Art DirectorMark Mongie
Art Production ManagerRandal King
Assistant Interface DesignerRalph Strean
Assistant ProducerMike DeVault
Assistant ProducerMatt Lewis
Assistant ProducerSean Wilson
Assistant Texture ArtistScott Gilbert
Associate Environment ModelerRon Amador
Associate Environment ModelerAndrew Britton
Associate Environment ModelerDante Duphorne
Associate Environment ModelerSusan Spychalla
Associate Interface DesingerTam Su
Central Production ManagerOge Young
CG SupervisorJim Spoto
Character AnimatorJamie Wicks
Character ModelerMatt Flewelling
Comentary SupportMat Frederick
Commentary AudioJason Ostresh
Development DirectorMarco Busse
Development ManagerKim Olivera
Director of R&DDave Swanson
Driver DatabaseDonny Moore
Executive ProducerChris Gray
Lead Software EngineerShu Chiun Cheah
Lead Software EngineerStephane Imbert
Lead Sound DirectorJesse Allen
ProducerScott Stutsman
Senior Interface DesignerMike Nakfoor
Senior Video SpecialistKelly Austin
Software EngineerVolga Aksoy
Software EngineerBeen Brooks
Software EngineerMichael Gourlay
Software EngineerHarold Hirsch
Software EngineerAlex Levato
Software EngineerAaron Long
Software EngineerTony Marineelo
Software EngineerJason Parker
Software EngineerChris Schornstein
Software EngineerJoe Snow
Studio Art DirectorJohn Turk
Studio Chief Technology OfficerRobert Moore
Studio General ManagerSteven Chiang
Technical ArtistRhett Collier
Technical DirectorMike Balfour
TechnologistShawn Nash
Texture ArtistThomas Leyva
Tools DirectorRyan Standling
Tools ProgrammerJason Hochstadt
Tools ProgrammerBob Nstrom
Tools ProgrammerBobby Paulose
Tools ProgrammerSheetal Valdya
Tools ProgrammerHoward Yoo


Data and credits for this game contributed by Warhawk and odino.

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