Review by RedBollu

Reviewed: 02/20/07

A good game worthy of a rental


Evidently, this game is solely based on finding monsters and slaying them. The game is made from Capcom, and is now selling for a fairly cheap price. I first picked up this game a year ago, when my bro-in law showed me this game.


You are a hunter. You begin as a novice, killing deers, etc, then you progress and start killing the dragons, massive creatures, etc. You start off with minimal gear ( as always ). The first quests you complete are gathering quests, ( collecting eggs, herbs, etc ). These quests are good first off because they let you get used to most of the game mechanics. After a while you will start killing velociraptors, and you carve these animals to get the required reagents for you to make your first proper set of armour. In the game the only thing you buy are potions, an ingredients for different items. The rest of the things you either carve off the animals or find around the environment. You can choose from a plethora of weapons, ranging from lance,hammers, duel swords, etc, all of course you make yourself. However, once you have the required items to make your desired item(s), you must buy the actual item(s) from the vendor. Another point is that this is not a free roaming game; in order to get items you must start a quest ( which has a generous timer ) and collect the items then. There are some bad points though. Obtaining rare items is usually very tedious, with the drop rate very low, and the quests where you can get them in quite hard and very long.


The graphics are better than average, although not outstanding. The details implemented into the different weapons, armour, monsters, and environments are very good, and it is a high accomplishment.


You are hunter.You hunt. Nothing special.


The controls differ tremendously from many games. You use R1 to change the camera, and the right analog stick is to attack. There are obviously many more controls than this in the game. Believe me, it will take a couple of days for you to become comfortable with the controls. When you become accustomed with them though, they are actually very easy to use and you will have no problem further on in the game.


The game contains simple melodies, nothing special. Although the creature roars are very good.

Replay Value

This is where the game falls flat on it's face. Once you have beaten all the monsters and have acquired all the items, there is nothing to do. The game becomes insanely dull and you will put it down and forget about it. Expect a thick layer of dust gathering on the game case. However if you can go online on your ps2 then you will get some more play out of the game, being able to play with other people, and also being able to kill new monsters and get new items. However this also is limited in the fun department. The poor replay value is the sole reason why I suggest a rental.


This game is definitely a rental. The game will be extremely fun and addictive when you first lay your hands on it, although it falls short in the long run.

Replay Value-5/10


Rating:   3.5 - Good

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