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    Game Script by Cybiolink8000

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 08/08/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ¤¤¤¤¤¤                  ¤¤¤¤¤¤
    ¤    ¤¤¤¤¤¤        ¤¤¤¤¤¤    ¤
    ¤         ¤¤¤¤  ¤¤¤¤         ¤
    ¤  M         ¤¤¤¤       E    ¤
    ¤             ¤¤      M      ¤
    ¤     A       ¤¤    A        ¤
    ¤             ¤¤  G          ¤
    ¤        X    ¤¤             ¤
    ¤             ¤¤           T ¤
    ¤ P           ¤¤         P   ¤
    ¤   A         ¤¤       I     ¤
    ¤     Y       ¤¤     R       ¤
    ¤       N     ¤¤   C         ¤
    ¤    2    E   ¤¤ S           ¤
    ¤¤¤¤¤¤        ¤¤        ¤¤¤¤¤¤
         ¤¤¤¤¤¤   ¤¤   ¤¤¤¤¤¤
    By Cybiolink8000
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    without my permission unless I send it in to you or certain sites.
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    Seeing how this is a script of the whole game, there will
    OBVIOUSLY be massive amounts of spoilers, so THIS is your
    warning. Do NOT read on and ruin something for yourself
    then blame me or my Script. Thank You.
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
          1) Introduction
          2) Character Profiles
          3) Game Script
           Part I: The Darkness Inside
                  Prologue - The Hospital
                  Chapter One: Elevator Doors
                  Chapter Two: A Criminal Mastermind
                  Chapter Three: The Depths of My Brain
                  Chapter Four: No 'Us' In This
                  Chapter Four Continued 
                  Chapter Five: A Sign of Her Passage
                  Chapter Six: A Linear Sequence of Scares
                  Chapter Seven: The Million Dollar Question
                  Chapter Seven Continued
           Part II: A Binary Choice
                  Prologue - The Police Station
                  Chapter One: The Things That I Want
                  Chapter Two: In The Middle of Something
                  Chapter Two Continued
                  Chapter Three: Blowing Up
                  Chapter Four: Routing Her Synapses
                  Chapter Five: Out of The Window
                  Chapter Six: The Genius of The Whole
           Part III: Waking Up From The American Dream
                  Prologue - Dream Hospital
                  Chapter One: Too Stubborn To Die
                  Chapter Two: On A Crash Course
                  Chapter Three: A Mob-War
                  Chapter Three Continued
                  Chapter Four: Dearest of All My Friends
                  Chapter Five: A Losing Game
                  Chapter Six: There Are No Happy Endings
                  Chapter Seven: Love Hurts
                  Chapter Seven Continued
                  Chapter Eight: That Old Familiar Feeling
                  Chapter Eight Continued
                  Alternate Ending
          4) Specifics
          5) Credits
    1) I N T R O D U C T I O N
    	I am Max Payne. My Wife and Daughter were murdered. It had something
    to do with the designer drug 'V'. I transferred from the NYPD to the DEA,
    went undercover to find their killers. I got too close. I was framed for
    murder. With nothing to lose, I went after the Mafia during the worst winter
    storm in a century.
    	My first stop Vinnie Gogniti, a low-life in the habit of taking
    his frustrations out on under-age call girls. I left him bleeding in an alley
    after I'd gotten what I wanted out of him. I met Mona Sax in a gothic
    nightclub, Ragnarock. She was a hired killer. We were after the same man,
    her sister's sadistic husband. I was drawn to her for all the wrong reasons.
    I made a deal with Vladamir Lem. The Russian was a smooth operator. He helped
    me get to the mob boss I was after, but I was in over my head. The Government
    was involved.
    	A mystery man called Alfred Woden told me the name of my real enemy:
    Nicole Horne. Woden and Horne were both members of a secret society, The Inner
    Circle. She was behind 'V', behind everything. While working for the D.A.
    my wife had accidentally seen papers that incriminated Horne. Woden promised
    to take care of the charges against me if I took Horne out. Deputy Chief Jim
    Bravura of the NYPD was trailing me by the empty shell casings that I left
    behind. Gunshots made me deaf to the sirens, but they couldn't drown the sobs
    of my dead wife. Mona sided with me against Horne. She took a bullet for that,
    her body disappeared behind closing elevator doors. I killed Horne.
    	I gave myself up to the police. I had enough evidence against Woden to
    know he'd keep his promise. I lied to myself that it was over. I was still
    alive, my loved ones were still dead. It wasn't over.
    2) C H A R A C T E R   P R O F I L E S
    Max Payne - Main character, naturally
    Mona Sax - Max's femme fatal
    Jim Bravura - Police Chief
    Vinnie Gognitti - Owns the mobsters
    Vladmair Lem - Owns the cleaners and the commandos
    Detective Winterson - Vlad's girlfriend
    Annie Finn - Vlad's other girlfriend
    Senator Alfred Woden - Member of the Inner Circle
    Senator Gate - Member of the Inner Circle
    Mr. Corcoran - Member of the Inner Circle
    Kaufman - Boss to the cleaners
    The Hospital
    Dream Max's Apartment Building/Morgue
    Max's Apartment Building
    Funhouse/Mona's Apartment
    Senator Gate's/Inner Circle Member's Apartment Building
    The Police Station
    Funhouse Part II
    Condemned Building/Construction Site
    Dream Hospital Part II/Pink Bird Mental Institute/Winterson-Mona Standoff
    Hospital Part III
    Vodka Part II
    Mob-War Apartments/Gognitti's Used Car Lot
    Funhouse Part III
    Dream Crime Scene/Dream Police Station Max Payne Chase
    Woden's Manor
    3) G A M E   S C R I P T
           Part I: The Darkness Inside
                  Prologue - The Hospital
    Mona: [Laughing] God! I turned out to be such a damsel in distress.
    Max Payne: They were all dead. Love kills. Did I love her? Was there a choice?
               The past is a gaping hole. You try to run from it, but the more you
               run, the deeper, more terrible it grows behind you, it's edges
               yawning at your heels. Your only chance is to turn around and face
    Cop: We are at the scene, repeat, we are at the scene.
    Max Payne: But it's like looking down into the grave of your love.
    Cop: Check the area! Hold your fire!
    Max Payne: Or kissing the mouth of a gun. A bullet trembling in it's dark nest,
               ready to blow your head off.
    Doctor 1: We are losing him!
    Doctor 2: Muliple gunshot wounds. Pupils blown. Head-trama. God only knows
              what else.
    Doctor 1: He's in shock. Start two largebore IVs. Get him to ICU, stat!
    Doctor 2: He's not responding! This guy is a trainwreck.
    Doctor 1: We're losing him.
    Max Payne: When I woke up in the hospital earlier tonight, I thought it
               couldn't get any worse. I opened my eyes and everything slid into
               focus. She was dead. [Max Groans] I was hurt. My crime, what I had
               done, was like a hungry pit behind me. I had to run, get as far
               away from it as possible. The world was out of joint. I was
               hallucinating. I had to get away.
    [Max hears voices]
    Mona: Max, the route's clear.
    Vladamir: Allow me to present, Max Payne.
    Cop: Comon, officer.
    Mona: Max.
    Vladamir: Max
    Mona: We're here.
    Vladamir: Max, dearest of all my friends.
    Vinnie: Payne?
    Jim Bravura: It's yours Payne.
    Mona: We need to get out of here now.
    Vladamir: Max, 911.
    Mona: We need to leave now. Max, sorry I woke you.
    Cop: Run, Payne, run!
    Winterson: Max, what's going on?
    Mona: Max, about what happened.
    Max: Hello? Anyone there?
    Vladamir: I would fuck her.
    Bravura: Max Payne! Drop your weapon!
    Max: NYPD, freeze!
    Bravura: What were you thinkin'?
    Winterson: Back off, Payne.
    Mona: Max? Max? Answer me, Max?
    Mona: What are you so afraid of? What do you want from me?
    Max Payne: There was a blindspot in my head, a bullet-shaped hole where
               the answers should be. Call it denial. I wanted to dig
               inside my skull and scrape out the pain.
    [Ringing Phone]
    Voice: Is this the Payne residence?
    Doctor: Doctor Magdelana from ER, you can give away the bed you were holding
            for me. The detective we were waiting for was DOA. She's headed for
            the morgue.
    Commando: I'll deal with Payne, he's as good as dead.
    Max: Freeze, NYPD!
    Commando: Found him!
    [Max hears voices]
    Mona: She's one of them. She's here to kill me.
    Winterson: Back off, Payne!
    Max: Winterson!
    [A TV is on in the waiting room showing the first episode of
    "Address Unknown"]
    John: Mirra's men had caught me. Their black van took me out of the
          city. The countryside was sickeningly pretty: The sun setting
          on a sweet summer day, rain sparkling on grass, birds in the
          trees, children playing. The Pink Bird Mental Institute.
          [Panicked breathing] Mirra's men pretended to be hospital
    Patient: The flesh. The flesh. I think I died. I think I'm dead. I don't
             know. I don't know. Death is coming. It's coming. They're here.
             They're here. Get away. Get away. I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna
             hurt you.
    John: They said I was an escaped mental patient.
    Doctor: Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenic. You are insane, psychotic.
            You have to eat plenty of pills to get better.
    John: They lied that I had killed my girlfriend. John Mirra came to
          mock me in the bathroom mirror.
    John Mirra: [Evil laugh]
    John: The flamingo was with him.
    Flamingo: .mirrorS arE morE fuN thaN televisioN
    John: Mirra claimed my girlfriend had turned evil, joined him.
    Flamingo: .shE haS dieD heR haiR reD
    [Frustrated scream]
    John: I smashed the mirror. I'd kill them all.
    Announcer: Stay tuned as 'Address Unknown' continues.
    [A commercial comes on the TV next]
    Announcer: Castling Insurance Companies, because your home is your castle.
               For more information, call now. 555-Castle.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: This week, television is as fun as mirrors. Two days and night,
               non-stop. The cult-series, Address Unknown. All the episodes, all
               the madness, in our return to sender marathon.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: A glass of Gold Touch Brandy, to make you feel rich and famous.
    Girl: Hi, have me met before? Is this seat taken? [Laughs]
    Announcer: Gold Touch Brandy, a taste of gold.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: American's Avenger 9mm handgun - when it's too late to protect
               your loved ones.
    Girl: No! No! Noooo!
    Announcer: American's Avenger, for the payback time.[Gunshots] To order now,
               call 555-Gun, and you'll recieve a year's worth of ammunition
               absolutely free.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    [Girl moaning]
    Man: Max Heat is back.
    Girl: Oh, baby. [Moans]
    Announcer: Max Heat and Laura Norder in 'Max Heat 7'. Latenight adult
               entertainment after midnight.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Vladamir Lem: Please to meet you, dearest of all my friends, allow me to
                  introduce myself. I am Vladamir Lem. I invite you to the
                  Grand Opening of my restaurant, 'Vodka'. Come, make a scene,
                  you will be seeing clear as Vodka.
    Announcer: 'Vodka' - style, grace, and taste. Opening soon.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: Who's the man with nothing to lose? Who's the griemiest,
               cat-bustin', metaphor-spewin', avengin' bad ass in the
               ghetto? That's right. Dick Justice.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: Clean Sing cleaning products. After dirty business, come
               clean with us. Dial 555-Clean. That's 555-Clean. Clean Sing
               cleaning products, the choice of crime scene clean-up services.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: A boy...
    Captain Baseballbat-boy: I don't mean to brag, but give me a bat and a
                             zombie head, and I'll hit a home run every single
    Announcer: A girl...
    Bicyclehelmet-girl: Yawn! Wake me up when you're done trying to impress me.
    Anouncer: An army of freaking zombie demons from outer space.
              [Zombie groans] And a whole lot of cartoon Kung-Fu butt kicking.
              The adventures of Captain Baseballbat-boy!
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: In the Brooklyn School for the Blind, we know that seeing is
               not the same as believing. The Brooklyn School for the Blind,
               our doors are open.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    [Phone rings]
    Girl: Hi, you've called Dangerous Liasons. Call 555-Pssy, when you want
          to do more than just talk. Dangerous Liasons, our girls are eager
          to hear from you.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: Interfectum 600 mgs - a serious painkiller for serious pain.
    Testimony: When I got shot in the line of duty as a Police Officer,
               Interfectum was all I took for the pain.
    Announcer: Interfectum kills your pain. Interfectum 600 mgs - a serious
               painkiller for serious pain.
    [Another commercial comes on the TV]
    Announcer: Rackenteur magazine says "It is the best costume drama since
               'The Tragic Affairs of Johnathan Nightingale'". 'Elegant', says
               "It has more melodrama than the award-winning 'Of Sudden Loss of
               Innocence'". 'Silgenlace', gives it five handkerchiefs. 'Lords and
               Ladies' continues with all new episodes.
    [The elevator door opens revealing Deputy Chief Jim Bravura]
    Bravura: Payne!
    Bravura: You're not going anywhere! What happened out there? You did it!
             Internal affairs is breathing down my neck! Did you do it? You
             killed her!
    Max: No. I can't -
    [Commando shoots Bravura with Ingram]
    Bravura: Bullshit! [As he slides down the now bloody wall]
    [Commando shoots the nozzle on a gas canister]
    Commando: What the? [He runs away]
    [The gas canister wheels itself into the open elevator and explodes]
    Max Payne: They were after me. It was my fault. You can't run from your
               past. You'll end up running in circles. Until you fall back down
               to the same hole you were trying to escape from, only the hole's
               grown deeper.
    Max Payne: I had tried to run from it, edit it out. Winterson was dead, I was
               a murderer. A false start. The hospital bed wasn't the beginning.
               It was past the point of no return, the fatal choice already made,
               and it would get worse before the end. The past is a puzzle, like a
               broken mirror. As you piece it together, you cut yourself. Your
               image keeps shifting, and you change with it. It could destroy you,
               drive you mad. It could set you free.
    Cop: You inside! Drop your weapons and come out with your hands above your
    Max Payne: You'll see the choices you didn't know you'd made, like staying at
               work late to chat with a friend, instead of hurrying home to your
    Cop: Fan out people! Circle around! Cover all the exits!
    Max Payne: Kissing her, I think of the cold laws of cause and effect.
    Cop: Where are those extra units? Call the central! We need every available
         unit here now!
    Max Payne: I am afriad. But I start again from the beginning, trace my own
               steps to the scene of the crime.
                  Chapter One: Elevator Doors
    Max Payne: I had wanted to be punished for what I had done. But Alfred
               Woden had kept his word. With his influence, ridiculously, I had
               emerged from my history of violence unscathed, a hero. I didn't
               thank him. I couldn't stomach it. I left the DEA. I went back to
               where I'd started out, back to the job, the NYPD.
    Police Dispatcher: ...reported shots fired in a warehouse there, acknowledge.
    Max: It's mine, I'm on it.
    Police Dispatcher: Ten four.
    Max Payne: It wasn't a call for a homicide detective, but I knew the address.
               The warehouse belonged to Vladamir Lem. He was connected to
               organized crime. We went back a while. 'Like brothers caught on
               the opposite sides in a Civil War'. His words.
    [Max drives into the warehouse parking lot]
    Girl's voice: Help! No, stay back! Get away from me, help!
    [Max uses his radio]
    Max: I need backup. Unknown number of armed perps inside. Possible hostage
    Dispatcher: Ten Four. Backup is on it's way.
    Max: I'm going in.
    Max Payne: With no way to deal with the past, I kept my eyes on the road, off
               the rearview mirror and the roadkill behind me. I chased lesser
               mysteries, other people's crimes.
    [TV is on]
    Sharon Justice: [Crying] Please!
    Bad Guy: Die! Die!
    Dick Justice: Freeze! [Gunshots] Oh no.. no, no, oh, God, Sharon, baby!
    Announcer: Stranded in the dark and violent night, Dick Justice, a lone,
               hardboiled, fugitive cop, framed for the murder of his wife.
               On a quest for vengence through the criminal underworld in the
               city's heart of darkness.
    Dick Justice: The rain was coming down like all the angels in heaven and
                  I decided to take a piss at the same time. In a situation
                  like mine, you can only think in metaphors. They had killed
                  the love of my life. They were going to pay.
    [Door opens]
    Max: NYPD!
    Cleaner: Woah, easy, Officer, easy. Just cleaning the place. Comon',
             Officer, it's all legit. I work for the Squeaky Cleaning
    Max: You didn't hear anything suspicious just now?
    Cleaner: No, no. Oh, wait. [Laughs] You mean the gun workshop upstairs?
    Max: Take me there. Move.
    Cleaner: Sure, Officer. If that's what you want. You know, Officer,
             you cops got it easy. All you have to do is go to the crime
             scene and look around a bit. We're the ones who have to clean
             up that mess, brains, and guts and shit.
    Max: Detective.
    Cleaner: DT, eh? You know what I mean. [Laughs] You get the credit, what
             do we get?
    Max: Right.
    Cleaner: [Laughs] Oh, yeah! You know what I'm saying.
             [He opens another door] After you, Detective.
    [You go through the door]
    Cleaner: Oh, Detective. I've got something for you. [Pulls out a pistol]
    [If you shot at the cleaner]
    Cleaner: A cop! Get in here! Get him!
    [If you kill the cleaner before he pulls out a gun]
    Max Payne: The perp's disguise didn't fool me. He was leading me into
               a trap.
    [After you go through the door and kill the two cleaners]
    Max Payne: The perps were masquerading as cleaners.
    Cleaner 1: I'm not a violent man by nature, but it pisses me off more than
               anything when they do that. It's an insult, that's what it is!
               We're trying to clean the place, they should have more sense than
               to bleed on the floor.
    Cleaner 2: That's the ticket. We should find a way to kill them without
               spilling any blood. You know, gas them, or poison, or something.
    [When you go upstairs there are two more cleaners talking]
    Cleaner 1: Kaufman's waiting in the van. The hardware's been bagged. Soon as
               the guys get Jackie Brown in there taken care of, we're done.
    Cleaner 2: Okay, I'll round up the crew, make sure the clean-up's done:
               bodies, blood, prints, hair, mags, empty brass... When we're out
               of here, there won't be a shred of evidence for the cops to find.
               Just a ghost story.
    [When you enter the empty gun storage room]
    Max Payne: The room looked like a gun storage, but it had been cleaned out.
    [When you see an answering machine]
    Max Payne: The answering machine had a message on it.
    [If you press the action button on it]
    Annie: You've reached Annie Finn. I'm not here right now, cause I'm building
           nasty things that kill. So leave a message after the beep.
    Vladamir: Sweet Annie, Vlad here. To be a gun in your gentle care. A man
              can dream. Sorry I couldn't be there as promised, something's come
              up. Nothing to worry about, but keep an eye out for trespassers.
              If anything happened to you - Anything comes up, just whistle,
              and I'll be there. [Hangs up]
    Answering Machine: You have, no, new messages.
    [When you go near the room with Annie in it]
    Cleaner: I told you to sit down.
    [Annie Screams]
    Cleaner: Enough chit-chat. Finish her.
    Annie: Wait, the Mob guys attacked us! I have no beef with you guys, you
           took them out! Listen, I work for Vladamir!
    Cleaner: Honey, you work for no one.
    Annie: What do you want? We, we can-
    [Max opens the door]
    Max: NYPD! Drop 'em!
    [Cleaner shoots at Max but Max dives back out the door]
    Cleaner: [To other cleaner] Finish her!
    Annie: Oh, God, no-
    [Other cleaner shoots her in the head at point blank range]
    Max Payne: Like all the bad things in my life, it started with the
               death of a woman. I couldn't save her.
    [Sirens wail]
    Cleaner: Time's up! The cops!
    Cleaner: We're leaving. Out now. The back door. Kaufman won't wait.
    [A cleaner presses the elevator button]
    Cleaner: Come on, come on! [Beep] [Cleaner sighs] Finally.
    [The elevator opens revealing Mona Sax]
    [Mona shoots a headshot on a cleaner and then a second cleaner]
    3rd Cleaner: Hey! [Turns around and points his gun at Mona]
    [Mona shoots a head shot at the 3rd cleaner]
    Max: Mona?
    Mona: Max, we gotta stop meeting like this.
    [Elevator door starts to shut and Mona goes back inside]
    Max: Mona!
    Mona Sax: If you think nothing can get to you, you're lying to
              yourself. At best you're temporarily dead. A lightning bolt
              can reanimate you without a warning.
    Max Payne: My backup had arrived, but the cleaners were slipping away,
               making a run for it.
    Cleaner: Get in! Go, Kaufman, go!
    [Max shoots at the van until it turns around and heads for him]
    Winterson: Max! [She pulls him out of the way of the van]
               You all right?
    Max: I'm ok, dammit.
    Winterson: Hey, we're working together on this.
    Bravura: You got sloppy, Payne. You screwed up. It's unacceptable
             that she's dead. You can do better.
    Max Payne: I played it as business as usual. But everything had changed
               the moment those elevator doors opened to reveal Mona.
    Max: Annie Finn was a licensed gunsmith, licensed dealer in firearms.
    Bravura: Right. The property of Vladamir Lem. Three groups, One: DOA's who
             had connections to Russian OC.
    Winterson: Identified as Finn's employees.
    Bravura: Two: The Mafia. And three: The clowns wearing the cleaning
             company jumpsuits
    Max: They mentioned a name, 'Kaufman'.
    Bravura: This one's evil, it has only started. I don't like it.
             I don't like it a bit. It's yours, Payne. It makes no sense.
             For you, Winterson. Homicide, Sebastien Gate, it's going to
             be all over the news.
    Winterson: The Senator?
    Max Payne: Winterson was the ideal, what the job was all about.
               Someone to look up to. Bravura knew it too.
    Bravura: We got lucky. There's an eyewitness.
    Max Payne: She hovered over my shoulder wispering warnings. I didn't
               want to listen. Mona was the suspect in Winterson's case.
               I didn't tell them I had seen her. I wanted to stall. Maybe
               it was because she was alive when everyone else kept dying
               on me, survivor's guilt washed away.
    [Winterson's phone rings and another Officer picks it up]
    Other Officer: Detective Winterson's phone.
    Winterson: Give me that!
    Other Officer: Your boyfriend.
    Max Payne: The computer search on the 'Squeaky Cleaning Company' and
               'Kaufman' had come up empty.
                  Chapter Two: A Criminal Mastermind
    Max Payne: I needed to talk to Vlad, get his version, be the bearer
               of bad news on Annie Finn. Vlad had bought the old
               'Ragnarock' - nightclub. He was renovating it into a trendy
               restaurant, 'Vodka'. Mona's appearance had triggered a
               dislocation, schizophrenia. I felt elation, but with it, fear
               that all the past evils had come along for the ride.
    [Max knocks on the front door]
    [Gunshots throughout]
    Max: Vlad!
    Vladamir: Max, 911! Bad guys with big guns. They've got me pinned down in
              in entrance hall. Could use some help. Could use it now.
    Max Payne: I had to find another way to reach Vlad. No time to call backup,
               my case had a life of it's own. I got in through the back door.
               Memories of my previous visit here lurked in the shadows, a
               musty smell under the coat of new paint.
    Vladamir: [Over loudspeaker] Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present Max
              Payne, New York's finest with the biggest mobster body count ever.
              Derest guests, prepare to die. [Gunshots] Max, I'd love to come
              and welcome you but I'm busy dodging bullets and hiding under a
              desk at the moment.
    Thug 1: Help!
    Thug 2: Stop him!
    Thug 1: Too many! Run!
    Thug 2: And he's down! All clear here! They want war, we'll kill 'em,
            right, Fats?
    Fats: They got what's comin' to them.
    Thug 1: Now we just need to find the motherfucker hiding behind the microphone
            and shut him up.
    Thug 2: Yeah, pull his plug.
    Thug 1: What was he going on about anyway?
    Thug 2: [Laughing] Don't ask.
    [When you go into Vladamir's office]
    Max Payne: Someone was talking on the other line.
    [If you press the action  button on the phone]
    Vladamir: Nothing to worry about, baby. I'm going to be all right.
              When haven't I been all right? Max is here now. You know Max.
              I'll call you when it's over. I love you, baby. [Hangs up]
    Max Payne: Vlad was a perfect gentleman, reassuring his girlfriend,
               someone other than Annie.
    [If you press the action button on the microphone]
    Max: Vlad? Shut up and stay alive, I'm coming.
    Vladamir: Max! You heard him, he's coming for you. Max, these wiseguys
              are really lousy shots. You should have no trouble taking them.
    Thug 1: He's coming!
    Thug 2: He's alone! Stop him!
    Mike: How do you like it now?
    Mike: Hey, you Max Payne?
    Max: Afraid so.
    Mike: Max, I'm Mike, Vladamir's friend. You are the sherrif, how
          about making me your deputy?
    Max: Let's go bail out your boss before he talks us all to death.
    Mike: Let's ride.
    [If you press the action button on him]
    Max: I changed my mind. You stay put.
    Mike: Police business. Got it.
    Max: You wait here, Mike.
    Mike: Sure thing, sherrif.
    [If you press the action button on him again]
    Max: I could use some help, Mike.
    Mike: Rock 'n Roll, partner. I'll watch your back
    Max: Let's go, Mike.
    Mike: All right!
    [Captain BaseballBat-Boy theme song plays on tv]
    Anouncer: 'The Adventures of Captain BaseballBat-Boy'. Episode one
              hundred and sixty five. Captain BaseballBat-Boy's girlfriend.
    Catain BaseballBat-Boy: Yack! She's not my girlfriend!
    Announcer: Catain BaseballBat-Boy's arch nemisis.
    Captain BaseballBat-Boy: That's more like it.
    Announcer: Bicyclehelmet-Girl has been kidnapped by the villainous
               Maxwell's Demon.
    Bicycle Helmet-Girl: Get your hands off me, you ugly freak!
    Maxwell's Demon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Anouncer: To save her, Captain BaseballBat-Boy must battle through a hoard
              of Demon's minions, the freaking zombie-demons from outer space.
    [Zombie groans]
    Captain BaseballBat-Boy: Bases loaded.
    [Zombie groans]
    [Crack of baseball bat]
    Fast ball! Ugh! Foul ball.
    [Zombie groans]
    Grand slam!
    [Crack of baseball bat]
    Announcer: Captain BaseballBat-Boy has hit a home run. But can he find
               Maxwell's Demon's secret lair before the game is over?
    Maxwell's Demon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Announcer: Find out, in the next episode of 'The Adventures of Captain
    [Theme song plays again]
    [When Mike sees the corpses on the ground and the tv on he comments]
    Mike: They asked for it. Just follow the trail.
          Very good show. Very funny. Baseball bat!
    Thug 1: Jesus Christ! Apocalypse now. Got some heavy shit here.
    Thug 2: Tone it down. Just take everything, leave them nothing.
    Thug 3: Be on the lookout, the Russians are sneaky bastards.
    Max Payne: Winterson would have found a way to do this nice, neat and
               clean. Logic told me backup should be on it's way, someone
               must have heard the gunfire. Logic was such a liar.
    Thug 1: Teeth, the whole set for a tooth, the only way to do it.
            They chip one of ours, we go dental on them.
    Thug 2: [Laughs] What can you do? Vinnie's the boss. Half of the time
            he's too busy playing with his toys.[Action figures]
    Thug 1: Gun business is our business. Ours, I don't care who says otherwise.
            We're in the gun business.
    Thug 2: Right. What can you do?
    [When they see you]
    Thug 1: Shit!
    [The door shuts]
    Mike: We'll get them. Up the stairs.
    Thug: Up here! In the attic! More of them!
    Mike: Hey! Who taught you to shoot?!
    Mike: Big trouble.
    Vladamir: [Over loudspeaker] Max, my friend, it was fun for a moment
              there -
    But my gun doesn't have unlimited ammo. If you can, hurry.
    Vladamir: [Over loudspeaker] Max? Damn it -
    [Vladamir screams]
    Mike: That was bad.
    Max Payne: Vlad wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. If it
               wasn't too late already.
    Vinnie: What are you doing?! Kill him! Kill the Russian!
    Vladamir: [Laughs] This is embarrasing, Vinnie. Did you teach them
              to shoot?
    Vinnie: Kill him! Fucking kill him!
    Mike: We're coming, boss.
    Vladamir: Give up, Vinnie. They are coming to take you away.
              Can you hear them?
    Vinnie: Shut up! Shut up!
    Vladamir: Come on, Vinnie, you are not really cut out for this.
    Vinnie: Die, Russian! Fucking die already!
    Vladamir: You are not even trying!
    [Max knocks on the wall beside Vladamir]
    Max: Hang on, Vlad.
    Vladamir: Max!
    Max: I'm coming!
    Vinnie: Oh no! Payne! Not him, fuck, fuck, fuck! What are you waiting for?
            Circle around and kill him! Kill the cop! [To his thugs]
    Vladamir: The way your hands are shaking, you couldn't hit a truck!
    Vinnie: Shut up! Shut up and die, Russian!
    Vinnie: Payne! [Shoots at Payne] You'll fucking pay for this, Russian,
            you'll fucking pay! [Runs away]
    [Vladamir come out of hiding]
    Vladamir: My hero. You saved my life. I could kiss you.
    Max: Vinnie Gognitti, a criminal mastermind?
    Vladamir: He is wiping out everyone he sees as competition on the black
              market gun trade. The Mafia underboss has made a deal with
              someone powerful.
    Max: What was it you did for a living again?
    Vladamir: Scouts honor, Detective. I have mended my ways, evolved to a
              higher level. 'Vodka' will be the best restaurant in the city.
              I'll be rich and famous. Annie was a princess. They killed her
              for no reason.
    Max: You hurt your hand just now?
    Vladamir: [Laughs] A hot date yesterday. Can I tempt you? [For a drink]
    Max: Let's pretend I'm on duty.
                  Chapter Three: The Depths of My Brain
    Max Payne: Home sweet home. Something in the night felt like a door had
               been opened, an echo of the past, an old monster snapping it's
               eyes open in the depths of my brain. Closing your eyes forces
               you to look at the darkness inside.
    TV Announcer: And now, 'Address Unknown'.
    Max Payne: I hadn't slept in a long time. When I did, my dreams were
    John: I was trapped in a nightmare. My evil double had taken my
    Max Payne: In a nightmare, every choice you make is a wrong one.
    John: Following him, I had somehow slipped into a twisted
          alternate reality, Noir York City.
    Max Payne: I would wake up at night, afraid that day was a dream I'd
    John: My double was John Mirra. He was the devil incarnate, a
          fallen angel.
    Flamingo's voice on TV: .thE flesH oF falleN angelS
    John: He was a serial  killer. He had framed me for his murders.
          I was hiding in a cheap motel. One night, I woke to a knock
          at the door. [Someone knocks on Max's door] Someone slipped
          a note under the door. It was a clue. [*Cybio's note: Do a dive
          into the door and you'll see that it actually isn't anyone who
          slides the picture under the door. No one is there! Heh heh*]
          I decended into a mystery, desperate to catch him, to find my
          girlfriend, to save her. A labyrinth of my double's making,
          from one grisly murder scene to the next.
    [If you try to turn off the TV it doesn't go off]
    Max: That's odd.
    [When you get to the bottom of the stairs]
    Mona's voice: Max.
    [When you go near Mona's corpse, her shelf slides out showing her in a
    bodybag then she appears alive and well sitting on a table across the room]
    Mona: Max, sorry I woke you. Shhh, it's a secret. You must tell no one.
    [Phone rings]
    You better answer that.
    [If you press the action button on her]
    Mona: Max.
    [When you answer the phone]
    Vladamir's voice: Nothing to worry about, baby. I'm going to be all right.
                      When haven't I been all right? Max is here now. You know
                      Max. I'll call you when it's over. I love you, baby.
                      [Hangs up]
    [Police sirens]
    Winterson's voice: We need to hit the place now, Payne's in there.
    Mona: They know that you know. You must run.
    Bravura: Max Payne, drop your weapons and come out with your hands above
             your head! This is your final warning!
    Cop: Run, Payne, run! We are going to shoot.
    Bravura: Bring him down, shoot to kill.
    [They shoot at you]
    [There is a billboard outside with Max on it and it reads
    "Everyone I touch dies"]
    Winterson: You don't need a lawyer, just tell us what you did.
    Bravura: Payne, you're done. Everything you say will be used against you.
    Winterson: What are you hiding? She's alive, isn't she?
    Bravura: People get near you, they die. You killed your family, you killed
             them all.
    Winterson: Confess.
    Max: Do I get my phone call?
    [Knock on door]
    Winterson: You already got it.
    Bravura: Don't push your luck, sit down.
    Winterson: We're just getting started.
    Bravura: Payne, sit down now.
    Winterson: Don't get any bright ideas.
    [When you pick up the pistol on the desk]
    Bravura: Put it down, put it down now!
    Winterson: Drop your weapon!
    [They shoot at you so you kill them]
    Mona's voice: My hero.
    Max Payne: When you're waking up, the world is a blur. What was clear in
               a dream, suddenly makes no sense. No surreal rescues. No easy,
               magic way out.
    [Knock on door]
    [Max walks up to the door and opens it]
    But you are awake.
                  Chapter Four: No 'Us' In This
    Max Payne: I had woken up to a knock at my door.
    [Both have guns drawn]
    Max: Mona, I was wondering when you'd show up.
    Mona: Max. I'm not here to kill you. Aren't you going to ask me in?
    [They go into Max's apartment]
    [Mona's bites into an apple]
    Mona: You are in danger. Both of us are. There's a contract out on us.
    Max: There's no 'us' in this. You are a murder suspect, I should take
         you in. [Max opens the blinds]
    Max Payne: I was hiding behind the badge. The real thing is never what
               you think it will be.
    [Sniper shot]
    Max: Sniper!
    [Sniper shot]
    Mona: They found me. This was a mistake. [She runs away]
    Max: Wait! Mona!
    Max Payne: She had woken me up. She had come and gone. And now I was being
               shot at. I had to catch her, find out what was going on.
    [If you press the action button on the phone]
    Winterson: Winterson.
    Max: It's me, Max. I'm at home. Sniper outside the window. Sounds like more
         gun men behind the door, closing in. I need help.
    Winterson: Max? Oh, ok. Hang on. We'll get you out. Who's after you?
    Max: Can't talk. Don't know. Gotta go. [Hangs up]
    [If you try to open the apartment door(A303) opposite Max's]
    Old Man: No one's home! Go away!
    [If you try to follow Mona]
    Max Payne: Something was barring the door from the other side.
    [If you try to open the elevator]
    Max Payne: They had jammed the elevator.
    [When you go near Apartment A305]
    Old Lady: Oh, no you won't! Get out! Get out!
    [A thug comes flying out the door]
    [When you see the old lady she talks to you]
    Old Lady: No one's driving me out of my home.
    Max: Careful with that gun, lady.
    Old Lady: The detective from 304? I have another gun like this if
              you need it. I didn't want to shoot. He gave me no choice.
              This is my home, I have a right to defend it.
    [If you press the action button on her]
    Max: Ok, let's see that shotgun.
    Old Lady: Come in.
    [She unlocks a cupboard]
    [When you take the shotgun]
    Max: Thank you.
    Old Lady: My pleasure. Hoodlums! This used to be a nice neighborhood.
              He was trespassing, you saw it. Used to be a time when you
              didn't have to lock your door.
    [When you leave her apartment]
    Max: Lock the door and don't open it for anyone but the police.
    [The door shuts]
    [If you try to test her]
    Old Lady: Go away! I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it.
    [A van drives into the visable area down below]
    Cleaner: Up there on the ledge. He's up there.
    [A bunch of cleaners get out of the van]
    [If you did not use the phone in Max's apartment you can use this one]
    Winterson: Winteron.
    Max: Max here. I'm at home. Cleaners have hit the building. I'm the
         target. They're coming in numbers. I need help.
    Winterson: Max? Okay, hang on. We're on our way. We'll get you out.
    Max: Hurry.
    [The Lords and Ladies theme song plays on the tv]
    Lord Valentine: My Lady, wait!
    Lady Amelia: My Lord.
    Lord Valentine: My Lady, this is a surprise, finding you here. Were you
                    looking for me by chance?
    Lady Amelia: My Lord, I, I was... Oh, this is so difficult!
    Lord valentine: My Lady?
    Lady Amelia: My Lord, I came to see you, but now that I am here I can
                 see that this was a dreadful mistake.
    Lord Valentine: My Lady, no. Surely-
    Lady Amelia: My Lord, I should go! Should anyone see us together, your
                 reputation would be ruined.
    Lord Valentine: My Lady, stay-
    Lady Amelia: My Lord, please forgive me! [She runs away]
    Lord Valentine: My Lady!
    [The Lords and Ladies theme song plays again]
    Announcer: After the break, an all-new episode of Lords and Ladies.
    [If you shoot or turn of the tv at any time the old man wakes up]
    Old Man: No, no! Put it back on, they'll hear! They're spying on
             me, they're listening, spying on all of us. They'll hear
             if the TV's not on. The signal, the signal fools them.
             [Laughs briefly] Yes, My Lord. No, My Lady. Turn it back
             on! [He goes back to sleep and snores again]
    Cleaner: Kaufman wants this taken care of. Let's just find the guy
             so we can off him and go home.
    Cleaner 2: Know what this is? The finale, the climax before the
               credits roll.
    [When they see you]
    Cleaner: Payne!
    Cleaner 2: There he is! We've been waiting for this!
    Old Lady: Hello? [Door opens] I heard a noise. A noise woke me
              up. Such a nice young man, coming to see an old lady
              like me.
    Max: Just passing through, Ma'am.
    Old Lady: Such a nice boy. Not like the ones upstairs. They
              say they're renovating, but it's too quiet. They're
              up to no good. The doctor gave me pills for my hip,
              but it's all better now. You should take them, you
              look a bit pinched, dear. They're in the bathroom.
              With all these cleaners you'd think that the place
              would be neater. I heard them talking in the corridor.
              Peeping toms. I remember sunlit days in the countryside
              with my Ben. Or was that something I saw on TV?
    Max Payne: I had found the sniper's hideout. The room was full of
               surveillance equipment. They had been spying on me for
               days, weeks, months even. My every action observed,
               recorded, analyzed. The place was the proof every
               paranoic dreams of.
    [If you press the action button on the camera]
    Max Payne: Home is where the heart is.
    [Max can see three cleaners in his apartment.]
    Cleaner: Simple, not like in a movie where the hero gets a chance
             to disarm the bomb.
    Max Payne: Once upon a time it had been a house in the suburbs.
    Cleaner: He opens the door, and BOOM!
    Max Payne: And now, nothing was left of it.
    [The third cleaner opens the door]
    [The bomb blows up and all three cleaners die]
    Max Payne: I wasn't happy about the way the cleaners were doing
               their job.
    [If you listen to the tape of Max's phone calls]
    [If you called Winterson on the first phone you hear the following]
    Winterson's voice: Winterson.
    Max's voice: It's me, Max. I'm at home. Sniper outside the window.
                 Sounds like more gun men behind the door, closing in.
                 I need help.
    Winterson's voice: Max? Okay, hang on. We'll get you out. Who's
                       after you?
    Max's voice: Can't talk. Don't know. Gotta go. [Hangs up]
    [If you called Winterson on the second phone you hear the following]
    Winterson's voice: Winteron.
    Max's voice: Max here. I'm at home. Cleaners have hit the building.
                 I'm the target. They're coming in numbers. I need help.
    Winterson's voice: Max? Okay, hang on. We're on our way. We'll get
                       you out.
    Max's voice: Hurry.
    Max's voice: Leave a message.
    Bravura's voice: Payne? Where are ya? You're late again. Look, this
                     insomnia crap isn't fooling anyone. I know what it's
                     like, I just want to help. You should come to an AA
                     meeting with me. [Hangs up]
    Girl's voice: Thank you for calling "Dangerous Liasons". For Candy,
                  press 1. For Sandy, press 2. For Mona, press 3.
                  [Keypad beep] You pressed 3, for Mona.
    Mona's voice:(Not Mona Sax) Hi, this is Mona. What's your name?
    Max's voice: I just need someone to talk to.
    Mona's voice: Honey, this is a phone sex line, all we do is talk.
    Max's voice: Right. It's- How do you fix something like that? How do
                 you make amends? I thought it would help, but it only
                 made it worse.
    Mona's voice: Just give me your credit card number and I can listen
                  to you talk all night.
    Max's voice: Killing them all only made it worse. It didn't bring
                 them back.
    Mona's voice: Hey! What are you, some kind of a weirdo?
    Max's voice: Sorry, this was- sorry. [Hangs up]
    Cleaner 1: It's not the same thing. I'm telling you. I understand what
             she did, but I don't condone it.
    Cleaner 2: The same thing, it's the same thing.
    Cleaner 1: It's not! I get what she did and why she did it, but that
               doesn't mean I think it's okay.
    Cleaner 2: You get it means you condone it.
    Cleaner 1: I understand you're an idiot, I don't condone it.
    Old Lady: Oh my God, oh my God!
    [Grenade blows up]
                  Chapter Four Continued 
    [When you see a keypad]
    Max Payne: I wasn't going to get through without the code. Behind
               the door were the suites. They weren't an improvement on
               the regular apartments.
    [When you go in the elevator to another floor and the door opens]
    [Cleaners are shooting at a Bum]
    Bum: They're crazy! Help! They wanna clean me out!
    [When you kill the cleaners]
    Bum: Thanks, fellow. You saved me. They've barred the door from
         the outside. These are terrible times. The tyranny of cleaners.
    Max: Right. Any other way out?
    Bum: Up the roof maybe, with the pigeons. You'd need the code to the
         7th floor. Ed knows it, you know Ed, the janitor. Poor, Ed, these
         crazy cleaners have invaded his turf.
    [If you press the action button on the Bum]
    Bum: You can always tell the difference between a pigeon and a dove,
         from the droppings.
    [When you locate Ed he is humming and singing "Late Goodbye"]
    Ed: ...night. It's a late goodbye.
    [Max comes around the corner with his gun drawn]
    Ed: Hey, hey!
    Max: NYPD. I need the code to the 7th floor door.
    Ed: Sure, sure, I know it. Wait. Oh yeah, six, six, seven, the
        neighbor of the beast. Get it?
    Max: Yeah, I get it.
    Ed: Okay!
    Max: You stay here.
    Ed: Okay. [Resumes singing and humming]
        In our headlights, staring, bleak.. on the asphalt...
        and my lies... Lonely street signs, power lines, they keep
        on flashing.. night, it's a late goodbye, such a late
        goodbye, and we keep driving, in to the night, it's a late
        goodbye, such a late goodbye, and we keep driving, in to
        the night... your breath, and we crossed, that line, you
        made me strong... that one time, screaming stop signs,
        staring wild eyes, keep on flashing, flashing by...
    Cleaner: What's so funny?
    [When you go through the door you get the code for]
    [Dog barks]
    {Note: Stand in front of the '667' door and press the action
    button to close it. The door magically keeps opening by
    itself after everytime you close it.]
    [A TV is on]
    Announcer: Welcome back to our return to sender-marathon,
               two days and two nights of the 90's cult series,
               "Address Unknown", all the episodes in a row, a
                real decent into madness.
    John: [Breathing heavily] I was lost in the streets of
          Noir York. The city had swallowed Mirra and my
          girlfriend. I was part of some elaborate game, complex
          for it's own sake.
    John Mirra: [Laughing]
    John: Everytime I looked over my shoulder, I saw a shadow
          dissapearing behind the corner, or the glint of
          binoculars in a window. They were spying on me,
          following my every move. When Mirra killed again, the
          map of the city changed.[Gunshot] [Long woman's scream]
          Like a shifting glacier, a new crack appeared with every
          gunshot. I had abandoned all conventional methods of
          navigation. I was following the bloody signs he kept
          leaving me, and he was watching me do it. [Music]
    Announcer: The next episode of "Address Unknown", right after the
               break in our return to sender-marathon.
    Max Payne: The explosion in my apartment had started a fire. The
               flames couldn't burn away my past. They only made the
               shadows behind me leap higher.
                  Chapter Five: A Sign of Her Passage
    Max Payne: I had to get down to the street.
    [When you see some dead cleaners that you didn't kill]
    Max Payne: Mona had come through here, the dead cleaners a sign
               of her passage.
    Bum: Open the door! Somebody! I'm gonna burn alive in here!
         Somebody get somebody! Call the fire department! Help! Help me!
         Fire! Fire! Get me out of here! Help! Anybody! I'm stuck! Open
         the door! [Keeps saying the same things after this]
    [When and if you open the door]
    Bum: [Coughs] Bless you, I owe you one.
    Max: This is where the fun starts.
    Bum: No sweat, I used to be on the job, I was a cop like you.
    Max: All right, follow my lead.
    [If you press the action button on him]
    Bum: Yeah, I was a cop. Cost me my marriage. Long hours, she was
         terrified something would happen to me. I busted my hump, and
         she up and left me. Oh, sure, I started hitting the bottle.
         Anyone would have. My boss busted me for drinking. Set the
         Rat Squad loose on me. That was the end of that. I blame the
         system, a bunch of hypocrites.
    [If you press the action button on him again]
    Max: On second thought, you better stay back.
    Bum: Right, why the hell would I risk my life for this anyway?
    Max: I'll take care of this on my own.
    Bum: Hey, sure. Whatever you say.
    [If you press the action button on him again]
    Max: I need you to cover me.
    Bum: Say no more. Once a cop, always a cop.
    Max: I could use an extra gun.
    Bum: Hey, I'm your man.
    [If you shoot the bum]
    Bum: Hey, what the hell? Watch it, rookie!
    [If you shoot the bum again]
    Bum: You blind? I'm on your side!
    [If you shoot the bum again]
    Bum: That does it, you psycho! [Tries to kill you]
    [Dog barking if you go down the hall to the right]
    Max Payne: The gas from the broken pipe was feeding the flames.
               I couldn't get through.
    Girl: Goddamn slimebags, open up! There are people trapped in here!
    [When she sees you]
    Girl: The sons of bitches have locked the door. You coming to my rescue?
    Max: Something like that. We need to get out.
    Girl: You could probably get out through a window on the 3rd floor, if
          you can kill the flames. [Pulls out gun] A girl's gotta protect
          herself. I'm Violet
    Bum: Violet, baby, I'm your man.
    Girl: In your dreams, juicehead. You gotta get me out of this.
    Bum: Your place or mine?
    Girl: Hey! I was talking to handsome here. I feel a lot better now that
          you're here.
    Bum: The feeling's mutual, baby.
    Girl: What's your problem, jerk?
    [If you press the action button on her]
    Max: I'll take care of this, you stay put.
    Girl: Okay, I'll wait here.
    Max: You better stay behind.
    Girl: You know where to find me.
    [If you press the action button on her again]
    Max: Come on, we're moving.
    Girl: Thought you'd never ask.
    Max: Let's go, stay close to me.
    Girl: You don't have to tell me twice.
    [If you shoot the girl]
    Girl: You trying to kill me, you idiot?
    [If you shoot the girl again]
    Girl: Stop, stop it!
    [If you shoot the girl again]
    Girl: Aaah! You're nuts!
    [When the cleaners come]
    Girl: More of them!
    Bum: Freeze, suckers!
    Girl: Bastards!
    [If you check one of the doors in the hall to the left of the elevator]
    Old man: No one's home, go away.
    Max Payne: The gas valve was in the utility room.
    [When you turn the gas valve]
    Max Payne: With the gas turned off, the fire on the 3rd floor was no
               longer a problem.
    [When you go out the window]
    Girl: Hey, you do your job, and afterwards, maybe I'll do mine.
    Bum: I'll cover you from here.
    [Cleaners come in a van]
    Cleaner: There he is! You heard what Kaufman said! Wipe him out!
    Bravura: They hit your home. It's like a frigging kindergarten
             out there. What next? A kid with a bag full of guns and
             a head full of videogames turns the house into a shooting
             gallery. Breaks my heart. [He takes some pills] Innocent
             people got killed. You didn't do your job, Payne. To protect
             and to serve isn't just bullshit hype. What the hell's going
    Max Payne: With me, he meant. I had my doubts about the cleaners spying
               on me, about Mona.
    Max: According to Vladamir Lem, the Mob Captain Vincent Gognitti is behind
         the hits. Seems he has made a deal with an unknown third party, maybe
         the cleaners, I don't know, something doesn't fit. If it's true, I've
         been added on Gognitti's list.
    Max Payne: I came close to lying to Bravura. I told myself I needed to find
               out the facts first, before others could screw up the evidence,
               but that was an excuse. Mona had gotten under my skin. I couldn't
               close my eyes to any of it anymore. It was more important than the
               job. She had tried to reach me, left her number.
    Max: Risky leaving your number at the police station.
    Mona: Trace the call and you'll see I'm talking to you from Hong Kong.
    [Winterson picks up her phone in the background]
    Winterson: Winterson...
    Mona: I'll give you my address. Make sure you're not followed.
    Winterson: Max, what's going on?
    Max: What do you mean?
    Winterson: Don't do anything stupid.
                  Chapter Six: A Linear Sequence of Scares
    Max Payne: Mona's place was a close-down funhouse based on a 90's
               TV-show. The show's cancellation had been the kiss of death to it.
    Max Payne: I felt like I was walking into a trap. I felt guilty, like I was
               about to get caught.
    [If you answer the ringing phone]
    Girlfriend: John? You must run, he's coming after you, he wants to catch
                you. They are closing in. John, I love you. Don't give up.
    [When you enter the open cage]
    Doctor: Stop him! There he goes! Stop him! You can't escape! We're coming to
            take you away! You have nowhere to run!
    Max Payne: There had been no lock on the front door. I had wondered why the
               place wasn't packed with hobos and stray dogs. Little wonder.
    [Crazy voices talking over each other]
    Patient 1: The flesh, the flesh, I think I died, I think I'm dead, I don't
               know, I don't know.
    Patient 2: Oh, death is coming, it's coming, they're here, they're here, get
               away, get away. I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna hurt you.
    [The window opens]
    Doctor: Diagnosis: Paranoid schizophrenic. You are insane, psychotic.
            You have to eat plenty of pills to get better.
    [Next window]
    Doctor: You have a tumor in your brain. It's making you mad. [Whir of drill]
            We're forced to operate... [window closes] [scream] aggressively.
    Patient: The flesh, the flesh, I think I died, I think I'm dead,
             I don't know, I don't know.
    Flamingo's voice: Mirrors are more fun than television.
                      She has dyed her hair red. [Mad scream]
    Max Payne: Your past has a way of sneaking up on you. You'll hear broken echoes
               of it everywhere, like a bad replay. You get mad at everybody for
               reminding you about it, even if it's all in your head.
    Doctor 1: No! No! None of that! Give it back!
    Doctor 2: He's loose! [Whir of drill] He has the drill! Restrain him!
              No! No! Aghhh! [Sound of drill being used]
    Doctor 1: All right now. Easy... Easy... [Whir of drill] Just hand it over.
              There's a good boy. [Whir of drill] Hey! Stay back! [Whir of drill]
              No! Aghhh! [Sound of drill being used]
    Patient: Death is coming, it's coming, he's coming, get away, get away, ahhh!
             [Sound of drill being used]
    [When you go in the elevator]
    [Max Payne and an insane voice speak over each other]
    Patient: The flesh, the flesh, ahhh! [Sound of drill being used]
    Max Payne: When entertainment turns to a surreal reflection of your life,
               you're a lucky man if you can laugh at the joke. Luck and I weren't
               on speaking terms. Or maybe the place was just too lame to be funny.
    Max Payne: A funhouse is a linear sequence of scares. Take it or leave it is
               the only choice given. Makes you think about free will: have our
               choices been made for us because of who we are?
    [When you answer the ringing phone]
    John Mirra: John Mirra?
    John: Yes, this is he.
    John Mirra: This is John Mirra. Welcome to the next level.
    John: Ah, ah... [Panicked breathing]
    Max Payne: I was behind the backdrops, getting warm.
    Max Payne: When I had first met Mona, her twin sister had been killed.
               It must have felt like madness, schizophrenia is reverse, your
               other self suddenly falling silent. We had both lost our loved
    Max Payne: Mona's door was locked. I could have knocked, but I felt an urge to
               snoop around more, keep acting paranoid. I pretended I had a choice
               in the matter.
    [Mona is singing "Late Goodbye" in the shower]
    [A TV is on in Mona's appartment]
    Announcer: Lords and Ladies brought to you by Gold Touch Brandy.
    [Creak of a door opening]
    Lord Jack: Going somewhere little brother?
    Lord Valentine: My Lord, Jack, what on earth? Why are you lurking here in
                    darkness? Are you- Are you SPYING on me? Hardly conduct fit for
                    a Lord.
    Lord Jack: Not so, if the other one is no Lord to begin with. It is not I whose
               actions are in question here, Valentine. Where do you think you're
               going at this ungodly hour?
    Lord Valentine: Who put you up to this shameful errand?! Mama?
    Lord Jack: Leave our parents out of this. Papa, the esteemed Sheriff of York,
               was well on his way to recovery from the consumption, when news of
               you carrying on with that wench - a pirate's daughter no less -
               brought about his relapse.
    Lord Valentine: Balderdash!
    Lord Jack: Soon Pape will be dead, because of you! And I will be the head of
               the family. Continue seeing her at your own peril.
    Lord Valentine: Are you threatening me, my Lord?
    Lord Jack: I will cut you off, Valentine. That and worse.
    Lord Valentine: I bid you goodnight, brother. [Walks away]
    Lord Jack: That and worse, brother! Hahhahhahhah! That and worse.
    [When you see Mona's weapon stash]
    Max Payne: The weapons and explosives in her work room left no questions about
               her vocation.
    [When you go into the bathroom]
    Mona: [Has her back to Max] I'll tell you one thing, Mona, you're no singer.
    Max: You've switched tactics. We need to talk.
    Mona: Bring me a towel, would you? Now that you're here, you can watch my back
          while I get dressed.
    Max Payne: All that she had told me is that someone wanted us dead. The way she
               was acting, I was the only one in danger here.
    Max: You have to give me a lot more than that.
    Mona: The Inner Circle.
    Max: What of it?
    Mona: The secret society is after everyone who knows of their existence.
    Max: Come off it. Prove it.
    Mona: I have a contact inside. He is willing to talk.
    Max: Alfred Woden?
    Mona: No. Anyways, I can take you to him.
                  Chapter Seven: The Million Dollar Question
    Max Payne: She wasn't telling me the whole truth.
    Max: Let's go.
    Mona: The circle goes back to the centuries-old masonic cults, corruption and
          assassinations reaching all the way to the presidential level.
    Max: Right, and here I was thinking conspiracy theories had gone out of style.
    Mona: We're here.
    Max: So are they.
    [Mona pulls out her gun]
    Max: I'm the only one handling a piece here. Which floor?
    Mona: They are after him. The elevators work with the apartment keys and from
          the desk here. They've jammed most of them to the floors they are on. The
          guards set off the alarm before they were killed.
    Max: We need to do this fast.
    Mona: Shouldn't we just wait for the cops? Here, so we can stay in touch.
    [Mona gives Max a microphone headset]
    Mona: You operate the elevator from here and I'll go- [Max cuts her off]
    Max: I'LL go up.
    Mona: You're the man. I have the floorplans in front of me. I can guide
          you through.
    Max: How come you're alive anyway? I saw you take a bullet to the head.
    Mona: Maybe it's still there, keeps me focused.
    Max Payne: For this to work, I was going to have to trust her.
    Mona: Let's get to work. Cleaners ahead and to the left, guarding
          Corcoran's door at the opposite end of the hall.
    Cleaner 1: She leaves her date standing there, walks across the room,
               slow, taking her time like she was a supermodel on a catwalk,
               until she's standing real close to me at the bar, and she goes
               "Your place or mine?" And I play it cool, I go "Yours, baby".
    Cleaner 2: [Laughs] Yeah, right. I saw the same movie yesterday.
    Cleaner 1: You should listen, you might learn something.
    Cleaner 2: Right, how to make a fool of yourself. [Laughs] "Your place or
               mine?", Jesus.
    Cleaner 1: You're jealous.
    [You try the door]
    Max: The door's locked.
    Mona: Try the door on the far right, next to the large painting, you can
          get to Corcoran's place through the balcony.
    [If you shoot the any security camera]
    Mona: Max, I can't help you if I can't see what's going on.
    [If you shoot any security camera again]
    Mona: Max! Those cameras are my eyes, we need them to make this work.
    [If you shoot any security camera yet again]
    Mona: Max! Stop it!
    Cleaner 1: Well that's just it, what you don't see, is that we are
               workin' here. This is a pro set-up, top of the line. This isn't
               something to joke about, this isn't just a costume party. Take
               Kaufman, believe me, without going into details, Kaufman is a
               bad motherfucker. Of course that's not his real name.
    Cleaner 2: Yeah, no, I see it, I meant nothing by it.
    Cleaner 1: An' that's the other thing. You should mean something by it.
               Take a stand for once in your life.
    Cleaner 2: C'mon, I get the point, okay?
    Cleaner 1: Hey, just saying. Just saying.
    Cleaner 2: Yeah, I get the point.
    [When you kill them]
    Max: They're cleaning other apartments as well.
    Mona: Corcoran said that other Inner Circle members live in the
    [If you go into the bathroom in the same apartment]
    Max: Found a body, a thin guy in a suit.
    Mona: Not Corcoran, he's a big man, fat.
    Max: On the balcony.
    Max: I'm in, gonna look around.
    [If you try to go back]
    Mona: What are you up to, Max? Go back to the apartment and look
          for Corcoran.
    [After you check the washroom]
    Max: Nothing here.
    Mona: Check upstairs.
    [When you go upstairs]
    Max: I'm going upstairs.
    Cleaner 1: Search the place, strip it down, papers, photos, everything
               needs to go, this place needs to be cleaner it's ever been,
               Kaufman's orders. If and when the CSI crew gets here, it needs
               to look like a black hole materialized in here and sucked every
               print, every hair, every mote of dust away, like someone went
               back in a time machine and killed his parents before they met.
               Like this guy never existed.
    Cleaner 2: Let's do it.
    Cleaner 3: Almost done.
    Cleaner 2: The fat man wasn't ready to go.
    Cleaner 4: No?
    Cleaner 2: Nope. Tried to put up a fight, like killing an elephant. Took a
               dozen bullets before he went down.
    Cleaner 4: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
    Cleaner 1: Right.
    Cleaner 4: Moving out soon.
    Cleaner 1: Yeah.
    Cleaner 2: I'll take care of downstairs.
    Max: We're late, he's dead.
    Mona: You need to get out of there, we need to leave now. More cleaners
          in the lobby coming your way.
    Max Payne: I wasn't ready to go, not without a single piece of evidence.
    [Max sees a photo in the room]
    Max Payne: In the photo a group of men posing in front of a manor house.
               Corcoran was there, Senator Gate was there. So was Alfred Woden.
               So it was true. All bets were off, the Inner Circle WAS involved.
    [Downstairs a cleaner is playing "Late Goodbye" on the piano while another
    cleaner stands beside him listening]
    [One of the cleaners coughs when the song is over]
    [When they see you]
    Cleaner: Hey! Trouble! Get in here! Get in here now!
    [A third cleaner dives through the window and backs them up]
    [When you kill them]
    Mona: You should be able to make the jump to the balcony below.
                  Chapter Seven Continued
    Cleaner 1: Everything okay up there? Something's gone wrong, I just know it.
    Cleaner 2: I told you already, we're much better off than they were. They were
               on a stakeout when it happened. Stakeout wears you down, it numbs
               you. Then when you have to be ready all of a sudden, you're not. We,
               on the other hand got adrenaline on our side. We're ready, we can
               handle it. Whether it's a crazy jumper, or a cop or the killer
               broad, or whatever it's gonna be.
    Cleaner 1: She's worse than him.
    Cleaner 2: We can handle it. Kaufman will take care of it.
    Max: Mona, what next?
    Mona: More of them in the lobby ahead.
    Suit: No, no, no! What is this? Take my money. Where's the security?
          I- [He gets shot]
    [Note: He keep dying before he says "Take my money" but this is what
    he can say if he lives long enough]
    Mona: Okay. Nice timing.
    Cleaner 1: What was he on?
    Cleaner 2: Hey, Wall Street yuppies. What wasn't he on?
    Cleaner 1: [Laughs] Lots of ups, no downs.
    Cleaner 2: Lucky we had something to calm him down.
    Cleaner 1: Just what the doctor ordered.
    [After you kill the two cleaners]
    Mona: Go to the drama queen's apartment and down the stairs.
    Max: It's going to be a long walk down this way.
    Mona: I'm working on it.
    Mona: Starting to sound like a broken record here... More cleaners
          to the right in the lobby behind the door.
    Max: Thanks.
    [TV is on in this apartment]
    Announcer: Address Unknown continues.
    [Phone rings]
    John: Wherever I went, the pay phones started to ring. Finally, I
          collected enough courage to answer one.
    Girlfriend: John? You must run. He is coming for you. They are closing in.
                John, I love you. Don't give up. [She hangs up]
    [John hangs up]
    John: I wasn't going to give up on her. I could hear her voice in my head
          wherever I went, guiding me. I traced my double to a classy uptown
          nightclub. 'Pink Flamingo'. It was happy hour, they were serving
          Flamingo cocktails. Somehow the Flamingo was tied to my double. A
          stripper in the bar looked just like my girlfriend. Mirra's men had
          found me. I ran.
    Doctor: Stop him! There he goes! Stop him! You can't escape! We're coming to
            take you away! You have nowhere to run!
    John: Mirra was an influential figure in Noir York. His men chased me. They
          wore white uniforms. They looked so clean. They chased me in black vans
          with the logo of the Flamingo on them. I ran.
    Cleaner: Get in here now! Get in here! Mayday! Wake up!
    [After you get rid of the cleaner]
    Mona: I'm out of ideas, Max.
    Max: I'll check the apartment the cleaner was guarding.
    Cleaner 1: Why would I risk my life on a window-cleaner's lift when I can use
               the elevator?
    Cleaner 2: I dunno. For fun, the thrill of it, like bungee jumping.
               Extreme sports, you know.
    Cleaner 1: Don't get it. That's something for stupid kids with a death wish.
               I don't need to die to feel I'm alive.
    Cleaner 2: This isn't exactly a job without it's hazzards, what we are doing.
    Cleaner 1: Granted, but we get paid for doing this. Money's the difference.
    Cleaner 2: A guy will put up with all kinds of crazy shit for money.
    [After you kill them and go out on the lift]
    Max: Mona, I found a window-cleaner's lift. I'm headed down.
    Mona: Max?
    Max: Yeah?
    Mona: I don't know, I just... just wanted to say- [Gunshots]
          Damn it. [Radio cuts off]
    Max: Mona? Mona? Mona!
    [A cleaner up above sees you getting away]
    Cleaner: Down there! He's gonna get away! Say "Hi" to the pavement, sucker!
             [He throws grenades down at you]
    Max Payne: Someone had got to Mona. Nothing had worked out as planned. I had
               to find another way down to the lobby.
    [A guy wearing a different looking cleaner outfit gets off the elevator]
    Kaufman: Find him. Take care of him.
    [After you kill them all and use their elevator]
    Max Payne: Why had she come to me in the first place? For help? For something
               she wasn't telling me?
    [Elevator door opens]
    Cop 1: NYPD! Freeze!
    Cop 2: Easy! Don't move!
    [The cops are handcuffinf Mona behind Max]
    [Winterson is with the cops]
    Winterson: Payne! What are you doing? What are you doing?
    Max Payne: The million dollar question I didn't have the answer to.
           Part II: A Binary Choice
                  Prologue - The Police Station
    [Back at the Police Station]
    Bravura: What were you thinkin'? Were you thinkin' at all?
    Max: I was following a lead, she was helping me.
    Bravura: She is a fugitive murder suspect, for chrissakes!
    Max: I was trying to save those people from the cleaners. The two cases
         are connected, mine and Winterson's. Senator Gate was killed by the
    Bravura: They are connected, Winterson can have them both. She doesn't back you
    Max: I was doing my job.
    Bravura: I'm sorry to do this, Payne, but it's for your own good. Hand me your
             guns. I'm putting you to a desk job. Start by writing a report on what
             the hell happened on the upper east side.
    Max Payne: Fraternizing with the enemy, I had stepped over the edge. The cartoon
               moment when the gravity waits for the coyote to realize his mistake
               before the plunge.
    [Bravura's plant falls off his desk and shatters]
    [Bravura swallows some pills]
    Bravura: Get yourself to a counselor, you're falling apart. When you're ready
             to go to AA, come talk to me. Get your act together. And get someone
             in here to help me with this mess!
    Max Payne: I was mad. At myself. At Bravura. At Mona. Was she worth this?
    Cop: Don't envy you, the way the boss goes on about it. No use going in there
         to clean up. Let him cool off a bit. You'd better just write that report.
         He's on his good behavior again. Demotes himself from Deputy Chief to
         Lieutenant just to stay close to the man on the street. You ask me, he
         loves us all a bit too much for his own good. The spokesperson for AA. He
         gave you that too? Gotta hand it to him though, he did beat the bottle.
         Something like that's gotta stay with you.
    [If you press the action button on him]
    Cop: I were you, I'd go to my desk and at least pretend I was doing as I've
         been told.
    [If you go downstairs right away]
    Max Payne: I was putting off the inevitable. I had to go to my desk, get
               started on that damn report.
    [If you go to the basement right away]
    Max Payne: I needed to talk to Mona. Behind bars, she wasn't going anywhere
               before I'd get some answers. The cells were downstaris.
    Officer: Wanna get to the lockup? Just press the button by the door, Petersburg
             will buzz you in.
    Petersburg: Yeah?
    Max: Payne here, I need a statement from Mona Sax.
    Petersburg: Sorry, Payne. She's upstairs in the lineup.
    [If you go to the lineup before you go to your desk]
    Max Payne: The lineup wasn't on yet. I had time to go to my desk while
               waiting, get started on that report.
    [When you go to your desk]
    Max Payne: It was all connected, the murder of Senator Gate, the Cleaners, the
               Inner Circle, Vinnie Gognitti. I had to make Winterson see it.
    [Winterson's phone rings]
    Max Payne: Winterson's phone was ringing. She wasn't at her desk.
    [Max gets the phone]
    Max: Winterson's phone.
    [Other person hangs up]
    Cop: Better get Winterson, she's been kind of edgy about her calls. I think
         she's in the interrogation room getting a statement from a witness. Didn't
         she used to have the hots for you, Payne? I hear she has a new boyfriend.
         Getting laid would do her good, talk about tense. They say she kicked out
         her husband a couple of years ago. Been taking care of her blind kid on her
         own, no wonder she's edgy. Anyways, she's talking to an eyewitness in the
         interrogation room.
    [If you press the action button on him]
    Cop:  How's anyone supposed to find anything from here?
    [When you go to the interrogation room after going to your desk]
    Winterson: Number one, thank you, you may step back. [To the witness] They
               can't see you through the glass, just take your time, see if you can
               recognize any of them, okay?
    Witness: Yeah, okay.
    Winterson: Number two, step forward and speak the line you were given.
    Suspect #2: [Girlish laugh] I can't read.
    Winterson: Just say the line number one said.
    Suspect #2: You think I was listening?
    Winterson: "You are nothing but a one-armed bandit".
    Suspect #2: Stupid. You're nothing but a one-armed bandit.
    Winterson: Thank you, step back, number two. Number three.
    Suspect #3: [Mona] You are nothing but a one-armed bandit.
    Witness: Aren't I supossed to identify any of the men in jumpsuits?
    Winterson: That's none of your concern. Just concentrate on the task at hand.
               Do you recognize any of them?
    Witness: Yeah, number three's the one.
    Winterson: Thank you. [To other officer] Okay, we're done, take them away.
    Other officer: Okay, ladies, you heard her, this way.
    Winterson: [To witness] You can wait here, someone will come to get you once
               the paperwork is done. [She sees you] I tried to help you, Max, but
               you didn't listen. Now it's too late.
    [If you leave the lineup room before Winterson is done]
    Max Payne: I wanted to talk to Winterson's witness when she was done with him.
    [When you approach the witness]
    Max: Detective Payne. Anything you'd like to add?
    Witness: As I was trying to tell the other detective, the place was crawling
             with guys in grey overalls. They sure as hell weren't cleaning the
             place. But she wasn't too keen on listening to me. It's hard to say
             who was out to kill who, but the chick I just fingered, and the men
             in jumpsuits, they got into a serious firefight.
    Max: Okay, thanks.
    Witness: No, thank you.
    [If you press the action button on him]
    Witness: Never been to a police station before. Exciting stuff.
    [If you don't talk to the witness and leave the room, Winterson goes to her
    [If you press the action button on her]
    Max: This is important.
    Winterson: It's too late, Payne.
    [If you press the action button on her again]
    Winterson: I was on your side, Max. doesn't matter now, you made your choice,
               you had it your way. I'm busy, Max. Go away.
    [After you talk to the witness and you leave the interrogation room]
    [Winterson is on the phone]
    Winterson: They're taking the fall, both of them. Payne was with her when she
               was arrested.
    Max: Who are you talking to?
    [Winterson hangs up]
    Max: You're leaking information.
    Winterson: Bravura's too soft on you. I was informing the proper authorities
               on what they should know. Stay away from my case, Max. Stay away for
               your own good.
    Max Payne: Everything had started out as black and white. Somewhere down the
               road the line went blurry. The colors started to run, got smudged
               and gray. Winterson had been above my suspicion. It felt like a
    [Cop talking to a felon]
    Cop: Right. We found you, out of it on V, covered in blood, burying the
                pieces of your wife and the pizza guy under a rosebush in the
                backyard. There's a bloody chainsaw in the bathtub, and by the
                looks of it, they had been shot in your bed. The murder weapons
                have your prints all over them. And you say you didn't do it.
    Felon: Hell no! I'm a fall guy. I've been framed, it's a setup. I was
           getting too close to the truth, so they had to get rid of me.
    Cop: This should be good. Your wife and the pizza delivery guy had to get
         rid of you?
    Felon: No, no- [Long pause] Yeah, yeah, they were gonna whack me.
           Motherfuckers! They were gonna whack me, steal my money. It was self
    Cop: Right, your wife and the pizza guy were 'trespassing' in your bed. And
         you killed them.
    Felon: No! I didn't kill anyone, it's a frame up, weren't you listening?
    Cop: Okay, now I get it. Your wife and the pizza guy deviously conspire to set
         you up, they kill themselves in your bed with your gun, proceed to chop
         each other to pieces in your bathtub with your chainsaw, and finally lure
         you to the backyard where they patiently wait under the rosebush to inject
         you with V, and when you are helpless they leak blood all over you and
         call the police. Anything to add?
    Felon: See, that's just it. I wish it was that easy, and I know this sounds
           crazy but they weren't in on it alone, it's much bigger than that!
           Basically anyone who does home delivery is in on it, the mailman...
           and that means that the government is involved! The mailman told me
           all about it.
    Cop: So all we have to do is to get in touch with this mailman, and we get
         the proof.
    Felon: See that's not gonna work. He's dead.
    Cop: The mailman's dead. [Sigh] I'm sure the D.A. would go easy on you if
         you'd just come clean right now and told where you buried his body.
         I suppose it's not under the same rosebush.
    Felon: See what I mean? This is what I'm talking about, you're not
           listening! You fail to grasp how serious this is!
    Cop: Okay. So how would you like to take this forward?
    Felon: Give me a gun and set me loose and I'll have this mess sorted out
           in no time.
    Cop: Okay, wiseguy, the comedy hour is over. You shut up for a while so I
         can write this crap down.
    [If you press the action button on the Felon]
    Felon: I'm not saying another goddamned thing before I see my lawyer.
    [If you press the action button on the Cop]
    Cop: Sorry, Payne, can't help you now, I've just cracked the crime of the
         century. Go write your own damn report.
    [2 Cops watching the a TV in the lounge]
    [If you walk in front of the TV]
    Cop 1: Hey! We're watching that.
    Cop 2: Get out of the way, Payne.
    [If you turn off the TV]
    Cop 1: Hey! We were watching that.
    Cop 2: Asshole.
    Anouncer: And now, Lords and Ladies continues.
    Lord Jack: Mama! I tried to stop him, but he is beyond reason. Valentine has
               gone to a rendevous with his mistress, the harlot. She is no lady.
    Mama: Good, good, Jack my son, Jack, my favorite son. You have done right in
          turning to me in this distasteful affair.
    Lord Jack: Mama, tell me what to do, and I will do it. Anything to save our
               name from disgrace.
    Mama: Yes, good, good. That witch has made my Valentine blind with love. She
          must be stopped. Jack, my boy, our name, our line is pure, precious,
          holy, it must be preserved at any cost. Anyone who threatens it is our
          mortal enemy. They must be stopped by any means. The honor of the whole
          of York is at stake.
    Lord Jack: Yes, Mama.
    Mama: Yes, good, good. By any means. Even murder is a rightful course. She is
          a criminal.
    Lord Jack: Yes, Mama.
    Mama: I am so proud of you, Jack, my precious son. You will lift our name to
          new glorious heights. Truly, you are a Lord.
    Lord Jack: Yes, Mama.
    Mama: Good, good. Do what is necessary. Now go, to the harlot's house. Ride
          like the wind, fight proud my son.
    Lord Jack: Yes, Mama. [He leaves]
    Mama: Good, good.
    [If you use the device with the "Do not use" sign on it, it explodes]
    Cop 1: Hey, nice going, Payne. Good job. If it was still summer, you'd be a
           dead man right about now.
    Cop 2: You better start praying we won't get an Indian Summer, Payne.
    [After Lords and Ladies is over]
    Cop 1: Good coffee. I saw this someplace. 'Good coffee: Black as hell, strong
           as death, and sweet as love'.
    Cop 2: You know what pisses me off? And this happens all the time, someone
           comes to get a cup of coffee, they leave just an inch at the bottom
           of the pot so they don't have to brew any more. I hate that!
    Cop 1: I'm with you. People like that should be taken behind a dumpster and
    Cop 2: I've been thinking of bringing my own coffee maker here.
    Cop 1: Should get back to work, the perps take no coffee breaks.
    Cop 2: Nah, better stay here, guard the coffee maker, someone might steal it.
    [If you press the action button on the Cops]
    Cop 1: Sorry, Payne, you missed it, just poured myself the last cup.
    Cop 2: You can always make more, Payne.
    [If you press the action button on the Cops again]
    Cop 1: This is really good coffee. Anyone know who made it?
    Cop 2: Payne, did you make this? This is really good.
    [Downstairs in the dispatch room]
    Dispatcher: Ten four. Repeat. Can you verify that? Okay, stand by. Go ahead.
                Negative on that. Can you verify the address? Roger that. Okay, can
                you repeat the plate number? Investigate further. [Repeats]
    [If you press the action button on her]
    Dispatcher: Sorry, Detective, can't help you now, I need to take this call.
    [A girl comes into the Police Station and talks to the officer at the desk]
    Girl: I wanna report a crime.
    Officer: You've come to the right place.
    Girl: Okay, so my boyfriend, the loser jerk, sits on his ass all day and keeps
          playing these stupid video games, you know, stupid Dick Justice and stuff,
          doesn't go to work, gives me no thought.
    Officer: Unfortunately, being a jerk is not a crime.
    Girl: No, no, I wasn't finished, I'm getting to it. So I got real sick of it,
          and threw the television out of the window. It was mine, I can do whatever
          I want with it, right?
    Officer: As long as no one got hurt.
    Girl: That's what I told him. He's my ex really, but now the sicko's threatening
          to kill me, that's a crime, right? He's been playing those video games an
          awful lot. Makes him a very good shooter. Holding that controller's like
          holding a gun, they say in the news. You gotta help me, I fear for my
    Officer: Okay, miss, sit down for a moment and we'll take your name and address
             and see what we can do about it.
    Girl: Okay.
    [If you press the action button on the Officer and you DID NOT break the
    Officer: Did you hear that? Guns don't kill people, video games kill people.
             Jesus, welcome to New York City.
    [If you press the action button on the Officer and you DID break the cooling]
    Officer: How come it's this hot in here? It's fall and raining outside. Has
             someone messed up the air conditioning again?
    [If you press the action button on the girl]
    Girl: I wouldn't be afraid to go home if you'd be there. I can give you my
          number, in case you ever get an urge to 'protect' someone in the middle
          of the night.
    [If you try to open the front door]
    Max Payne: I thought about walking away, vanishing into the night.
               I couldn't do it.
    [There are two cops talking in the underground parking garage]
    Cop 1: How do you expect anyone to remember your name if you can't even
           spell it right yourself, Broussard? It's basic positioning, it all
           starts with a name.
    Cop 2: None of that matters. When I crack this case, Miller, they'll
    Cop1: Like you're ever gonna crack it.
    Cop 2: It'll be done when it's done. I'm gonna do it right. It's the
           spirit of the law, not the letter.
    Cop 1: I'll be on your back about it until you do.
    Cop 2: You already put a snake in my bed, what more can you do?
    [If you press the action button on Cop 1]
    Cop 1: Hey, Payne. 'Max Payne', now there's a catchy name for you.
    [If you press the action button on Cop 2]
    Cop 2: 'Positioning'. Like that's what the job's about.
    [When you go down to the lockup]
    Max Payne: The line-up was done. Mona was back in her cell. The cells
               were downstairs.
    Officer: Wanna get to the lockup? Just press the buzzer by the door,
             Petersburg will buzz you in.
    [If you press the action button on the Officer]
    Officer: There's nothing more boring than sitting behind this desk.
    Max: Payne here. I need a statement from one of your customers.
    [Door opens]
    Max: Mona Sax?
    Petersburg: The last pokey down the corridor to your left. Mona Sax,
                huh? Lucky bastard, I wouldn't mind getting a statement
                from her. Yeah, she's a looker. She killed someone? Better
                be careful, Payne. Very basic instinct.
    [If you press the action button on him]
    Petersburg: Your femme fatale's down the corridor to your left.
    [The Bum in the cell barfs on the floor]
    Cop: Not again, Jesus, not again! Just when we got rid of the stench of
         the last time. Petersburg! Do I look like a cleaner to you?
    Petersburg: [Laughs] You're doing fine. Breathe through your mouth.
    Bum: Sorry, sorry, I can't help it, it's the visions in my head, so
         ugly, gotta let them out so I can see, they look just like that,
         you're all gonna die, you know that, it's clear as day, you can
         see it there, you're all gonna die.
    Cop: I've been cleaning up after this skel all night.
    Bum: Looks bad.
    Cop: Yeah, yeah, it smells even worse.
    Bum: You're all gonna die.
    Cop: I wish...
    [If you press the action button on the Cop]
    Cop: To serve and protect New York City from barf. Sometimes this job
         makes me sick.
    [When you go to Mona's cell]
    Mona: Max! You've got to get me out of here.
    Max: You know I can't do that.
    Mona: If I stay here, I'll die.
    Max: Isn't that a bit melodramatic?
    Mona: Behind bars I'm a sitting duck.
    Max: This is as safe as it gets.
    Mona: Come on, Max. Any one of these cops could be on the Inner Circle's
          payroll. You should know.
    Max: What's that supposed to mean?
    Mona: You know Alfred Woden. You want answers, call him. He'll verify everything
          I've told you.
    Max: Okay, I'll do that.
    Max Payne: I didn't want to have anything to do with Woden. I should have called
               him the moment the Inner Circle was mentioned.
    Bum: As the lady says, we're all gonna die. Puke ain't pretty, but it never
    Cop: I mean, sure, I'd be okay if we had Hanibal Lecter in custody everynight,
         as long as he'd keep his stomach contents to himself.
    [IF you broke the cooling]
    Cop: The air-conditioning is busted again. We'll never get rid of this smell.
    Max: Can I use your phone?
    Petersburg: There's one through the door behind you, you can use that.
    Max: I need to make a call.
    Officer: You can use this phone.
    Cop 1: [To Cop 2] Play some hoops later on?
    Cop 2: Your funeral.
    [If you press the action button on Cop 1]
    Cop 1: What's up, Payne?
    [If you press the action button on Cop 2]
    Cop 2: Nothing to see here, move along, nothing to see.
    [When you use the phone]
    Woden's voice: You've reached the voicemail of Senator Alfred Woden.
                   Please leave a message. [Beep]
    Max: Woden? Max Payne. We need to have a talk. You ask me, you still owe me.
    Cop 2: Jesus Christ!
    Officer: A bomb? That was a bomb! Upstairs now!
    Cop 2: Jesus!
    Cop 1: [Coughing]
    Officer: Upstairs now!
    Max Payne: Something was off. Mona's words on her being a sitting duck kept
               playing in my head. The bomb had misdirection written all over it.
    Cop: Freeze! Drop it! [Gets killed]
    Petersburg: Armed perps in the lockup! Officer down!
    Cleaner: Take him down! Find the bitch, find her, kill her!
    Petersburg: NYPD! Drop your gun! [Gets killed]
    Max Payne: Mona had been right, I had to go after her. I needed a gun to get
               past the cleaners.
    Cop: Help... somebody... officer down!
    [If you see Petersburg dead]
    Max: Petersburg...
    [The Bum barfs on the ground again]
    bum: I saw it. I saw it, they're all dead!
    Max Payne: Staying here, trapped behind a desk, would have solved nothing. Mona
               had vanished into the night, without her, I had nothing to go on. I
               knew where to find her.
    [Car horn honk]
    Max Payne: 'Have no fear, Vlad is here'. The world was getting too small for
               comfort. Too many coincidences.
    Vlad: Bang! You're dead, Max Payne!
    Max Payne: A giant-headed Captain Baseballbat-boy costume lay in the back seat.
    [Note: How would the costume fit into a CAR when it can't fit through a
    Max: [Costume squeaks] Gearing up for Halloween?
    Vlad: Max, dearest of all my friends, call it my trojan horse in the war Vinnie
          Gognitti started. Speaking of which, any news?
    Max: Do me a favor, drop me off at Coney Island. Does the Inner Circle ring any
    Vlad: Nothing mystical about them, even if they themselves would like to think
          so. Just one step up the ladder of organized crime. I see where you are
          going wiht this. Gognitti has made a deal with them.
    Max: What about Mona Sax?
    Vlad: I know of her, her reputation as a hired killer. I hear she is a stone
          fox. I would fuck her.
    Max: Right then, I hated Vlad.
    Vlad: Max, I need to ask your advice as a friend.
    Max: Ask.
    Vlad: Hypothetically, if the only choice you've got is to do the wrong thing,
          then it's not really the wrong thing, it's more like fate. You have to
          do what you have to do.
    Max: It's never that easy.
    Vlad: Of course. We agree to disagree.
                  Chapter One: The Things That I Want
    [Car drives away]
    [Mona opens the door]
    Max Payne: Why was I there again?
    Max: Wait! Wait just a minute, talk to me!
    Mona: What are you so afraid of? What do you want from me?
    Max Payne: 'The things that I want' by Max Payne. A smoke. A whiskey
               For the sun to shine. I want to sleep, to forget.
    [Mona moans throughout]
    Max Payne: To change the past. My wife and baby girl back. Unlimited ammo
               and a license to kill. Right then, more than anything, I wanted
    [Distant shouting and gunshots]
    Mona: You led them here. Up to my place. We can take them there. This way!
    [Max falls through the floor]
    Mona: Max!
    Max Payne: The trouble with wanting something is the fear of losing it, or
               never getting it. The thought makes you weak.
    [After you kill the two cleaners]
    Max Payne: I couldn't get her out of my head.
    Cleaner: Find them, kill them, the cop and the killer bitch, no sidetracking,
             that's what the boss said.
    Cleaner 2: Yeah, yeah, all for it, can't wait to get out of here. This place
               gives me the creeps.
    [If you press the button the boxes appear to fall]
    Cleaner 1: Hey, what the hell? Aah! It's gonna fall!
    [They run but it stops before it hits them]
    Cleaner 1: Whoa!
    Cleaner 2: That was-
    Cleaner 1: Shit!
    [After you kill them]
    Max Payne: 'Cleaners' was a misnomer, they were making a mess of it.
    Cleaner 1: I hate this, I hate this. I'm not going in there.
    Cleaner 2: Come on, you baby! This is just like a ghost train for kiddies.
               Ooo! They're coming for us! Help! We're doomed! Attack of the
               badly drawn cardboard badasses.
    Cleaner 1: I'm telling you, I got a bad feeling about this.
    Cleaner 2: I'll hold your hand, drive all the scary monsters away.
    Cleaner 1: I feel so much better already...
    Cleaner 1: This is so cool! Best. Show. Ever! The hero chases this serial
               killer, John Mirra, and in the end he's in this insane asylum
               toilet and he looks in the mirror, and he sees the killer there.
               See, he's in the John and he looks in the mirror, so it's like
               John Mirra, and he's the killer himself.
    Cleaner 2: Hey! I haven't seen it, now you spoiled it, thanks a lot.
    Cleaner 1: You haven't seen it?! You haven't seen it?! You have to see it.
               I can lend you the DVD, and they still have this cool website.
               You have to see it.
    Cleaner 2: Yeah, but watch it with the spoilers.
    Max Payne: The funhouse was Mona's playground.
    Cleaner: There! She's up there! Lookout!
    [Mona snipes them with her Dragunov]
    Max Payne: She had disappeared back into the shadows. An intervention
               from above, over too soon.
    Doctor's voice: Stop him! There he goes! Stop him! You can't escape! We're
                    coming to take you away! You have nowhere to run!
    [When the cleaners are all dead]
    Mona: Max, the garage backdrop, I'll let you through.
    Mona: Max! Cleaners ahead. I'll cover you.
    [Cleaning company van drives away]
    Max Payne: I was sick and tired of the cleaners speeding away in their vans.
               I had only one chance, no time to stop and think it through.
    [Max jumps into the back of the van because the doors are open]
    Max Payne: I had no choice. I couldn't have waited for Mona. It was Vlad's
               excuse. Fate. I didn't trust myself.
    Mona's voice: Max?
    Max Payne: I had forgotten about the radio Mona had given me.
    Mona's voice: Max?
    Max: I'm here. Took a ride with the cleaners. I'll let you know when we get
         where we're going.
    Mona's voice: Max, about what happened.
    Max: Can't talk now.
    Max Payne: I couldn't crack her. I had to crack the case.
                  Chapter Two: In The Middle of Something
    Max: Mona, Castling Insurance Companies construction site.
    Mona: I'm on my way.
    Cleaner 1: Take it to the top floor?
    Cleaner 2: Yeah, with the rest of the evidence. Hey, careful with those red
               boxes, you'll blow us all up.
    Cleaner 3: I'll get the stuff from the van and meet you there.
    [He opens the back door and see Max]
    Cleaner 3: Hey! What the f- [Max shoots him]
    Max Payne: I thought about Vlad's 'trojan horse'. I had gotten into the
               cleaners' hideout in the back of their van. They had given me
               directions to the evidence on the top floor.
    Cleaner 1: Andrews said he'd be right behind us.
    Cleaner 2: Right behind us, my ass.
    Cleaner 1: He said he'd get his stuff from the van and be right up.
    Cleaner 2: What 'stuff'? What was he supossed to have in there?
    [They come into the garage]
    Cleaner 2: Hey, Andrews! Hey!
    [They see him dead]
    Cleaner 2: What the-? He's dead. Fuck me! He's been shot!
    Cleaner 1: We got ourselves an intruder. We need to get the others.
    Cleaner 2: Wait. He's gotta be close by. We can take him.
    Cleaner 1: Gotcha. For Andrews.
    Cleaner 2: Screw that, we take him, we'll be the heros of the day.
    Max Payne: The dangerous red boxes the cleaners had talked about were
               containers filled with explosives.
    Cleaner 1: That's just it, Kaufman's dead. Everyone's dead except for
               them. We screwed up so we're dead too. The boss is gonna kill us.
    Cleaner 2: Bullshit. Who's he to talk? He went up against her himself and
               look how that ended up.
    Cleaner 1: That's just it. At least he has wounds to prove he tried, what do
               we got? Not a scratch between us. It's gonna look bad, like we
               chickened out.
    Cleaner 2: So it counts for nothing that we are the only ones who survived?
               Hey, I can shoot you in the arm if that's what you want.
    [After you kill the two cleaners Mona calls you over the radio]
    Mona: Max, I'm at the site. Where are you?
    Max: A condemned building at the edge of the site, headed upstairs.
    Mona: I'm at the wrong end. I'll try to get to the roof to get a view of
          the place.
    Max: Later, I'm kind of in the middle of something.
    [If you go back down to the underground garage three cleaners found Andrews]
    Cleaner 1: Son of a bitch! Shot dead down there, lying next to the van.
    Cleaner 2: I bet the bastard that did it is still in the building.
    Cleaner 3: Oh, I hope he is.
    Cleaner 2: Yeah, we got an intruder. Let's smoke him out. Before he does
               any more damage, before he see's something he's not supossed to.
    Cleaner 1: So get this. He tells me I'm new to the job, I'm working with all
               the colors except green. What the hell is that supossed to mean?
    Cleaner 2: Could be like symbolism, like saying you're green.
    Cleaner 1: He said I wasn't USING green, everything but green.
    Cleaner 2: Was that like saying you're using too many colors, or too few,
               or what?
    Cleaner 1: You're asking me? What the hell do colors have to do with contract
               killing anyway? I'd like to know.
    Reporter: ...precinct police station when Mona Sax, wanted for the murder of
              Senator Gate, escaped from custody. The bomb itself caused no
              casualties, due to the heroic efforts of the police officers present
              at the time, but the lives of two officers and several felons in
              custody were lost in the subsequent shooting. Lieutenant Jim Bravura
              stressed that Sax is armed and extremely dangerous. The NYPD is
              conducting an investigation into the allegations that Sax had inside
              help in her escape, and an APB has also been been put out on
              Detective Max Payne who had already been suspended and under
              investigation on previous misconducts and connections to Sax.
    Cleaner: You understand, this is an over-our-dead-bodies kind of situation.
             We've got an intruder, probably more than one. None of them's getting
             past this point alive.
                  Chapter Two Continued
    Max Payne: Vlad had said Gognitti was eliminating the competition. Was that
               why the cleaners had hit Vlad's gun workshop? The room was full
               of illegal firearms, enough to outfit an army.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona. These guys are packing, close to overkill. Hardcore professionals.
    Mona: Doesn't seem that way from where I'm standing.
    Max: [To himself] What's that supossed to mean?
    [After you kill three guys dressed in black - Commandos]
    Max: Who were those guys?
    [When you see cleaner outfits on the ground]
    Max Payne: The cleaners had shed their skins. This was their turf, no need
               for disguises anymore.
    Max Payne: Like always, the dead had all the answers I was missing. It
               wasn't that they weren't eager to talk. Quite the contrary.
               The dead had plenty to say. And once they started, they would
               never shut up. Their words would keep you awake at night. The
               bodies, all the evidence of all the murders the cleaners had
               done, all the answers. It would take days to dig through it.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona, I know this sounds crazy, but I need you to go and call the cops.
         I need them here.
    Mona: You're right, you are crazy. I'm a fugitive, Max. I just escaped
          from custody.
    Max: I wouldn't ask if it wasn't n-
    Mona: Go to hell, Max.
    Max: Mona? [To himself] Damn.
                  Chapter Three: Blowing Up
    Cleaner 1: This cleaner stuff's made me think. Didn't use- [He sees Max]
               Hey! There he is! We got him! We got him! [They shoot at Max]
    Cleaner 2: No! Stop! The room's full of explosives! Stop shooting!
    Cleaner 1: Aw, shit! Run! Run! [They run away]
    [Mona calls Max over the radio]
    Mona: Max? What's going on?
    Max: The building's blowing up, that's what's going on!
    [Lots of explosions]
    [Mona calls Max on the radio]
    Mona: Max? Max? What's happening? Max? Max? Come in, can you hear me? Max!
          Max! Answer me! Max! [Max jumps out the window and falls to the ground]
                  Chapter Four: Routing Her Synapses
    [You now play as Mona]
    Max Payne: I didn't know what Mona wanted, if it was the same thing I was
               after. To kill those who were to kill her, the bullet, real or
               imaginary, lodged in her head routing her synapses. Driving her
               on. She had arrived to the site while I was inside the condemned
               building. I don't know what went on with her.
    [Mona calls Max over the radio]
    Mona: Max, I'm at the site. Where are you?
    Max: A condemned building at the edge of the site, headed upstairs.
    Mona: I'm at the wrong end. I'll try to get to the roof to get a view of
          the place.
    Max: Later, I'm kind of in the middle of something.
    Mona: [To herself] Be that way.
    Cleaner 1: Okay, so we're breaking our backs hauling the hardware here
               because the Choir building's not gonna exist much longer. But
               what are we supossed to do with the bodies? They're not going
               to magically turn to dust when the building blows up. It's
               gonna be a mess.
    Cleaner 2: The boss will figure it out. Trust his twisted, evil mind
               on this.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona. These guys are packing, close to overkill. Hardcore
    Mona: Doesn't seem that way from where I'm standing.
    [Two cleaners are laughing at a cleaner that is fooling around, prancing
    Cleaner 1: [Laughing] Oh, baby!
    Cleaner 2: [Laughing] Woo hoo! Shake it, baby, shake it!
    Cleaner 3: One look at the boss, and BAM! The ice queen goes like this.
               She wants him, she wants him bad.
    Cleaner 1: [Laughing and Clapping] Oh, yeah! Work it, baby, work it!
    Cleaner 2: Yeah, funny stuff. [Coughs] Right.
    Cleaner 1: You are so stupid.
                  Chapter Five: Out of The Window
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona, I know this sounds crazy, but I need you to go and call the cops.
         I need them here.
    Mona: You're right. You are crazy. I'm a fugitive, Max. I just escaped from
    Max: I wouldn't ask if it wasn't n-
    Mona: Go to hell, Max. [To herself] Bastard.
    [Mona calls Max over the radio]
    Mona: Max? What's going on?
    Max: The building's blowing up, that's what's going on!
    Mona: Max? [To herself] Damn you.
    [Mona calls Max on the radio]
    Mona: Max? Max? What's happening?
    [Max jumps out the window and falls to the ground]
    Max Payne: Throw the rules out the window, odds are you'll go that way too.
    Mona: Max? Max?
    Max Payne: This hadn't been my first fall of the night, still just a prelude
               to the real deal, still, a long way to the bottom.
    Commando: There! Come on!
    Mona: Max, company.
    Max: Mona, you have to take them out, buy me time.
    Max Payne: I couldn't live without her.
    [After you kill the first bunch of Commandos]
    Max: Okay, back in business. Any ideas?
    Mona: Try to head inside, head my way.
    [Max tries the door]
    [Max calls Mona on the radio]
    Max: No good, the door is locked. I need to get across the courtyard to the
         next door. I need you to cover me.
    Mona: Max, I can't get a good shot from here. I'll have to backtrack through
          the building to get a better view.
    Max: It's not like I'm in a hurry.
    Mona: Do you want us to crack jokes about it, or do you want me to go?
    Max: Go!
    Mona: Thought so.
    Max Payne: I was in trouble. I could only hope that Mona would find an
               opening with a view down to the yard to take out the Commandos
               out in time.
    Max Payne: Without Mona's help, I'd be a dead man. Suddenly, for the first
               time in I don't know how long, I realized, I didn't wish to be
    [If you take too long to get to the window, Max gets impatient]
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona, don't mean to rush you.
    Mona: Looking for a window with a view.
    [If you still take longer]
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona, I'm running out of time here, and they don't seem to be running out
         of ammo.
    Mona: Still looking for that window.
    [If you still take longer]
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Still no window, huh? Maybe we should lower our expectations on this,
    Mona: It's gotta be a window. Never settle for second best, Max.
    [When you kill the rest of the Commandos]
    [Mona calls Max over the radio]
    Mona: Max, the route's clear.
    Max: I'm moving. Cover me.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: This is going to sound like a rerun, but they've got me pinned down here.
    Mona: I'm on it. I'll circle to the scaffolding on the other side of the yard.
    Max Payne: I was running out of time. I kept my eyes on the scaffolding,
               hoping to see Mona there.
    [If you take too long to get to the window, Max gets impatient]
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona, it's not me, but the guys are getting anxious, they're really
         looking forward to seeing you.
    Mona: I'm worth the wait. I'll be on that scaffolding in a sec.
    [If you still take longer]
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona, NOW, would be a good time to make an entrance.
    Mona: Just keep your eyes on the scaffolding, Max, or you might miss it.
    [If you still take longer]
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: I can see a gateway to another yard. I think I can get past the last
         sniper. I'm making a run for it.
    [When you get to the window]
    [Mona calls Max over the radio]
    Mona: Max, I'm here.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: No luck with the door. There's a gateway here that leads to another yard.
         I'll try that.
    Mona: Okay, I'll work my way through the building and meet you there.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    [Max's health resets]
    Max: Mona, found something to keep me on my feet through this.
    Mona: Max, I found a way, I'm coming.
                  Chapter Six: The Genius of The Hole
    [Police sirens]
    Max Payne: Mona must have heard the sirens too. She must not have been
               too happy about it.
    Mona: [To herself] Damn you, Max. I told you no cops.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: How's the view, Mona? Aim at the gas bottles.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: The bad news is, the first door here is also locked. What's worse
         is that the commandos are happy to see me.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: I'm going for the second door.
    Mona: I'll cover you.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Locked! Running out of doors here. One left across the yard, I'll need
         cover fire to reach it.
    Mona: Okay, stay where you are. I'll let you know when I'm in position to
          cover you from the other side of the yard.
    Max Payne: If she couldn't make it to the other side of the yard, I wouldn't
               make it out of there alive. It was that simple.
    [After you kill the last commandos]
    [Mona calls Max over the radio]
    Mona: Okay, action. Ready, get set, go!
    Max: And he's off.
    Mona: The crowd goes wild.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Locked. One last chance. There's another gate out of the yard under you.
    Mona: Meet you on the other side.
    Max: Listen, Mona. The funhouse, you wanted to talk about what happened.
    Mona: Yeah.
    [Long pause]
    Max: Well?
    Mona: Well what, Max?
    Max: [Static] Repeat. You're breaking up. [Gunshots] More commandos! Mona,
         can't you-
    Mona: Max? Max? Come in! Can you hear me?
    Max Payne: The sirens had faded away, Mona must have been relieved. Some
               other emergency someplace else.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona? I'm at the edge of this pit. I can see a way out from here.
    Mona: I'm at the bottom of the pit. I'll find a way up.
    Max: Okay. The commandos don't want us to leave. I'll talk to them.
    [Commandos talking]
    Commando: A word from the boss, we're out of here. The situation will be
              handled differently.
    [Max calls Mona over the radio]
    Max: Mona, the commandos have had it. They're packing their bags.
    [Mona calls Max over the radio]
    Mona: Found a lift. I'm on my way up.
    Max: Okay, I see the lift. I'll be there. The cleaners are gone, it's all
         clear up here.
    [Raining throughout]
    Max Payne: Firing a gun is a binary choice. You either pull the trigger
               or you don't.
    [Winterson is there and points her gun at Mona]
    [Max arrives and sees what is going on]
    Max: Stop! Stop, wait!
    [You now play as Max]
    Winterson: Stay out of this, Max. You're only making it worse. You've
               been suspended.
    Mona: She's one of them. She's here to kill me.
    Winterson: I'm doing my duty, she is a fugititve murder suspect. I'm taking
               her in. She resists, she gets shot.
    Max Payne: As surely as the bullet rips through the victim's flesh, organ
               and bone, it shatters the image of the man who presses the
    Max: Easy!
    Winterson: Back off, Payne.
    Max Payne: This is what I see when I look back. These moments, blinding as
               snow, they kill you, change you. You die and live again, remade.
    [Mona goes for her gun]
    Max: No, Mona! Winterson!
    [Max shoots Winterson to save Mona]
    [Winterson falls to the ground]
    [Cops come]
    Cop: Gunfire! This way! Fast!
    Max: [To Mona] Go! Go! Run!
    [Winterson grabs her gun while on the ground]
    Max: Mona!
    Cop: Over here! Hold it!
    [Winterson puts two bullets in Max]
    Max: Aghhh!
    [Max falls down into the pit that Mona just came up from]
    Cop: Detective Winterson! Officer down! He went over the edge!
    Max Payne: The genius of the hole. No matter how long you spend
               climbing out, you can still fall back down in an instant.
    [Max hits the ground]
           Part III: Waking Up From The American Dream
                  Prologue - Dream Hospital
    Max Payne: I had a dream of my wife. In it, I murdered her for my lover.
    Doctor 1: We are losing him!
    Doctor 2: Muliple gunshot wounds. Pupils blown. Head-trama. God only knows
              what else.
    Doctor 1: He's in shock. Start two largebore IVs. Get him to ICU, stat!
    Doctor 2: He's not responding! This guy is a trainwreck.
    Doctor 1: We're losing him.
    Max Payne: I had chosen Mona.
    [Mona gets on top of him]
    Max Payne: I felt like I had lost her.
    [Mona moans]
    Mona: You're a real angel, Max.
    [She shoots him with her Desert Eagle]
    [Mona moans]
    [Max wakes up]
    Mona: [Laughing] Max... Max... Max... Oh, Max, Max. Max... Max...
          [Breathes quickly] Max. Max... Max! [Quick laugh]
    [Hospital turns into the Pink Bird Mental Institute]
    Mona: Max.
    [First Max locked in a cell - Paranoid Max]
    First Max: Think, damn it. Think. Think. Think! Wait. Just wait! I can
               figure this out, I can explain this, I can fix it. I can make
               it better. Think! Think!
    [Second Max locked in cell - Insane Max]
    Second Max: I killed them, my wife, my baby, I shot them, I buried them
                under the rosebush in the backyard. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
                I'm sorry!
    [Third Max locked in cell - Mad Max]
    Third Max: I'm gonna catch him, the one who did this, I'm gonna get him,
               I'm gonna make him pay, punish him, make him wish he was never
               born, hurt him, I'm going to kill him.
    [Fourth Max locked in cell - Schizophrenic Max]
    Fourth Max: Funny, for a moment there I... forgot who I was. I've been
                switched, I didn't use to look like this! I thought I was the...
                killer, I thought I was a mobster, I thought I was a cop, I
                thought I was a patient, I thought- Who am I?! [Scared] Who am
                I? I thought I was in love.
    Max: Mona?
    Mona: Oh, oh, oh, oh yes, oh yes, yes, oh yes, oh, oh give it to me, oh give
          it to me, oh, oh, oh yes give it to me, oh baby, oh, it feels so good,
          oh yes, don't stop, oh don't stop, oh yes, oh give it to me, give it to
          me, oh, oh baby.
    [MONA SAX written on wall turns to M A X]
    [A TV is showing Max, Mona and Winterson]
    Max: Stop! Stop, wait!
    Winterson: Stay out of this, Max. You're only making it worse. You've
               been suspended.
    Mona: She's one of them. She's here to kill me.
    Winterson: I'm doing my duty, she is a fugititve murder suspect. I'm taking
               her in. She resists, she gets shot.
    Max: Easy!
    Winterson: Back off, Payne.
    [Mona goes for her gun]
    Max: No, Mona! Winterson!
    [Police sirens]
    [Cops come]
    Cop: Gunfire! This way! Fast!
    Max: [To Mona] Go! Go! Run! Mona!
    Cop: Over here! Hold it!
    [2 gunshots]
    Max: Aghhh!
    Cop: Detective Winterson! Officer down! He went over the edge!
    [Bravura is laying wounded on the floor]
    Bravura: [Coughs] Payne? Payne! You must, Payne, you gotta solve the
             case. We've been betrayed. You've gotta find out who, solve
             the case! Promise me, promise me, Payne, stay true to the badge.
             Find out who did this. Payne- [He dies]
    Max's voice: The cleaners, Annie Finn, Senator Gate, Mr. Corcoran, they were
                 just peripheral noise surrounding the case. Winterson's murder
                 was what it was all about, the cost of passion, my courtship of
                 Mona Sax. My case, my crime. It wasn't about finding the killer,
                 I was it. It was about looking for a deserving patsy to pin the
                 blame on.
    [Mona and Winterson have guns pointed at each other]
    [If you go close to them]
    Winterson: Back off, Payne.
    Mona: Max, stay back.
    [A phone is ringing while they are talking]
    [If you get the phone]
    Max: Winterson's phone.
    Vlad: Max, dearest of all my friends.
    Max: Vlad?
    Vlad: Let me speak to Winterson.
    [Mona and Winterson talk to you]
    Winterson: Max, she is a murderer.
    Mona: Max, she's after us. She's one of them.
    Winterson: Max, it's your duty as a detective!
    Mona: [Scoffs] Duty? That's the best you can do?
    [They both point their guns at you]
    Winterson: Too late, Max. You are under arrest for murder.
    Mona: I'm doing this for you, Max. A bullet in the head,
          I can end the pain.
    [They both shoot at you]
    Max Payne: You come to, amidst the wreckage of your own making. Do you
               stay there, eyes squeezed shut, afraid to move, hoping to bleed
               to death? Or do you crawl out, help you loved ones, make sure the
               fire doesn't spread, try to fix it?
    Cop: This is your final warning! We have surrounded the building. Drop your
         weapons and come out with your hands above your head.
    Max Payne: All this time, we got the fable of sleeping beauty wrong.
    Cop: All units are in position. We are ready to go.
    Max Payne: The prince didn't kiss her to wake her up, no one who's slept for
               a hundred years is likely to wake up.
    Cop: Okay, people. Get ready to go in. We are going to hit the place.
    Max Payne: It was the other way around. He kisses her to wake himself up from
               the nightmare that has brought him there.
                  Chapter One: Too Stubborn To Die
    Max Payne: When I had woken up in the hospital earlier tonight, I had
               thought things couldn't get any worse. I was wrong. Fast forward
               from that to Winterson's body at the hospital morgue. I was a
               murderer, a cop-killer. There are things in life you cannot
               choose. How you feel. [Takes some painkillers] I had lain at the
               bottom of the hole long enough. [Max takes something from
               Winterson's corpse] Too long.
    [A commando bangs on the locked door from the other side]
    Commando: Give up! You have nowhere to run!
    Max Payne: The cleaning company commandos were coming for me. I needed a
               gun. I needed to get past them, hope the painkillers were enough
               to keep me on my feet.
    [The commando calls for backup over his radio]
    Commando: Feller? Mitchum here. [Long pause] That was me, almost got him in
              the lobby. [Long pause] No, he was there, making a run for it.
              [Long pause] Yeah, hit some gas bottles trying to get him.
              [Long pause] At the morgue, I've got him trapped down here.
              [Long pause] Okay, hurry. Over and out.
    [If you stay in the room for a while]
    Commando: You're just putting off the inevitable. We'll get in, sooner or
              later. [Bangs on the door] Open up! You're just making it harder
              on yourself, Payne! Open the door!
    Max Payne: There were no guns at the morgue. I had to get past him to
               fight him.
    [When you leave the room the commando gets knocked over by the door]
    Commando: You're gonna get it now, Payne! How stupid can you get, you
              were safe in there, you stupid fuck! I'm comin' for ya!
              You can run, but you won't get far!
    [Doctors talking]
    Doctor 1: I let him down.
    Doctor 2: You did everything that could be done, Mary, no one could
              have saved him.
    [When they see you]
    Doctor 2: Mr. Payne! You shouldn't be up!
    [Note: She keeps getting cut off but this is what she is scripted to say]
    Cleaner: Mitchum! He's here. Get him.
    Doctor 1: What is this?
    [Both doctors get shot]
    [When you're in the office area the two men with gun come in the room
    and lock the door]
    Commando: Where is he?
    Cleaner: He isn't gettin' out. I'll guard the door, make sure he doesn't
             get past us. Hunt him down.
    [A hospital security officer enters the room through another door]
    Security officer: Security! Stay where you are, drop your weapons!
    Cleaner: You drop it! [Shoots the security officer] Got him, Mitchum.
             Just keep at it.
    Max Payne: The dead security guard dropped his gun in the doorway.
               If I could get to it, I could fight back.
    Cleaner: Mitchum, anything?
    Commando: I'll get him. [Quieter] I'll get you...
    Security officer: Hospital security! Hold it! Stop or I'll shoot!
    [He gets shot]
    [If you press the action button on the secrity monitor]
    [Doctors operating on Bravura]
    Max Payne: Bravura was too stubborn to die. I had to buy him time,
               draw the commandos after me, get out of the hospital.
    [A TV is on in the waiting room]
    Announcer: Address Unknown continues.
    [John breathing heavily]
    Doctor: You have a tumor in your brain. It's making you mad. We're
            forced to operate... [Whir of drill] aggressively.
    John: The fake doctors were trying to confuse me, saying I was John
          Mirra, pumping me full of drugs.
    [He steals the drill from the doctor]
    Doctor 1: No, no, none of that! Give it back! He's loose! He has the
              drill! Restrain him! No! No! Ahh! [Sound of drill being used]
    Doctor 2: All right now! Easy... Easy, just hand it over, there's a
              good boy! [Whir of drill] Hey! Stay back! No! Aghh! [Sound
              of drill being used]
    John: I was in charge, but still woozy from the drugs. I had to escape.
          I couldn't let them stop me.
    Patient: Death is coming! It's coming! He's coming! Get away! Get away!
             Aghh! [Sound of drill being used]
    Other patient: The flesh! The flesh! Aghh! [Sound of drill being used]
    Commando 1: I'm saying we should have waited.
    Commando 2: Wrong. The deal was to wait half an hour. It's way past
                that. Mitchum and Feller had plenty of time to take care of
                Payne. After half an hour we break out the heavy artillery,
                that was the plan and we are sticking to it.
    Commando 1: I'm saying this is a mistake.
    Commando 2: I'm saying we should have done this sooner. It was getting
                stuffy in the van.
    [A TV is on]
    Announcer: An all new episode of Lords and Ladies brought to you in
               part by Castling Insurance Companies.
    Lord Valentine: My Lord, I will marry her. My mind is made up. She
                    will be my lady.
    Lord Jack: Over my dead body, brother. That harlot will never soil
               our family name. You have no right to call yourself a
    Lord Valentine: I am here to do the duty of a sheriff's heir. You
                    have insulted my lady for the last time, my lord.
                    I demand satisfaction.
    [They draw their swords]
    Lord Jack: As you wish, little brother! En garde!
    Lady Amelia: No, my Lord! Nothing good can come of this.
    [Swords clanking throughout]
    Lord Jack: Villian!
    Lady Amelia: My Lord, I beg of you!
    Lord Valentine: My Lord, brother, heed her words, maybe we can
                    yet solve this peacefully.
    Lord Jack: Have at thee!
    Lord Valentine: No!
    [Jack gets run through]
    Lady Amelia: My Lord!
    Lord Jack: Brother!? What have you done? Brother, you have slain
    [He falls to the ground]
    Lady Amelia: My Lord, we are lost.
    Lord Valentine: My Lady, what have I done? All is lost. What
               have I done?
    Announcer: Lords and Ladies continues after the break.
    Max Payne: At the construction site I had been ready to give myself in.
               There would have been no answers. No second chance. Nothing
               would be fixed. I had to solve the case on my own. Mona was
               still the answer. I caught glimpses of her out of the corner
               of my eye, felt her presence everywhere I went. I was trying
               to trace her path, recreate the winding course of the magic
               bullet in her head. I couldn't find her. I drove out of the
               city in the direction Mona had pointed me, to a man who
               specialized in answers. The architechture of Alfred Woden's
               manor had it's origins in European darkness along with the
               Inner Circle.
    Woden: Mr. Payne. I've been expecting you. The only true reason why men
           fight wars. Love.
    Max: The score on Mona Sax?
    Woden: Next question.
    Max: Fine. Why is the Inner Circle trying to kill me?
    Woden: I am dying, Cancer. Power has leaked through my fingers. There
           was a rebellion. A renegade faction has pushed the society into
           a civil war. Everyone who resists is assassinated. We have been
           reduced to fighting mob wars.
    Max: Vinnie Gognitti?
    Woden: Vladamir Lem.
    Max Payne: I knew the answer before he told me. Vlad had lied. The
               cleaning company commandos were his men.
    Woden: Vladamir Lem has belonged to the society for many years.
           Gognitti is going to die in the hands of the Inner Circle
           renegade. Then he is coming for me, his one-time mentor.
                  Chapter Two: On A Crash Course
    Max Payne: I left Woden at the door of his panic room. By talking of
               fate, Vlad had been asking for my blessing to his plan to
               murder me. I'd been keeping to the back beat, reacting to
               Vlad's moves, cleaning up after him. No more.
    [Vlad's men are watching TV]
    Russian 1: It's starting! Get in here, quick, it's starting!
    Russian 2: [Laugh] All right!
    Russian 3: Hey! Turn it this way, so we can see!
    Russian 2: Buzz off!
    Announcer: The adventures of Captain Baseballbat-Boy! Episode 167.
    [Maxwell's Demon laughs]
    Announcer: Maxwell's Demon has taken Bicycle Helmet-Girl to his secret
               mother ship, hidden behind the moon. To save her, Captain
               Baseballbat-Boy must brave the cold void filled with Demon's
               nefarious mines.
    Captain Baseballbat-Boy: Bases loaded! Fastball! [Laser beam]
    Russian 1: [Laughs] I can't stop thinking about Gognitti. Has he gotten
               the boss' gift already?
    Russian 2: Tick tick tick, kaboom! [Laughs] It's going to blow his head
    Captain Baseballbat-Boy: Grand slam.
    Announcer: Once more, Captain Baseballbat-Boy has escaped Demon's trap,
               but can he save Bicycle Helmet-Girl before Maxwell's Demon
               turns the world into a dreaded close system? [Maxwell's
               Demon laughs] A hollywood franchise that goes propetroly
               on forever?
    [Theme song]
    Announcer: Find out! In the next episode of the Adventures of Captain
    Russian 1: [Laughs] Yeah! Captain Baseballbat-Boy rules!
    [They see you]
    Russian 2: Hey you! You! We are closed, go away, cop! The boss is not
               here. Without a search warrant you've got no business being
    Max Payne: I had to get through the building to Vlad's office, see if
               he was there.
    Russian 2: You heard me? Get the hell out of here, cop! You want to
               play it rough, we can play it rough. You were warned, Payne!
               Now you're going to get it!
    [Mike the Cowboy speaks over the intercom, if he didn't die when he
    was helping you fight Gognittit's men]
    Mike: Alert! An intruder in the house! 10 to 1 it's Max Payne, coming
          for the boss. Remember me, sheriff? It's Mike. Guess I'm an
          outlaw after all, eh? Like Billy the kid! Everybody! Get ready,
          get your guns! Get him!
    [If the two Russians don't see you]
    Russian 1: Where is he? Where is he? Where did he go?
    Russian 2: I don't see him. He's gotta be close. Stay sharp. He's
               gotta be close.
    Russian 1: I don't see him. Where is he?
    [If the two Russians do see you]
    Russian 1: There! Payne!
    Russian 2: Get him!
    [Two Russians yells from up above]
    Russian 3: Stop him before he gets up here!
    Russian 4: Is the killer chick with him? The one that shot boss
               in the arm? She is coming for him! Stop them!
    Russian 1: You see anything?
    Russian 2: No. But we'll see him when he steps through the door.
               And he'll see us ambush his ass and shoot him dead.
    Russian 1: Did you hear something?
    Russian 2: No. And you better shut up, so he won't hear us.
    Russian 1: I think I should go take a look.
    [If he see's you]
    Russian 1: There! It's Payne! Payne's here!
    [If he doesn't see you]
    Russian 2: No. You'll ruin the ambush.
    Russian 1: He here yet?
    Russian 2: What? Can't hear you!
    Russian 1: Here? He's here?
    Russian 2: Keep your hands on your ears, it's gonna be a loud bang.
    Russian 1: What?
    Max Payne: The cleaning company vans, the cleaner jumpsuits, the
               illegal firearms: the hard evidence that proved Vlad was
               behind it all.
    [A TV is on in the garage]
    Announcer: And now, Lords and Ladies continues.
    Lady Amelia: My Lord.
    Lord Valentine: I have slain my brother. All is lost. I am a lord no more.
    Mama: Men, capture them!
    Guard: Your word is our command, my Lady.
    Lord Valentine: Mama!
    Mama: Yes, good, good. My precious boy, a noble lord, is dead, a vile
          crime against our illustrious name. A crime that shall not go
    Lady Amelia: My Lord!
    Lord Valentine: Unhand her, you brutes!
    Mama: Yes, good, good. Men, let her go.
    Guard: Aye, my Lady.
    Mama: Good, good, my dear girl, you seem faint, do sit down, rest.
          Here, a glass of wine, drink. It will bring color back to your
    Lady Amelia: Thank you, my Lady.
    Lord Valentine: No! Do not drink, my Lady!
    Mama: Valentine!
    Lady Amelia: My Lord!
    Lord Valentine: Allow me. Mama, I drink to the memory of my brother.
                    My Lady, I drink for you.
    Mama: No, my son! That is not for you. Men, stop him!
    [He drinks]
    Lord Valentine: Too late! I have swallowed the bitter poison. I am dead
                    so that my lady can live. With this deed, I prove myself
                    a lord.
    Lady Amelia: My Lord?
    [Valentine throws the wine into the fireplace and a fire breaks out]
    Mama: No! Fire! Fire is loose!
    Lady Amelia: My Lord!
    Lord Valentine: My Lady! Go! Run! Live!
    [She runs]
    Lord Valentine: Mama. You... are... no... LADY!
    Mama: No! No, my son! No! Ahh! [She catches on fire]
    [Crashing of wood and shattering of glass]
    [Mike the Cowboy speaks over the intercom, if he didn't die when he
    was helping you fight Gognittit's men]
    Mike: Okay, what's the score? Somebody come in here and tell me.
          I can still hear gunshots. He's not dead yet?
    [Mike the Cowboy speaks over the intercom, if he didn't die when he
    was helping you fight Gognittit's men]
    Mike: Of course he's not dead yet, the sheriff only dies in the end.
          Well, Payne, I'm here, in the boss' office. Come on. I'm waiting.
          Let's finish this.
    [Mike the Cowboy speaks over the intercom, if he didn't die when he
    was helping you fight Gognittit's men]
    Mike: What's taking you so long, sheriff? Scared?
    [When he sees you]
    Mike: High noon, sheriff. Draw!
    [When you kill him Max looks at Vlad's white board]
    Max Payne: Vlad and Mona were on a crash course. If I'd find one, the
               odds are I'd find the other. Vlad was after Vinnie. He left me
               a map to follow.
    [Max checks Vlad's voice mail]
    Phone: You have... one... new message.
    Winterson's voice: Vlad, it's me. Where are you? I need you. I'm on my way
                       to the construction site now.
    Max: Winterson?
    Winterson's voice: I'll do it. I'll take care of them both for you.
                       I don't know, is this a crime? Is it against the law to
                       be happy? They haven't seen you with my boy, haven't seen
                       you with me. Miss you. Call me.
    Max Payne: The gilding on the mask had cracked to reveal the rot underneath.
               Winteson's confession didn't wash away my guilt. It made me feel
               worse. I had a meeting scheduled with Vlad at Vinnie's place.
                  Chapter Three: A Mob-War
    [Vinnie's Thugs are standing by a roadblock they made]
    Thug: More cleaners! Waste 'em!
    [They shoot at Max's van and it crashes into a garage blocking off entry/exit]
    Thug: Get 'em before they get out!
    [Max gets out of the van in pain from the crash]
    Thug: Find a way in there. They're in there. Inside, damn it! It's locked.
          All the doors are locked. Get to the other side of the building! Go!
    Max Payne: I was still a couple of blocks away from Vinnie's place. I had to
               get moving.
    Commando 1: One of ours, yeah. Crashed in from the street.
    Commando 2: Who was driving it?
    Commando 1: One of ours, they're in trouble. We gotta get 'em out of
    [When they see you]
    Commando 1: Speak of the devil!
    Max Payne: Not so long ago the 'V'-tags had bloomed everywhere in the
               city. Now they only remained in the worst neighborhoods, the
               monster's grave.
    Mad guy: Motherfuckers! You think you can come in here, you think you can?
             Eh? Eh? You think! You think wrong, motherfuckers! You think wrong!
             [He gets shot]
    [A Bum is watching Dick Justice on a TV]
    [Dick Justice theme playing throughout]
    Bum: Heh! Who's the man with nothing to lose? Dick Justice.
    [If you go in Bum's way of the TV]
    Bum: No offense, but I'd rather look at Mister Justice than your
         leather-clad ass.
    Announcer: Stranded in the dark and violent night, Dick Justice a lone,
               hardboiled, fugitive cop framed for the murder of his wife. On
               a quest for vengence through the criminal underworld in the
               city's heart of darkness.
    [Theme music ends]
    Dick Justice: The night was grim as death. I felt right at home.
                  Dope-peddling murderers in their expensive suits were
                  crawling out of the woodwork all around me. The only
                  suits they were going to wear after tonight were body-bags.
    Bad guy: It's Dick Justice! Get him! Get the freaking cop!
    Dick: Your trial will be held at the city morgue.
    Bad guy: Ahh!
    Dick Justice: I had a permanent, constipated grimace on my face.
                  I was revenge personified.
    [Theme music]
    [If you turn the TV off while the Bum is watching it]
    Bum: Sure, yeah, it's a rerun anyway. I've seen it before. No problem.
    Max Payne: Vinnie's used car lot was up ahead. I had to find a way down
               to the street.
    Commando: Bastards! I could use some backup!
    Thug: He's headed down! Don't let him get away! Nail his ass!
    Thug 1: Oh yeah, like good ol' times. When we were still peddling V, when
            we had that Russian son of a bitch down for the count. [Laughs]
            When we were hunting that undercover fed, what's his name again?
    Thug 2: 'Hurt', my ass. 'Payne' was his name, 'Payne'. Where the hell are
            the reinforcements Vinnie promised us?
    Thug 1: The last batch of them got in through here. You bet your ass there's
            more on the way. When they show up, we'll be here to give them a warm
    [There's two Thugs at the upstairs window]
    [One of the thugs goes out the window onto some woden planks that make a
    Thug 1: Stop being a jackass, you're gonna break your neck!
    Thug 2: I can handle myself. Come on, come out here.
    Thug 1: Shit no! I'm afraid of heights. Get your ass back in here.
            Oh shit, I'm gonna fuckin' puke.
    Thug 2: [Laughs] See? I couldn't break it even if I tried. See? Uh oh!
    [Half the platform he is standing on falls to the ground]
    [Note: I don't know if he is supposed to fall and die because he
    doesn't but the other thug puts his head out the window and looks
    down and asks if the other thug is "okay down there"]
    Thug 1: Shit! Damn it. You okay down there? You okay? It serves
            you right! [He walks away]
    [There's two Thugs watching TV on the top floor]
    Thug 1: Jesus!
    Thug 2: Whoa!
    Announcer: And now, Max Heat is back!
    Girl: Excuse me, sir. Could you give a small-town girl some directions?
          This is my first time in the city.
    [The girl is sucking on her finger]
    [Pants unzip]
    Girl: Oh, sir! I guess everything is bigger here! Oh, can I try it?
          Oh, I can't help myself.
    [Music starts]
    Girl: Oh, oh, oh, oh yes, oh yes, yes, oh yes, oh, oh give it to me,
          oh give it to me, oh, oh, oh yes give it to me, oh baby, oh it
          feels so good, oh yes don't stop, oh don't stop, oh yes, oh
          give it to me, give it to me, oh, oh baby.
    Anouncer: Max Heat and Laura Norder in Max Heat 7.
    Thug 1: Might be a no-brainer, but I'd rather be in there doin' that
            than here gettin' myself killed.
    Thug 2: Guess the joke's on you then.
    [There's two Thugs talking downstairs]
    Thug 1: What about movin'?
    Thug 2: What about it? Put one foot in front of the other.
    Thug 1: No, I mean what about you movin' out, leavin' her?
    Thug 2: That's the trouble, you can't choose who you go crazy about.
    Thug 1: True, but what you can choose is what you do about it, you
            know: kiss them or kill them.
    Thug 2: I guess you're right. Thanks, Vegas.
    Thug 1: Hey, don't get soft on me. You stay here. I'm gonna check
    Thug 2: Okay, but, Vegas, I really mean it, thanks.
    Thug 1: Forget about it already.
                  Chapter Three Continued
    Thug 1: Hey! Where the hell have you been? What took you so long?
            Where's the rest of you?
    Thug 2: You're the reinforcements Vinnie promised us, right?
    Max: Who else? Only it's just me. The cleaners got the rest.
    Thug 2: Goddamit. They're killin' us like flies.
    Thug 3: I guess one extra gun is better than nothin'.
    Thug 1: Okay, let's go. Alright, we'll head to the lot. We need to keep
            those Russians away from the boss.
    Thug 2: Yeah, keep them away from, er... the Captain. Heh-Oh, oh, I'm
            sorry, sorry, I know it's nothin' to laugh about, deadly serious.
            The Adventures of Captain Big Head Gognitti!
    Thug 1: Hey! Enough! We've got a job to do.
    [The 3rd Thug kicks the door down revealing rain outside]
    Thug 2: Raining cats and dogs here!
    Thug 3: 'For I'm a rain dog too'.
    Thug 1: Stay sharp. It's gonna rain somethin' else too when the cleaners
            show up.
    [If you shoot one of them]
    Thug 1: What are you doing' retard?
    Thug 2: Fuckin' lunatic!
    Thug 3: Hey!
    [If you shoot one of them again]
    Thug 1: Reinforcement my ass!
    Thug 2: He's a psycho!
    Thug 3: You'll pay!
    [They all try and kill you]
    [When you meet a 4th Thug]
    Thug 4: What is this? What the fuck are you doin' with him? He's a cop!
            Max Payne! Rings any bells? What did you bring him here for?
            He tried to kill the boss earlier!
    [They all try to kill you]
    [Vinnie is wearing a large-headed Captain Baseballbat-Boy costume]
    [Vinnie's suit squeaks when he walks or when he puts pressure on either foot]
    Vinnie: Aww, man! Why did this have to happen to me? Aww, it was so
            perfect, now it's ruined.
    [He sees you]
    Vinnie: Aw, no! No way!
                  Chapter Four: Dearest of All My Friends
    Vinnie: No! Payne! Not you! Why does this keep happening to me? Payne,
            you gotta help me! There's a freakin' bomb in here! If I take the
            head off, it blows. Bye bye Vinnie. You're a freakin' cop, ya gotta
            help me!
    Max: How did this happen?
    Vinnie: The Russian tricked me!
    Max: Join the club.
    Vinnie: I can help you get him, I can, I swear, you get me out of this and
            I can help you get him!
    Max: You got yourself a deal.
    [Gunshots outside]
    Vinnie: They're comin' to kill me! You gotta protect me! We gotta get out
            of here! Through the backyard!
    Max Payne: I didn't buy Vinnie's promise to help me, but I was willing to
               do anything to complicate Vlad's plans.
    Vinnie: Payne! Cover me! Cover me! We gotta get through there! Payne! What
            are you waitin' for! Don't let them get me! Kill them! Kill them!
    [If you shoot Vinnie]
    Vinnie: Are you nuts, Payne! You'll set off the bomb! You're gonna kill us!
    [If you shoot him so his damage meter goes all the way up]
    Vinnie: Shit!
    [The bomb blows up]
    [After you kill the first batch of Commandos]
    Vinnie: This way! This way, Payne!
    Vinnie: Aww, man! Payne! There's more of them out there! They're comin'
            over the wall! You gotta get me outta here! [Yells] You hear?
            You hear, you bastards, you're gonna die! You're gonna fuckin' die!
    [If they shoot him]
    Vinnie: Shit! Oh shit!
    [If you go outside for a while Vinnie complains]
    Vinnie: Payne! You can't leave me! I can't get through the door! Come back!
            You're a cop! You can't leave me here! All right, Payne! You wanna
            play it like this? All right! You can forget about me helping you
            with the Russian! You can forget about it! Payne! I'm sorry! Come
            back, I'm sorry! I was just kiddin'! Just kiddin'! You can take a
            joke, can't ya?
    [When you come back inside]
    Max Payne: Vinnie was about to piss his pants. He'd end up
               short-circuiting the bomb and blowing us both up.
    Vinnie: This way! This way, Payne!
    [Two Commandos come in from a high open window]
    Vinnie: Aah! More of them! Payne! Hold them off! Kill them! Don't let
            them get me!
    Vinnie: This way, Payne, we can get out through here, through the backdoor.
    [If you beat him to the door]
    Vinnie: Hold your horses, Payne. I've got the key, I'm comin'.
    [He tries to go through the door but he doesn't fit]
    Vinnie: Oh shit! Oh shit! I can't fit through! I can't fit through! The
            bomb will blow up! Shit! What now, Payne? What now? Think! Think,
            Vinnie! Okay, okay, we'll head back, back through the hall to the
            elevator up to my place. We'll get out through there! Let's go,
    [2 more Commandos come in through a high open window]
    Vinnie: Get 'em, Payne! You gotta protect me! We gotta get to the elevator!
    [When you kill them]
    Vinnie: This way! This way, Payne!
    [If you don't go in the elevator fast enough]
    Vinnie: Hurry up, Payne! You're gettin' me killed here! Come on, come on,
            come on! I can't wait for ya, Payne! I gotta get out of here!
            Hurry up damnit!
    [If you don't make the elevator]
    Vinnie: Too late, Payne! I'm goin'! Use the stairs!
    [When he is in the elevator]
    Vinnie: A gonna have a freakin' heart attack.
    [When more Commandos come]
    Vinnie: Stop them! Stop them! A single bullet could set off the bomb!
    [There is a lot of Captain Baseballbat-Boy things in Vinnie's apartment]
    Vinnie: What? What? I'm a collector! Do you know how much this stuff is
            worth? I tell you, freakin' much! Nothin' nerdy about it, I'm a
            collector. Hey, lots of tough guys are into this stuff. Frankie
            was into this stuff, he was a fuckin' tough guy. Just wait till
            I sell my collection online, just you wait! 'Nerd'! Lets see who's
            the nerd when I'm a millionaire.
    [Note: Max did not call Vinnie a nerd, he said nothing]
    Vinnie: We gotta get outta here somehow! Gotta figure something out!
            Think, Vinnie, think!
    Vinnie: Payne! We gotta get out through the balcony somehow. It's the only
            way, Payne. You gotta go out there, make sure the coast is clear.
    Vinnie: Aww, shit! Aww, man! They're comin'! They're at the balcony! We
            were supposed to get out through there! Do something, Payne!
    Commando 1: Careful! Shoot to immobilize. We'll take them alive.
                Ever played 'bullet-time'? No? You take an industrial size
                vice, a real big one, and you tie your lucky contender to one
                side and a rod with a bullet mounted on it's end to the other.
                You slowly tighten the vice until the bullet bores through skin,
                guts and bone. Start with a non-lethal spot, work your way to more
                vital areas. That's the plan for them. It's not a scientific
                simulation on what happens to a human body when it gets shot.
                It's entertainment.
    Commando 2: Yummy.
    [When you kill them]
    Vinnie: Losers thought they could flank us. Hah hah! We can get out from
            here. Home free, losers!
    [If you go and check Vinnie's voicemail before you leave his apartment]
    [The Adventures of Captain Baseballbat-Boy theme music plays]
    Vinnie's greeting: The adventures of Captain Baseballbat-Boy!
    Vinnie's voice: Vincent's sweet deals on wheels! Heh! Vinnie here, leave
                    a message.
    Voice: You have... 3... new messages.
    Godfather's voice: [Sounds disappointed] Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie, Vincent,
                       Vincent... You go against my wishes, and now you come
                       back to beg for my help? I told you not to go to war
                       with the Russian, yet you do it. And now you want me to
                       send you more men. No, Vinnie. Enough. You've made your
                       bed, now sleep in it.
    Voice: You have.. 2.. new messages.
    Girl's voice: Hey, slimebag! When we play cops and robbers, and I'm the
                  cop, I get to spank you, you don't get to beat me up,
                  asshole! Oh sure, you just got a little carried away.
                  Well let me tell you something, you prick! You're gonna
                  pay for this!
    Voice: You have... 1... new message.
    Mona's voice: Vinnie Gognitti, Vladamir Lem is coming for you. Knowing
                  him, it will probably be a bomb. I'm doing this only to make
                  it more difficult for him. Don't get any ideas.
    Voice: You have.. no.. new messages.
    [When you go outside]
    Vinnie: Let's go, let's go, let's go. Payne, we're gonna die! We gotta get
            to the garage!
    Vinnie: More of them! Freakin' more of them!
    [Vinnie has trouble opening his garage door]
    Vinnie: Open! Open, damn it! Come on, don't do this to me! Come on!
    [He gets inside then has trouble trying to shut the door]
    Vinnie: Aww, man, close! Close! Why are you doing this to me?
    [The control pad beeps]
    Vinnie: Fuck, no! We're gonna die! Why do you hate me?! Close!
    [The garage door closes]
    Vinnie: Payne, get up to the ramp, quick! Lift me up there. We can get
            out through the hole. Get me the fuck outta here!
    [A cleaner van crashes through the garage door]
    Vinnie: Shit, shit, shit! Oh shit!
    [When you kill them]
    Vinnie: This way! This way, Payne!
    Vinnie: We got away! My car's up ahead! We got away, Payne! I can't
            fuckin' believe it! Cover me, Payne. Clear them out.
    [When you kill them]
    Vinnie: This way! This way, Payne!
    [They get in Vinnie's van and The Adventures of Captain Baseballbat-Boy
    theme music plays]
    Vinnie: Well that was fun, in a terrible, sick, not-at-all-fun way.
    Max Payne: Vinnie needed Mona as much as I did.
    Max: We'll try to find Mona Sax, she can disarm the bomb.
    Vinnie: Are you crazy? She's just as bad as the Russian! She's part of
            the same fuckin' crew!
    Max: You're delusional.
    Max Payne: I was desperate enough to look for Mona as the funhouse.
    Vinnie: I got a bad feeling about this.
    [Max sees Vlad and draws his gun]
    Vlad: Max, dearest of all my friends. Drop your gun, or the bomb goes.
    Max Payne: I had a bomb ticking in my head. No amount of painkillers
               would disable it.
                  Chapter Five: A Losing Game
    [You now play as Mona]
    Max Payne: Vlad and his men left after they were done with Vinnie and me.
               I don't know how Mona came to be there, I can only speculate.
               It's clear that she was after Vlad.
    [Mona has Vlad in her Sniper Rifle sight but she doesn't shoot him]
    [The bomb in Vinnie's suit goes off]
    Mona: Max.
    Max Payne: She must have gotten there after he had left. Otherwise, he'd
               have been dead, and she wouldn't have come after us. She came
               to get me through the fire.
    [Drill whirs and screaming]
    [Mutated voices of doctors, patients due to the fire]
    Patient: Death is coming, it's coming! [Repeats]
    [If you switch on the fire alarm the fire bell rings]
    [When you find blown-up Vinnie]
    Max Payne: Vlad had terminated Vinnie's tragicomic existence with the push
               of a button.
    Mona: Ouch! Poor guy. Poor bastard.
    [Note: You can shoot Max from outside the open door]
    [Max is wounded in Mona's apartment]
    Mona: [Gasps] Max!
    Max Payne: She found me where Vlad had left me, lying in a pool of blood
               on her floor.
    Mona: Max! Max. Come on. Time to wake up.
    Max Payne: Death is inevitable. Our fear of it makes us play safe, blocks
               out emotion. It's a losing game, without passion you are already
                  Chapter Six: There Are No Happy Endings
    [You now play as Max]
    Max Payne: It's all a matter of perspective, tied to time and place.
               Love and friendship, life and death. Vlad had led me to Mona's
               apartment at gunpoint.
    Vlad: Just missed you at Vodka and at Vinnie's. Third time is the charm.
    Commando: We can't get him up here, the head is too big to fit through
              the door.
    Vlad: Let Vinnie stay in the funhouse, that's where he belongs. I'll
          get to him in a moment. [To Max] Ironic, isn't it?
    Max: What is?
    Vlad: How you fell for the killer working for the man who got your family
          killed. Love is blind.
    Max Payne: Everything is subjective, choices, answers, good and evil.
    Vlad: Woden sent the project Valhalla file to the D.A. to put a scare
          on him. Your family paid the price. Mona is like me, just in the
          opposite camp, killing the society members allied with me.
    Max: How funny is that?
    [Vlad cocks his Desert Eagle and points it at Max]
    Vlad: I hate to do this, but you know how you are, you would never let it go.
    Max Payne: Einstein was right. Time is relative to the obvserver. When you're
               looking down the barrel of a gun, time slows down, your whole
               life flashes by, heartbreak and scars. Stay with it, and you can
               live a lifetime in that split second.
    Vlad: Besides, a gentleman always avenges the insults done to his lady.
          You did kill Winterson.
    [Vlad shoots Max in the head]
    Max: Aghh!
    Max Payne: In the dream I was an invisible ghost, hovering outside of
               my body.
    Officer: Detective Payne. The boss is already here, he's waiting for
             you inside. Hope you haven't had your lunch yet, this one's bad.
    ["She made me do it" is written on the wall]
    [A dead Max lies on the ground in a body bag]
    Bravura: A crime of passion. This one's yours, Payne, you're the only one
             who can solve it.
    Max Payne: A bullet in the head.
    Bravura: The killer's looking for an answer, but he's looking for it in
             the wrong place. He should be looking for it in his own head.
    [Bravura lies on an operating table on the 2nd floor in the police station]
    Bravura: The suspect is ready for a line-up. You should hurry, Payne,
             or you'll miss him. Auh! [He dies]
    [Voices of Doctors can be heard but there aren't any there]
    Doctor 1: His heart broke. Damn it! We're losing him!
    Doctor 2: Give him hope, six milligrams. Charge.
    [His body gets shocked]
    Doctor 1: Clear.
    Doctor 2: Clear.
    [His body gets shocked]
    Doctor 1: Nothing.
    Doctor 2: Go again. Three hundred.
    Doctor 1: Three hundred.
    Doctor 2: Charge. Clear.
    Doctor 1: Clear.
    [His body gets shocked]
    Doctor 1: Nothing. Doctor?
    Doctor 2: Again, once more. Three fifty, charge. Clear.
    Doctor 1: Clear.
    [His body gets shocked]
    Doctor 1: Still nothing.
    Doctor 2: Lost him. Time of death, two thirty am.
    [The notepad at Max's desk reads "Wake up! You are in a computer game!!!!!"]
    [When you check out the line-up]
    [A second Max is there]
    [Both point their guns towards each other]
    Max: NYPD! Drop the gun!
    2nd Max: What are you gonna do about it, pal? We're all guilty of
             something if you look hard enough.
    [He shoots at you then runs away]
    ["She has dyed her hair red" is written on the wall]
    [The other Max shoots at you]
    2nd Max: I've been framed!
    [He runs away]
    [Ed the Janitor is scrubbing off "The flesh of fallen angels" which is
    written on the wall and is singing "Late Goodbye"]
    [If you press the action button on him]
    Ed: Oh, he did it all right. I saw him do it. I hope you'll nail the bastard.
    ["Mirrors are more fun than television" is written on the wall above a
    tv which is showing a game show with Vinnie and Vlad in it]
    Vinnie: Please don't kill me, don't kill me. You win! You win! Just let
            me go, you can have it all, the gun trade, freakin' all of it!
            Just don't kill me!
    Vlad: Vincent, dearest of all my friends, let's play a little game.
    [Audience oohs]
    Vlad: You're into games, right? The rules are simple, for every answer
          you get right, I'll remove a good part of the explosives taped to
          your head. You get them all right, you are free to go.
    [Audience cheers]
    Vlad: Sounds good?
    Vinnie. Okay... Okay..
    Vlad: And given your current attire, all the questions will be about
          your favorite TV show.
    Vinnie: All right...
    Vlad: Ready? The first question: What is the name of the big bad in
          Captain Baseballbat-Boy?
    Vinnie: Maxwell's Demon! Maxwell's Demon! Easy! Ha!
    Vlad: Well done, Vincent. And now, as promised. [Tearing noise]
    [Audience claps]
    Vlad: That's half of the bomb gone. One more right answer and you are
          home free.
    Vinnie: All right, all right, I can do this, I can do this. What's the
    Vlad: WHO is the original creator of Maxwell's Demon?
    Vinnie: Doctor Entropy, of course! No, wait! What do you mean? For real?
            The show's writer, Samy Waters.
    Vlad: Impressive, Vincent, but... unfortunately incorrect.
    [Audience awws]
    Vlad: Maxwell's Demon was created by James Clerk Maxwell, a nineteenth
    century British physicist.
    [Audience eeks]
    Vinnie: Unfair! Aw, man! You gotta give me another chance!
    Vlad: Vinnie, Vincent, I would love to, but rules are rules.
    Vinnie: No! No! Please! No! Please! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! No! No! No!
    [Beeping gets faster and faster then bye bye Vinnie]
    [The head of the Captain Baseballbat-Boy doll on the table blows off]
    ["V for Vlad" is written on the wall above the TV that is showing Vlad & Mona]
    Vlad: Have no fear, Vlad is here. Mona Sax.
    Mona: Vladamir Lem. Gate is dead.
    Vlad: That was to be expected. No hard feelings. It's not too late, my
          darling. Join me and all's forgiven. We would make a brilliant
          couple. I am the king, and you could be my queen.
    Mona: In your dreams.
    [Mona shoots Vlad in his arm]
    Vlad: Augh!
    Mona: See? You're nothing but a one-armed bandit.
    Vlad: Get her! Get the bitch!
    [Broken mirror]
    Other Max's voice: You think you can get me like this? You're gonna pay!
    [Second broken mirror]
    Other Max's voice: Murderer! Cop-killer!
    [Third broken mirror]
    Other Max's voice: I'll make you pay!
    Mona's voice: Max. Come on. Time to wake up.
    ["Mona Sax" is written on the wall beside Max]
    [Max tries to shoot Mona but there are no bullets in the gun]
    Mona: That won't help a thing. The bullet in my head brought me to you.
    [They kiss]
    Mona: Max. Come on. Time to wake up.
    Max Payne: She was beautiful. I hated her for making me feel this way.
    [Fire burning in the background throughout]
    Max Payne: Now that I was with her, I was reluctant to hear her answers.
    Mona: You okay?
    Max: Vlad was headed to Woden's manor.
    Mona: Don't be stupid. You're not in shape to go anywhere. You'll die.
    Max: I don't care.
    Mona: This isn't your fight, Max. You can walk away. I'm asking you.
    Max Payne: I didn't deserve to walk away. There are no happy endings.
    Max: You're coming with me.
    Max Payne: It was too late. I couldn't trust her. Not before I had seen
               this through.
    [Fire burning in the background ends]
                  Chapter Seven: Love Hurts
    Max Payne: Vlad was right. There are no choices, nothing but a straight
               line. The illusion comes afterwards, when you ask "why me?" and
               "what if?". When you look back, see the branches, like a
               pruned Bonsai tree, or a forked lightning. If you had done
               something differently, it wouldn't be you, it would be someone
               else looking back, asking a different set of questions.
    [Mona and max climb up Woden's manor wall]
    Mona: Showtime.
    Max: I'll go down first, cover me from here.
    [A commando spots them]
    Commando: There! Alert! they're here!
    [The commandos shoot at you]
    Max: Damn! Mona?
    [A commando comes out the door beside Mona]
    Commando: I have her.
    [Mona drops her Dragunov and whips out her Desert Eagle to kill the commando]
    [Mona calls Max over the radio]
    Mona: Max, I'm going in.
    Max: Damn!
    Commando: He's coming! Blow it up! Blow it up now!
    [The two pillars in the room explode and the ceiling collapses]
    Mona: Max! Hold on.
    [When all the commandos are dead]
    Mona: I'll climb down.
    Max: No, stay there. I'll take the first floor, you take the second.
    Mona: Okay.
    Max: I'm not sure I can-
    [Window shutters open]
    Mona: Incoming!
    [A TV is on in the room]
    Announcer: The season finale of Lords and Ladies, brought to you in part
               by Cleansing Cleaning Product.
    [Theme song]
    Lady Amelia: I fled into the night. Behind me, in the darkness, the manor
                 house burned like Nero's Rome. My Lord Valentine taught me
                 who I was. He showed me life, the meaning of being a lady,
                 took me out of the world waiting beyond the secluded garden
                 of my childhood home. He gave me the seed that grew into my
                 greatest treasure.
    Boy: Mama! Mama!
    Lady Amelia: My little Valentine. It happened years ago, but I can still
                 hear the voice of my lord, calling out to me, saying "My Lady".
    Lord Valentine's voice: My Lady.
    Mona: What now?
    Max: We work our way deeper into the building. Look for Woden or Vlad.
    Mona: All right.
                  Chapter Seven Continued
    Mona: I'm on it, Max.
    [If you press the action button on the security monitor]
    [Vlad is with a commando and a man in a suit]
    Vlad: Clay, dearest of all my friends. I wouldn't have it any other way.
          I'm so glad we are together in this.
    Clay: Yes, sir. Woden and the gold are in the panic room. All we need to
          do is get in.
    Vlad: There is no rush. It's not like they're going anywhere.
    Commando: The explosives are in place, sir.
    Vlad: We are going to make a beautiful exit.
    [Next camera]
    [Woden is in his panic room]
    Max Payne: Woden's bodyguards had betrayed him and joined Vlad. There was
               still time, they hadn't gotten to him yet. The panic room was
               at the back of the manor.
    [Next camera]
    [Mona is sneeking around and hides from a guy in a suit who is talking on
    his radio]
    Suit: It's Sax and Payne, they're already inside. They're extremely
          dangerous. We need to stop them before-
    [Mona shoots him in the head]
    Max Payne: Mona was still on the case.
    [A TV is on in the room]
    Announcer: The mind-bending finale in our Return to Sender-marathon. The
               last episode of Address Unknown ever.
    John: The poet Pool, in his poem 'Somebody's been wearing my face again'
          wrote: 'In this hall of mirrors/Built by liars, I am a pale reflection
          of myself.' I had escaped from the Pink Bird Mental Institute. I was
          lost in Noir York City. I couldn't find my way back home. John Mirra
          had made me a killer.
    [Phone rings]
    John: I had become him, John Mirra, maybe I had always been him.
    [He picks up the phone]
    John Mirra: John Mirra?
    John: Yes. This is he.
    John Mirra: This is John Mirra. Welcome to the next level.
    John: [Gasping, frightened] Ahh, ahh, ah.
    Mona: Max!
    Max: Woden's in his panic room, at the back of the manor.
    [When you go down the hallway]
    Max: It's up ahead, see you there.
    Max: [Tries the door] Dead end. Damn it!
    Mona: Here, let me.
    [Mona knows the secret way to open the door]
    Mona: This way.
    Max: Mona knew the manor. She was working for Woden. Vlad had told me
         the truth.
    Max: Mona, wait. Stop!
    Max Payne: This is love.
    [Mona pistol whips Max on his head with her Desert Eagle]
    Max: Aghh!
    Max Payne: When someone drags you from the wreckage when you have given in,
               ready to just lie there and die.
    Mona: I told you not to come here. It's my job to clear up this mess and
          you're a part of it. Throw away your guns.
    [Max drops his gun]
    [Mona points her gun at Max]
    Max Payne: This is love.
    [A security camera is watching Max and Mona]
    Max Payne: When someone, no matter what the cost, shows you there is hope,
               a choice, that you can put down your gun.
    Mona: See? I can't do it. You're a bastard, Max.
    [Mona drops her gun]
    Max Payne: This is love. Love hurts.
    [Vlad appears and shoots Mona in the back]
    Mona: Ah!
    [Max catches Mona]
    Vlad: I was so looking forward to you two killing each other. You can't
          have everything.
    Max Payne: I had been here before, ground zero.
    Vlad: You are making me look incompetent by refusing to die.
    [Woden arrives in his wheelchair]
    Woden: Stop! I am sorry. Enough!
    Max Payne: A bomb went off in my head, the bullet lodged in my brain moved
               a fatal microscopic distance.
                  Chapter Eight: That Old Familiar Feeling
    Woden: The killing has gone too far.
    Vlad: I have only begun. It's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven.
    Woden: You flatter yourself!
    [They wrestle over Vlad's gun and Vlad wins]
    Vlad: Demented fool!
    [Vlad shoots Woden twice]
    Woden: [Having trouble breathing] Ugh!
    Max Payne: I felt the rise of that old familiar feeling. I hated it. I
               welcomed it.
    [Vlad and Max wrestle and Vlad detonates a bomb causing the floor to crumble
    into the basement]
    Max Payne: Everything was clear again. No more ambiguities, no more questions.
    [Vlad gets up and Max is still on the floor]
    Vlad: No gun when you need one!
    [He kicks Max]
    Max: Augh!
    [Vlad coughs twice while leaving the room]
    [Max gets up and reveals that he was laying on Vlad's Desert Eagle]
    Max Payne: One last thing left to do. I was compelled to give Vlad his gun
               back, [Max cocks the gun] one bullet at a time.
    Vlad: [From the next room] He's behind me! Hold him off! And give me a gun!
    [Vlad detonates a bomb and a panic room falls from the floor above]
    Vlad: We can still kiss and make up, Max. It's good that the women are out
          of the way. They only complicate matters. Kidding, of course!
    Commando: Take cover! He set off the bombs! The panic room! To the panic
              room, they're gonna blow!
    [The bombs go off]
    Vlad: How do you like the fireworks?
                  Chapter Eight Continued
    Vlad: What the fuck is wrong with you, Max?! Why don't you just die?!
          You hate life, you're miserable all the time, afraid to enjoy yourself
          even a little. Face it, you might as well be dead already. Do yourself
          a favor, give up!
    [He runs away]
    [If you turn on the big screen TV in the room]
    Reporter: Law enforcement sources say that organized crime is to blame
              for the recent surge of violence throughout the city. Alledgedly
              tied to the Valkyr scandal of 2001, these acts are thought to be
              part of the criminal underworld's vendetta against the New York
              City Police Department. Lieutenant Jim Bravura, who was leading
              the investigation, became a victim of a shooting earlier tonight.
              He remains in hospital care and is said to be in stable condition.
              the NYPD has been placed on full alert and according to our source,
              the guilty will be, quote, found and brought to justice, unquote.
              For NYNN TV news, this is Kyra Silver.
    [If you check Woden's email]
    Woden's voice: You've reached the voicemail of Senator Alfred Woden. Please
                   leave a message.
    [If you do --????-- there will be 3 messages]
    [If you don't --????-- there will be 2 messages]
    Voice: You have... 3... new messages.
    Max's voice: Woden? Max Payne. We need to have a talk. You ask me, you still
                 owe me.
    Voice: You have... 2... new messages.
    Mona's voice: Alfred, I told you this was a bad idea. I can understand your
                  remorse, but this isn't helping Max, it's only making it worse.
                  I'm not sure I can do this. I told you we had a history. I'm,
                  I... Hell, I'm mad about this guy. I'm just not sure I can go
                  through with this.
    Voice: You have... 1... new message.
    Vlad's voice: I'm coming to kill you, old man. You really know how to piss
                  me off, you know? Would it have killed you to say 'thank you'
                  for once in your life, to say 'Vlad, my son - can I call you
                  my son, because I sure do love you like one. - Vlad, my son,
                  you are a true prodgidy, everything you touch turns to gold.'
                  Oh, wait, it is going to kill you. I'm doing your dirty work
                  for you. You should be proud. I have learned all you've taught
                  me. I'm coming to show you.
    Voice: You have... no... new messages.
    Vlad: You should be glad, Max. I did you a favor, finished off your revenge
          for you. The murderer of you loved ones is dead.
    Vlad: You have wrecked my restaurant twice now. You can be so damn
          uncompromising, fanatical about these things, Max. One of these days,
          it's going to get you killed.
    Vlad: Don't worry, Max. I haven't forgotten you.
    Vlad: Everything all right down there?
    Vlad: Did you know that the old man used to come up here all the time when
          he was still able to make the climb? To oversee his dominion, play god.
          Pay attention, Max! I'm talking to you!
    [He throws an explosive down at you]
    Vlad: You know, you are really lousy at your work, Max? Just look at the mess
          you've caused.
    Vlad: You couldn't find a clue if it ripped through your heart or blew up
          in your face.
    Vlad: What happened to conducting an investigation before pulling the trigger?
    Vlad: I could do a better job blindfolded, with my arm in a cast.
    Max Payne: I couldn't get to Vlad. I had to bring him down to my level.
               Bring down the platform he was hiding on.
    [When you shoot]
    Vlad: Oooo! Is this the way you want to play it, cop? You think you can
          out-smart me?
    Vlad: Somebody is getting cranky. Did you miss your meal, Max? Here, have
          a chill-out burger.
    [He throws an explosive down at you]
    Vlad: Heads up, Max!
    Vlad: Just checking!
    [When you break the platform so Vlad falls]
    Vlad: Fuuuuuuck! [Laughs] Have no fear, Vlad is here!
    [The piece above Vlad breaks and falls right beside him]
    Vlad: [Laughs] You thought you got me there, Max, didn't you?
    [When you shoot Vlad enough times he falls down onto the platform]
    Vlad: [Laughs] That was- [Coughs twice] Max, dearest of all my friends-
          I was supposed to be the hero.
    [The platform gives way and falls a few stories down to the ground,
    shattering the Molotov Cocktails into flames around Vlad's lifeless body]
    Max Payne: The past is a gaping hole. Your only chance is to turn around
               and face it. But it's like kissing the lips of your dead love,
               darkness waiting in the hole of her mouth.
    [Max gets up and limps away]
    Max Payne: We are willing to suffer, to die for the things we care about.
               For love, for right choices.
    [Max goes back to where Mona was shot by Vlad]
    Max Payne: Because of her, I had solved the case. My case, all of it.
               Who I am.
    Max: [To Mona] It's gonna be all right.
    Mona: Ah... God! I turned out to be such a damsel in distress.
    [She dies]
    Max Payne: She was dead. The bullet in her head had come to the end of
               it's slow-motion journey.
    Cop 1: Stay sharp! We're going in!
    Cop 2: Go, go, go!
    Max Payne: It is almost morning. Waking up from the American Dream.
    Cop 1: Jesus!
    Cop 2: My God, what the hell went on in here?
    Cop 1: They are all dead!
    Max Payne: Now, like all my loves, she is mine forever. She has brought me
               here, to this moment of clarity, where time slows down, and I
               choose to look back. To see myself. And in that act of seeing,
               I am reborn.
    [He kisses Mona]
    Cop 1: Down here! This way! There! Easy!
    Cop 2: Oh my God. Got a live one here!
    Cop 1: Detective Payne? He's still alive! We need a medic in here now!
           He's still alive!
    Max Payne: I had a dream of my wife. She was dead, but it was all right.
                  Alternate Ending
    [Continued from after Vlad dies and falls]
    Max Payne: It was almost morning. Waking up from the American Dream.
    [Max gets up and limps away]
    Max Payne: We are willing to suffer, to die for the things we care about.
               For love, for right choices.
    [Max goes back to where Mona was shot by Vlad]
    Max Payne: Because of her, I had solved the case. My case, all of it.
               Who I am. Is it worth it? Saying that it never is would be a lie.
               Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes, something good comes out of
               it, something you know you wouldn't deserve in a million years.
    Mona: Ah...
    [Mona gets up]
    Mona: God! I turned out to be such a damsel in distress.
    Max Payne: Something that gives you a reason to go on.
    Cop 1: NYPD! Freeze!
    Cop 2: Easy! Don't move!
    Cop 3: We need a paramedic team here. We have two survivors.
    Max Payne: I had a dream of my wife. She was dead, but it was all right.
    4) S P E C I F I C S
    For this game script, Max Payne speaks in two forms. Direct dialogue
    and in-his-head speech. In other word, Max Payne narrates and
    speaks, both of which are seperated in this Script. "Max" refers to
    Max Payne talking aloud to someone else, while "Max Payne" refers to
    Max Payne making a comment to himself or recalling events.
    Basically, whenever Max ISN'T talking to someone else, then it's
    "Max Payne" who's talking, and "Max" basically means Max is talking
    to someone else although he does talk to him self aloud on occasion.
    With that said, Dick is to Max as Dick Justice is to Max Payne.
    That is for the TV show Dick Justice, of course.
    Also, "John" and "John Mirra" are used to distinguish who is talking
    in "Address Unknown" episodes since there is only one John Mirra and
    he is actually insane, a paranoid schizophrenic to be exact. Sorry if
    I just ruined it for you. "John" is the main John Mirra who narrates
    each episode. "John Mirra" is the other John Mirra who laughs evily
    and sometimes speaks to the other John on the phone. The narrator
    John seems to be a victim of the evil John.
    Badguys called "Thugs" are men from Vinnie Gognitti's Mob.
    Badguys called "Cleaners" or "Commandos" are Vladamir Lem's men.
    Looking for a script of the alternate ending? It starts at the end
    of the script for the regular ending in Part III: Waking Up From The
    American Dream, Chapter Eight Continued.
    Three spaces between text denotes that time passes or that the
    events between the 3 spaces are not related(not in the same
    To get the Alternate Ending, beat the game on Dead on Arrival mode.
    Poets of the Fall - "Late Goodbye" Lyrics:
    In our headlights, staring, bleak, beer cans, deer's eyes
    On the asphalt underneath, our crushed plans and my lies
    Lonely street signs, powerlines, they keep on flashing, flashing by
    And we keep driving into the night
    It's a late goodbye, such a late goodbye
    And we keep driving into the night
    It's a late goodbye
    Your breath hot upon my cheek, and we crossed, that line
    You made me strong when I was feeling weak, and we crossed, that one time
    Screaming stop signs, staring wild eyes, keep on flashing, flashing by
    And we keep driving into the night
    It's a late goodbye, such a late goodbye
    And we keep driving into the night
    It's a late goodbye
    The devil grins from ear to ear when he sees the hand he's dealt us
    Points at your flaming hair, and then we're playing hide and seek
    I can't breathe easy here, less our trail's gone cold behind us
    Till' in the john mirror you stare at yourself grown old and weak
    And we keep driving into the night
    It's a late goodbye, such a late goodbye...
    5) C R E D I T S
    Anything missing? If so, tell me.
    Email: Cybiolink8000@hotmail.com
    Samurai Edge(thesamuraiedge@hotmail.com)
    -For telling me how you get to use the second phone in Part I,
     Chapter Four. I heard it the first time through, but I could never
     get it to work again.
    Gannesh Rajah(couchpotato100@hotmail.com)
    -For sending me a list of some of the voice actors/actresses.
    MAX PAYNE - James McCaffery
    MONA SAX - Wendy Hoopes
    VLADAMIR LEM -  Jonathan Davis
    JIM BRAVURA - Vince Viverito
    VALERIE WINTERSON - Jennifer Server
    ALFRED WODEN - John Braden
    VINNIE GOGNITTI - Fred Berman
    CARTOON HOST - David O'Brien
    BICYCLE HELMET-GIRL - Victoria Pontecorvo
    DEMON - John Zurhellen
    ZOMBIE - John Zurhellen
    LADY AMELIA - Ann Scobie
    LORD VALENTINE - Chris Durham
    LORD JACK - Kevin Conroy
    MAMA - Marge Redmond
    SHERIFF'S MAN - Gary Yudman
    DICK JUSTICE - Rodd Houston
    SHARON JUSTICE - Kelle Kerr
    JUNKIE - Fred Burman
    JOHN MIRRA - Greg Sims
    MENTAL PATIENT - Fred Burman
    SHRINK - Ralph Byers
    JOHN'S GIRLFRIEND - Debra Sperling
    WARDEN - Mike Moran
    PORN HOST - Navid Khonsari
    HOOKER - Debra Sperling
    NICOLE HORNE - Jane Gennaro (Doesn't speak in this game)
    MOBSTERS - Lou Martini, Jr., Mike Moran, Frank Sims, Todd Susman,
               Peter Appel, Bruce Kronenberg
    GODFATHER - Paul Christie
    POLICEMEN - Ron Foster, Greg Sims, Todd Susman, Matt Walton
    DISPATCHER - Orfeh
    RUSSIANS - Mike Moran, Todd Susman, Frank Sims
    MIKE "THE COWBOY" - Gary Yudman
    KAUFMAN - Greg Sims
    CLEANERS - Kevin Conroy, Chris Durham, Greg Sims, Matt Walton,
               Chris Phillips
    COMMANDOS - Kevin Conroy, Matt Walton
    SECURITY GUARDS - John Braden, Ralph Byers, Chris Durham, Ron Foster
    DOCTORS - Orfeh, Ann Scobie
    BODYGUARDS - Rodd Houston, Gary Yudman
    BUSINESSMAN - Frank Sims
    NEIGHBOR - Marge Redmond
    WITNESS - Jonathan Davis (Yes, it's Vlad!!)
    KYRA SILVER - Ann Scobie
    BOOZE HOUNDS - Ralph Byers, Ron Foster
    FEMALE SALES VOICE - Debra Sperling
    MALE SALES VOICES - John Braden, David O'Brien
    JANITOR - John Presnell
    ANNIE FINN - Kimberly Howard
    ANSWERING MACHINE - Wendy Hoopes
    FLAMINGO - Matias Myllyrinne
    Graphic Novel Models
    Max Payne -  TIMOTHY GIBBS
    Mona Sax - KATHY TONG
    Valerie Winterson - ANDREA LEIGH
    Alfred Woden - ED HYLAND
    Jim Bravura - MICHAEL ARKIN
    Vladamir Lem - PETER GILES
    Vinnie Gognitti - STEPHEN GREGORY
              Max Payne 2 Game Script by Cybiolink8000

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