off on your own.  It's also up to you that you collect the cards and bravery tonics on 
    your own. I won't make mention of them.  So be careful when you're in between rooms! I'll give 
    general directions that's all I will do for you.  So without furthur ado,  here we go!
              After  the first cinema sequence , you start out in the Great Hall. 
    The Narrarator begins by saying that as an author, he gets his inspiration of the chillier side of 
    his tales from experience. He used to live in Louisiana, sometime after the Civil War. But this 
    story he refused to tell. Until now.  
    Ezekiel Halloway, an unmarried dreamer who learned self-reliance through the orphanages he 
    was in, was looking for employment on October of 1879. He finally answers to an add about an 
    Assistant caretaker to an estate. Only this estate had some other meaning than he expected...  
    Zeke enters the mansion, and doesn't realized he's watched by six ghosts:  
    Old woman: "He seems like a nice young man."  
    Organist: "More like a young beggar."  
    Pirate: "Now, now, we shouldn't be choosy."  
    Opera Singer: "Is he ready for this, though?"  
    Duelist (cocking his gun): "We'll see how well he holds under fire..."  
    Knight: "Now, now, let us introduce ourselves to him."  
    The six ghosts appear behing Zeke, who, when he turns around, instantly faints.  
    Pirate: "Ooooh, that's gonna leave a mark."  
    Knight: "In any case, we must hurry. SHE is expecting him."  
    Time passes, and Zeke must have recovered but you can't see anything.  
    Opera Singer, singing: "He's baaaaaaaaaack!"  
    Old woman: "Oh, I hope he's feeling better..."  
    Pirate: "Arr, he'll be on his feet in no time."  
    Knight: "Well, we've done our part. SHE is expecting him."  
    The scene opens to a crystal ball on a floating table, and a bewildered Zeke looking at her.  
    "Awakened now from troubled sleep,  
    You find yourself where shadows creep.  
    The Mansion hides its history,  
    But you will solve its mystery.  
    You'll find the truth buried deep,  
    beneath the walls where spirits weep."  
    She then introduces herself as Madame Leona: "Speaker of the spirit world, Medium of the 
    mysterious, and seeker of things unseen." She adds that she knows why he's here better than 
    Zeke knows why he's here: "Assistant caretaker. And your name is Ezekiel, although you like to 
    be preferred as Zeke."  
    She says that they wouldn't post a paper ad saying "Brave soul needed to rid mansion of evil 
    spirits" or otherwise he wouldn't be here, and the fate of the house and the inhabitants would be 
    She explains that the house used to be home to many friendly ghosts until an evil man, Atticus 
    Thorne, took over the estate, and corrupted the ghosts' memories, and turning others into evil 
    spirits that are to obey his command. The Mansion is now dark and foreboding, and the ghostly 
    prisoners are now trapped in the mansion. All hope lies with Zeke to remove the house of evil.  
    Leona then gives Zeke a lantern, explaining that this is an artifact that will aid them. The Beacon 
    of Souls is designed to fight back the evil using its source of light. However Atticus will be using 
    his dark magic, creating soul barriers to stop Zeke, and also using his magic to twist the very 
    rooms themselves until the lights are on.  
    And when the lights are on, most of the evil spirits become shriveled, defensless, and cowardly, 
    and hide. Zeke has to find these spirits and trap them into the Beacon, where their evil will be 
    purified and make them become good again.  
    Leona then adds that the source of the beacon's power lies within six sacred gems, also known 
    as the Soul Gems. Five of them are given to her friends (the ghosts Zeke met first) to which they 
    must hide them. The last one provides the beacon with power, albeit weak. Zeke must find the 
    other gems to power the beacon.  
    Leona finally states that she will be assisting Zeke-  
    "Hey!" Er... Zeke appearantly found that out and began to stuff the poor girl into his satchel. 
    "Watch it! Ow! Stop that! Fingerprints! Watch the fingerprints!"  
    And Zeke leaves the gypsy's room to restore the mansion to its original beau- er... its original... 
    GREAT HALL - 15 Spirits
              There is a light switch directly ahead.  No ghosts will attack you as long you don't 
    approach the door/light switch. Take this time to familarize yourself with the controls on your 
    console.  When you are sure how to lock on, fire, jump,  and move,  head to the switch as 
    quickly as you can, fighting off the ghosts and activate the switch. The lights come on.  After 
    disposing of the remaining ghosts, you're now free to explore the hall, however, you cannot 
    enter the next room just yet.  There is a throbbing chest on your right  so go and investigate it. 
    Poof!  4 spirits come out. Do your ghostbuster thing.  Now move towards the fireplace there's  
    another chest on your left - open it and collect 4 more spirits.  Collect the card that flew out with  
    the spirits.  Directly opposite of the chest that you just opened, is a crooked painting, straighten 
    it out and collect a good prize, an Mumbo doll which  permanently increases your Bravery 
    gauge.  Go to the fireplace and check out the bat stanchion.  After using it, the secret passage 
    to the Seance room opens. Go down the passage.  Check for  2 throbbing pots in the alcoves 
    and release the spirits!  Collect them.  One of the spirits has a death certificate fragment.   Two  
    friendly ghosts appears when you collect  all 15 spirits in the Great Hall. Collect the remaining 
    cards and  now you're done with the Great Hall! 
    -Ghost by table: He's scared that the "worms" are gonna get him ( I think this was the previous 
    failed attempt to free the Mansion.)  
    -Ghost by window: She's worried about the storm
    Head to the door and open the door. 
    FOYER- 15 Spirits
                In the foyer, there's a crooked painting, straighten it and get sucked into the painting.   
    Walk down the path until you get to the upper level.  When you get out of the painting, go to the 
    switch which is opposite of an painting of an old man that will become familiar quickly enough 
    and quickly pull  it.  By the Game room, there's an upside down candlestick, when you fix it, an 
    alcove opens to reveal an card deck.  Continue down the  balcony  and release the spirits from 
    the vase. Collect those.  Go to the other side and do the same.  One of the spirits has a  
    certificate fragment.  Go back downstairs and collect the spirits from the sofas.  The Foyer has 
    been cleared and becomes an safe place to get a breather. Save at the clock and head into the 
    conservatory. You should have 30 spirits at this time.  A ghost is swinging on the lights. 
    -Foyer Ghost: He must have been drunk and was saying something about falling off the 
    CONSERVATORY- 20 spirits
                Fight off the ghosts and small spiders then head to the piano and activate it to  get books 
    to help you up to the  left side where a  cello awaits. This room is an jumping/platformer section 
    so I can't help you here. Just stay on the books and you'll be fine.  Play the cello and go to the 
    other side- don't stay on the platforms too long!  Fight off 3 spiders and play the violin.  It gets 
    harder here since there's an tornado of books  at the end of this book path. They'll push you off.  
    Collect the mumbo doll and use the switch.  There's a throbbing pot  on your right so get them.  
    An potted plant, 2 vases also have spirits to collect. One of them has a fragment of a certificate. 
    You  just have completed a Death Certificate for the Duelist!   A  ghostly musical troupe appears 
    in the room when you collected all the spirits.  Read the throbbing book "Tome of Shadows" and 
    find out a liittle of the backstory.  There's a secret alcove accessed by a table under an 
    horseman.  Get the cards and head back to the foyer. 
    -Ghost with trumpet: He wants to try their eerie song over again.  
    -Ghost with bagpipes: He actually speaks in such a eavy Scottish accent I can't understand 
    what he's saying. 
    -Ghost with harp: He wants more Cow Bells. O...kay...  
    -Ghost with flute/fife: He's agreeing about the cow bells.  
    -Ghost with Drums: He also says to start from the top, and adds (if you touch him a second time, 
    like almost all the other ghosts) he says to tap you feet if you can't get into the rythm.
    Head upstairs to the Game Room after saving. 
    GAME ROOM- 20 spirits
             Head to the back then fight off an large orange spider and jump on the pool table. You'll 
    get shrunk and be assaulted by lots of ghosts. Fight them off and  dodge the cue balls.    You 
    have to stand behind the balls to  aim the cue ball at them. Get them all in the pockets and 
    you're saved with the light switch.  It's harder than it sounds so good luck!  The lights comes on,  
    noow it's time for ghost hunting!  They are in  2  round tables,  2 blackjack tables so get them! 
    The duelist ghost appears and gives you a soul gem in return for his certificate- it upgrades your 
    quick shot to Power shot and adds about 150 spirits to your total tally.   Head back out to the 
    Foyer and save. 
    -The ghost here is the duelist. Can't interact.
    Duelist's scene:  
           The duelist appears behind Zeke saying something about doing someone's job. Then he 
    notices the death certificate and starts calling the other duelist a cheater, backstabber, and other 
    names. Appearantly the duelist died by being unfairly shot, and then becomes paranoid that the 
    same killer is waiting for him upstairs, holding a shotgun, after calming down he gives you the 
    Soul Gem.
    Head to Downstairs Hallway. Turn Right  and avoid the doors with wood planks nailed on them-  
    it's a surprise why :) 
    KITCHEN-20 spirits
          The objective in this room is breaking bottles.  Stand on barrels, bags, tables behind the 
    bottles to break them with the dishes that someone throws at you. It's not too difficult if you are 
    positioned just right behind the bottles.  Good luck and make sure you get them all.   To get the 
    tricky one by the flour bags, stand behind the flour bags. The oven turns on, providing light. The 
    spirits are in   3 china cabinets and a barrel.  Get them.   Gain a fragment of another certificate.  
    A friendly ghost with a cane appears in the room. 
    -Kitchen Ghost: This guys is one of those salesmen that wants to sell you something. Maybe he 
    made the Courage Tonics?
    Move on to the Maids Room
    MAIDS ROOM- 10 spirits
       This is a maze so the only tip I can give you is  beware of  everything that moves, and look for 
    the silver doors! Good Luck!  When you make it to the third pair of silver doors, you're done!  
    Pull the switch and  collect the spirits from the table, and chest.  Another fragment is collected!.  
    The Attic Bride ghost appears. (I wish she had that neat beating heart) check out the book on 
    the stand and go  back to the clock in  Downstairs Hallway. 
    -Maid's Room Ghost: She's ever-so-waiting on her groom
     Save and go left to the Dining Room. 
    DINING ROOM- 20 spirits
         The switch is easy to get, but the lights won't light. The candles begin to fly around. You have 
    to chase them down  and restore them to their  holders.  It's easy.  The spirits are in 2 
    tables,and a pot on the upper floor.  Collect them then the Birthday Girl ghost and the Roman 
    Leader ghost appears.  You complete a certificate for the Organist. Head upstairs again, jump 
    off the balcony to the ledge on the left and continue around until you get the Mumbo doll. Fix the 
    candlebra  on the wall by the switch to reveal cards. Head back to the clock and save. 
    -Birthday Ghost: She wanted to wish everyone healthful lives... poor thing.  
    -Roman leader Ghost: He first laughs about being assasinated, then says "soon, all this will be 
    yours".        Apparently Ceasar Augustus.
    Head back to the clock and save.  Follow the hall left to the Ballroom.
    BALLROOM- 20 spirits
           The objective is to get to the Organ by using the oversized orange spiders' webbing then 
    defeat the Mother of all spiders!  It's a extremely large spider! Remember to stay in the webbing 
    or the wind will blow you back and you'll have to start all over again.  Pull the switch.  A dude in 
    wizard's duds which looked like that painting earlier, comes and challenges you. Deal with him.  
    The spirits are in 4 vases. Collect them and meet the ghostly organist. You get an soul gem 
    which upgrades your shots to Ultra for your death certificate. You also get 100 spirits. Fix the 
    potrait behind the Organ and the painting with the lady and the cat disappears, revealing a 
    Mumbo Doll.  A  dancing couple appears. Leave and head back to the clock to save.  You 
    should have  340 spirits at this point.   
       EASTER EGG: In the ballroom, after you turn on the lights, stand in the middle of the room 
    (the pillar portion) and face the organ. Switch to Look view (first-person) turn to the right wall, 
    and look up. You'll see what looks like a small nook in the high wall, but ifyou wait a moment, 
    you'll see two people moving from left to right. Look familiar? It's from the Haunted Mansion ride 
    :) WARNING: You can only do this right after you  meet the organist and before you leave. If you 
    do so, they will disappear. 
    Organist's scene:  
            The organist becomes annoyed that you interrupted his playing, then notices the death 
    certificate and denies that he puts "my music before my life" (possible cause of death?). He then 
    dismisses you grumpily and hands you the soul gem.
    -Ballroom ghosts: Both the Organist and the dancers aren't interactive
    Head back to the ballroom and keep going down the hall to the Winter Garden.
    WINTER GARDEN- 15 spirits
    	 In this room, you have to readjust 4 statues so the water that pours from their jugs 
    goes into the drain. One complication- the ground falls from below you so you will have to do 
    them in a certain order and on the way to each statue you have to run . I suggest you start with 
    the right statue, then go on the right path to the next one.  After that, keep right until you get to 
    the statue that's close to the left of the door. You then almost double back and get to the middle 
    one.  Go on the only path availiable and hurry and jump onto the metal floor safely and use the 
    switch. It may take a few tries to get it down pat.  The spirits are in 2 vases without plants and 1 
    plant urn so collect them and get a fragment..  a gardener ghost appears.  
    -Winter Garden Ghost (gardener): He is happy that the flowers are still living but sad that no one 
    is alive to see them.. 
     Go back to the clock and worship it.  Now, head down the hallway to the left again and go all 
    the way to the Graveyard.
    GRAVEYARD- 25 spirits
          The objective is to get 4 busts that sings "Grim Grinning Ghosts" and raise the Mausoleum.   
    I'll attempt to tell you which bust to use so   follow what I say EXACTLY.  Head down the path 
    from the first head to  a fork in the road. Take the right fork.  You come to 2 busts. The one on 
    the  right sings.  After that, you'll come to another pair of busts. The Right one again.  The path 
    ends  with  3 heads. Use the leftmost one.  The Mausoleum rises, the torches turn on.  5 
    Tombstones contain spirits.  Collect them. Get a fragment again.  The Hitchhiking Ghosts 
    appears.  Follow the left fork to the Mausoleum and enter.
    -Graveyard ghosts: The hitchhikers. All three want to join you...  
    MAUSOLEUM-25 spirits
             This is basically a endurance contest, so you're on your own for 3 minutes. Good Luck! 
    Safe?  Now go down the  tunnel by the lit torch and jump up on the gravestones. Open the 
    sarcophagus for a Mumbo doll. Now go left all the way to the end and scour for moving coffins. 
    Release them and  collect all spirits. You finish a certificate for the beheaded Knight Ghost.  A 
    Mummy and a Hearse Driver ghost appears.  ( Note that some coffins have the developers' 
    names on them) check out the book on the stand.  
    -Mummy: He talks about his mummification process. Silk cloth... gotta remember that.  
    -Hearse Driver ghost: He just does his job... has the hearse waiting (the same hearse that you 
    see outside the manision. Both game and ride) and compliments on your... fine choice in 
    coffins... eeeeeeugh. 
    Head back out and  go all the way back to the clock to finally save. Go to the right of the clock 
    and continue until the Pantry at the end of the hall. 
    PANTRY- 20 spirits
            After clearing the room of monsters, there are  3 pictures you need to straighten.   Go to 
    the one near the purple vortex  and fix it.  Get the Mumbo doll from the  drain pit in the floor. 
    Jump on the barrels by the fireplace, run along the ledge and jump onto a cabinet with a large 
    picture  above it.  Fix it.  Now enter the vortex into an alternate dimension.  There are a picture 
    you need to fix.  Jump on the table with the coffin, jump up and fix the picture, a crank will fly to 
    it's proper place. Go and turn it until the gates are all the way open. Now quickly go back to the 
    vortex and to the gates that's closing slowly. Turn on the switch and fight  that old dude again. 
    Fix a picture by the switch to  open the grating on the floor to get the cards.   There are 2 barrels 
    that's throbbing. Collect the spirits.  The Knight ghost appears and gives you  the Mega Quick 
    Shot upgrade  and the yellow soul gem for his death certificate. You gain 120 spirits. You should 
    have 525 spirits total now. Just in time to explore a new area!   
    Knight's scene:  
           His cause of death is obvious. When you show him the death certificate (he claims he didn't 
    forget how he died) he praises you and dubs you a squire, and also gives you a medal -- which 
    is the Soul Gem. 
    -Pantry Ghost: The beheaded knight. Again, uninteractivable
    Head to Upstairs Hallway by going all the way right after making a quick save pit stop at the 
     EASTER EGG: a floating candlebra leads you on, and when you reach the end, it disappears
    Go upstairs and  through the doorway, go right until you see a clock. That clock will be your new 
    HQ for this part of the game.  Enter the Trophy room right by the clock. 
    TROPHY ROOM- 25 spirits
             When you approach the fireplace, it will cast fireballs at you. Hide behind the shields and 
    use the fireballs to light the 4 candlebras around the room.  Good Luck!  That done? Let's move 
    on to collecting the spirits right after you dispatch that knight.  A lion head,  2 vases, a small 
    round table on the floor all contain spirits. Collect them and get a fragment.   A  medieval  singer 
    -Trophy Room Ghost: a Shakespearian opera singer. He just refuses to go on stage without his 
    nose being powdered, and worries that someone had a disease on their hands.
    Head out, save at the clock. Head right from the clock down the hallway until you get to  a  4 
    way intersection take the right   hallway,  go to the Toy Room which is a difficult room. 
    TOY ROOM-  15 spirits
          Check the toy box. You get shrunk down and you now have to balance on a ball all the way 
    to a switch while dealing with a funky camera movement.  I promise you this is going to be fun.  
    You have to  go slowly and use good use of the jump button.  Roll onto the blue ramp,  go over 
    the wall into the next section. There's an rotating plank so  get up there  by jumping up the long 
    yellow ramp or  speed rolling up and down the purple and red ramps and speed across. Done?  
    Ok now here's the second step.   Jump up quickly on the red steep ramp, knock down the tower 
    and go up the blue plank into the third and final section.  Go up the red ramp, stop, wait for the 
    revolving plank to swing your way, hop across. You have to do this 2 times.    OR  jump rapidly 
    up the long yellow ramp and stop and wait for the blue platform to descend . make your way 
    across the blue platforms until you get to the switch and you're done!  A toy piano,  a cabinent, 
    and a sofa has spirits. Collect them and get a fragment.  A  large lady ghost in a bonnet  
    appears. The chalkboard activates a hole in the floor, containing a Mumbo doll.
    -Toy Room Ghost: She acts all Aunt-like and is one of those people you're forced to love.
    Head out and go back to the clock.  Save.  Go left from the clock,  take the left doorway and go 
    right until you get to the Study.
    STUDY- 20 Spirits
           The objective here is to get to the light switch by using the furniture. After you fiix the picture 
    on the wall and step onto a rug with sparkles. You activate the furniture by stepping on the rugs.   
    The ones to use to get to the switch is  first use the rug by the fireplace, then quickly step on the 
    rug close to the book stand,  use the fallen bookcase to jump onto the dresser, jump on the 
    mantel and jump onto the floating bookcase. Quickly jump on the small blue table and up to the 
    switch.  Ah done!  Check the book on the stand, then collect the spirits from  2 book cases,a 
    Dresser, and a Desk.  You get a Death Certificate for the Opera Singer.   A boy ghost dressed 
    up in a tux, sniffing flowers appears. Leave and go back to the clock. 
    -Study Ghost: the man seems to be in love with someone and recites a poem... he says that 
    he'll wait here for his girl. Possibly the Bride's lover?
    Head back to the Study after saving and  continue down the hall.  Take the second left to arrive 
    at the Sun Room. 
    SUN ROOM- 15 spirits 
           The objective in this room is to adjust the mirror so the sunlight hits the Sun Globe. After 
    clearing the room,  check out the crank  by the sun globe. It'll now follow you. Go to the rear of 
    the room where the light hitting a mirror is,   use the crank to angle light at the opposite mirror,  
    then align that mirror with the next mirror in the line of sight.  move the second mirror back 
    towards the orgin, but there's a mirror near the second mirror so  shine on that.  Now  redirect 
    that mirror towards the one on the steps,   align the mirror on the steps so the light shines 
    between the  second and third column from the left towards a mirror. Go to that mirror, align that 
    one towards the one in the corner. Turn that mirror to shine onto the closest mirror.  Align THAT 
    mirror onto the Sun Globe. If you understood the direction correctly, the sun globe should give 
    off rays of blue light.  Fight that old dude yet again!   3 vases  have spirits, so collect them. The 
    Opera Singer appears and gives you the Blue Soul gem for the Death Cerificate. It  now gives 
    you Mega Power Shot and you gain 100 spirits. Head back to the clock and Save.  At this point, 
    you should have 700 spirits. 
    Opera Singer's scene (Ever notice that ALL female opera singers on TV and video games are 
           The opera singer, seeing the certificate, starts raving about her singing performance, and 
    then the food, and then back to her singing, which she comments about her "bringing the house 
    down! Oh, wait, I DID bring the house down!" (obvious cause of death) She then gives you a 
    Soul Gem, then starts ranting - I mean singing - different foods. 
    -Sun Room Ghost: The Opera Singer ghost. Nothing impressive.
    Go back to the Study, this time take the first left to the Sitting Room. 
    SITTING ROOM- 15 Spirits
          This is gonna be tricky I can't help you much, but I'd suggest clearing the room, then try to 
    chase the switch towards  the doorway to the switch plate.  When it floats right in the doorway, 
    sneak around and try to chase it north.  It depends on luck and skill.  Good Luck!  Done?  Ok.   3 
    sofas have spirits so get them and collect an fragment.   A ghostly  drunken couple appears.
     -Drunk woman: Looks like Cleopatra. She says first that the party'd be dead without them, and 
    "What's a nice place like you doing in a girl like this? 
    -Drunk Man: First, he sings (badly) and second, he says "They say, Son, you gotta drink your 
    life away. And I said... I said..." Apparently he didn't finish
    Go back to the clock.  I DID say it was going to be your HQ :) Save,  go right from the clock 
    towards the Museum. Enter the door.
    MUSEUM- 20 Spirits
            After clearing the room you now have to navigate 5 very fustrating chessboard mazes. You 
    have to avoid the knight's line of sight as much as possible. They get harder and harder.  I'll give 
    you the safe starting points to start from. From there it's all up to you. Good Luck!
    1.	on the far left 
    2.	the fourth square from the left (this one is so tricky!)
    3.	the fifth square from the left ( the first half is stationary so it should be simple)
    4.	 the fifth square in the second row( take your time and learn the patterns it also helps to be 
    5.	the fourth square ( think of it as 4 way red light green light game.  You should weave as 
    the 2 knights in the front look in the both availiable columns. Be quick!)
      AH that sure felt good to finally finish the mazes!  Now to the good stuff!  Turn on the switch, 
    and collect the spirits from  2 suits of purple armor, and a vase. Collect a Fragment.  A girl 
    ghost appears, listening to a wall- it has a secret..    activate the right suit of armor to make a 
    opening into the pillar.  Check out the book on the stand.  Leave and head back to the clock for 
    a well deserved save!
    -Museum Ghost: This one is looking for a ring behind the wall he's searching (the one the 
    Pirate has)
    From the clock head back to the Toy Room, but open the opposite door, Let's visit the children! 
    CHILDREN'S ROOM- 15 spirits
          Here's the fun part. This is an hunter/prey minigame You are the prey, the Reaper is the 
    Hunter. Got it?   Let's start by opening the closet. Enter and close the door. You now have to 
    run.  I suggest following the rats since you are a mouse, not a man!  Run for all you can.  Good 
    luck!   When  you reach the rat holes, you're safe  go back to the intersection take a right enter 
    the door. Fight time! Enjoy!  Done?  The lights come on.  Collect the spirits from 3 beds,  get a 
    Death Certificate for a  Old Lady, and don't forget to collect the Mumbo doll from the closet.  A  
    british ghost with a top hat who is drinking tea appears. 
    -Children's Room Ghost: Old man, not very smart... "I may look stupid but I'm not as old as you 
    think! I mena, I may look old but I'm not as stupid as you think!"
    Leave and go back to the Clock. Worship the almighty clock and head left to the Parlor. 
    PARLOR- 10 Spirits
        This is pretty simple- the walls reconfigure when you step on rugs.  It's pretty easy just run  
    around the room until you get the right configuration.  Pull the switch,  fight that annoying old 
    dude yet AGAIN. Collect the spirits from  a red sofa, and 2 red plush chairs. A Old Lady ghost 
    appears in a ghostly rocking chair, and bestows upon you the red soul gem for your death 
    certificate. The gem gives you Mega Ultra Shot the most impressive shot in the game and 110 
    ghosts bringing your spirit tally up to 860.  head to the clock and save.
    Old Lady's scene:  
         She offers you tea at first, which Zeke declines, and then notices the certificate. Cause of 
    death, you're wondering? Rat poison in the tea. The same tea that the old lady offers Zeke. 
    (This makes me wonder if she's supposed to be a FRIENDLY ghost...) She then gives you a 
    Soul Gem, and tries offering you tea again.
    -Parlor Ghost: Old woman. DENY, HER, TEA!
    Save.  I'm in the mood for Art, so let's go to the Gallery. From the clock, go back to the Sun 
    Room/ Sitting room hallway and continue on beyond the Foyer Door to the end of the hall to 
    get to  the Gallery.
    GALLERY- 15 spirits
           The objective here is to get rid of all  red frames ( bad and scary pictures) and get the 
    (good) wooden frames.  Make a round on the ground level to change all the paintings into 
    good.  After that, enter the Gracey portrait- the man that turns into a skeleton and continue up 
    the ramp to the right.  Use the Gracey to leave that ramp. Continue upwards and enter the 
    medusa painting.  Go left up the ramp.  Keep going left until you get the old lady portrait. Enter 
    it and leave at the other side to make the other portrait young.  Head back up to the  second 
    medusa painting. This time go to the left to change a painting. Pass it, and go back to the right 
    without entering the young/old painting. Enter Gracey and keep going right.  You'll come out on 
    a platform with a crank.   Don't use the crank yet. Fall down the left side  to change a painting 
    then make your way back up  and use the crank. Go back down the new ramp, and change all 
    the pictures to normal.  When you get to the dead end, drop off to change the owl painting. Go 
    to the gracey to fix it and you're done! Whew!   Collect the spirits from  2 vases, and a chest. 
    Collect the fragment.  A beauiful ghostly woman appears. 
    -Gallery Ghost: She's too infatuated with one of the portraits, apparently. 
    EASTER EGG: in the Gallery room there's one picture that, when bad, shows it on fire. If you 
    look at it's good picture you'lll see it's the haunted mansion in Walt Disney World.
    Leave and head for the clock.  Worship the clock and go to the stairway you used to come to 
    this floor.  Right from the clock, down the hall , past the Museum then left through the doorway 
    if you didn't remember.  Go upstairs. Yeah! Final 2 rooms!  Enter the Observatory. 
    OBSERVATORY- 10 Spirits
             Go up the ramp to the top, activate the crank. You now can perform moon jumps just like 
    if you were actually in space. This is the last platformer room so no need for directions. I'll say 
    this however,  be wary of your jumps.  Good Luck!  When you finally get to the switch at the 
    top, pull it then collect the spirits from 2 bookcases. Collect a fragment.  A ghostly King and 
    Queen couple appears. On the way out, collect the Mumbo doll.  
    -Ghost Queen: She partially acts like the queen from Snow White, then says about having to 
    go out and slay that dragon herself! Yikes!  
    -Ghost King: He's saying that the princess resides in another castle.
    Go across to the Attic. 
    ATTIC- 14 spirits
         This final room is simple- turn the 3 cranks after clearing the room.  Collect spirits from a 
    crate, a vase, and a small blue box.  Get a Death Certificate for the Pirate. Get a Mumbo doll 
    from a blue chest. Check out a book on a stand-  the final Tome!  A Pirate ghost appears and 
    gives you a Ring which  is a key to that freaky old dude's portrait, and you  gain 100 ghosts, 
    bringing your GRAND total up to 999 Spirits!  Leave the Attic.
     Pirate's scene:  
        The last pirate gives you some kind of ring (this is the very ring that the museum ghost is 
    looking for), after stating that his crew made a mutiny on him for burying the treasure. It's also 
    funny to note that his halvies share isn't quite it... "Forty percent of the loot.... Thirty percent of 
    the loot... twenty percent of the loot..." Then again, Pirates weren't known for their math.
    -Attic Ghost: The pirate. 'Nuff said.
    Go to the nearest entrance to the Foyer by heading back down, going past the clock, turning 
    left at the end of the hall and head almost all the way down to the Gallery. Enter the Foyer,  Go 
    downstairs for the final time and Worship the clock for the final time in the game.  Head to the 
    portraitof the old dude and use the Ring to gain access to the Coolest room in the game- The 
    Stretching Gallery. 
            Watch the movie, then leave. 
    As Zeke enters, Thorne laughs at him. "Thank you, Zeke, you've brought them to me." Leota 
    counters with something like "You'll never get away with this, Thorne!"  Thorne then replies, 
    cooly, with saying that his ambition is not to stop at death, but rather to conquer the land of the 
    living as well. He then goes on to say about life and afterlife and afterafterlife, and gloats over 
    the vision of it being "death, death, and more death!"  
    He then takes the beacon, the 999 souls, and the soul gems, thanking Zeke for collecting all of 
    them. He also thanks his minions for serving his will, and consumes them, claiming that their 
    energy combined would give him the power to conquer the heavens and the earth.  
    He throws away the beacon, continuing with his statement that death would come over time, 
    but Thorne has not the patience to let it wait. He then claims that everything from mountains to 
    swallows would be consumed by the worms, which will rule over all.  
    At this point he transforms into a worm. 
    He then claims that his feast has only just begun. Zeke tries to shoot him with the beacon, but 
    fails, and Thorne says that that beacon is useless without its core.  
    Its core? Zeke realizes that Leona's ball and the soul-trapper are the same size, and stuffs 
    poor Leona into the lantern.  
    Thorne continues gloating that the souls' suffering is making him more powerful, but...  
    "There's always room... FOR AT LEAST ONE MORE!"  
    Keep moving, shooting at Thorne. I'll suggest you strafe and aim for his jewel to cancel that 
    red light attack. When you think you've just beaten him, he escapes into an fiery pit.  He now is 
    a octopus/worm with 4 legs. Repeat and rinse.  
    Zeke emerges from the hole, and is greeted by the six ghosts, with the Duelist complimenting 
    on his shooting. Then... Zeke faints.  
    You then see the six ghosts circle around Zeke... They say their statement and walk - er, float 
    Opera Singer: "Zeke? Zeke??? Oh dear..."  
    Pirate: "Got the wind knocked right out of 'is sails, 'e did."  
    Old Woman: "He's... he's gone..."  
    Knight: "It was an honor to serve him..."  
    Duelist: "A Brave fella, he was."  
    Organist: "He did sort of grow on you, the little beggar."  
    As the discuss about his "death", Zeke recovers and coughs to inform the ghosts that he's still 
    alive. They cheer upon seeing him, and three of the ghosts make these comments:  
    Old Woman: "You made it!"  
    Knight: "You were victorious! We're free again!"  
    Opera Singer: "And It's all thanks you and... Leona?"  
    They realize that Leona hasn't said anything. Zeke picks up the ball, and the Knight asks if 
    Leona's there...  
    Leona: "Wooo! Take that, you sack of souls! ..Hey, is it over already? Did we win?"  
    Old Woman: "You sure did, and look. All the souls are free and happy..."  
    The narrator picks up here and says that the freed ghosts have resolved to haunt the estate 
    together, forever. He (Zeke) stayed for a while as the Caretaker, and eventually persued his 
    dream as a writer.  
    He finishes off by saying that he understood now that when he opened the door to the 
    mansion, he opened to door...  
    ....to the rest of his life.
     We've just beaten the game!
    Upgrade Weapon  
    -While holding R on the D-pad, Sq, Sq, Tri, Tri, Cir, Cir, Cir, X 
    -While holding R on the D-pad, Sq, Cir, Cir, Cir, Sq, Cir, Tri, X
     Level Select 
      - While holding  R on the D-pad, Cir, Cir, Sq, Tri, Tri, Sq, Cir,  X 
    Upgrade Weapon: 
    Hold right on d-pad and press: 
    B B Y Y X X X A 
    Hold right on d-pad and press: 
    B X X X B X Y A
    Level Select:
    Hold right on the d-pad and press:
    X X B Y Y B X A
    Upgrade Weapon 
    Hold right on the directional pad and press x,x,y,y,b,b,b,a 
    Hold right on the directional pad and press x,b,b,b,x,b,y,a
    Level Select  
    Hold right on the D pad and press the following buttons: 

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