Review by lalelulelo

Reviewed: 05/06/04

Best UFC game to date!

Well I have finally obtained this game, (wich was a huge pain, but that's not the point.) and I must say that I am thouroghly impressed. Almost every aspect of the previous titles that I disliked are fixed, and some new additions, especially the story mode, make this game far more enjoyable and less fustrating. Lets look at the game step by step:

Not too much has been changed about this aspect, except the game looks a tad bit sharper in my opinion. The meters and menus look better in my opinion. the charachters still have the same, pretty much static faces, but otherwise the game gets passing, but unimpressive grades.

Again, nothing changed. the sound affects, especially the grunting, is annoying as the previous installments.

Much improved. the controls, while using the same setup as its predessesors, is about as smooth as PRIDE. The new fighting possitions; fence mount, side mount, and stand & down are cool, although i wish some some would be more useful, i.e., it dosen't seem that you can stay in the sidemount positions for nore than a couple blows, (this was a favorite tactic of Dan Severn.)

Story mode:
this is where the game shines. The innovative way you train your fighter by joining Various acadamies is great, as i have been wishing they would put in this feature for some time. And as far as the challenges you go through to learn moves is alot less annoying than Throwdon's or Tapout 2's. And the fact that failing one results in a less powerful move is a good idea.I just wish that you could have more control over your stance and have more outfit choices (like pulling a Royce Gracie and going in with your Gi, Or like Sakuraba and the mask he used in Pride GP final in 2000). And the fact that your style that is announced is the last one you took is the one listed. However these are very mior gripes.

Price: $20? COOL!

this is the best so far, and if you are a UFC fan, it is a must have. If not, chances are that you wont' like it. This games seems to be a tad bit scarce but it is more than worth it to the fan.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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